It’s not revenge it’s love swasan (a way love to revenge) “will you marry me lucky ” Episode 5


Sorry guys for my mistake actually I have again post same article inspite of it’s another what Laksh and Ragini have done in party and what was dhammaka this episode is about this…..

@the party
Dp ,Ap and adrash started talking about their business deals then
Ap -here you are we are waiting for you last10min … smiling…
The Man was Shekhar…..
Shekhar -sorry bhaabhi but what I it was only mistake of this sanskar and Laksh…..
Dp -hey just stop blaming my heroes…… Okay…
Sanskar – thanks uncle u understand me whether my lately dad always blame me inspite of his mistakes….. In teasing way
Adarsh -oye sanky don’t say this to my uncle you and your lazy brother always late from the kindergarten class okay….
Ap -Now you all please stop fighting and adrash, sanky Now you two just keep quiet…… Shekhar bhaisahab what happened to our dealer ship with mehra is he okay with it…….

Dp – yaa while this Man want more money for the property…..
Sanskar -actually uncle this mehra had ditched us….
Shekhar -yes, he has called me today and says the deal is over….
Adarsh – what the hell …I am going to kill this Mehra how he could….. Just last minute how he can change his tongue…..
Ap -what happened to him…. He had told anything…….
Sanskar -no auntie he has just said he dont want to sell this property to us…..
Dp -oh god what we do it was the perfect place for our factory….
Shekhar – don’t worry I had told my manager to find another property …..and this mehra he is going to destroy…….
Ap -actually he is and we will make this happen…..
Dp – just don’t spoil your mood now we should enjoy the property………

Scene shift after some time………. @the party….
“”ladies and gentlemen or devils “”you don’t think so this party is going so much boring…. Why we should do some masstiii….. The voice of lucky…
Sanskar -I know now this party is going to rock…… By lucky…… By smiling…

Lucky come on the stage with guitar and from his behind two ladies are standing all are facing their back…….. Lucky start guitar tune of song “”galliyan “”just then……. Song… “”dance basantii “”both the ladies turned….. Every one was looking at them and their mouths was open……. One lady was Ragini wearing gown of red colour and her hair was fully open she was stunning and another lady was aarohi… She was looking too hot as she was wearing backless gown her hair was straight……. Suddenly voice came “””mooh toh band Karo uncle “”it was lucky who said then they trio. Start dancing onthat song just then Sanskar join them and song changed to besharmi ki height….. All then come on dance floor every one dancing just then aarohi stand on bar counter and started showering wine oneverrybody…. Sanskar lifts her they all are dancing passionately Dp, Adarsh, Ap, Sumi, Shekhar join them on last song of dil dhadkane do……………

After some time party was over….. All people were going……
Adarsh -dude Lucky…it was rocking man…..
Sanskar -yaa seriously lucky you had done the great job…..
Aarohi -excuse me I was also there so please credit also goes to me and Ragini too…. Okay sanky…
Ragini -yaa actually…. Adarsh bhai you can’t thank to lucky only….
Sumi -okay you all just don’t fight now we have to go.. It’s late night…
Laksh -mom you guys go I have to give the payment to workers and meet with the organizer too…
Ragini -yaa mam I also Have some work with organizers….
Ap – then you come with lucky… And adrash and aarohi you come…
Adarsh -I have some work in office so I’ll come after some time….
Sanskar -auntie I have to talk with gulaabo so should I take her I promise she will be at after some time…. Aarohi -hey sankii don’t call me gulaabo… And I am not coming with you…..
Sanskar -okay just don’t be angry.. Sorry..
Aarohi -it’s alright then I am coming…. Sankii…
Sanskar -hey now you are calling me sankii…..

Dp -just stop it guys final then we were going and you all come fast finishing your work…..
They all left…..
Laksh had done his work and now he and Ragini is going to meet organizer of fashion show…… IN the hall.. They are standing and waiting for him… Ragini -lucky…..
Laksh -yes rags..
Ragini -lucky I want to……. (she get hesitated and she is chewing her lips and rubbing his) Laksh notice her and to himself -I want to say something because whenever she wants to say anything important she do like but when ever she do I just can’t control myself and only want to kiss her….. She is damm hot and s*xy….)..
Laksh -what rags just say it I am not going to eat you and please don’t chewy your lips… (in a naughty tone)
Ragini – lucky…. Woh…. Will yoooo u u……… Suddenly a voice came from there back….. Hello Mr gadodia…..

Ragini to her self -who ever it was I am going to murder him…. I have made my feelings and guds to say something to lucky but voice… I want a knife in my hand…. Please somebody calmed down me otherwise I will burst with my anger…)
Laksh -of hello sir
Man (organizer of fashion show) -my secretary told that u r waiting for me sorry for being late…
Laksh -no problem… I want to say that the next event which you had given to our company it could not be organized by us as we have already done deal to another company…. So I am sorry…. Sir
Ragini was standing silent and starring him with her fully angry eyes…
Man -no way Mr gadodia I only want that your company only do our next company event for that I can postponed my event and on which day your company is free I will choose that day…
Laksh -okay then our manager come to your office tomorrow and meet and talk about the date of events… And I am glad that you love our work thank you so much…
Ragini come her to senses when the Man called her…
Man – Ragini when you are going to shoot for our next product…

Ragini – actually I am sorry but this month I am not going to do modaling assignment from next month I will do your assignment (she says in arrogance way)
Man understand that she is not in the mood so he goes from there by saying good night them…
Laksh -I know rags why you talk to him like this as because of him you can’t copmplete your talk… (by giving smile to her)
Ragini – yaa Now but I am not in mood to talk so let’s go lucky….
Laksh – no baby but I am interested in your talk so please tell me what are you saying… ?
Ragini to her self -Now time came rags you have to talk to him you can’t back off and destiny don’t give chance twice)

Ragini bent on her knees hold the hand of lucky there was full silence in the hall Ragini -Will you marry me Mr Laksh gadodia as I am in love with my lucky who stays in you and for that I have to marry you doctor…. But I don’t care and I want my whole to be with I don’t want to spend my life with you I want to live my every moment with you….. I want our kids who call me mom and you dad and I want to be old with you I want to grow my kids with you… I want to die in your arms……… You think I am modal so I have some career and blah blah…. But it is not true lucky I only want you my happiness lies in not in this glamour industry…. And after marrying you I want to call your mom and dad as my mom and dad I don’t want to be modal I want to be the Mrs Ragini Laksh gadodia….. And then I will quit my modaling……. Just for you….. So lucky will you marry me……. Please be truthful if don’t want to marry with me or you are not ready then you can say yes or no I will always waiting for you all life ????????

Laksh eyes are full of tears he can’t believe this that finally Ragini have asked him…. He bent on his knees says “””””yes budhuu my jaan I will marry you “””Ragini eyes are also full of tears…… And Laksh says u r my life and I also can’t live without you…
They hugged each other after some time time they break their hugs and they are so close to each other no space of getting air passed… Laksh was looking at her lips as he wants to make her lips to him Ragini was glaring him with full of love and intense she holds his hair and coming close to him…. Laksh also hold her waist very tightly then they meet their lips to each other they so passionate and love they even don’t want to breathe just want to be in this position whole life finally after some time they break their lip lock and stands and started going to wards the car in the car they were feeling their moments with each other and glaring in their eyes to find each other……..

Thank you guys for commenting me and yaa again I am telling that Aarohi role play by drasti dhami and arjun by vevain dsena…….

Credit to: Aryna

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