She is not only my wife but also my life (Epi 1)

Hello friends, I am feeling as now I am flying in the sky. Because I already posted a story and it was rejected bofore a month. Yesterday I playfully posted the intro and I did not wait for the update. But suddenly just now I saw my story with 16 comments. My happiness is limitless. Thank you infinitive times for your support and valuable comments. Thank u with great happiness and gratitude. O.k. Here is my first episode.

An idiol of LORD GANESHA is shown from bottom to top. He is in an inside temple. A lady’s face is shown. She is our Sumi and she does the aarti with a song. Then she turns and gives the aarti to a man. He is Shekhar. Then she calls “Sanskar and Princess come down fast”. Before she finishes, a voice is heard. “Maa and Papa! Good morning. I am coming”. An youngster is seen from bottom to top. He is wearing a black jeans and yellow t-shirt. Yes. His face is revealed. He is our Sanskar. He comes down and gets bleessing from Sumi and Shekhar.

Shekhar: Princess u r late today. So bad.
A sweet voice: Papa, Maa and Lawyer sir Very good morning! But, this is unfair. Today only Lawyer sir is early. But always I am the first. What happened lawyer sir? Why did u get up early today?
A girl’s lips are shown. She tells the above. Now upstairs are shown. There is a girl standing with rose colour full skirt and white colour sleeveless collarless blouse. Her face is shown. Yes. She is our sweet Ragini. She has a cute smile on her face. She comes down and gets blessings from papa and maa. Once Sanskar comes near her and holds her ears in each hand.
Sanskar: I ordered u to call me “bhai”. But u always call me “lawyer sir”. Whay is this princess?
Ragini: If I should call u “bhai” u should call me “Ragini”
Sanskar: I won’t. Because u r our princess. Now he pulls her cheeks with lots of love and smile on his face and leaves her.
Ragini: O.k. Then I’ll call u as lawyer sir.
Sanskar: O.k princess.

They make faces to each other. Sumi and Shekhar smile at their childishness.
Sumi: Why r u behaving like children?U should grow up in minds.
Sanskar: Listen Princess. U should follow Maa’s advice. Otherwise my cousin – ur husband will suffer for life time. I do not know that how will he manage u?
Sumi and Shekhar move to hall with smiles on their faces.
Ragini: Why r u talking like this? If Swara is for u to bear ur tortures then a person will surely bear my tortures lawyer sir. But Swara is poor. Oh! How did I forget that?
She comes to the hall and sits with Shekhar.
Ragini: Papa I have found the reason for lawyer sir’s change. Today at 8.00pm Swara will land in India. She turns to Sanskar and tells ” Swara will land to night not 8.00am lawyer sir “. She starts to laugh. Sanskar blushes.
Sumi: Sanskar y r u blushing?
Sanskar: Maa!
Sumi: U should not blush. U should teach it to our princess. So, then she will go to bride groom’s house with blushing face.
Shekhar: U r right Sumi.
Sanskar: Then I will get relief.

All trio laugh and Ragini gets teary eyes and asks: U all r eagerly waiting to chase me from here. But, I won’t leave or go from here.
She starts to cry. Others get shock due to this as she is a playful girl.
Shekhar: Princess we told it for fun. U r our princess. Do not cry.
Sumi: Princess we r sorry. She comes and hugs her.
Sanskar: Sorry da Princess. I promise I will not repeat this.
Suddenly, Ragini wipes her tears and says ” lawyer sir u should keep ur promise. O.k”. She smiles sweetly.
Sanskar: U r not only our princess but also drama princess.
All three hug Ragini and the screen freezes with their smiling and teary eyed faces .

Precap: Swara’s introduction. Sanskar gets heart broken due to a fact. What is it?

Tell me friends whether u like my story or not. For Raglak fans, they will meet after some episodes due to their places. Until that u can enjoy our heroine’s dramas and plays. I hope that I wasted neither ur time nor ur hope. Tell me whether I may continue or not. I am ready to all. Once again thank u all friends.

Credit to: Ilavarashi


  1. Suba

    Hi ilavarashi.. Even I’m a tamilian…. Ur ff is really good…. Sema bonding pa…….. If u can post next part soon…..

  2. Asmita

    Nice starting.??Love it yaar.??but why sanskar is heartbroken???plzzz don’t saparet swasan or raglak . I love both couples.??

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Before submitting a comment, please be sure it meets our comment guidelines.