Not So Simple! (RagLak and SwaSan) Epi-2

Hello..Friends…I got some leisure time so decided to write down the 2nd episode…But friends are u all not liking this ff..or the story..pls do tell me..I will stop writing it..Because i write because of ur motivations..ur comments are my motivation which makes me write these..i wouldn't have been able to write if u all weren't with me..!..

So Returning Back..

The previous episodes


Episode 1/


So I will stop from where i stopped…

Laksh-What happened why are u all so shocked?..Did I say smthng wrong..
Ragu-(with a bit of attitude)..No no..not at all..
Shona-Ragu..calm down..sorry guys its jst one..
She is cut off my maanvi…
Maanvi-We repeat NO ONE!..

Shona-Maanvi..yaa..its jst that no one dares us to ask that question..and considering u both a newbies..we are letting u go…
Rahul-Or else we would have!..
Ragu-Leave lets go!..(angrily)..

And all glare at them and leave!..

Lucky-Bhai..wat jst happened!..were they giving us advice!but why am i feeling that it was not an advice but a..
Sanky-yes it was not an advice it was a warning!..and its quite strange …i thought they were friendly but..
Laksh-Strange!Quite strange!..but we

Sanky-Will find it soon..and they smirk..and leave…

The Scene shifts to..the park of the college..

Ragu-That..bewakoofs..dhondhus..stupid..uuuggghhhhh…mad fellows..
Ragu..deep breath in and out….ugghh..
Shona-Ragu..calm down was not deliberate…they had no idea abt our gang..and wat happens if u dare to ask smthng to d  nuefs!
Maanvi-Swara..i think u are right..but dont u think those boys looked mysterious..
Rahul-What do u mean?Maanvu..

Shona-I think she is right..they were different..something was there!
Rahul-But what!..
Ragu-Shona…i think u are seemed they searching for some1!…we need to find out!..
Rahul-So deal..we will follow them!..
Maanvi-That toh we will do..but frst lets go and attend our arts class..swara…ragini u start the ur science class is cancelled!.. mission..STRANGERS!..starts..


The scene changes to a dark…pitch black room..
A sound of landline is heard!..
Tring Tring Tring……

"Very Good..I am impressed..WHAT!..Ya..wait. i ll do that…u concentrate on your MISSION..nd remember My ADVICE! OKAY..Bye.."…


The scene changes to Shona amd Ragu..they are seen hiding behind the pillar..and following lucky and sanskaar
Ragu-Shona..ek baat batau?…

Ragu-When will he send the pic..
Ragu-arrey i mean wen will he send the pics of the…
Shona-Shhssshh !Dont u knw we are bot allowed to speak abt it in a public place..what has happened to u?After that last weeks..happening!You changed…u dnt follow the rules anymore…Is smthng bothering u?..
Ragu-Nah shona…but i want that revenge sooon!I can't see this happening…
Shona-Neither can I …but we have to..bow lets focus on the mission!..

Ting ting tingad..
Ragi checks her phone!..

O GOD!..

Shona-Wat happened?
____________________________________________ this a college or maze!…
Lucky-Vohi toh..u go there again reach here..again go there..again reach here..wat is this?
Sanky -Chalo we have to find..

Ragu-Shona..we did a mistake!..
Ragu-They are..the ones for whom we were waiting?.
Shona-Wat do u mean they are…
Shona-But how?..
Ragu-He mssged the pics..along with their number..
Shona-We have to do that!right..

Sanky and Laksh are standing outside the cantene…wen sanskaar's phone rings…

Its a mssg frm unknown no…he says..

Laksh-Open it..

^^The 1 you are searching for are we…!..To knw wats hidden!..To find the hidden!Reach SR 8 pm sharp!

Sanky-Who r they?..
Laksh-voh toh aaj pata chali jayega!..



So how was it ..and shd i all depends on ur comments..if u feel its boring..i will stop….

Till then..

Take Care ❤

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  1. Ragu is teeki mirchi

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  3. Awesome episode and loved it

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    Nice epi
    Dear what about your ff the secret reopens?

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      Dear i ll upload ot on currently my exams are gng on and it will end on 17thi had already written this epi..hemce next update would be on 17th only ??..

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  6. Awesome Ragini……Nice dp my Cedric…

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    it is soooo amazingggg yaar just loved it a lottt

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