Not So Simple! (RagLak and SwaSan) Epi-3 i am back..

The episode starts!…

"Bachao!Bachao…plsss plss save me!…meine tumhara kya bigaada hai..plss mujhe jaane do.."

(Help help..pls save me..wat have i done to u..pls let me go)

"chchchch..How can i leave u..u are a toh my treasury na..chchch..but to hide my truth u have to die..sorry…plss forgive me in the heaven..and i will take care of eeevverything after u die okay baby…byee bbbyyee…"…

"Plss let me go..i will not tell anyone..abt u…pls.."..

"Sorry but u have to die..bababye…
Hahahhaha…the person gives out a villainous laugh!"…take care huh..and dont miss me..

And the person points d gun and…

"AAAAAAAHHHHHHaaaaaaàa…..and a pool of blood forms their!
A drop of tear escapes from ragu's eyes..while narrating this to laksh and sanskar…
Laksh-How do u knw abt that?..
Ragu-(weeping)..I was there??..i saw my soul dying there..lieing in the pool of blood..i couldnot save here..her screams…still make me feel guilty..
Swara-She was our life!we lost her!we lost us!..

A flashback is shown…

Three small girls are sitting on a bench…they are small armd five years old…

"Shona shona..ragu..promise me.."
"What happened riyu?."..
"Ragu..wat happened to riyu"..
"shona..ragu..promise..u will never leave me..u toh knw na..i am cnnt leave without u both"..
"Arey riyu i and shona di will never leave u..pukka promise"..
"Pinky promise?"..
"U knw ragu..and riyu..
Shona ragini and riyu..together make we..we will never leave eachother.."

They promised in their cute baby accents..unaware of their fate!..

Flashback ends..

Ragu takes a deep breath-So Welcome onboard!
Shona-Welcome!..Welcome to the Delhi CBI!
Officer Laksh and Officer Sanskaar!…
They (shona amd ragini)raise their hands for a hand shake!..
Laksh-Nice to meet u teekhi mirchi!?..i meant Undercover Officer Ragini!..
Ragini gives him a  scary glare..
Sanskaar-Nice to meet u Undercover officer Swara!..
And they greet their hands..
Laksh-So pls explain us everything..
Ragu-Wat!we told u na..u want to knw again?Yaar who made u an officer..and tat to at sucha high post..god!
Laksh-Ohh teekhi mirchi..control yaar..i want to knw exactly wat chill..
Shona-Ragu he is right..they should knw the entire thing before..he starts working on the mission..
Sanskaar-Bhai chill and ragini..we are ur friends..we knw…riya was very close to u but..
Ragu-ya..i understand!..sit i ll tell u..

All sit..whereas ragu..stands near a whit board..

Ragu-"So Miss Riya Mehta…The daughter of the gr8 business man Tej Mehta and Jhanvi Mehta..Jhanvi is the step mom of Riya!and of Riya..Last week Riya died..or i shd she was ruthlessly brutally killed!..and we her friends or i shd say the Undercover cops were given the mystery of solving the mystery.." tears start flowing from her eyes..

Shona gets up and says-Riya was not only a friend but our soul..were sisters more than friends..
Sanskaar-Did Riya knw abt u..both?
Shona-Sanskaar we were not allowed..but i wish we could..varna she would have been with us….
Laksh-Arey swara we will clear all scores with them..So whom do u think can be the killers miss teekhi mirchi..
Ragu-U..stop calling me tat..
Laksh-Wat teekhi mirchi..and blinks his eyes..
Ragu-Ugggh…shona this..
Sanskaar-Miss dramaqueen pls we will cntinue this fight afterwards..the suspects pls?..
Swara let outs a chuckle..u knw sanskaar i call her tat only..and they laugh..
While Ragini stares at them..
Now dont u want to knw the suspects?..

Every1 keeps quite..
Ragini..write the names on the board..
1 st Jhanvi!

These are the only 3 we can suspect as of know..
Laksh-Why them only..
Shona-Coz jhanvi is a very ambitious lady..for getting wealth she can do anything..
Tej a one track buisness mind…for profit he can go 2 the extent of killing as well..
And Raj..riya's ex bf..he was never serious abt her..jst for her money..he was with her..

Sanskaar-So these are only the guesses..right..

Laksh-Shona dnnt worry we will find the murderer soon..

Ragu and shona-Yes..

Will u all help in our mission???

Pls chck the prologue for any confusions..

Do give me ur valuable comments..

Take care❤

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