It’s not revenge it’s love swasan (a way love to revenge) “shocked ” Episode 22

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scene shift of Mumbai
At maheshwari mansion
Dp – Sammie ,aarohi and rags you both have to go to attend party of gadodia
Ragini -but papa why we?? I mean you can go..
Ap -beta actually me and your Dad have to go Singapore for meeting so we can’t!!
Aarohi – so Adarsh bhai can go.
Dp – but Adarsh have not returned from London.
Swara – he have not returned… Okay then bade papa we will go there..
Dp- thanks Sammie beta
Swara – bade papa now you are talking me like stranger
Ap – no beta you are our charm!!
Ragini – what about Ragini maheshwari!!
Aarohi – yeah and what about Aarohi Chopra!!
Dp – you both are stars of our eyes
Then Dp and Ap left the place to go for Singapore….
Swara to her self – what is going on bhai what are you hiding which making me more worried about you!! What is there in London!!
Ragini -Sammie why you say yes to Dad!?you know n they three of them have eagle just to get their prey and today’s party is only kept for us.
Swara – Ragini because of their so called revenge we can’t upset our families and what you think I don’t getting anything, I know party is kept for us!!
Aarohi – then why we are going there…
Swara – I am not afraid of that eagles as they are thinking me like snake but I am lioness and it not easy to prey with me
Ragini – okay devil then let’s go
Aarohi – well then let’s see what now they going to do!!!!!

Scene shift of Mumbai
Gadodia mansion
Sumi – well Laksh you have seen all arrangements for party there will be no mistakes ##
Laksh -don’t worry Mom all things have done and everything is perfect now….
Sumi – I should called Ragini for my help
Laksh with anger – mom it is not needed
Sumi – what happens to you why are you angry on her???
Laksh -nothing Mom she is our guest and for some weeks she is on leave then why we struggle her let her enjoy…
Sumi – yes you are saying right….
Shekhar calling Sumi from room she goes to him
Laksh – my Mom is so habitual of that fake Ragini maheshwari but what will happen when today she is going to face truth
Sanskar room
Sanskar – what happens arjun you are looking upset??
Arjun- nothing Sanskar I am thinking about Mom and Dad today they come to know the truth!
Sanskar – not only them the whole Mumbai is going to see their real faces of them….

Scene shift to London at hospital
After long treatment Roshani get conscious back her eyes open the first person she seems it was Adarsh her face get smile and try to get up but she was weak so she can’t
Adarsh make her half lie on and make her sit by giving the support of bed as it was electronic bed….
Adarsh – I love you Roshni I can’t tell you how I was waiting for you from last five years…
Roshni listen last five years she didn’t believe that she was in coma from last five years she takes the hand of Adarsh..
Roshni – Adarsh where are we??
Adarsh – Roshni we are in London for your treatment!
Roshni – and my family and my brothers where are they…
Adarsh – they don’t know that you are alive..
Roshni – what you mean that from last five years they think I am dead but why adarsh why don’t you tell them…
Adarsh – because they were broken by your news of dead if I gave them hope that you are alive but in coma then what life they should live but if they get news that you are dead then they move on in thier lives..
Roshni -Adarsh you are saying right but now I have to meet my whole please baby let’s go..
Adarsh -“oh baby ” then we should go today only but first you have your medicine…
Roshni – yes sir
And they both started laughing

Scene shift of Mumbai
Gadodia mansion party time
Arjun and sanskar was talking with some friends where Laksh was talking with manager to look every thing should be perfect then they three feels some strange feeling they three of them turned to entrance just then girls are arrived…. Aarohi ,Ragini and Swara arrived they were looking stunning where Swara was wearing black jeans and Net Top of red colour which long from back and its was touching to knees but from front it was too short she made her hair open a huge hair style she was looking hot…. and Ragini was wearying gown of white colour she made a bun of her hair and aarohi was wearing top and skirt which bears to her knees but cutted by side which was looking s*xy…..
Arjun, sanskar and Laksh come infront of them….
Sanskar – not bad you three have good dressing sense but our waitress do not wear this type of dresses..
Swara – yaa surely your waitresses do not wear this type of dresses because they are waitress not Swara Malik….
Arjun – so much ego you have Swara..
Swara – why I thought my so called best friend know this much about me!!
Sanskar – don’t worry Miss arrogant Swara Malik today you will learn manners
Aarohi – why Mr Sanskar gadodia you have started school of manners but I thought first admission you should get first!!
Laksh – don’t worry about our addmission but if you need then we will pay your fees as because under gadodia school the money would be high
Ragini – okay that’s why you are charging so much from your patients but if you needed money then you should tell us there is no need of opening school as maheshwari have enough money that it can feed their enemies too…
Swara – well we can talk rubbish many times so we should proceed to your party
Sanskar – yaa surely…
Shekhar and Sumi comes near Swara
Shekhar – so you are Swara Malik owner of Malik’s industrial
Swara – uncle you are embarrassing me after all you are Shekhar gadodia India leading bussiness man
Shekhar – well I am glad that I meet with you other wise I thought what much rubbish about you…
Swara – because of mehra property for that I am not sorry uncle as you know the rules of bussiness…
Shekhar – yaa surely that you see something profitable just snatch it..
Swara – how you get that
Shekhar – as your father says to me once that time I have snatched one property from him..
Swara -. It was all past uncle and now we should be friends..
Shekhar -sure my new friend..
Swara – so uncle my friend called me Sammie not Swara
Shekhar – okk swara.. Oops Sammie

