It’s not revenge it’s love swasan (a way love to revenge) “please be with me dad ” Episode 7

Scene of Venice -12am-It’s night a girl is sitting silent and the whole beach is full of silence… Her air is flowing in air.. Only sound of ocean and blowing air is audible she’s sitting there last 1hour…in deap and dangerous silence but she’s smiling….. Then she turned towards her bike face is revealed she’s “Swara “totally lost in her thoughts and moving slowly towards her bike…..

Swara IN mind -“I am going to India tomorrow… But I am little scared… What will happen when I face him….. I can’t control myself… But I have to…. What he.. Wants to do he can but I am not going to affected…. When he looks at me he will surely thinks that I want him back but time no way…… I am not waiting for you…….. Dad just support me I don’t want to break myself again….. “”

Then she reached too her bike, start it and go from there…….
Scene shift to Venice Malik mansion….. Dadi is waiting for Swara and murmur -where she is? I hope she’s okay.. I know that she can’t bear to go again India but I have to send her.. I know she’s broken into pieces which couldn’t show in any way and wear a mask but I don’t want this mask… I want my granddaughter back….. When she turns towards the door she get shocked as Swara was standing there and listened every thing…..

Scene shift to Mumbai
Maheshwari mansion.. On that weekend day when gadodia arrived in happiness for Laksh
Adarsh -they have come…. Mom, dad…. Rags…
Shekhar -Hey Dudo yaar Now we became sambandhi means relatives..
Dp -yeah shanku and I am very happy… For both of them…
Ap -hey let’s have hugs..
Sumi -yaa surely why not after all groom’s mom….
Sanskar -congrats Ragini…

Ragini -thank you sanskar..
Laksh was standing silent and starring Ragini with full love and affection…
But then Adarsh pats Laksh shoulder…. -lucky now she’s going to be yours then after that you are glaring her….
Laksh who was busy in starring her don’t bother with the voice of Adarsh and said -I just want to stare her at all the time….
Every body starts laughing and Laksh came to his senses and looking here and there And Ragini eyes him wink and smile..
Adarsh -so now we can proceed..
Laksh -wait a minute I have to clear some things if you all have no problem.. (in serious tone)….

Dp -what happened Laksh is there any problem..
Laksh -actually I want to say that.. Ragini I have no problem with your modaling career.. If you want you can continue your work after marriage as I should feel proud on you not shame…. And mom and dad is it okay with you..
Sumi – yaa offcource lucky I don’t Have any problems with it even I also wanted to be same..
Shekhar -yaa I mean Laksh what the silly things you are talking we are high profile and free minded so please don’t talk this rubbish thing I never have the problem with Ragini modeling…….(in a laughing way)
Ragini eyes full of tears she is seeing all of them with love and respect….
Ap – Now don’t start Ragini emotional seen…
Dp – yaa beta you know now your mom doent like serial but me I love it so you can cry in my arms….
All of them started laughi
ng…. And Ragini too….

Scene shift to Venice morning 10am
Arjun -why you always forced me in your trapped as I say I am not coming with you…. Sammie…
Swara – okay then I’ll tell dadii that this how much frowd you had done with Malik industrialist acounts….
Arjun -what the f**k!!!! How you know but you don’t have any proof…. In a smiling way…. But his smile gone when he saw Swara dangerous smile because he knows when she smiles like this….. Then she meant it…
Swara – I think around 250crores approximately…

Arjun with open mouth hanged…..
Arjun – back to normal okay just go tell her “I will reveal about that police cases which are going on “”
Swara looked him with angry face -no way how you came to know…??
Arjun -well I am just like you Sammie…. With devil smile
Swara -yaa I get it…. As lawyer are also be a friend especially that lady judge I will soo her very soon….
Arjun and Swara both started laughing uncontrollably
Swara – but why don’t you come with me.
Arjun -well I will come who says that I am not coming on the day of your bike race how could I miss the chance of money making..

Swara -yaa offcource.. Okay just take care and don’t drink so much in night okay….
Arjun -look who is giving me tips…. Well just take care of my friend and my rival okay…
Swara -yaa surely…

Precap – “what the hell how dare you trap my brother “”

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  1. Amazing

  2. Yaar arjun is very dangerous guy omg and what about arohi

  3. Waoooooo both really dangerous I like it very much please update next one soon 🙂

  4. Your ff is really nice….have read all the epi till now …good going….plz make swasan meeting soon…waiting for that moment

  5. Yre just awesome writer keep it up and i loved the part btw swaraand arjun

  6. Very gud show some swasan scene…. Plzz there r many raglak n ur ff is on swasan ..
    Uodare soon waiting fir ur ff

  7. Arjun is dangerous ..
    In india arjun arohi meets wt happens
    Even swara has some bitter past so reveal it..

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