It’s not revenge it’s love swasan (a way love to revenge) ‘”swara or Misha ‘” Episode 36

Days were passing Sanskar was totally disturbed he made his every possible contacts to find out him but nothing works his mans were in all worlds finding Robert Williams but he was not at all found….. He knows if he didn’t find him then Laksh will again anything to himself…… That he does when he don’t get Misha….
Sanskar called one person
Sanskar – I have meet you….Swara..
Swara – I don’t have time for you….
Sanskar – well we will meet in one hour….
Swara – we will see…. Then she cuts the call…

After some time…. Sanskar was standing at deserted place with his jeep…. And gun…
One van comes and stopped behind him…. Where some person holding a lady she was blindfolded and her hand were tied with rope…. From her lips bleeding…. Was there…
Sanskar turned and moved forward to her and sign his man to free her and move backwards…
Sanskar – so Swara Malik welecome…… While saying he unties her hand and remove blind fold from eyes….
Swara – how dare you…. To kidnapped me….. Sanskar Gadodia….
Sanskar – so lioness is afraid….. Well but I can’t see any afraid in her eyes…..
Swara started laughing – what you said afraid and me….. Your wish never fulfilled King Sanskar….

Sanskar – you are wrong Swara Malik you only have seen Sanskar not King…. Otherwise you will afraid to close your eyes….
Sanskar says to his men to take her to farmhouse….. And make tight security….. They take her to the farmhouse…..
At the farmhouse…. They ties Swara with pillar… As per Sanskar said to throw cold water on her continously …….whether she don’t say break down …. Sanskar reached farmhouse after three hours he sees her she was completely wet and unconscious…. He comes to her…and pats her face….
And said – Now tell me swara how you are feeling… Or want more….. ..
Swara opens her eyes and look at him -Sanskar Robert Williams is dead…
Sanskar – don’t lie Swara Malik I know he is alive….and you know his real identity…. Tell me dammit….
Swara – he is dead……Robert Williams is dead…. Is dead…..
Sanskar – when he died….. ..
Swara – I don’t know.. ……
Sanskar – don’t act …..Swara … I think you want more tocher….
Swara – what you will do…. Ha… Well you always wanted to become a great brother… And now you are doing same…
Sanskar – what you meant…
Swara – nothing just stop all this…..
Sanskar shouts on her -shut up!!!!! And don’t lie….
Swara with anger – how I prove you ha….. ..
Sanskar unties her hand and grab her arms tightly looking at her eyes and in strong cold voice – Swara Malik don’t lie if anything happens to Laksh then at next moment you will be no more and I have to kill Misha murderer so don’t test my patience anymore…..
Swara with same anger looking at his eyes – what you say you want to kill Misha murderer…. For your brother or for you….
Sanskar hold her more tightly and said -this was not my answer….

Swara – look Sanskar gadodia its the matter of ten years before don’t start it again…. If Misha is dead her murderer is dead then what you want to know….
Sanskar – I make it simple for you just tell me how you know about Misha, Laksh, Arjun and me… Before ten years and how you know the history of Misha family that she is daughter of Robin Williams ha…..
Swara looked down that she don’t what to say….
Sanskar – listen if think that your drama will effect me or you can betray me easily then you are wrong completely… Something is big that you are going to do and all connected with Misha….
Swara – but what relation you have with Misha….
Sanskar – it’s none of your business…..
Swara – but its your business to distribute your love with your brother Laksh…..
Sanskar looking her shockingly – how you know…
Swara – I know everything Sanskar that how betrayed Misha and make situation that Laksh and Misha come together….
Sanskar- how you know about our past!!!!!!!! And about Robin Williams something is fishy just tell me….

