It’s not revenge it’s love (way love to revenge) swasan “I don’t want to go ” Episode 4


Scene New York City, night
Swara -arjun you never fall in love..
Arjun -Sammie what type of silly question is this!
Swara -arjun Sometimes when I look into your I feel the pain and curiosity..
Arjun – Swara let’s change the topic..!!!
Swara – arjun you never called me Swara but now I get it that there is problem when you feel comfortable please talk to me… I will always there for you… Arjun!!!
Arjun -thank you Sammie and when time will come I will definitely tell you!!!
They start roaming all the city……. After some time they reached the hotel….. And then go back to Venice…..!!

Scene shift :India, Mumbai,, restaurant..
Sanskar -so what you have my angry hungry gulaabo….
Aarohi -sanky I am not going to talk to you..
Sanky -okay sorry I was just teasing you…
Aarohi -so tell me about your deal with mehra ..??
Sanky -don’t talk me about this I will tell you later..
Aarohi (she is also bussiness woman with Dp and adrash work for them and also a gimtrainer of famous gim of the Delhi)
Sanky -Now when you are going back??
Aarohi -what a good friend you are means I have just come today only and you started booking my flight ticket to go back.. Ha
Sanky -as I thought how much time I have to bear this gulaabo…. Oops

Waitor came with their order…
Aarohi was so hungry that even she don’t reply sanky teasing and started eating….
Sanky – hungry gulaabo control control other wise they will throw US out….. By seeing your behavior
Aarohi -you always says this arj…..I mean sanky suddenly she remembers someone her eyes full of tears and she can’t even say a word she excuses by saying -sanky I am coming in 2minutes..
Sanky -what happened to her why her eyes filled with tears… I am not getting and who was arj… I don’t know the problem but I have to talk to her in my way…
Aarohi come now she’s okay and sit in front of sanskar and started eating.. But she is not looking into sanskar eyes because she will find a book of questions which she don’t want to answer!!!!!!!
Sanky -Hey you please don’t feel uncomfortable aarohi whenever you feel better you can tell me..
Aarohi -thanks sanky for understanding me..
Sanky -teasing way. Let’s go other wise u will eat the whole restaurant.. Ha ha ha. …….
They both started laughing…… All are watching them…….

Scene shift
In the car
Laksh -we reached your home.. ..stop talking by seeing she was fallen asleep. Laksh POV:god she is looking damm quite and now I will make you mine love forever and I don’t have problems with your modaling career even Ifeel proud to see your success my jaan And I will make sure that would you like to do in your life don’t left for me I am not like that difficult husband who used to cage their wives but I only want is your happiness my Ragini…
Just then Ragini eyes open…. Ragini -oh when we came lucky…
Laksh -baby last 15min …
Ragini -you are seriously mad lucky you didn’t awaken me…… Ha
Laksh -I don’t want to disturb my heart…
Ragini -how your heart get disturbed by awaking me Mr gadodia..
Laksh -because it lies in you
Ragini gets emotional -you love me this much
Laksh -more than this
Background sounds was Sanam re……
They lost in their eyelock suddenly Laksh ‘so mobile ringed they came back to their senses
Laksh -OH mom! Ragini I have to go bye I will call later okay bye baby…
Ragini come closer to him and kiss him on cheek and said… This is your good night kiss for not calling me jaan if you want this kiss on your lips so next time call me…. And she go by blushing there!!
Laksh t o himself -one you will make myecrazy my jannu!!!
OH god again mom calls I have to rush fastly……..

Scene shift to Venice
Morning 9am…
Anuradha Malik is checking some files….
Oh god what was that noise I think I knew it….
Dadi (anuradha Malik) -come Swara sit for breakfast and stand near wass other it will break like the statue of60lakh you had broken just 20sec before
Swara -dadi I am sorry please forgive it will be not happening next time I do inform you promise….
Dadii -I know that promise which always break in every five days but not this time Swara I am not going to forgive you not at all…!!
Swara -dadi please don’t say this what punishment you will I accept it but don’t stop talking with me… Her eyes full of tears

Dadi -just stop crocodiles tears and come here I forgive u okay…
Swara (to her self) -what a acting Sammie (Swara)
Swara -yes dadii
Dadi -don’t think I had forget ur punishment okay you are going to get…
Swara -dadii tell me what punishment I will not back off
Dadii -okay then “you are going to India for 2months”here your punishment and I don’t any arguments regarding this and now just go and talk and get out your anger in front of arjun !!!bye I am going to office and you will be there after a2hours is that clear to you…
Swara (in shocked) -just shake her head in yes

Scene shift to Venice in arjun cabin 10am
Swara came their like thunder storm and started shouting “I don’t want to go”arjun do something. It can’t be happen with me, why the hell only me??? Aarrrrrrjuuuunnnn in a shouting way-i don’t want to go to India!!!!!!
Arjun (who was wearing earphones in scared of her shouting now came to senses and said) -what you are going for the deal! I can’t believe it!! How dadi can do this!! She knows deal is important! It’s so good she made right choice as you are for deal…
Swara starring at him in full of her anger

Precap-bike race in which country??………. Hey we are going to India…..

Credit to: Aryna

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