It’s not revenge it’s love swasan (a way love to revenge) “you are mine Sammie” Episode 24

Scene shift to maheshwari mansion
Every one was shocked by Swara behavior but one person was not looking shocked it was Arjun he knows her very well and even he knows every shade of Swara so he escaped from their because this time his bestie needs her so he take car and rushed from there……
And went to park where she always told him that her Mom and she have very special moments here……

Scene shift to Mumbai park
Swara was looking at sky tears was uncontrollably falling her cheeks she was really hurted by words Roshani then she feels familiar hands on her shoulder she just turned and him started crying hardly “‘why arjun why everyone used to taunts me I know that me and my dad was carrying good relationship but you remember that one year before that day clear all our misunderstanding then why god snatched him from and my Mom she was my life whole life she gives her to me and Dad but what she get that death!!!! Why Arjun?? Why!!!! Tell me!!!
Arjun makes her sit on bench and hugs her ””‘you know Sammie in whole world Uncle and auntie only wants your happiness nothing as I know he never showed his concern love to you but he always wanted to see you in happiness “‘

Swara (wiping her tears and looking at Arjun) -do you think I was bad daughter??!!!
Arjun -no way you love them more than your self and today it is the example that which lioness Sammie uncle wanted you have became he only wanted to see you taking responsibility you know Sammie in that charity event you go to give the money by winning competition from bike race or by street concert!!! Uncle also gave big contribution to that charity under the name of you…. And auntie she always knows where are you but use to protect you from uncle so that you got…. It was like fairy tales family that’s you had but only you do over reacting nothing else!!!!
Swara – Arjun I got to know something that my Dad and Mom was killed it was planned murder!!
Arjun looks at her shocked -“‘Swara what are you saying but how I have examination this it was not a chance to get mistake it was said to be accident ‘”

Swara – Arjun you have missed one clue that was CCTV cameras which was held on that road !!
Arjun -but where how missed that?? Oh dammit!!
Swara -don’t worried I am also going through that CCTV cameras but it was showing blurred but now I have find out that man who made the chip of Roshni gadodia and from this Man I will make that video
Arjun – so that’s why you were finding the person to whole world but tell me you couldn’t find him then I mean!!
Swara – then I could not make you three to insult us that’s clear!! And now I don’t want to talk about this!!
Arjun -again sorry Sammie!!!
Swara -Arjun I never felt bad for scolding me by you because in every relationship a small fight must be tight more grip…and arjun I am sorry but I can’t forgive Roshni gadodia!!
Arjun – I know because this time Roshni Di crossed her limits so I am also not going to say you to forgive her!!!!
Swara – thanks arjun!! But now I have to go back to Venice for that video!!!
Arjun – but Sammie your project and bike race just wait for only one month then we both leave and now I also going to involve in this matter by full source because who planned to kill them now they are going to dead by us…
Swara – yeah surely I will kill him!! I will…

Scene shift to maheshwari mansion
Roshni -I am sorry you all because of me Swara leave this house “I am sorry Adarsh “please forgive me…
Adarsh – Roshni please you sit!! I will talk to Swara about this and don’t worry she will be back (but he himself was in shocked to see that Swara anger)vwith smile
Sanskar – you are overthinking about that Swara she is like that only so please forget everything and now just come with us to home
Laksh – yes even I want talk to you many things!!
Ragini – Roshni Di Swara will be alright don’t worry…
Aarohi – and in some time she will be back because she can’t sleep without talking to you so don’t take tension!!
Roshni – yeah Aarohi you are saying right let see from how much time she will be angry on me and my quite face…
All ? started laughing……
Roshni – hey where is Arjun??
Sanskar – I think he has gone to house to surprise you!!!
Roshni – yes sanky he always used to surprise me!!
Adarsh – but she can take rest here only!!!!
All started looking at Adarsh with smile and he realized what he have said…
Ap – don’t worry my after some we take out your marriage date is it okay…
Adarsh and Roshni started blushing…
Sumi – look Ap the two lovebirds are blushing!!! ✨?????✨


The gadodia left for gadodia mansion…
But Dp and Ap was worried for Swara..
Adarsh – Dad something is wrong I mean Swara is calm she generally didn’t react but today what was that she crossed her anger limits warned Roshani….
Ragini – I can’t believe this is that Swara!!
Aarohi – we have to talk with swara I am calling Swara….
Oh god her cell is switched off!!!

Scene shift to gadodia mansion
Sumi takes Roshni inside her to talk with her….
But Shekhar, Laksh and sanskar was only thinking about Swara words…
Shekhar – I can’t believe on my eyes I mean that calm and cold minded girl I have seen yesterday and today that girl who’s threatening Roshni to kill her was same!!
Laksh – what was that Swara!!
Sanskar – something is fishy but this time mistakes was of Roshni Di not Swara so we can’t say her any things…. But that changed!! It was unbelievable!!
Laksh – but she made Roshani Di sheivering and scary by her eyes it was unbelievable!!
Sanskar comes to in his room
Sanskar to himself -Swara when you got changed it was misunderstanding but now after knowing the truth I made you my friend like before that we didn’t see each other and we fell for each other My Sammie and I promise my sweetheart now this time I will again make you fall for me because I always love you my Sammie after long time now my heart wins then he takes his mobile and look at pics of Swara….. You know Sammie finally my heart wins I know that you don’t do anything but what I will do my mind wins from my heart but now I am back yeah your sanky is back and now you will again trust on me Sammie and you are angry with me but I have one month time so in that I will again make you to feel for me but this time it will be different yes that time you fallen for voice and we don’t know each other because of that we don’t have misunderstood each other but now everything Is changed and I am seeing you are also changed but I don’t care I only want you because you’re only mine and this time your arrogant make me fall for you your anger makes me fall for you!!!! So what you are waiting for sanky here you have another mission!!!

Scene to Sumi room
Sumi – beta you don’t how much I miss you!!
Roshni – I am feeling scared Mom
Sumi – just forgot it Swara just only lose her temper..
Roshni – but mom behore five years she was not like that!!!

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