Swara – nothing just when I was in Venice I take all information about Misha from my source….
Sanskar – just tell me truth…. Where is Robin Williams…. I want to kill him…. Or I will kill you…
Swara – why you want to kill him Laksh have right to kill him after all you gave Misha to your brother as gifts….
Sanskar – what do you know that what Misha is meant for me… angrily shouts) – I love her…. She was my life… She was the reason for my existence…because of me she died…. If I was not in her life then she was alive today I shouldn’t betrayed her but it was mistake of mine….
Swara – Now you are realising its too late….
Sanskar – not so because I will kill that Robin Williams….. And now my patience is crossings thier limits
Swara – look I got all information from my source in police… So I know all this and about your past I got information from Misha hostel and friends…
Sanskar – am looking you fool…. Swara.. Robin Williams is not common person that you can out his information… You know he was bastard because of him many parents loss thier children ….. You know he is doing drugs dealing from which many people are dyeing…. And he was f**k person that killed Misha she was his daughter but he killed her…because of his enemies … And you are protecting that person you have to tell me where is he… Misha was so pure hearted…. But you are black hearted …in everything you want profit and I know you are connected with all this….. And I think your Dad was also involved in this that blo*dy Robin Williams….
Swara pushed him…. And slapped him harder and losing her temper said How dare you to abuse Robin Williams he had not killed her daughter he loves her very much but it was Misha mistake that she hates him without knowing him.and that time it was necessary to kill Misha….. …
Sanskar was shocked that why she is defending Robin Williams he remembers that how she defending her father…..
Swara realized what she said and turned back..

Sanskar comes to her make her face him…..
Sanskar (stammered) – Robin Williams… Is….. Omkar Malik….
Swara – yes yes….. Anything as…
Sanskar – but then who are you…
Swara – Misha was my elder sister.. And it was necessary to kill her otherwise she became a problem for Dad… And I understand my Dad…
Sanskar – how can you said like this about your sister……
Swara – Dad was right…. And now you get your answer and yaa Dad never do that drugs bussiness it was dad partner Shawner who do that bussiness and when you killed him Dad was very happy ……because of Shawner he have to killed Misha…. And now no drugs bussiness was done you can make sure by your crime parterners…..
Sanskar – but now no Omkar Malik or no Robin Williams….. Right…..
Swara – I want to go…. Now just leave me….
Sanskar – and then why you came to India…. Swara…
Swara – how many times I would say for business….
Sanskar – again you are lieing…. Swara…
Swara – what ever for things I have came to India it’s none of your business and you are not anyone to question me about my visitings to any country….
Sanskar moves back….. He understands that he was involving in her matters but then he realized that she is sister of Misha so he have to make sure nothing happens to her….
Sanskar – listen just come I dropped you….
Swara – no I can manage and yaa I know it’s your favorite work to dropped… But I don’t want….
Sanskar get hurt by her words and said – who are you talking to me like this just stop being judgmental otherwise…

Swara – what otherwise ha…. You don’t dare…
Sanskar – well I think I have to teach you some lessons….
Swara – I am not afraid of anything…. And what you…
Swara was about to complete when Sanskar holds her waist and suck her lips with his lips very hard even that much time that she can’t control it but slowly slowly that kiss become softer and passionate they both don’t realize it…. But Sanskar was Sanskar he sucks her again… And Swara hold his hair very tightly…. After some time they released each other where from Swara lips bleeding was coming… And on Sanskar neck there were scratching and it was bleeding they both were fuming each other… Sanskar goes from there….. In a rage… And Swara comes out and take phone from living area.. And call Mr Dixit to bring car….

Scene shift to gadodia mansion…
Sanskar room…
Sanskar comes in full anger he was fuming… His neck was bleeding but he didn’t react on bleeding he was only thinking about Swara and her words…he started throwing all the things here and there in anger…. Then he takes out his gun and fires on mirror….
Scene shift to Malik’s mansion
Swara came in anger and directly goes to one room…. Dark.. She strictly says to all servants not dare to disturb her…. Then she closes the room.. And switch on the light… There was thousands of photos framed….. And at the center one rounded bed…. She sits and started throwing all pillows and things in room she was looking at photos with anger with pain….. (whose photo is this I will tell you later)….. She goes to bathroom… Start shower and sits down under shower…. She was so much hurt but in her eyes there was only anger….. And said to her self – Sanskar you never change… Not before not now… Because of you I became like this…. Then she gets call from anuradha Malik…

