It’s not revenge it’s love swasan (a way love to revenge) “my poor Ragini “” Episode 9


Scene of Mumbai…
Sanskar ‘s car..
Sanskar -Swara do you like to my friend??
Swara – hello Mr.. We have met just 10min..earlier and now you are asking for friends!!
Sanskar -so what now we know each other as by our names right…
Swara – but for being my friend you should have something special..
Sanskar murmer -what the hell!! Now what speaciality..she wants as I look my self so I am damm hot and handsome and rich and clever and caring…. She is the first girl who is rejecting my proposal of friendship and here girls die to talk with me..
He was so much in himself talk that he forgot that Swara is just beside him and his voice is audible to her…….
Swara start laughing on childish and arrogant manner…. And he get embarrassed….
Swara -I think our destination is come…
Sanskar -yeah but don’t worry I am also coming with you so you must get job even here or my office..
Swara -how? Well I think you don’t know them and you are saying to me that I will get.. Job here….
Sanskar -as because I am going to destroy the Malik’s industrial when next you will come here you find board of gadodia company in replace of blo*dy Malik’s industrial..
Swara (is now fully angry mode) well we will see!!!
Sanskar -Hey atleast give me your number… Then after that we will meet so…
Swara – don’t worry Mr Sanskar gadodia we will meet soon (with devil smile) and then she walks away and go inside the main entrance…
Sanskar was standing near his car and only concentrate in glazing her… And suddenly his phone rings the name flashes over the screen it’s Dad oh god what would I tell him
…noways first I met with this Malik and then told to Dad….. He silent his mobile and walks in to the building….

Scene shift to Malik’s in side building…
Swara -Mr Dixit I want full history of gadodia company in five minutes and with their all weakness is that clear… In full of anger….
Mr Dixit -what happened mam anything serious??? With shock
Swara -I think Mr Dixit you are not here to question me so just do what I say !!!
And yaa told one employee to bring my business clothes in my cabin….
Mr Dixit nodes his head and goes to do work what Swara has told with confusion expression…

Scene shift to Venice arjun cabin…
Arjun was busy in his work…. Suddenly her secretary came..
Maya -excuse me sir!!
Arjun -yes Maya..
Maya -one lady has come to meet you with out any appointments…
Arjun got it who was is this…. And said bring her…
Maya -okay sir and goes to lady to bring her…
Arjun to himself -after all you lastly come to me…
Suddenly one person knock his his cabin door…. Arjun -come in aarohi…..
Aarohi was shocked that she was not expecting this from she thought that she was going to shocked him but she get shocked unfortunately…. And arjun was standing in front of him but she only can see his back not him…..
Arjun turns with his smiling face…. And come closer to her but stop by thinking past and he sits on his chair with arrogance….
Arjun -so tell me why you have come Miss aarohi…
Aarohi come back to reality and sits in front of him with same attitude and arrogant…
Aarohi – well actually I dont thought that you get it that’s it’s me… Who came to meet you… Well quite impressed..(with arrogance ways)
Arjun – Well miss aarohi not only you who know to tapped the mobile of your friends… Like Ragini….
Aarohi again gets shocked….. Because from some days she was tapping Ragini phone only to know the exact place where arjun is!!!
Suddenly Maya come… And said sorry to disturb you sir actually your meeting in Paris with Mr John has finalized tommorow so you have to leave this time only and your jet is ready…
Arjun -Maya you go and do some more arrangements for one more person….
Maya – who sir..
Arjun -well it’s none of your business by giving smile to aarohi….
Then Maya leaves from there…. Aarohi was looking Arjun with extreme anger as she was loosing her temper but arjun knows this will happen but he wants to see her anger face because she looks so hot in it…..
Aarohi -well I am not coming with you in any place so how dare you to without asking me make plans!!
Arjun -excuse me who said you that you are coming with me…
Aarohi feeling guilty…
Arjun -Now just tell why have come!!
Aarohi -well it’s the matter of one court case against London builder karma company and no lawyer is not taking this case ….
Arjun – okay don’t tell me you were the person who was standing against Mr John who is the owner of karma industry…
Aarohi- yes I am that person is there any problem and if you are afraid of John then said me clearly….
Arjun -Aarohi don’t try to act smart with me I know you are just want to hurt my ego so in say yes to you but actually you are in wrong path not john as I have study the full matter and you are backing off to give your property after making contract….. Well I am right…
Aarohi -yes you are write but I don’t want to give him this property of London now as I have made some plans on it to making of shopping complex which will be profitable to me…..
Arjun -then why on that time you gave him the property….
Aarohi -as because that place was not developed but it’s Now become a profitable… To marketing. Place… So you are going to take my case or not just tell me clearly…
Arjun -well you know I always talk clearly…. I am taking your case…
Aarohi -so how much fees of your…. By taking out her cheque book…..
Arjun -well I don’t want your money… I want any things else… By his famous devil smile.. (As we all know it’s mean danger )and Aarohi also know this….
Aarohi -so what you want my virginity…
Arjun (with anger face) -no not at all and I am not interested in touch okay..
Aarohi (gets feel embarrassed by his answer) -so what you want??
Arjun -you have to come with me to Paris….
Aarohi -what but I have many meetings tommorow!! (but she was happy because she also wants to spend some time with him but because of past she can’t express)
Arjun -so then case is over!!
Aarohi -No ….okay I am coming with you!!
Arjun -well then sounds good

Scene shift to Mumbai…
Maheshwari mansion Ragini room
Ragini to her self.. -well now I have to marry with lucky because of Sanlak company.. As I want that company but for that I have to take that headache with my whole life oh god.. But I know what I will betray him before the day of marriage I will make him to sign on transfer of company on my name
….well from six months I was working there just to make sure who’s the real owner but after many hard ships I got it the property is on names of Laksh but I thought that it is on the name of Sumi gadodia but no well that’s was easy to make him fall for me well I am good actor…. Now my plan will fulfill in some days…. Oh god that poor lucky… With devil smile…
Some one was behind the door who was listening to her and slowly walk away
..after some time man came out of Maheshwari Mansion…. …
Adarsh who was standing near the garden walk towards the Man and taped on his shoulder…. And he turned “”he is none other than Laksh with huge smile on his face “”
Adarsh -hey lucky when you came ???
Laksh -I was just come in few minutes before to meet Ragini but servants told that she was sleeping so I thought not to disturb… Her and going back
Adarsh -Wow my sister is so lucky that she got you Laksh as who cares for her more than us…..
Laksh -with devil smile -no I am lucky who’s got her…. Okay dude I will catch you later…. Bye..
Laksh in his car… To himself -well Ragini I know this all that’s why I make Mom to transfer property papers on my name in replacing the name of sanskar of Sanlak company so that you don’t dare to make my brother trap in your so called plans of future…. And I have fun to continue this drama…. By laughing uncontrollably….. Oh poor Ragini my jaan…..

Sorry guys as I have posted one episode two so please don’t be confused….

Credit to: Aryna

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