It’s not revenge it’s love swasan (a way love to revenge) “I am sorry” Episode 10

Scene of Mumbai Malik’s industrial
Sanskar -finally I am here Malik to see you…. Lift stop floor has come Sanskar come out of lift and move towards the Man…. With a arrogant and devil smile…. And said – Hey Mr I have to meet Malik…
Mr Dixit who was standing near the Man and come closed to sanskar… And said… Excuse me sir well I ask for your appointment…
Sanskar (anger Face) – I don’t need to have any appointments okay my name is only for their…. Well I am Sanskar gadodia the CEO of gadodia company….
Mr Dixit -oh I am sorry sir I did not recognize you well your appointment is there with US….
Sanskar (with shocking face) what???
Mr Dixit -well this way sir the cabin is right there you can go….
Sanskar to himself -what the hell I thought they used to scare with my name and famed but here the Malik is waiting for me not bad sanky……
Sanskar Goes inside the cabin he could look the face because he only can have the back of the chair….
Sanskar – hello Malik!! I think you had scared because of me that why you are waiting for me well I think you got it that I am not going to forgive you but if you rub your nose in my feet then I can think of it…. He was having his smiling face but it got vanished when chair turns he was totally shocked…… In a hesitating way…. Ssswarrra ………..
Swara who sitting on the chair with devil smile and and attitude looking stunning in her business suite…….
Swara – hello…. Mr Sanskar gadodia… Welcome to my office have you liked it well you have to take it from me so you should impress by my office other wise you destroy me and my company….
Sanskar who was in his shock come to his senses….. Who are you??
Swara -well I would love to introduce to myself “”Swara omkar Malik “”the owner of Malik’s industrial… Okay then sit we should have some talk…
Sanskar who don’t know what to he just settle down and said – (in calm voice) why your company have taken that Mehra property when you know that we are going to take it….
Swara (arrogance way sit one of leg is on another leg…) -excuse me Mr gadodia I never used to give explanations to anyone and by bussiness man you should know the one rule only “in any things you get the profit just snatch it “”

Sanskar – well then I got the answer but I don’t have any problems with that useless property you should keep it as your friend first gift…
Swara – well then I also love to give the return gift my friend here is the paper just read it and get lost….
Sanskar take the paper from her hand it should be say another shock from Swara…… -what the f**k …… How you could be possible …in that paper it was written that sanskar grand star hotel is illegal and the government of India has ordered too destroy the as it is made up of Malik’s property….
Swara – I think you like my return gift my friend…. With devil smile…
Sanskar – but how you came to know that hotel is illegal….. Well I am impressed from you but don’t dare to do anything with that hotel it belongs to my brother……
Swara – what a lovely brother….. But Mr gadodia I want my property back… Okay
Sanskar – just tell me the price of your property I am ready to pay it…
Swara – it sounds interesting… But don’t worry it was just traillor for you to not to disturb me and my work now you can leave and yaa congrats your brother for his engagement….
Sanskar – how you know that my brother is getting engaged… And it was not known by media too….
Swara – well I know everything….
Sanskar – I should say this I am sorry Swara for abusing your company and I would love to if you forgive me….
Swara – I have forgive you…. But don’t think that I am become your friend….
Sanskar – don’t worry Swara soon you will become my friend….
Swara – you are looking confident… But we will see…
Sanskar – by the way you are looking hot in this attire…. And bye…
Sanskar goes……. Swara who was sitting ….start thoughting about Sanskar…. With a lovely smile….

Scene shift to Paris…. Arjun meeting is now over and he and aarohi are sitting at restaurant which is full reserved by arjun….
Arjun – so how many times you came here..
Aarohi – 15times ….well I think we should leave for Venice… As I have some meeting in London… So I have to go there shall we….
Arjun – I know Miss aarohi you are interested in my company but the is not over…
Aarohi -what you want Mr arjun… (in shouting way)
Arjun -calm down here is no body to listen your loud voice…
Aarohi – all had been over 2years are passed…
Arjun – listen I want talk to you about your case I am not interested in buullshit past..
Aarohi – it was not bullshit past…. It was your real… Which came on that day…
Arjun – I think you are more interested to talk about that…. Not about your case….
Aarohi – yes I am interested in that I want answer why you cheat me….
Arjun who lost his temper – I have not betrayed you it was you who not trusted on me…. And left me with out listening me a single word…..

Aarohi – but now I have to listen ….just tell me what was the truth….
Arjun – Now I am not interested in clearly our problems….
Aarohi stand from her place….. In extreme anger… Moved towards arjun to Scold him… But she disbalance and fall on arjun and they both fell on floor…
They are so much close… They even forgot their misunderstanding and their bitter past…. Aarohi head was on his chest and her hand are on his shoulder.. She held it tightly in fear of not losing him again …..arjun also moved his around her and hold her tightly… In his arms with same feeling of love and affection… Suddenly Waitor came there..
Sir are you okay…. From this voice they came back to reality and stand with their respective place…
Arjun – I have said n not to disturb then why the you are here with your disgusting face… In anger tone…
Waitor – I am sorry sir but I have came with your foot…
Arjun -just kept it and get out…
Waitor goes…… Arjun and aarohi are trying to behave normal just like nothing happened..
Aarohi dicides to break the silence…

Aarohi – so you will see the procedure of the case and yaa when next hearing will held I will come to court of London… Is that okay….
Arjun – okay then we should leave…
Arjun and aarohi comeback to bungalow of arjun… Of Paris…
They go to their respective rooms… But not in the mood to sleep….
Arjun came near pool side and sit by dipping his both legs in water…. And then aarohi also came their… She also done the same… After some time..
Arjun – I have not cheated you…. You should know what really happened….
Aarohi – you know arjun last 2years I never felt sleep I used to take sleeping pills…
Arjun – I know this I also felt the same pain….
Aarohi – but when I listen the conversation of Ragini and adrash I came to know that something is fishy… So I came to meet you to know the whole truth….

Precap – arjun and aarohi flash back….. Swasan friend ship..
And raglak dhammaka


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  1. Awsome yaar I have no word to describe ur talent

  2. missing raglak ….but ur ff is superb

  3. Nice but now don’t tell me dat swasan frndshp is also fake nd dey r pretending for bussiness sake

  4. Nyc epi aryna…. Ur ff is my fav… Waiting for next epi…

  5. Swasan part was super..

  6. Its just superb dear n plz update d next part soon.I am anxiously waiting 4 ur update

  7. Wow…interesting…

  8. pls upload d next part soon……i am very happy to see swara in dis new attire nd i like ur ff…..

  9. no raglak scenes……..sad!

  10. your ff is amazing but one request plss make sanskar’s role also strong n smart like that of lucky swara arjun dry to say but he looks dumb in front of swara his arrogance his attitude all seems to be waste when I read swara lucky part
    don’t mind it sorry if u felt bad but this is what I think no offense just a suggestion
    otherwise everything is awesum

  11. Intresting….liked that swasan scene…make justifiable of sanskar’s arrogance..i mean if he is so overconfident type…show that in some meeting his performance…n how he impress swara…waiting for flashback..n dhamaka…

  12. swasan part was awesome

  13. swara attitude is just awsm yr and first time apart from swasan I like other couple arjun and aroohi.

  14. Amazing and interesting

  15. i liked swara attitude

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