It’s not revenge it’s love swasan (a way love to revenge) ‘”raped her ”’ Episode 32

Scene shift of Mumbai at Malik’s mansion
Study room ……
Swara – because I wanted to kill him…
Sanskar and Arjun -what!!!
Swara – yes if he have not killed Dad so my decision will not change I want to kill him…
Sanskar – are you gonna mad!! Why you wanted to kill one person I agree because of him your Dad and Mom are not with us but if they are alive then what…
Swara – so what I have to kill him at any cost….
Arjun – Sammie first tell me why you wanted to kill him…
Swara – because he have killed my friend Sonal she was my life she was only nine years and he bastard killed him and…. (her eyes were wet she can’t speak any word after that she was so helpless that her voice were breaking)

Swara falls into knees she was crying that she can’t say something…
Sanskar makes her stand and make her to sit to couch….
Arjun – and what Swara??
Swara – that blo*dy f**k person that Avinash Thakur… Ra…pppp….eeee….dddd her… He raped that small girl only because he can’t reach to me so that bastard…. Arjun and sanskar I only wanted to kill him whether it cost my death I don’t care….
Sanskar – please tell us from starting….
Arjun gives her water…. Sanskar first time see that Swara who needs someone who can give her shoulder to cry to take her all pain…. But this time he only wanted to give that shoulder…..
Arjun – tell us Swara….

Swara – past:- six years before I have one fight with Dad and IN anger I came to India to Delhi but I don’t have any certificate or credit only some cash so I started doing bike racing and do street concert so to make some money and live here and I joined one orphanage saying that I am orphan and started living there it was simple life and I thought how can anybody live this but my thoughts was changed by that small girl Sonal I first met with her in garden I got ordered to do gardening but I don’t know and I don’t wanted to touch that soil but I saw Sonal who was happily doing that I started copying her but she sees me and comes to me and helped me in many things she used to tell me and days started passing one week was completed she was like my part whenever I make a mistake she covers it….

It was she who teaches me how to help persons… Humanity and how to always talked with your elders she was too small but she was like my elder sister…. And one day some goons come to orphanage to take that place they warned to orphanage owner to remove this orphanage from here…. Sonal goes to them and started throwing stones on them I runs to stop her but she was not at all stopped… But one goon comes in front of us and pushed me and slapped Sonal hardly….. And goes from there they give us only three days time… I immediately take Sonal inside as she was unconscious…. After some hours she opens her eyes then I started scolding her but she was silently listening me then I stopped looking her tears I come closer to her and asked ‘”Sonal why you do this if they do anything to you then “‘ then she said only something which was like that she was so mature in front of me she said ‘”Swara di I know nothing will happen to me because you are here for me so if anybody is here for this orphan then this Sonal can fight with whole world ‘” she trust me and I was happy but afraid too then I said her that we move from here and we go somewhere else…. But her answer was shocked….

She said ‘”Di I am not coward and you know my father was military officer then how can backoff from my problem di just think if we always runs from our problems then when we live our life ‘” she was really daughter of military man and from her every words I was feeling like I am coward that I runs from my Dad…. Then I saw Sonal who going somewhere I follow her… We comes to office of orphanage caretaker…. Sonal sign me to say something I asked ‘”Mam what we do now I mean that goons why they want this property…. ‘” then she replied that builder Avinash Thakur wants to make shopping mall here but because of this orphanage he can’t do anything so that’s why goons are coming here… Then I tell them I go and talk to Mr Avinash Thakur but Sonal also wanted to comes so I take her with me…. We came to Avinash Thakur office and went to his… Cabin…I said him ‘”‘Sir please don’t remove that orphanage please it is only livelihood for the orphan childrens.'”….but his eyes were with lust he was seeing me from head to toe first I don’t figure but when he said ‘

“okay I will not remove but for that you have to stay with me for one night ‘” my anger was touching the sky I went give him tight slapped he was looking me with his anger… I take Sonal from there after coming from there Sonal asked what he wanted to say I said nothing just take her back to orphanage and started calling Dad for help but the network was not working so I go out and from behind Sonal also come we two were in park I was continuously trying dad’s no. And everybody was busy or thier phones werw off just then one van stopped there and from there some goons come out they drag me and Sonal to the we were screaming but no one comes to helped us they take us to the go down…. It was dark…. We were tied on chair sonal fell unconscious our mouths were covered with clothes…. One person comes in front of me… It was Avinash Thakur he comes close to me and remove my mouth clothes…. I was pleading him but he was only smiling ‘”please Avinash Thakur leave us please please ‘”but on reply he only said ‘” okay but only one can go either you or this girl ‘”I immediately said ‘”

