It’s not revenge it’s love swasan (a way love to revenge) “‘why they wanted to kill them ‘” Episode 26

Scene shift of Mumbai
At the club terrace…
Sanskar – I agree with Swara we have to break them..
Ragini -but how??
Laksh – well I have planned something!!
Swara – what!!! Just go ahead..
Laksh – we know that now our families will talk about adarsh and Roshni marriage on that time no body will pay attention on office work so that we can change property bill of gadodia and maheshwari… And then Ragini get the property of maheshwari and sanskar will get the property of gadodia…
Sanskar – yaa and after that lucky me and Ragini give you that place out of city which you wanted…
Laksh – yeah..
Ragini – but Laksh what will you do with that 200crore property??
Laksh – actually I want to extended my hospital and Sanlak company there and I am owner of Sanlak company so I want that property but that was on the name of maheshwari and gadodia…. And Dad and uncle will never give me that property!!
Swara- so then we will follow Laksh plan and now Ragini and sanskar you don’t worry I will make that property papers from my lawyer…
Sanskar – Arjun!!
Swara – just shut up Sanskar it is another lawyer not arjun okay!!
Sanskar – but how we will manage aarohi and arjun….
Laksh – simple make them love birds….
Swara – but for that a small drama then they will be together and busy in thier romance and we will do our work!!
Ragini – Sammie I get it but the word “‘small drama “‘ please you don’t use this that same you use for yesterday party right!!
Sanskar – but what drama swara!!
Swara – easy as we know Arjun used to be with me all time so we make aarohi jealous and when she felt then she comes to you so you do your work by coming close to her… You get it!!
Laksh – it is good idea..
Ragini – yaa then we will able to do our works…..
Sanskar – okay then the game is on..

They all cheers their glasses and then just was going back but stopped by Swara…
Swara -listen Sanskar I don’t love you so please don’t get wrong idea by behavior…
Sanskar – I know Swara and I also don’t love you we are together because of our selfishness…
Laksh -but Ragini I love you fully hearted (in flirting toned but not seriously)
Ragini – I know very well lucky….. By touching her lips (flirty tone)
Swara – so you both started flirting again not bad….
Laksh – Ragini you remember that kiss…..
Ragini – yaa because of that adarsh who was standing there I have to propose but I wanted to talk to you about plans but on that moment I proceeded with my plan and went to propose to you…
Laksh – I also felt surprised but then when I get your sign I also go with flow…
Sanskar – what a flow that you both kiss each other but it was needed….
Ragini – what sanskar if you propose anyone and that without kiss its so boring….
Laksh – well we have passionate kiss right Ragini!!
Ragini – yes absolutely!!
Swara – really you two are made for each other package both are flirty and shameless…
Laksh – but less than you..
Sanskar – well yaa it’s all were your plans that always were shameless and flirty….
Ragini – but it will always fun too..
Swara -so we leave and from tommorow we will start our plan…
They all leave with thier respective cars…..
Scene shift to Mumbai

At gadodia mansion
@the study room

Roshni was talking with his dad about some business…
Roshni -Dad this proposal of Mr sharma will be good after all his company always goes for good products ….
Shekhar – well yes so we can proceed if you are considering…
Roshni -but Dad first we should also talked to sanskar….
Shekhar – it’s not necessary to talk to him I mean you have already considered so what needed to waste time on him…
Roshni – dad you in absence of me Sanskar go for everything he take care of you and bussiness..
Shekhar – Roshani please don’t start this topic again you know I literally considered him my son as because of your Mom I act in front of you all but he is only son of Sumi not mine and this truth only you and Sumi know…. That he is son of Sumi ex husband..
Roshni -but what was his mistake and mom she never made difference between their kids that she never felt that I am not her daughter then why you….
Shekhar – please Roshani don’t taunt and you know I always used to love sanskar but my inner soul can’t accept him and from last five years I am seeing bussiness and arjun is helping he is just a employ of that company….
Roshni – dad but..
Shekhar – Now I don’t want any conversation about this topic so please…
Roshni – okay dad…
And then they again started talking about their business but at the door Sumi was and listening their whole conversation and eyes are full of tears…

