Do not tell her.. (ONE SHOT)


Pragya is always kind. Shes not only kind to me but to all. Its already been three years we met. We studied in the same college. I learnt music and she learnt teaching. Yes she had the determination to become a teacher and i know she will. We spent those three years laughing teasing enjoying with each other… We started it in a fight but now ended in frienship! Yes am pragya’s so called best frnd abhi! Maybe for pragya am just her friend but for me shes my everything. She has never left me during hard times when everyone did. She has said me that even if i chose the wrong path in my life she will stand at the end of the path and will guide me the right way. And yes she was always there for me. She cared me as a mother would care for her child and of course i dont have one but i have never felt that coz i have her. She has stood against everyone just for me. She calls me her best friend. But you know wat i had always loved her. YES THE WORST EVER THING IS THAT I LOVE HER! I was always scared to tell her but today i have gathered some courage to put up a show in front of her. Yes am going to propose her today. If i miss this day i know i will regret forever. Oops wait shes coming now!!

(After some time……….)
YES I DID IT… i handed her a rose and tied her a bracelet! She smiled at me! She said its beautiful! And i smiled at her and said HAPPY FRIENDSHIP DAY.. Yes i did not propose her. Im afraid i would lose her if i tell her. I cannot live without seeing her smile or without talking with her. Somethings are just meant to feel and not to say.. Coz u never know u will lose a valuable thing just because of your selfishness. So its better for me to watch her smile instead of watching her back. I didnt want my friendship to get spoiled. If i told her that day i would have regretted forever.
So im happy with wat i have now!

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