It’s not revenge it’s love swasan (a way love to revenge) shattered Episode 33

At the same night….
Scene shift to outside of gadodia mansion…
Aarohi and Ragini were sitting on car….
Ragini – you are really crazy aarohi!!!
Aarohi -what problem doing this….
Ragini -then you should take aadarsh bhai if you told him then he should come why me!!!
Aarohi -bhai and here…. Ha ha ha!!!!!are you joking rags oh god my stomach rags please yar….
Ragini – why are you laughing….
Aarohi – first thing Ragini bhai can never do this type of daring things second he also stopped us doing this….you got it!!!
Ragini – okay I get it that bhai is bored but aarohi if caught then!!!
Aarohi – then what you and I get slapped by uncle and auntie….
Ragini – hey be positive yar well I think I should say this to me not you….
Aarohi -that’s right!!! Now common listen plan once again we have to go to second floor of the mansion as there is Arjun’s room but by hiding….
Ragini – I know but I don’t know why I am doing this….
Aarohi – because you are my best sis…. Right and yaa you will be by uniting love birds….
Ragini – if your buttering is over then we have to go inside…. Like a thief…. God bless us….
Aarohi and Ragini started going inside first they spray one perfume from which person gets unconscious on guards then finally they reached to the lawn and finds back gate of mansion they go inside and started moving slowly suddenly they hide behind stairs as Roshani was there but they were shocked to see another person with her….
Ragini (in low tone) -so you were saying something…
Aarohi (in low ton) – I don’t know Ragini that when aadarsh bhai gets guds to come to meet Roshni Di in midnight….
Ragini – well he have guts….
Aarohi -let’s go otherwise they will catch us…
Ragini – are you mad we have got golden chance to blackmail bhai and you were saying let’s go….
Aarohi -what do you mean???
Ragini – wait!!………. Then she take out hee mobile and started video recording of them….
Aarohi – well we have fun….
Ragini – yaa surely….
After some time when aadarsh and Roshni bye each other and Roshni goes to her room then Ragini and aarohi started going to upstairs to reach Arjun’s room….
Aarohi – finally our destination comes…..
Ragini – yaar aarohi its take so much danger now I got to know how boys used to do this…..
Aarohi – ya Now let’s go inside….
They slowly open door and go near bed where they see arjun was sleeping hiding his face with blancket ….
Ragini – Now go shock him… Oops I mean surprised him
Aarohi stare her with anger than smile and takes out his hand from blanket….. Ragini was beside her…
Aarohi – hey arjun…. Surprised I am here I mean not only me Ragini is also here but it was my plan superb n…. Hey why are you not saying anything…
Then he hold her hand tightly but his face was inside blanket….
Aarohi – oh so you don’t want to show your surprise face well that’s okay…. Then she turned to say something to Ragini… But Ragini understand that she wants privacy so she moved to balcony… Then she continues with him and said – so Arjun my babu Now we are alone but still you are hiding your face please now show your hot look please….
From inside blanket he said -‘”I am OK ‘”
Aarohi – well cool then Arjun I am so happy my janu I love you finally we are together and now I want that you always witg me forever I know we have proposed to each other for marriage but now I again want to say that ‘”Will you marry with me ‘” I don’t why I am asking you this again but I thought that if you are not ready with marriage then please don’t be pressurize yourself because of me for commitment of marriage…. So please tell me once again…. She was saying this continously but she was not getting any response…. And then by frustration she started pulling his blanket but she can’t move so she called Ragini from balcony to help her…
Ragini – what happened???
Aarohi – I am getting irritated because of him he is not removing the blanket I want my answer please help me Ragini!!!
Ragini – I have idea but it hurt you little but work…..
Aarohi – I am ready now tell me….
Ragini – here is baseball bat now only choice we beat him so that he can come out…
Aarohi first reacted but then agreed…. They both were about to hit him suddenly he came out of blanket and said ‘”‘”no ‘”‘
Aarohi and Ragini were shocked -‘” Laksh'”….then they heard someone laughing loudly from behind it was Arjun he was laughing uncontrollably….
Laksh – bhai arjun because I get beaten by bat….
Arjun (laughing) – Ha ha…. Laksh I am sorry… Ha ha.. I don’t know they will beat you… Ha ha ha but you saved right so chill…. Ha ha ha…
Aarohi and Ragini was shocked but then Ragini and Laksh also started laughing on situation but aarohi get angry…
Ragini -ha ha… But Laksh what are doing in Arjun’s room….
Laksh -actually Ragini Arjun said me to sleep here today but I don’t know that gulaabo will asked me for marriage today well gulaabo aarohi I will marry but arjun kill me so sorry it’s no…..
Aarohi gives finished look to Arjun and said – just shut up you donkey Laksh I am not interested to many you….
Arjun understand that he is gone so he sighed Laksh and Ragini to go out for some time they both understand and go out of room silently but smiling on Arjun condition….
Now in the room Arjun and Aarohi were only left….
Aarohi – so now you are happy….
Arjun – hey babes you know it was just a joke so don’t be angry…