At the room of Sumi..
Sumi in mind -I know that Roshni is not my daughter but I never behave with her as step mom and you Shekhar why?? I thought when Roshani is not you started feeling about Sanskar as your son but you never changed your feelings towards Sanskar you always take him as adopted child or only my child nothing else… I remember that day when I married to you and came here my first day and the only condition of mine that sanskar will always with me first you were not but after my so much insistent you get ready to accept but only as gadodia not your son then I saw a eight years old sweet girl that was my Roshani who was playing with my one year old son sanskar and from that day they share a sweet bond after some months Laksh and arjun comes in our life and my family get completed but Shekhar firstly you behave with Sanskar very bad but after some years you started speaking with him normally I thought you accepting but no I was wrong because of Roshni you were behaving with him nicely please god sent anyone who can make a strong bond between Shekhar and sanskar because I always feel that sanskar some time gets upset with his dad nature… Please don’t make sanskar to know that he is not the child of Shekhar please….

Scene shift to sanskar room..
This time sanskar was standing alone with his tears and his room was no cameras nothing was there a cold breeze coming from window he was staring at moon and talking with his soul…
Sanskar in mind – everyone thinks that I want to kill my sister and brother because of money and property but no it was a reason I mean a suitable reason which I can give to world I know I am wrong I am ware wolf with no emotion but it is only because of Dad yes he didn’t consider me as child why I don’t know??? From my childhood I wanted to know the reason but Mom always say me that he loves you only don’t pretend I thought it was true but then I see Roshani Di he always show love and affection to her it was injustice to me first I thought it is only because Roshani Di comes first in class then I also in my childish I started studying very that in no time became the topper of my school, college and then MBA university but after that much effort Dad didn’t used say me or praise me why???? But after that I thought to do best in his company to get love of but after that he don’t say me only praises Roshani Di and because of him today Roshni Di is the biggest evil of my life yes she loves she takes care of me but I wanted my dad’s love but now I don’t want his care or anybody’s care because now I’m going to rule the gadodia empire yes!!!!! …….then he turns to his bed half lied and staring the picture which was hanging opposite to the bed it was his family pictures…. His eyes wetted completely become red and then his tears in no time starting to fall it was his daily emotion he daily used to cry and have tears in his eyes from his childhood only he wanted the love of his father but he was always failed….. Sanskar to himself – look at you sanskar gadodia no one knows you it was only you who applied a mask of Devil but what was the need of it just then he sees the picture of Shekhar yes I can take out this only in one condition when you dad from your heart says me as your “‘son'”..then after a long time of crying he get asleep in midnight in that half lieing position and eating and not even changing his it was his daily routine he never have his if he is with his mom then he but generally he don’t he daily used to come like this nobody in his family cares about that they thought he have eaten with his friends and not even ask him… Actually firstly Sumi used to asked him but one day he said that he don’t want eat dinner at home so she do not bother…. It was really hard live a life without your father loves what was his mistake but one day when he came to know that he is not the son Shekhar what will be happened his only dream that Shekhar accept him as his son will be broken into pieces but what will going to be happened all will be destiny!!!!!!!!

