It’s not revenge it’s love swasan (a way love to revenge) “so let’s have some fun” Episode 21

Present at scene of Mumbai
Gadodia mansion
At sanskar room….
Laksh – sanskar on that day the three of them give us the pain of life which is unforgettable
Sanskar – yaa Laksh they snatched our happiness and we snatched everything from them one by one
Arjun – ye first there career then their family and then there hope of living
Sanskar – you remember arjun before five years we have planned to kill that blo*dy Swara Malik but she got safe but now she don’t be safe because I get that she have no fear of death she only have fears of her family and I will snatch that only now she’s going to see hatred for her in eyes of her family
Arjun – but then why you say that you will not do anything in front of family
Sanskar – yes I meant it I will not do anything in front of our families but I made them that they hate her
Laksh – but how??
Sanskar explain the plan to Laksh and arjun and then arjun also planned more so that if plan A of sanskar get failed then another plan will be proceeded

Scene shift to maheshwari mansion
Adarsh, swara, Ragini and aarohi are sitting on sofa holding each other hands
Adarsh – Now you all please tell me what is going on!!
Swara – what do you mean bhai every thing is fine
Adarsh – just don’t lie Sammie I know something is fishy it is only about Roshani so please tell me
Aarohi – bhai you are over reacting only
Adarsh – okay I am over reacting then tell me what was happened before two years ha why Ragini call me and tell me that one guy arjun is playing with you and I reached next day to Dubai so that nothing will happen to you!!! What was that??? I didn’t ask this question on that time but now I want answer
Ragini – it was past bhai just forgot it that arjun was nothing I think we should sleep
They three of them get up and started moving towards stairs
Adarsh – arjun was Roshni brother, Laksh and sanskar are also Roshni brother and I think you know this then why are you all going close to them
The three of them stuck on their place and turn towards Adarsh
Swara -bhai you know this how??
Aarohi – when I mean you came to know!!
Ragini – how bhai I mean when???
Adarsh – you three of them what thinks I am dumbed ha or what I know them when I met them first time and I also know this that they want their revenge with you three of them because of that video
Swara, Ragini and aarohi are shocked
Adarsh – I know this from the day when Roshani left us
Flash back of Spain
Outside the police station when Sanskar, arjun and Laksh was talking about destroying the Swara Malik, Ragini maheshwari and aarohi Chopra then one man was listening from behind them it was Adarsh but he didn’t say anything and leave that place
Flash back ends

Scene shift to maheshwari mansion
Swara – you already know this then why in Dubai you confront arjun
Adarsh – because I know you also planning and I am always with you guys then why don’t act!!
Ragini, aarohi and Swara hugged adarsh
Adarsh -Now tell me what happens today
Ragini tell him everything Adarsh was shocked
Adarsh – I don’t believe this that they can do this much for their blo*dy revenge
Swara -don’t worry bhai I know sanskar gadodia Now his target is me but what will be his plan I am ready to face it
Ragini and aarohi place their hands on Swara shoulder to make her feel that they are with her
Adarsh – I think you all should now sleep as I am going to London for some work so I will meet you tomorrow
Ragini -bhai but you came today from Singapore and now you are going to London it’s not fair
Aarohi – bhai you always goes to London anything special
Adarsh – no I was just looking for my complex of shopping mall so that only
Swara – it’s OK bhai you go and come early tomorrow and take care
Adarsh -thank you my devil only you understand me
Swara -I know!!
They all three go to their respective rooms and adarsh went for London
In Swara room
Swara to her self -why Adarsh bhai always goes to London and I know something is wrong from past five years he is going there and aarohi always told me that every five to six days he went to London and now I have to find out what is going on in London bhai!!!
Scene shift to London
At hospital
In one room
A lady is lieing unconscious and there was many nurses to attend her and some doctors who were around her covering her face just then Adarsh comes forward and sit beside her holding her hand…
Adarsh -doctor tell me any response she made
Senior doctor -no Mr maheshwari she is not responding
Adarsh- you never felt bored giving this answer again and again but I want her treatment to be as soon as possible she have to come back for me you are listening “Roshani gadodia you have to come back “for your Adarsh
Doctor -please Mr maheshwari keep patient she will be fine as soon
Adarsh – but when doctor from last five years I am praying for her to come back
Doctor please leave us alone for some time you all go out from here right now
Doctor – Mr maheshwari what happens to you today first time you are sending us out you never do this!!