Swara – yaa dadii…
Anuradha Malik – what happens…
Swara -dadii in how much time your flight will land…
Anuradha Malik – in one hour…
Swara – I am coming… With out listening her reply she cuts call…
Swara in her mind – if one second more I have talked to her then she knows all the things…please Dad be with me I don’t know how will do all things…. But I will complete your promise I have promised to you…..
Then she goes to her room locking that room and get ready to go airport…

Scene shift to gadodia mansion
Laksh enter in Sanskar room he was shocked looking whole room all things were broken…. And glasses were on floor…but he don’t find sanskar there….
Laksh to himself -what’s going Sanskar….where are you and your room something is wrong…
Then Laksh call servant to clean Sanskar room but warned them not to tell anyone…. He goes from there and call Arjun… But Arjun was not responding his calls…
Laksh -where are they both… Then he takes car and rush out…

Scene shift to Mumbai beach…
Aadarsh was standing near the car and waiting for someone then Roshani hugs her from behind… Aadarsh turns and get shocked to see her…
Aadarsh – what are you doing here ?????

Roshani – surprised…. Well I have came here to meet some business client in that restaurant but I saw you so I come…. Well what happened to you from last few days you were not meeting me…
Aadarsh – nothing just like as… I was too busy… So sorry…
Roshni – what are you doing here…. All alone…
Aadarsh – nothing just waiting for my manager….
Roshni – oh well what your plans for tommorow….

Aadarsh – something special….
Roshni – so you don’t know… You idiot you are real dumbo tommorow is valentines day and you isn’t asked me for date…. So now I am asking will you be my valentine…
Aadarsh smile hugs her and whisper in her ear ‘”offcource my sweetie ‘”…..Roshni to hugs him back….
Roshni – OK now I have to go for meeting bye….
Aadarsh – bye..
Roshni goes from there… Where one car comes after some time Aadarsh moves towards car…. Ragini was sitting inside the car…. Aadarsh sits beside her… And they go from there…. Where Roshni sees everything….
Roshni to herself – why aadarsh lie to me… Then she goes from there….

Maheshwari mansion..
Ap was busy in her files… When one servant comes…. To tell her that Sanskar have came to meet her…. Ap goes to hall…
Ap – Sanskar surprising you and here….
Sanskar – auntie I have to talk to you something about Mr Omkar Malik .
Ap gets serious – come sit…
Sanskar – auntie I know it’s yours family matter but I want to know something important…
Ap – I am listening….
Sanskar – is mr omkar Malik having one more daughter….
Ap shocked – how you get to know….

Sanskar – just few hours before but why he never tell anyone about his one more daughter….
Ap- she is dead many years… Before..
Sanskar – please tell me that how her death happened….
Ap – well her name was Misha she was elder from Swara but because of lung cancer she dead…
Sanskar shocked – but she have done sucide…. N….
Ap – what!!! What rubbish you are talking Sanskar…. Misha death happened because of lung cancer when she was twelve years old…
Sanskar was shattered he can’t utter a word…
Ap – Misha was very bubbly girl she was elder than Swara two years but after her death Omkar bhai become so hard and harsh that no one knows what he do…. And you know after that he named Swara as Misha…. Then he takes whole family to Australia…
Sanskar (shocking) -auntie when you meet swara after leaving her Australia….
Ap – before five years…I have seen her first time after her child hood.. She never came to meet us…. But only phone calls happen….
Sanskar was hell shocked he don’t know what to react what he was thinking can’t be true…. He don’t know what is truth… What is reality… He just started leaving…
Ap – Sanskar beta one second…
Sanskar turned and stop… Ap comes to him and said – I know beta that what happens in these days were very strange for you all but Sanskar in all this I have seen one thing which I never seen in Swara she started smiling heartly…when ever she talked about you with me… I know she never accept this and you also like her…. But beta remember one thing time runs very fast don’t spoil it in any anger or revenge it’s made for love…. So beta think about my words once…. Then Sanskar leave from there keeping ap words in his mind….

