She is not only my wife but also my life (Epi 2)


Hello friends! Ty for ur great support and comments. Sorry for late update. Let me start.
In Sanskar’s room
He sits with a photo frame in his hands on his bed. He talks with the person in the frame with limitless love in his eyes and heart.
“Swara! How long will u take to come here? U r going to come after 5 years. I want to propose u in a grand way. I realized my love for u after u left for USA. Come quick my life. Before u r my friend but now u r my love. I wish to see ur eyes and face when I propose u directly. That’s why I did not tell it until now.
Ragini enters the room and watches his actions.
Ragini: Lawyer sir! I think that this Sunday is very long for u in ur life as u r waiting for Swara. O.k. We all know about ur love except Swara and we accept it. U didn’t allow us to tell about it to her. But, propose her quickly otherwise I will tell it to her. All the best lawyer sir”.
She goes from there.
Sanskar (again in old style): Swara! Come fast and look my way of proposing. God! Until that u should control this naughty princess. I know God that it is also very difficult to control if Swaragini join. But, help me.
Scene shifts to a new house and moves to a room where some one sleeps under the blanket. Two jands pull the blanket. A handsome youngster with sleepy face is shown Yes, he is our handsome Laksh. He opens his eyes and sees. Ragini stands there in a blue colour saree.
Ragini: Come on Lucky. Get up and get ready.
She moves and stands in front of a mirror. Laksh gets up and comes ner her shockingly. He watches her through the mirror and Ragini too does the same.
Laksh: Who r u?
Ragini: Lucky! I am YOUR LUCKY ANGEL.
Laksh: Yes, u r looking like an angel. But…..
He goes to touch her shoulder to make her to turn towards him.
Suddenly, Laksh wakes up and finds himself full wet. He sees around. There, a boy stands.
The boy: What is this Laksh? Am I looking an angel? What r u saying in ur dream?
Now, Laksh realizes the situation and tells everything to the boy.
The boy: Enough. Do not try to make me fool in the morning. Get ready and come fast as we have to attend a special meeting. By the way, the name “Lucky” is nice to call and hear.

Laksh: Raj, u go I’ll come.
He goes. Laksh memorizes the girl’s cute face and goes yo washroom.
Scene shifts to an airport. It is night time. Ragsan and Sumi and Shekhar r waiting for Swara. Sanskar has a bouquet.
A girl in yellow salwar is shown. She is our cute Swara. She comes and takes blessings from Sumi and Shekhar. Then, Swaragini share a tight hug. Swara comes in front of Sanskar. His face glows in happiness. He gives the bouquet to her. She gains it and hugs Sanskar in formal. Sanskar gets minor heart attack (shock) due to this. Others smile at this. Swara talks to all in a friendly manner. Sanskar has thousands of bulbs on his face. Swaragsan leave in a car and Sumi and Shekhar go somewhere in another one.

In the car
Swarag are in back seats. Sanskar adjusts the mirror and looks Swara through that. Swarag talk to each other and Sanskar listen them as he drives. Ragini observes his actions and smiles at them.
Ragini: Swara, u forgot one thing. U told me that u should tell a truth after came here. Now tell me.
Swara gets shyness and looks down. Sanskar has lots of dreams in his eyes and waits for her reply.
Ragini: Tell me Swara.
Swara: Raginiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii! I love Raksan who is my neighbour in USA. I want to share my whole life with him only. So, u should tell it to uncle and aunty and help me as he also replied me positively.( she tells this in a high speed. )
Ragini gets great shock and doesn’t expect it. Sanskar applies sudden breake at once hears this.
Swara (looking down) : Will u help me Ragini?
Ragini nods in the way of no and looks Sanskar. He feels as his heart has been stabbed by a knife. His grief is limitless. I have no words to explain it.
Swara: Go Ragini. If u do not do it, surely Sanskar will do it for me.
She looks at Sanskar through the mirror. He nods his head in the way of yes.
Swara: Ty infinitive times. I love u for this Sanskar. He starts the car and drives. Ragini is in a great shock. Swara happily talks further. Sanskar’s tears fall from his eyes silently. They reach the Swaa’s home.She pulls Ragini with her inside the house with luggages. Sanskar goes to his house and shuts his room doors forcefully. He falls on the bed and cries vigorously.

At Laksh’s house at night
Laksh and Raj enter. A man and woman sit in the hall. Laksh comes and hugs them.
Laksh: I am so happy now. My happiness is limitless. Maa and Papa u should ask me why?
Durgaprasad: Tell us.
Annapurana: I think one of ur works is successful.
Raj: U r right maa! A murderer escaped from tje jail. We searched him in all places. We get tired in searching him.
Laksh: But, today luckily I saw him in the market and arrested him.
Ap: So, today u had seen a lucky face and that’s why this happened.
Dp: O.k. Go and get refresh.
Raj: O.k.Gd n8 and goes. Laksh thinks st.

Credit to: Ilavarashi

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