‘please leave Sonal please what you can do with me but please leave her she is small child please ‘””and he said ‘” you know Swara if you said me to leave you then I can leave her but now Noway ….you know I never touch such young virgin so I think today is the day…… ‘”i was like how can he say such a cheap thing I screamed ‘”‘you bastard don’t dare to touch her otherwise I will kill you…. ‘” but he slapped me then start taking Sonal inside I was screaming pleading saying take my virginity but don’t do this to her she is small after some time I listen Sonal ‘s screaming it was painful she was saying ‘”swara di please save me Swara di'”‘”I was helpless then after some time he comes outside with a lust… I abusing him…. But he don’t have any fear…. Then he says ‘”oh Swara I am sorry she was so fresh that she can’t bear anything and die…. ‘”I was shattered I can’t say anything he was man how can anybody do this with small girl she was kid she don’t know the meaning and he raped her how how but then he started unfolding my hand I only wanted to kill him when my hand untied i take his collar but he puts gun on stomach and shot me….. And said ‘” and now you don’t dare to slapped any one….

‘” then he throws my and sonal body in garbage area our bodies were there for five hours but it was destiny that some man who works there take us and shift to hospital I was alive but Sonal was dead I did her funeral when i come to orphanage it was empty and board of Thakur builder were hang….. Then I go to find but I listened that he goes from there I only have one purpose to kill him then i find that goons and shoot them after then I recalled one word of Avinash Thakur it was power and money so I come back to Dad I don’t tell this to anyone but just finding Avinash Thakur after two I got to know that he was in New York so I go there I put bomb in his car after some time I got news that in bomb blasts he died I thought that he died but it was planned….. And I don’t know after that I met with you all and busy with your lives only Sonal because she only says that always helps everyone without any selfish matter so I started involving in your lifes but one year I got to know that he was alive I saw him in one of party in Venice I also was there he also sees me I went behind him but he escaped Dad and Mom was also there so I give my car keys to and said him that I will come later as his car was gone to service…..

And then I continously finding him but he have some other plans he wanted to kill so he made that accident but was out of mind when he sees my Dad and Mom in place of me…. And two days before I get that video in which the whole seen make clear….

Sanskar and Arjun was shocked to listen the truth this reality makes their eyes wetted completely they can’t believe that all this Swara alone was feeling horrible…..
Sanskar – you will kill him…. And now that bastard will have to scared from you from your name Swara Malik and you have to make him that he begged for his life that how he makes you….
Arjun – and you will make him that dog can’t take extra breathe if you are alive Swara Malik and now you kill him and give him that death which can’t be seen and can’t be listen…

Swara stand and said – I will kill him because this Swara only living for Sonal and Dad, Mom that’s it …..
Sanskar Swara what he said at call… ..
Swara – he says that I never catch him and if I want my life so better to forget about him…. But he don’t know I am not old Swara who fear from death….
Arjun. – you trace the call…
Swara – it was calfornia but when I go there he left from there…
Sanskar – Now we have to go back to calfornia….
Swara – but he was not there…
Sanskar – Who says I get his trick he wanted you to come calfornia so that you find him everywhere but not in California…

Arjun – so you are saying we go to California…
Sanskar – not now because this he will be not we have to wait till then make another move to trapped….
Swara – OK but no one will come to know about my past… It’s request…
Arjun – Don’t worry sammie we are not going to say anybody…
Sanskar – you should take rest…
Swara – thanks…
Arjun and Sanskar – yes Lioness!!!!
Swara smiled and goes from there…
Arjun – sanskar I think you should stay here…
Sanskar – what are you saying…
Arjun – I know her she wants someone I will be but now I am not only best friend of Swara also boyfriend of Aarohi so you can understand…
Sanskar – I agree with you but she doesn’t like this…
Arjun – she will…
Sanskar – OK…

Arjun goes from there…. Sanskar moves towards swara room..
Swara was standing near the window staring at moon…
Sanskar comes inside and stand behind her….
Swara – you don’t have go with arjun… Sanskar
Sanskar – I thought you will call me Arjun…
Swara turns and said – sanskar I know the presence of arjun..