Aarohi – it was just joke for you not me you know what I fool that comes here to surprise you but you like always again plan something….
Arjun – Aarohi please I am sorry but don’t be upset because of me….
Aarohi – wait I am not upset I am angry!!!
Arjun (laughing) – its your angry face oh god my aarohi you don’t know how to be angry oh god now my stomach is paining because of your doing….
Aarohi – you again now I am going and don’t dare to stop me OK…. (but she thought that he will now plead her to stop)
Arjun – OK but go carefully….
Aarohi was shocked – how mean you are now I am really going…
Arjun – so earlier you were not going really… But why..
Aarohi – woh… I mean… I think that you…. Just forgot it and now I am going
Aarohi started going to wards door but stopped by arjun…. He hold her waist from back and pulled her closer towards him and whispered in her ear -‘”who says you to leave!! It is my room and no one is allowed to go out of my room with out permmision you get it!!! ‘”‘
Aarohi who was feeling good because of his closeness but nervous….
Arjun who feel her nervousness then turns her comes closer to her and said – so someone is nervous but I don’t care….
Aarohi started shivering as he tightens his grip on her waist and now their forehead was touching….
Arjun – hey now please don’t nervous my princess you know n I love to see you when you nervous and it makes me crazy so please otherwise I will kiss you….
His words were just completed but at second moment his lips were closed because of her lips he was surprised but happy then he goes to with her they kissed passionately….
After some time they released each other…
Arjun – what was it!!!
Aarohi – you talk so much so it was your punishment….
Arjun – then I just love to be talkative….
Aarohi blushes then they look at each other…. It was small eyelock…
Aarohi -so…
Arjun -so….
Aarohi – I think we should talk with our family…
Arjun – Hey aarohi I wanted to talk to you something important…
Aarohi -what??
Arjun -after some days I am going back to Venice…
Aarohi get sad – but I thought you will stay here forever…
Arjun – I thought but my work my life all things are in Venice you have to understand me….
Aarohi – you can directly say that Swara need you….
Arjun -no it wasn’t only reason…
Aarohi – Arjun I can read your eyes please don’t lie…
Arjun – yaa….
Aarohi – Arjun you have understands me also means how much time you stand with Swara ha…
Arjun – till my last breath…. She is best friend Aarohi…
Aarohi – but Arjun what about our love our dreams our marriage…
Arjun -wait Aarohi it’s not our dreams it’s only your dreams… I never said anything like this you propose me for marriage and for your happiness I said yes otherwise I am not ready for any commitment and it’s true I love you alot but you can’t compare my love with my friendship understands that!!
Aarohi – then Arjun I got my answer then if you want my presence in your life then you have give priority to our love nothing else…
Arjun – you can’t do this OK then now you listen to me when you understand the value of friendship and connection of Swara with me then only you are welcome in my life otherwise…
Aarohi – otherwise what Arjun!!
Arjun – its over this relationship is over and get it very clearly….
Aarohi – so then I must be leave from here because this place is not for me….
Arjun -well you should…..
Aarohi started going to wards door and arjun turned both eyes were have tears …..
Back ground song plays…..
Mere Humsafar Lyrics