Sumi -Ragini how is your holiday going on…
Ragini – just good but soon I will join Sumi mam..
Sumi – oh dear don’t worry about work you enjoy your holiday…
Ragini – thank you mam…
Aarohi -Sumi auntie you forgot me after seeing your mahan employ
Sumi -no baby come you don’t hug me….
Aarohi, Sumi and Ragini have hugged
Sanskar -wow what acting they did see them how much they are buttering our parents..
Laksh – I think we should start there coune down this is there last day of there smile
Arjun – yaa surely..
Sanskar start….
Sanskar with Myke
Sanskar -ladies and gentlemen today’s party is for celebrating 30years of gadodia industrial and company I am glad that I am the part of this company and work for now I am not going to bore by my speech but I want to show you something which you will like…. Laksh please start
Projector started first it was showing company moments, employees hard working then video of gadodia family started where Roshni chasing Laksh and arjun was holding video camera and sanskar was blocking way of Laksh to stop…. And many more videos was shown …
Sanskar -guys she is our sister I mean proud her name is Roshani gadodia before five years she went to Spain for her dream but somepeople snatch her from us….
Shekhar and Sumi was looking each other as they both don’t know what was going on…..
Sanskar -I want to show them how they snatched her from us….
A video started in which Swara is holding gun and Ragini, aarohi was standing there and target gun was Roshani…… Just then video finished everyone was looking at Swara, Ragini and Aarohi as there was so many reporters and some police and many bussiness man all were staring at them….
Sanskar – well guys I want to sing song for them who made our dii to go far from us…
Ragini -Swara they had done your reputation my career every thing is finished…
Aarohi – yes the name of maheshwari and Malik’s industrial was gone and now we are going to have jail….
Swara -just keep quiet what they want to do just do them….

Sanskar came near Swara and said -don’t worry this is not it now I am going many more pain which you also not forgot….. He takes swara hand take her to the center of stage by force…. And a song started Wajah Tum Ho
He hold swara waist very tightly so that she feels pain and started singing
Kaise kahun ishq mein tere
Kitna hoon betaab main
Aankhon se ankhein mila ke
Chura loon tere khwab main..(2x)

Mere saaye hai saath mein
Yaara jis jagah tum ho

He then throw her by the side she get fell to the floor and then continue the song…

Main jo jee raha hoon
Wajah tum ho
Wajah tum ho

Main jo jee raha hoon
Wajah tum ho
Wajah tum ho

Arjun hold aarohi by her wrist then started moving her front and back by so much of tight grip that she can’t stop her tears from her eyes she was shattered by the side of arjun but she didn’t utter a word and arjun hold her cheek and started singing…

Hai yeh nasha ya hai zeher
Is pyaar ko hum kya naam de

Hai yeh nasha ya hai zeher
Is pyaar ko hum kya naam de

Kab se adhuri hai ik dastaan
Aaja usse aaj anjam de
Tumhe bhuloon kaise mein
Meri pehli khata tum ho

And then arjun pushed aarohi back that she get hitted by wall

Main jo jee raha hoon
Wajah tum ho
Wajah tum ho

Main jo jee raha hoon
Wajah tum ho
Wajah tum ho

Just then Laksh hold Ragini shoulder very tightly and Ragini was feeling so much pain that she can’t bear it but just then Laksh throw a wine on her face and pushed her towards bar and continue the song…..

Kya jaane tu mere iraade
Le jaunga saanse chura ke

Kya jaane tu mere iraade
Le jaunga saanse chura ke

Sanskar hold swara and pushed her towards table she get hit by table and her cut by glass then he throws a glass of wine on her face to make her feel insulted and continue the song…..

Dil ke raha hai gunehgaar banja
Bada chain hai inn gunahon se aage
Main ghumshuda si raat hun
Meri khushnuma subah tum ho

Main jo jee raha hoon
Wajah tum ho
Wajah tum ho

Wajah tum ho..(4x)
Just then Sanskar slaps Swara in front everyone so now he can listen her scream or see her but she was like that she don’t care what he can do with her…
Sumi comes there and stopped his sons….
Sumi -it’s enough now I know what they have done they sure get more punished but beta you should not forget that they are girls so please for your mom sake now don’t hurt them…
Sanskar -okay mom but now I have to talk with that blo*dy Swara Malik
Swara holds her hand near her chest with arrogant even she was hurted every where but her eyes don’t have one drop of tears – yaa surely Mr Sanskar gadodia just say it I am listening..
Sanskar – what are you Swara Malik?? You killed my sister and now you didn’t have one drop of tears in your eyes…. But leave it you are shameless then what any body can do but now your company Malik’s industrial is mine yours whole project is mine of India and that bungalow in which you are living is also mine and if you have any confusion you can talk to arjun…
Arjun – here is the paper so just take and get lost from our property…
Shekhar -sanskar we don’t want any things from her and even I don’t want to see her face just throw her out and her property too…
Laksh -but dad she needed this treatment after Swara Malik is used to be arrogant on her money and power now she don’t have any things…
Ragini (with full of tears because of pain) -just shut up!!! Shouted
Aarohi -Swara let’s go now….
Swara was standing at center of stage facing every one…..
Swara – I think now Sanskar gadodia your revenge is over or you want any thing as let me think what you want oh get it I should called my manager to bring all properties paper which arjun failed to get it just wait a second I call him….
Every body was looking at her with shocked……

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