Sanskar -and my presence…
Swara sees him their eyes were tackling it was first time that there was only love no betrayal no revenge nothing it was true feeling that they both eyes were reflecting to each other they were continuously staring at each other they can’t make thier eyes move from each other but just then Sanskar started coming close to Swara even Swara also don’t want to stop why she don’t know…. First time she can’t control her emotions and sanskar slowly slowly coming to Swara he her face started coming close to her lips but it was destiny that can change anything in a moment storms we’re started and windows noise disturb them make them to come back to reality…
Swara – you can sleep in guest room…
Sanskar – ya thanks and if you want to say anything you can….
Swara – yes sure..
Sanskar goes from there and Swara sit on her bed both were confused…
Just then Swara takes out Sonal photo and started touching that Swara was not crying because from last few years change her completely now in her eyes anger and heat can be seen but not love but today in her eyes there was pain….

Swara goes to study room where she finds sanskar sleeping on couch and goes towards him and sit at another couch she was staring and to herself – I don’t know Sanskar that what happens to me when you come in front of me I started losing control on my emotions before somedays we were partners and now what relationships we are sharing but one thing I promise to you that I never would happen to you never its promise…. Back ground song playKabiraLyrics……??????
Kaisi teri khudgarzi
Na dhoop chune na chhaaon
Kaisi teri khudgarzi
Kisi thor tike na paaon (twice)
She touches his forehead kisses on his forehead just then she started to go but stopped by Sanskar he hold her wrist they look at each other….

Ban liya apna paigambar
Tar liya tu saat samandar
Phir bhi sookha mann ke andar
Kyun reh gaya?????
There was deep silence they both were looking into their eyes Sanskar started taking Swara to close to him ?????

Re Kabira maan jaa
Re Faqeera maan jaa
Aaja tujhko pukaare teri parchhaaiyan
Re Kabira maan ja
Re Faqeera maan ja
Kaisa tu hai nirmohi kaisa harjaaiya

Swara even not protested and go with the flow she leaves herself for Sanskar??????????

Tooti chaarpaai wohi
Thandi purvaai rasta dekhe
Doodhon ki malaai wohi
Mitti ki suraahi rasta dekhe..

Sanskar takes swara and hugs her and make her sleep in his arms and both sleep in their arms….
Kaisi teri khudgarzi
Lab naam tera mera mishri
Kaisi teri khudgarzi
Tujhe preet purani bisri..
Mast Maula, mast Kalander
Tu hawa ka ek bavandar
Bujh ke yun andar hi andar
Kyun reh gaya..
???????????it was first time they were not caring about anything no plans no betrayal nothing only they two…. Swara and sanskar first time sleep peacefully from last few years!!! Yes they are soulmate but when they know that time they can do anything for each other….. ??????????????????????

Re Kabira maan jaa
Re Faqeera maan jaa
Aaja tujhko pukaare teri parchhaaiyan
Re Kabira maan ja
Re Faqeera maan ja
Kaisa tu hai nirmohi kaisa harjaaiya…

Scene shift to maheshwari mansion
Aadarsh and Aarohi were in tension and Ragini were thinking how she confront Dad…
Dp and Ap comes from Delhi they sees thier kids in upset mood…
Dp- what happened aadarsh…
Aadarsh – Dad deal…
Ap- you made deal right…
Aadarsh – Mom actually..
Aarohi – auntie deal is done but…
Dp – but what aarohi…

Ragini – fault is mine… And tells everything to them…
Ap and Dp look at each other.. And smile…
Aadarsh – mom and dad you both are smiling…
Aarohi – we have not said any jokes…
Ap – bachho its OK if Ragini signed on that papers she is also having shares in our company….
Ragini to herself – Mom gives shares in the company and I thought they don’t want me to involve in company….
Dp – Ragini I am thinking can you join our company….
Aadarsh and aarohi was happy…
Ragini – but Dad I…..
Ap – Ragini your passion is in business and we are not saying to drop your modaling career or interior designing career….
Aarohi – please Ragini say yes n…

Aadarsh – yes raguu say yes please….
Ragini (smile) – OK….
Every one gets happy….
Ap – but I have one condition when we were at home no bussiness talk….
Dp – Ragini beta look who is saying…
Ap – what you want to say that I always talk about bussiness…..
Dp – no I mean yes…. No….
Ragini, Aadarsh and Aarohi laugg….
Dp – Aadarsh I have to talk to you about your marriage….
Aadarsh blushes…

Ragini – someone is blushing….
Aarohi – Ragini we should click one photo after all first Mr maheshwari is blushing…
Aadarsh – wait there you two I will tell you who was blushing….
They three of started running behind each other…. Ap and Dp laughing and trying to stop them….

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