Scene shift to Laksh room
Laksh -he was sitting on the couch and writing something on his diary yes his personal diary he knows that only girls do this type things as like a personal diary but he don’t care about all this rubbish and no body knows about this he was writing something and saying to himself – Wow lucky today also you did the same that you are doing from last ten years yes doing only acting ….well because of Arjun I lost my life my love my first love he was responsible for death of my love my Misha… She was only a person for whom my whole world revolves but you snatch her I wanted to kill you but because of Misha promise I don’t do anything why?????!!!!!! He started screaming in his mind he was totally lost in his thoughts how he met her??? There first meeting and then how he proposed her but why arjun why I trusted you and you not only break my trust also take my life if you also love her then you told me why you do that because of you my Misha comes to sucide and drop only one letter for me……. Then he goes to his cupboard and take out Misha photo and her letter…. He started reading that letter “‘my sweetheart Laksh ,I know you would not forgive me because I am living you but please understand I don’t have guts to show my face to the world as they all going to make me a joke, think me a pr*stitute and a jerk and I know you only say me that you don’t care but I care for you I can’t see you that every one taunt you because of me from tommorow that mms will revealed and my life becomes hell if it was only about my life then I can manage but you were also a part of my life… Oops sorry you my life then it also affected you so please I have to go but my soul will always with you I only wanted to see you happy you know I wanted to became a doctor to do treatment of poor people who don’t have money for heart operation but now I am going to give this dream to you I know I am becoming selfish that you wanted to be interior designer and now for me you forcefully become as doctor but please please think as its my last wish no no I mean I have three last wish first you always will be happy and when you think about your face have only smile and second you will become a doctor and yaa you have to do your coarse of interior designer as well don’t think that you will forget about your and my last wish Laksh you move on in your life when you find your soul mate and you never ever thought that you are betrayed me because from far away when I see you smiling I will be more happy…. And yaa please don’t do anything which harm your brother please……. Your jaan Misha ‘”‘” a tear fall from his… Misha from last ten years I am reading this letter and trying to move on but no I can’t my brother Arjun and his friends ragged you because of them you were safocating day by day and I didn’t see what fool I was I trusted my brother that he will take care of you but he ragged you and his friends make mms of your but that mms was fake they were only doing ragging but this ragging make you so much weak that cut your nerves and do sucide I curse that why I don’t stop at your hostel I see your face which was scared and shattered but I thought it was only because of your exam but no I was wrong it was them who from day first ragging and not even single chance they spare to say you slave or pr*stitute of mine… And you never told me if you once told then I could do something after your death your friend and your roommate told me about this… Then he in tears he fell asleep and goes to dream where he was his Misha (actually Misha character is played by Sanaya irani or I say khushi of iss pyar ko kya naam doon)
It was a real Laksh who went to lucky in this ten years before ten years he have a girl friend Misha she was one elder to Laksh but age didn’t matter in Love… Misha was in arjun college their college was of science, medical and Law… Their college name was SML college arjun was his first year of LAw and he was also doing business studies in that college and Misha was medical student …
(about the past of Laksh I will tell you in between the articles)

Scene shift to maheshwari mansion
Ragini room…
Ragini was eating a chocolate and smiling and thinking about something to herself -‘” Ragini what a excuse you make in front of Swara, Laksh and sanskar that you hate Adarsh and aarohi because of property but seriously yes they think that I am selfish but only I know why I hate them…. I literally don’t have any problems with their business I don’t care but both of them spoiled my life yes they spoiled my life….. She stands and go in front of mirror looks herself from head to toe she was wearing a French gown and her hairs were curl and open she was looking s*xy but when she was looking herself in mirror she have teary eyed and said to her self -‘”I was not like that before eight years it was you both adarsh and aarohi made my life hell ‘”then she go to balcony with some stuff in box and sits on chair her balcony was so big that she many times only sits there not in her room.. She sits and started looking at her college photos in her college photos she was wearing simple salwar suit with a pony and specs but of low power she was topper in her college she was so simple and sweet she don’t apply any makeup she was very obedient child in her house only she have dreams that to become a good business woman like her mom…. She closes her eyes tears was falling from her eyes then she opens and to herself -‘” what was my life I was happy in that only my whole world only revolves around my parents my studies and my hobby interior designer coarse but that prank changes my whole world yes that prank why bhai you were my brother if you are jealous with me then you should directly say why that prank…. On the favourable party day I was getting ready in daily attire which was simple but then aarohi call me and said that it is theme party so she courier one dress I take that dress it was leahanga there was no body at mansion Mom and Dad was gone to some meeting and bhai was already gone to party only servants were there I don’t know what to do so I wore that lehenga it was very uncomfortable to me my waist was looking and from it is only tied by rope so my whole back was showing I was dumb who wore that because of my innocence and trust on aarohi.. I get ready and moved to party when I entered to party it was like shocked that there was no theme party every one was laughing and making joke on me and I turned my head to left side my brother and sister was laughing at me very badly I was blank what to do it was first time in my life I am feeling so embarrassed I started crying hardly but not even adarsh bhai come and console and not aarohi they were only standing laughing at me just then my friend kaya come take me inside the washroom in washroom there were no body she acting to console me but it was there plan she left me in washroom and goes outside locked the door and switch off the lights I was shocked I was screaming very badly but no one listened I begged them but they all were so harsh that for once their humanity not comes I was afraid of darkness and they all know this but they just playing a prank and I thought to call Dad but my purse kaya take my purse with her after two hours they open door they all don’t that for once I fainted but after some time I open my and only can see the darkness around me they all come inside adarsh, aarohi, kaya were laughing on me kaya gives my purse back and I was like I want to kill them but I don’t utter a word they all go by laughing and making jokes on me they even don’t think to say sorry but I was not even wanted to listen their I come outside but they were not stop thier prank some boys comes to me in drunken state and started dancing around me and a cheap song was playing at back ground I was feeling like someone give me a poison that was paining slowly slowly IN my whole body that boys were coming more closer to me throwing me from one to another Adarsh was seeing that but don’t say anything because they were there friends and was only doing some fun in his point of view…. After some time how ever I free from them and I only wanted to go back to my house to my mom but this was not end I go outside I was just close to my car but then someone hold my wrist I turned it was one of that drunken boys he was looking at me lustly he started to come to closure to me I slapped him but he pushed me to the car I was hurted by left hand just he hold my hair and started slapping me for ten or fifteen times he slapped I was screaming but no body comes to help me then my driver comes and beat that boy as he was drunken so he fainted by my driver punched I was in shocked my driver makes me to sit in car then he dropped me to the mansion I was in shocked that I even can’t stand with my own when I stepped out from my car I fallen some servants came and take me to the room I was in mental trauma one of my servant called my Mom after some hours Mom and Dad comes I was sitting on my don’t no what to react I have no expression in my face then Mom come and sit beside me she holds my face and then hug me she was saying something but I was in my mental trauma after one they go from my room and then Adarsh and aarohi comes in my room and I look at them without any expression they were expecting me to angry on them but I didn’t utter a word they come to me sit beside me Adarsh say that it was only a prank please forgive them don’t say anything to mom and dad and aarohi was also saying same I only said okay then without wasting a second they were gone from there as they were not literally want forgiveness only wanted that I don’t say anything to Mom and Dad this incident changes me from everywhere at that night I gone to mom and dad and said them that I wanted to go New York for further studies first Mom was not ready but Dad understand me and agree I thought he understands me but no when I was at there door I stopped there by listening dad words he says to Mom if she will be here every one comes to know that one man was harrasing her and then their reputations in society will gone what really he was caring about that society then I went to New York after three years I came back as modal, as university topper and as interior designer ‘”‘””after that she wiped her tears go back to her bed and take sleeping pills for sleep yes she is taking sleeping pills from last eight years and now she even don’t feel sleepy after taking that she is conscious for one hour but after that she sleeps….

