It’s not revenge it’s love swasan (a way love to revenge) ” she was our life ” Episode 16


Scene shift to Mumbai beach
Sanskar -(his eyes are full of tears) why you kill her…. She was our life and Swara you snatch our happiness
Swara -(in pleading way) sanskar I have not kill Roshni Di but I know that you all bilieve in that video……. In which ……
Laksh – hold on Swara Malik….. Don’t forget that proof is the only thing which send you all behind the baars….
Arjun -and now the time has come to realize the pain which we are feeling from last five years…..
Aarohi -you all are mistaken but if you are not trusting us so what we can do…..
Ragini -well you know what now what you have to do you can but we are not going accept this blame…
Sanskar -we will see in these two months……
Swara -we will….. Sanskar gadodia….
Arjun -so from now game is on…..
Aarohi -well let’s see who will win your revenge or our love for Roshni Di
Laksh – but we going destroy you all in every sense and yaa Miss Malik don’t worry our families don’t involve in it as we don’t want that our Mom and Dad get back their pain which all have given them…..
Ragini – sorry Laksh…….. But before saying anything I want to clear out that all this revenge, hatred and anger will happen in one month only because from next month our marriage rituals start and before that I have to tell mom and dad that you hate me….
Laksh -yaa surely and don’t worry in one month I will make your life more than hell… It’s my promise…
Aarohi – it’s so pleasure that you all are giving promise but don’t worry we will also give promise to you all that we make your revenge in guilt….
Arjun – we will see that we take revenge or feel guilty
Swara -don’t we will make this happen in one month….
Sanskar -from tomorrow you three sisters start your camdown start
They all went from….. There but there eyes are full of tears…. Which they can’t hide each other……

They all went to their thoughts what happened before five years that makes their life hell….
In car
Laksh -sanskar why you stopped me to show them video..
Arjun -it was wasted of time only Laksh… But they didn’t accept that…
Sanskar -arjun is saying right Laksh…
Laksh -but we have to make their life hell as they begged death from us….
Arjun – it will happen Laksh….
Sanskar – first we have to destroy their career and then their hearts oops sorry in heart doesn’t exist……. So their confidence…..
Arjun – yes but who is first….
Laksh – well Swara Malik….
Sanskar – yes the mahan Swara Malik..
Arjun – but how???

Scene shift to maheshwari mansion..
Ragini room…
Swara – Now what!!
Ragini -I also can’t understand what to do..
Aarohi -but we have to but what!!
Swara, Ragini and aarohi take their hands and make support to their faces….
Adarsh come there and looking at them started laughing as they are looking cute..
Adarsh -what happened to my princesses ??haa why they are upset…
Swara -nothing bhaiya…
Adarsh -Roshni always says to me that I can’t understand my sister feeling but I always tell her that I know them better than them… But now I am doubting myself….. And I think she was right….
Ragini ,Swara and aarohi eyes are full of tears they all ran to hugs him…..
Ragini -no bhaiya Roshni Di was wrong…
Aarohi – yes bhaiya I agree with Ragini…
Swara -me too….
Adarsh – okay now you three sit and tell me what happens…..
Swara -let it be… Na
Ragini – bhaiya when you came here then please told us that when and how started loving Roshni Di….
Swara and aarohi stares at her angry that she have asked something very bad….
Adarsh lost in his thoughts that how they met, that slap, that kiss, that her cute things and at when he sees her,,,,,
The full surrounding was getting emotional…. They all have tears in their eyes…… But just then Adarsh started telling them with his smiling and paining feeling….

Scene shift to Mumbai gadodia mansion
Sanskar – well you guys remember how Roshni Di pampered mostly arjun…
Laksh – yaa and me and sanskar always feels jealous….. But then she understands and started pampering we two also…
Arjun – what the days that was…. I miss her… A tears from his eyes his voice was such in pain…….
Sanskar – why they separated her from us if there was any problems then Swara should tell me….. I should call Di but…….
Laksh – wait you just said that you know Swara Malik when Di was alive…..
Arjun – how could be…. She never told me about you….
Sanskar – actually I and Swara know each last five years before but we never seen each other only we have talking on phone and day by day we get more closer to each other we also don’t know the real name of each other….. I always address her as “shona “and she “sanky “but it all was past now I only hates her….
Arjun -then how you get she was Swara Malik…..
Laksh – I also wanted to know…….
Sanskar – it was past and I don’t want to talk about it….. So good night and he moves from there…….
Arjun and Laksh was seeing each other…. With shock
Arjun – but how anyone can love each other on the voice…
Laksh -it’s strange….but we can’t do anything….. Now he hates himself also for loving that person….
Arjun -yaa I think so…. ……..

Precap -Flash back of Roshni and adrash and her mystery of death……..

Credit to: Aryna

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