Aarohi goes straight to out of the mansion forgetting about Ragini in her ears only Arjun’s words were echoing she takes her car and started to go from there….. Where as arjun sits on his couch and think about aarohi word’s….. Which was painful for him…
Aye mere humsafar ek zara intezaar
Sun sadaayein de rahi hain manzil pyar ki (x2)

Aarohi suddenly gets message….she read it… It was of arjun….. Where written don’t say about this to anyone she broke into pieces because of his message and tears were falling uncontrollably….

Jisko duaaon mein maanga
Tu hai wahi rehnuma
Tere bina mushqil hai
Ek bhi kadam chalna (x2)

Bin tere kahaan hai manzil pyar ki
Aye mere humsafar ik zara intezaar
Sunn sadaayein de rahi hai manzil pyaar ki

Arjun to himself -I thought you understand me you understand Swara and understand our relationship but I was wrong first time I was wrong about you it was not your mistake it was mine who trusted you blindly…..

Naa hum bewafaa hain
Naa pyar hai kam darmiyaan
Par apni taqdeerein
Hain bilkul hi judaa (x2)

Phir kaise milegi manzil pyar ki
Aye mere humsafar ik zara intezaar
Sunn sadaayein de rahi hai manzil pyar ki……
Aarohi to herself – I can’t bear this pain and now only the reason of this pain is you my sister Swara and I want my answer I have to talk to her right now….. Then she turns her car to reach for Malik’s mansion….
Scene shift to gadodia mansion Arjun’s room
Arjun to himself – wait this time is in pain and she confront Swara for all this noway she can’t do this I have to go to Swara…….
And he rushed out take his car and go for Malik’s mansion….

Scene shift of gadodia mansion…
Laksh and Ragini are sitting in Laksh room but silent…..
Laksh in his mind – oh why I am feeling unwell well I know before sometime she was my partner but now she don’t have any relationship with her but she is my friend…. Is she?? I think no!! I never asked her for friendship but I can ask right now…. Have guts Laksh you are not asking for date only friendship…. But…..!!

Ragini in mind – oh god what I talked to him always when I meet with him we have talked about plans nothing else and now what the crab…. But now no plans nothing just nothing to talk…. Hey wait he is my friend so we can talk general…. But he considers me as friend I think no…. But I…. I can… I can ask…. I can ask him right Rags…. But why are you scaring he is just Laksh right…. Ok have some guts and ask…