Scene shift to Malik’s mansion
Swara was sitting in the living room and thinking about why Sanskar, Laksh and Ragini wanted to kill thier siblings literally it is not matter of property because if they wanted to kill them they can easily do that because they live with them in thier respective homes!!!!! Just then her phone rings it her dadii Anuradha Malik…
On phone
Swara – hey dadii!!
Dadii – so what are you thinking..
Swara – you are world’s first dadii who not asking her granddaughter that how are u…. Asking that what are you thinking!!!!!
Dadii – it was not my answer…
Swara told her what she was thinking about Sanskar, Laksh and Ragini…
Dadii – you are right Swara they all are not doing this for property there is another reason…
Swara -but what dadii!!
Dadii – well by my sense of humor it something thing connected with emotional ….
Swara – but what makes them to kill their siblings you know dadii siblings are god precious gift that’s why at every steps whenever they tried to kill them I come in front of them at Spain that horror nights I was stopped there and go to cliff to find Roshani Di and when I saw her near the lake I take her immediately to the hospital and then said nurse to call Adarsh bhai and left from after that I don’t know that where Adarsh bhai take her but I was confirmed she was alive after IN Dubai where Ragini wants to kill aarohi I sent arjun there and asked Vicky for help as adarsh bhai told about there going many times they tried and many times I made hurdles in thier plans…. But this when I gave my plan not to kill them only betrayed them they all immediately agreed not even question or do any queries on my plan in my mind I was literally shocked….
Dadii – I know this that they will immediately agree on your plans because they only wanted to give them pain nothing else as from a small corner of heart they love them!!!!
To be continued……

Thanks guys for comments and special thanks to my silent and daily readers and yaa if you have any complaints about my ff you can comment and give suggestion on it I don’t mind even I get happy that can I use your suggestions in my ff… Thanks your friend Aryna

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