She is not only my wife but also my life (Epi 3)


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The episode starts with Laksh enters into his room and sits on his bed. He memorizes about his dream girl.
Laksh ( in mind voice ): Who r u? I did not see u yet in real. But how did u come in my dream? Do we have any connection? I do not know. But I wish to meet u. Because as u said that u r my lucky angel, now.

He lies and closes his eyes.
Scene shifts to Sanskar’s room. He cries and his eyes have become dark red. His thoughts are about Swara’s words. He slowly gets up with flowing tears and goes to a table. He sits on a chair and starts to write a note.
” To my family, I hate this life now and I am going to exit from this. Sorry for all that”.
This is his note and he goes to cut his hand with a knife.
Swaragini and Sumi and Shekhar enter the house. Ragini looks worried and others talk happily.
Sw: Why r u looking so dull?
R: Nothing. I am tired. So I take leave. We’ll talk tomorrow. Good night.
Su: Eat dinner princess.
R: No maa. I do not want to eat. Good night to all.
Ragini goes from there.
Sh: Where is Sanskar?
Su: Princess, where is he?
Ragini turns and tells ” Maa! He is also tired. Do not call him. He told me that he had lots of works. Let us leave him alone tonight.”
Su: But,
R: Please Maa…..
Sh: O.k. U go and have sweet dreams.
Sw: I’m also going to go to bed.
Su: No, u should eat dinner. Come.
Sumi and Shekhar brings Swara to dining table and feeds her. Swara gets teary eyes and smiles too with full of food in her mouth. Ragini goes to upstairs. She knocks the door of Sanskar’s room. But, no response.
R( in mind ): No, u should leave him as he needs time to think and do the right thing. Sorry my dear bhai.
She goes.

A sun rise is shown.
At Laksh’s house. He gets ready to work in police uniform. He looks handsome. Raj enters.
Raj: Lucky…..
L: Raj!
Raj: Sorry. But, I am sure. She is ur lucky angel.
Her words did a magic in u. Because u looks too handsome today.
L: Stop. It is enough. Come.
He drags him and goes down.
A: Good morning! But why r u dragging him like this?
Raj: Because, Lucky’s lucky angel did a magic on him.
Dp: What r u telling?
L: Nothing Papa. He is in….
Raj: Do not believe him.I will tell and he tells all things.
Laksh smiles naughtily and goes. Raj follows him.
L & Raj: Bye.
They disappear.

Ap: Some thing happened to him.
Dp: Sure.
Screen freezes on the smiling face Laksh and crying face of Sanskar.

Precap: Ragini knocks the doors. Again no response. Laksh thinks about his dream girl.

Friends, I made Raglak to meet in dream as most of u asked for it. But wait for sometime. If u hate my story then tell me I will stop it. Please comment and let me know ur views. Ur suggestions r welcomed. Please support me. I know I am not a good writer like all ff writers. I am a student. So, I am unable to post regularly. So sorry for that. Ty u for all.

Credit to: Ilavarashi

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