Raglak both at same time -‘”so friends ‘”
Both again get silent….
Laksh – Ragini would like to my friend…
Ragini – at one condition…
Laksh -what??
Ragini – you will call me Rags….
Laksh – oh but I thought Ragoo is best…
Ragini -what!!! Noway…
Laksh – but I called you Ragoo…. Ha ha ha…
Ragini -then then …I will call you…… Ha I get it… Lanku…. How was that….
Laksh -Ragoo wait there I will tell you what is lunku…
Ragini – Now see you are agreeing with me lunku….
Laksh started chasing Ragini they both run to the whole room just then Ragini falls on bed and Laksh too fall on her…. They were so close… Laksh started coming more closer to the Ragini and Ragini closes her eyes…. But then Laksh understand what he was going to do and stop him self and tries to stand but again fall on her….
Laksh -sorry Ragini wait…
Ragini who was just staring him and not listening his any words….
Laksh stands then he gave his to Ragini to stood but she was all in his thoughts…
Laksh – Ragini Ragini…. Then he holds her and make her stand…. Then he again calls her…but she was all in his dreams….
Laksh to himself -what happens to Ragini… Well looking like she is not well I think I should drop her to her house…
Laksh holds Ragini hand and started taking her out… But she was only staring him and to herself ‘”please hold my hand forever Laksh ‘”they both come outside the mansion and now Ragini comes out of her dreams because of Laksh screaming….
Ragini -what happens Laksh….
Laksh -Ragini car…. Woh car of arjun bhai…. It is not here….
Ragini – so what I think they have gone to long drive….
Laksh – but Ragini…. In that car…..
Ragini – Laksh just tell me…
Laksh – in that car breaks are failed….
Ragini – what!!!!!!
Laksh -and Arjun dont know this…..
Ragini – we have to call him or Aarohi….
Laksh – no otherwise he will get panicked and can’t handle it I know him and I think aarohi also with her…
Ragini see around there was no car of aarohi…
Ragini – hey Aarohi has taken her car…
Laksh – then we have to call her and to know where is arjun…
Ragini called Aarohi but she have switched off her mobile because of arjun message…..
Ragini – aarohi switched off her phone…. Oh god what we do now…..
Laksh -we have to call sanskar….
Ragini – hey I am going to trace call of arjun…
Laksh -okay then we have to do fast….

Scene shift to Malik’s mansion
At the study room..
Swara and sanskar were sleeping on couch holding each other…. Just then Sanskar phone rings… And they wake up and looking at each other and realising thier position…. Swara stands from thier and started going from there but stopped by Sanskar conversation….
On phone
Sanskar – what arjun but….
Laksh -sanskar he don’t know…
Sanskar -don’t worry I am coming…
Called ended…
Sanskar takes his car keys and runs Swara tried to asked him but he rushed from there as soon as possible…. But he left his mobile….
Swara takes his mobile and call again to Laksh…
Where Laksh unknowingly tells Swara everything and cuts the call… Then she gets idea… And call Arjun…

Scene shift to arjun car…
Arjun – Hey sammie…
Swara (in calm voice) -where are you…
Arjun -well on way to reach you I mean to your mansion… Why anything serious (he thought about Aarohi)
Swara – nothing but tell me exactly where are you…
Arjun tell her exact his location…
Call ended…
Scene shift to Aarohi car which was bit before to arjun car but she can’t see him….
Aarohi to herself – today Swara you will tell Arjun to stay away from me… But why I am feeling restless oh god…. Then she sees Arjun’s car… And speeds up of her car to reach beside his car…. Arjun looks at her from mirror and he also speed up to reach Swara as soon as possible….. They were driving very fast….
Scene shift to sanskar car
Sanskar to himself – Arjun where are you man I have to call Laksh that he have get the exact location of arjun or not but wait where’s my mobile oh shit I forgot it….. Thank god I have another mobile in my car just called Laksh….
On phone….
Sanskar – Laksh you get his location….
Laksh – sanskar he is near the highway of Malik’s mansion….
Sanskar -what then I am near him I will reach him in ten minutes but where are you…
Laksh -on the way…. And our guards are also with.. Me….
Sanskar -that’s great!!
Call ended….

