She is not only my wife but also my life (Epi 4)


Hai friends! Please forgive me for my late update and I hope u all did not forget me. Let me start.
In a police vehicle Laksh sits beside Raj who drives.
Raj: Laksh, what happened? Did u meet ur lucky angel today too in ur dream?
L: I too expected it. But she did not come.
R: But u look so happy.
L: Yes, because last night I tried to draw her face and got success at mid night. Today I saw it first.
R: So, that’s y u r happy. This is bad Laksh. U did not show it to me. I know u r talented in drawing ACP sir.
L: O.k. I will show u it later.
Their vehicle stops in front of the station. Laksh walks with a smile. All say good morning sir. He too wishes them. He enters in a room which is allocated for him now. He removes his cap (I do not know perfect word) and sits. He starts to look a file on his table. Another police man enters with his permission.
P: Sir, sorry sir I want to leave this case in ur hand.
L: y?
P: Sir, I tried my level best. But I am unable to handle further as I have got transfered.
L: When did u get the transfer letter?
P: Today morning.
L: O.k. Then I’ll do it. Where have u got transfered?
P: To Kolkata.

L: O.k. All the best.
P: Ty sir. He does salute and goes. Again Laksh starts to read the new file brought by the abobe police man.
At Ragsan’s house,
Ragini comes and knocks the door of Sanskar’s room. No response. She feels bad and comes down. Sumi, Shekhar, Swata and Ragini do the prayer. Ragini often watches stairs expecting Sanskar’s arrival. At the end of the pooja, Sanskar comes down and takes aarti. Ragini feels relief. All assemble in hall.
Su: To all, there is a good news. Sanskar we guessed that u would open ur heart to Swara and she would agree for it. So, we went to panditji’s house yesterday and fixed the days for ur and Swara’s engagement and marriage.
Swarag get shock. Sanskar who keeps silence until that breaks his silence.
Sa: Maa and Papa I do not want this marriage. He says it confidently and loudly with pale face. All get shock.
Su & Sh: What?
Sa: Yes. I don’t want it. Because………He looks at Swara who is in a state of heart attack. Ragini looks at Sanakar shockingly.
Sa: Swara loves Raksan who lives in USA.
All are shaken. Sanakar continues ” I wish to fulfill (in his mind “My”) Swara’s desire. Please understand”. The screen ends with shocking faces of Swaragini.

Precap: Swara drags Sanskar to his room. Ragini looks tensed. A rowdy’s entry.

So, friends comment me and suggest ur ideas. I was so busy due to my exam. Sorry for it. Raglak fans I am sorry. But I will try to make their meeting as soon as possible. Then, there will be more raglak moments surely. I tried my level best to satisfy our hero’s job. Please tell if I should do more. I ask some questions. How do u call
1. Ur husband’s parents, sisters and brothers in Hindi.
2. R they same to a wife’s? Answer me. I hope u will help me. Ty all.

Credit to: Ilavarashi

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  1. Awesome episode..but short..update daily waiting for next.

  2. Yes they are all the same sister- bhabhi

  3. Superb dear

  4. make it long

  5. Nice but make it long and update regularly…

  6. Father-sasur ji but also bhauji
    Mother-sasuma or simply ma
    Sister of husband-nanad
    Elder brother of hubby-jeth ji,bhaia or bhai sahib
    Little brother of hubby- devar ji
    Sister of wife-sali ji
    Bro of wife-sale sahib
    Wife of brother-bhabhi
    Hubby of sister-jiju

  7. husband’s and wife’s parents as saasu maa (saas) – mom and dad- sasurji or paapaji
    husbands sis. as nanand whereas wife’s sis. as sali sahiba or call by her name and
    husband big brother as bhaiya and small brother by name or address him as devarji whereas wife’s brother as salle sahab or by his name

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