Just then Ap get call of Swara…
Ap – haa beta..
Swara – bua listen dadii is coming so you all have to come for dinner….
Ap – really ma is coming oh god swara you give me superb news .
Swara – OK auntie I am busy I will talk to you later….
Ap – wait…
Swara – what happens…
Ap – Sanskar have came… Here talking about Misha you have told him anything about Misha…
Swara was shocked – bua what you tell…
Ap says everything about thier conversation…
Swara shockingly – yes bua I have told him about Misha…ok bye I will talk to you later take care…
Ap -take care beta…
Call ended…
Scene shift to Swara car…
Swara in mind – how I can be so much stupid that sanskar comes to know half truth… Shit Now that time will come that he get to know whole truth….just stop all this thought Swara Malik if he comes to know the truth then it doesn’t effect you just you don’t care…..
Scene shift of Mumbai airport….

Swara came in her BMW with some other BMW to receive Anuradha Malik (dadii)
Swara – so you came
Dadii – why not today is very important day and I want to spend whole time with you…. After all this day you….
Swara – let’s go dadii…..
Anuradha understand and think not to say anything else….
They both get into the car… Where Swara was busy in phone calls but Anuradha staring at her… She have tears in her eyes and then she looked outside through the window…..
They both reached Malik’s mansion…. Swara directly goes to her dark room without uttering a word where Anuradha goes to the room of Omkar….. And sits on bed….. Having tears in her eyes with pain…..

Anuradha to herself taking a frame and saying my family destroyed I have only my granddaughter which is now not at all old granddaughter she became so hard so harsh so bitter and you made her like this you always wanted her like this look she completely become your daughter Swara Malik…. She became Swara Malik you gave her this identity and now from legal to illegal work of your she is managing because of you Omkar she came to India to kill your murderer….. She is playing one big game that destroys every one and no one knows that she only comes here to complete your incomplete work which you left one year before……

become the fire which destroys every thing and I have don’t power to stop her and She became a shadow of your because you made her like this that she hates her Mom Sudha and praise you at your last moment what you say to her in ICU I don’t know that made her anger but please god do something I beg you only you know what she is doing please give my granddaughter…… Misha back I lose my on granddaughter Misha when she was twelve I thought my bubbly, chirpy Swara will fulfill space of Misha in our house that’s why I change her name Swara to Misha but it was my first mistake that makes her today Swara Malik…….it’s my mistake that first I made her swara to Misha then Misha to Swara Malik….my real small Misha is dead….but my swara is also dead and only Swara Malik is left your shadow is left…. You know omkar where is she now in that room where reality of life exists her whole life is locked in that room where only she don’t apply any masks…..

Then she stands and goes towards cubboard and kept that frame in which picture of Omkar and Swara is there…..

(guys don’t be confused actually Misha was elder daughter of omkar Malik but she died in the age of 12 and after that now I talked about Misha (Swara name which is kept by her grandma before many years…) if you have any confusion then comments please I will clear it… And for appricieating me thanks I don’t have words how to reply you all I know you love me alot but guys if you get any problems then I am also there for you as friends… Your Aryna

Credit to: Aryna


  1. sweety

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  3. ahana

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    d girl whom laksh loved was actually swara…rite??? did she had face surgery after dat???
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    plz explain….i cant understand dis mess???
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    how come after dat misha again became swara malik…??
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  6. ni.....

    sanskar and lakshya both loved misha who is alive and she is swara…..So swara=misha……and then she has changed her name back to swara which was changed by dadi(dadi changed swara’s name to misha)

      • ni.....

        as she changed herself completely her behaviour became strong and harsh from soft……talking about face plastic surgery i guess…due to some incidents in past…may be the same reason she has came to india..i guess…….plz clear our doubts asap..aryna

  7. shabrin

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  8. Niharika

    If swara is misha then there would be a love triangle between swara sanskar and laksh because laksh still love misha and during the truth dare game he said that he will give her place to anyone.

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