Scene shift to Laksh car…
Ragini – oh please nothing happened to Arjun…
Laksh – relax Ragini nothing will happen to bhai arjun….
Ragini -but where is Aarohi…
Laksh -if she with him then she can save him but why the hell she switched off her mobile….
Ragini – I really don’t know what is going on between them but just Arjun get safe…. Hey we should called Swara for help…
Laksh – but she agreed with us I don’t think so…
Ragini – Arjun is his best friend… She will… Let me call her…
On phone
Ragini – Swara its emergency…
Swara – I will call you later…
Ragini – its about arjun..
Swara cuts the call….
Laksh -what she said..
Ragini – nothing just even don’t listen me….
Laksh – well I think we have got your sister answer…. One have switched off the mobile and another one have cuts the call…. Wow what the f**k………!!!!!!!!
Ragini – just relax we have reached….. Hey I can Arjun’s car and Aarohi cars too….
Laksh – just a second we will be there in some seconds….
Laksh drives very fastly where sanskar’s car was in front of Arjun’s car and aarohi car waa about beside him…. Arjun who sees all his around and don’t understand what is happening…. Where sanskar car attached Arjun’s car from other side… Arjun and aarohi don’t understand but Sanskar sign Aarohi to do this same then aarohi also do the same….. Then Laksh car comes from behind attached his car with Arjun’s car from behind and from front guards come and attached then very hardly Arjun comes out of his car to aarohi car then they freed thier car and moves thier cars and stopped everyone was out of the cars… Looking at each other…
Sanskar – are you okay Arjun!!
Arjun – ya but how my car breaks failed…
Laksh – actually I know that in morning I was trying to stop your car but I can’t luckily I saved but it was my mistake that I forgot to tell you sorry guys..
Arjun – its okay….
Aarohi hugs Arjun tightly Arjun hugs her back then they move back realizing that thier relationship is over….
Ragini – well Arjun I am glad you save but Swara…
Arjun -what Swara… Ragini..
Ragini – I shouldn’t say this but when I call her for help for you she even didn’t listen me…. I don’t know what happened to her….
Aarohi fumes with anger and frustration that because of Swara arjun have finished thier relationship and she even didn’t come to help him….
Arjun(in sad tone) – she would have some work….
Sanskar-(in mind) it was my mistake I didn’t tell her as I was with her …..
Laksh -well I don’t care but I am happy that my brother is safe… (but he was hurted as Swara was not like this)
Aarohi -well Swara having some important work then Arjun life… (she was too hurted as she didn’t aspects her sister such heartless)
Arjun don’t want to listen any word against swara but he was in pain….
Swara came in her bike every one looks at her with hurted, anger and irritated face…..
Swara -don’t make that creepy face its disgusting….
Sanskar – Swara you go we all should talk about this later…
Swara -wait Sanskar I am not here to talk I have some work….
Then she goes to one guard of them takes his collar….
Swara – so I think you should get some long drive…
Guard (raghu)-mam please forgive me I know I was wrong… Mam please…
Swara -I think time is running Mr Raghunath Rathore…. And then she turns to sanskar and asked her -from how long he came here to work…
Laksh – he comes one month before…
Arjun -what happens Swara??
Ragini -why are you asking!!
Aarohi – nothing guys just another drama….
Swara-well it’s drama you will get to know soon Aarohi…so he joined exactly when I came to India not bad…well I would like to introduce him he is Mr Raghunath singh manager of Thakur builder and industry…
Sanskar and Arjun was shocked where Laksh, Aarohi and Ragini are confused…..
Swara – so what I was saying Mr Raghunath singh ya you have to go for drive get in the car others wise…. She smirks…
Raghunath understand gets in the car and started driving……he was far away now…
Swara – please place your hand on ears….
No one understands but suddenly they listen blast and shocked to see it was from car and that Raghunath was dead in that blast…
Every one was blank that what they saw….
Swara – guys I think tonight I mean its 2:30am you can stay at my mansion….
Arjun (who was a shocked because it was not new for him) – yaa lets go….
Sanskar (who was thinking that Swara is like him in every attitude of enemity…) -ofcoasre..
Sanskar takes swara so that no body notices this….
Swara – what…
Sanskar – you are OK!!
Swara (stammered voice) -ya absolutely why are you asking me??!!
Sanskar – Now I am knowing you slowly and now your face is showing that how scared you were when you got to know in that car bomb is planted… That’s why you hurt yourself look at your foot its bleeding…
Swara was shattered but now she don’t walk away from him she realized that he started knowing her but then she thinks…. She don’t care…
Swara – thanks for concern Sanskar and yaa I will bandage my foot so don’t worry….
Sanskar – sounds better.. Lets go…
Swara was still thinking but then she ignored all its thoughts…
They all reach at Malik’s mansion….

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