Adarsh – I think doctor you didn’t listen carefully I said out now
All the doctors and nurses come out from the room now in that room only adarsh and Roshni were there
Adarsh – you know Roshni Now your brothers are taking revenge from my sisters for you they think that my sisters kill you because of that blo*dy video,,,,, I know I did wrong not telling anyone that you are alive but what should I do when I listen your brother that they destroyed my sisters I thought first you have to be get conscious so that you can tell him what was happened on that day but Roshni I know when you get back you will explain them everything and then everything will be fine I love you Roshni I love you my sweetheart and very soon you will be back I know (but he can’t control his tears which was falling from his eyes uncontrollably one tear fall on Roshni face and then) ….

Adarsh eyes full of tears he head down on Roshni hand holding her hand just then then Roshni move her fingers Adarsh observed that he stood up he can’t believe what he just observed then he again see that Roshni fingers are moving her eyelashes are moving he shouted to doctors…. Doctors come check her they said that it is miracle she is getting conscious she is now responding to our medicines and now she will get conscious …
Adarsh was on cloud nine that after many years her love is back he can’t believe this that for the moment he was waiting last five years the moment is coming soon then he calls her secretary to cancel the program of India (because now he will back with Roshni)

Scene shift to Mumbai next day

Maheshwari mansion
Swara in her room
On call
Swara – what you get the Man just wait I am sending the video of that chip
Manager -mam okay but this Man is charging more money around two crore
Swara – wait what u said he wants two crore!! Just listen click his photo and send to me and keep him inside security you get it
Manager – okay mam
Swara cuts call and started thinking
Swara in her mind -“how this can happen it means he is the same man who was demanding the money before five years but why he came back and how he knows I want someone who can made that chip ”
Just then here phone beeps she saw the photo of Man she get shocked -“what the hell he is the same man I have to go Venice now ”
Swara -hello manager just keep that Man under tight security you get that I am coming
Manager- mam why you are coming you know that if anuradha mam come to know then it will be big problem..

Swara – okay you do one thing just sent that Man to India with security and make sure that dadii don’t know about it
Manager – yes ma’am
Call ended
Swara – Now I have to wait for that blo*dy man tommorow Now I am near my proof…
Ragini knock Swara room
Swara -come in
Ragini – hey you are looking happy
Swara – Ragini I get that Man
Ragini -what when how !!!!oh god this called happy news now we will out of this revenge stuff
Aarohi who was at door started jumping in happiness
Ragini and Swara looked at her with happiness
Aarohi – oh guys now I will get back my arjun
Ragini – yes and I will be with my Laksh
Swara – Now they three of them didn’t harm our family
Ragini – what about Sanskar
Swara – it is past Ragini and now I am not interested in Sanskar
Aarohi – what but I thought…
Swara -no now I don’t love him and I know today he is going to do anything which makes me broke down
Ragini -don’t worry we are with you
Aarohi – yes we will see him
Swara – I am not worrying because I am not afraid of him and not his brother

Scene shift to Mumbai
At gadodia mansion
Laksh -so today we will make that party most memorable to Swara Malik and her both crime parterners
Arjun – yes but everyone will be there then what about Mom and Dad
Sanskar – I know they will be hurt but for that I can’t step back and yaa Laksh just make sure invititation would only go to Dp uncle not to that girls
Laksh – don’t I personally go to give the invitation
Sanskar – let’s see Swara Malik now what will you do today I am going to take my revenge
Arjun -so let’s have some fun

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