Not So Simple! (RagLak and SwaSan) Epi-1

So friends..I am back..with my first epi of
 Not So Simple ❤..I was getting bored..studying the whole decided to write this frst chp..but the next update might be on 16th Feb only..


So here we go…? …

"What!Why…are they not satisfied…yaar..shona..pls make him
understand..Vaise who are they?…"

(Yes she is our sweet calm Swara).

Shona(urf swara)..-chup kar much do u speak..Calm down..ragu..I am 100%sure they will be nice..but..

"What nice..shona..u knw na..RAGINI KHANNA!..will never let any one interfere in her tasks..and specially any of them..

(Yes..She is our bindaas Ragini)

Shona-Ohhh overacting ki dukkan calm down..chal..we are getting late..all are waiting for us!..

Ragu-Shona..makes a puppy face..can we please….

Shona-No And its final…
Ragu-Pls yaar..
Shona-Ragu..its against the rule..uhhhmmm…yaa..rule number 46758!..

Ragini looks at her with her mouth hung open..

Ragu-Dont tell read the whole 1000000…rules in the book?!..
Shona-Obvio..but wait..haven't toh told him that u did..
Ragu-U knw it was sooo boring..that i slept while reading and she winks at her..

And runs from there saying..Abh late nhi ho raha hai?..

And they leave!…

The Scene shifts to a College…
The campus..classrooms..cantene all are showed..where all a lot..i repeat a lot studemts are shown…

At last the board of the College..


The camera then goes to the cantene..

Raj-Yaar..wen this duo will come..itna time..
Neha (frnd)-Voh toh..

"Waiting for us?"..

When the camera turns its focus on the girls standing…

And yes they are shona and ragu..

The camera first focuses on shona..

From her feet..She is wearing sandles..(mojris)…with jeans…and a short kurta (indo western)…she has applied the lightest shade of baby lips..and kept her hair open..her beauty is enhanced..with her sweet smile..

Then the camera focuses on our ragu..inshort college ki gundi??..daring..lovable..and a big dramebaaz…

From her feet..She is wearing sport shoes..accompanied by a ripped jeans..amd sleeveless top with a denim jacket..tied her a pony tail and little kajal in her eyes..
Uff..this beauty toh can toh killed all the beasts?….

The camera again shifts to a group of students(including Raj..Rahul..Neha..Shilpa..Manvi) the cantene..
Manvi-U both are always late..we told na..that tday come early..
Shilpa-Vohi toh..where were u both?…

Shona-Voh..Voh..yesterday we slept late..isliye..
Ragu-gives her a look..with her one eyebrow up..and whispher..did we sleep yesterday..???..?..
Rahul-Where are u both lost and wat are u murmuring….
Ragu-Nthng yaar..So wassup..wats d plan..
Manvi-Plan..uhmmm?sochna padega..
Shilpa-Chalo na..we will play our favourite game..
Ragu-Yup for sure!…


The scene changes to outside the college..

Two boys are shown…wearing their branded aviators..a smirk on their faces..

"Our new journey begins!"..
"Yes indeed but will the take our help?"..
"Oh pls..Sanky!Laksh…Laksh Khurana ko koi bhi ladki mana nahi karegi….

Sanky-Oh..lucky..oh laksh……Roadside Romeo…they are not ordinary girls..i hope u remember..
Lucky-Bhai!…just wait and these girls drool over my magic..
Sanky-We'll see…come lets go!..
Lucky-Yeah!..but do u knw who they are…i mean how they look..?..any photo?..

Sanky-Nope..we will ask him to inform them..abhi ke liye plss chalo!..

And they head inside!..

Back to the cantene…

Our ..Stunning Neuf…..Ooopss..i forgot to tell u all..our shona and ragini..and their gang our popularly known as stunning Neufs…!…

They all sit in a circle..and an empty glass bottle in the centre….

Socho Socho Kaunsa game hai…Chalo bata hi deti hu?..Truth and Dare..

Manvi-Jaldi…Spin the bottle…I am so excited..

Ohkay..Raj spins the bottle…

And the bottle's neck faces ….Our Ragu??..
Shilpa-So Ragu…watsayy…Truth…or Dare..?..

Ragu..stands up-..Ragini Khanna is Daring!..i will choose Dare.. miss daringbaaz…Your dare is…


The Scene Changes to Sanky and Laksh.. this a college? Or a maze…any route we take..we reach here..outside the cantene..
Laksh-Vohi toh bhai..wait i ll go and enquire..

And he leaves..


Your dare is to uhmm lemme think….

Oh yess..Go and propose the handsome boy standing their…
Ragu-Propose! Are u kidding me..
Manvi-Babe..its a dare…accept it or accept ur defeat..
Ragu-Defeat and I…She gives her villainous smile…never..
Shona-Ragu are sure..we dont even knw him..
Ragu-Shona…u toh knw na..i will never back out…frm a challenge i accepted…

Ragu-So I am going guys..

Oooff…baba ji bacha lena..she says in her mind and goes towards him…


A boy is shown standing facing his back towards d cantene…when ragu comes and pats his shoulder….

Ragu-Excuse me!…

The boy turns and is seen to be..Sanskaar urf..Sanky…hehehe?? (kya laga laksh?)…

Ragu sits on her knees…

Ragu-Mr…I know its awkward…but from the time i have seen you..i have fallen in love…so i am here to say..that…I LOVE YOU…..
And she stands..

Sanky is shocked!…confused and wat not!..
He says"Wat…I think you have are i guess mistaken"..

Ragu..couldn't control more seeing such a shocked reaction on Sanky's face..and bursted in laughter
…sanky was again confused?..
Sanky-Wat are u saying?…

Just wen…our stunning nufe….comes out..
Sanky is damn shocked…
Shona-Oh we are sorry..actually it was just a plan..but this buddhu ruined it..
By the way….We are The Stunning Nufe!…
Ragu-I think u dont knw the meaning of Nufe..It means…..
But she is interrupted by a voice…..

All turn back to see and our surprised to find a stranger handsome…??..
Sanky-Dont be shocked..he is my bro..lucky..
Lucky urf laksh comes forward besides sanskaar….

Ragu-So u know french..
Laksh-Koi shak..but..
Sanky-You all are 8 only…whose the NINTH ONE??..

Everyone are shocked..their face turns Pale!..


SO Friends..How was the frst tell me abt ur views and whether u find thiss ff interesting..

☆Whose this 9th memeber??
☆Who are Shona..Ragini…?..
☆What is their Moto?..

To Knw abt this..keep reading?…

Thank you..

Take Care ppl…


Loads of Love..
Urs Meethi❤..

So I ll update the next episode on 16th..till then i have to go back for studies???…exams hai..kya karun???…

Koi nahi…

Byee ❤❤

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