It’s not revenge it’s love swasan (a way love to revenge) “we have to leave” Episode 20

Flash back at Spain
At hospital
Adarsh was shattered he can’t believe this he fastly goes to the cliff….. Aarohi call Swara
On phone
Aarohi -Sammie bhai is coming to cliff
Swara -what but he is not well…. Okay I will handle
Call ended…..

At cliff Ragini and Swara was already finding Roshani but they didn’t find her police was also considered her dead
Adarsh came there and started shouting “Roshani Roshani ……”
Swara and Ragini hold him aarohi also came there they four of them was broken down then police and they all go from there…..

At bungalow of Swara
Swara -bhai I am sorry this was all happened because of me (she came to her knees her condition was so much painful )
Adarsh was in shocked that her Roshni left her he can’t bear that he didn’t utter a word and goes from there take his car and rush
Ragini and aarohi was broken down
There was huge silence…… That everything is over
Ragini -Now what
Aarohi – we have to inform Roshani Di family….
Swara just come back to her senses that what she will tell sanky he will broken down….
Ragini get one mms in her phone…… Suddenly Ragini shouted who have done this with full of anger….
Aarohi and Swara looked at her…
Ragini -Sammie just look this video
Aarohi and Swara watch that video which was made by the reporter man in which Swara holding gun and target to Roshani and Ragini and aarohi was standing there…..
They all were shocked and look at each other
Then police call to Swara
Police officer – hello mam
Swara – yes officer (in scary voice)
Police officer – mam actually some one has sent one mms to me and if this mms get by Miss Roshni family .then we can’t manage ..
Swara -but officer you know what happened thier… I have not kill Roshni Di
Police officer -mam we know and that’s why we consider you if you don’t want to involve in this matter so please leave this place now we will manage her family but please mam you belong to very well known family so it’s better you leave this and forget about what happens here !!
Swara -but officer how I can??

Officer -mam please try to understand please…
After resisting by officer she decided to leave….
Ragini -so we are leaving but what about Adarsh bhai
Aarohi – how we will insist him
Swara – we have to insist him because…
Ragini – because what…
Swara – because that Man who have sent this mms to us and officer also sended to family member of Roshni Di
Aarohi -what!!!
Ragini – but officer can explain them
Swara – no because I have killed that blo*dy Raj so if that case come out then I also don’t have proof for me
Ragini – yes and we can’t involve our families reputation too
Aarohi -I am calling bhai and booking tickets we are leaving this place now
Swara – wait aarohi you book only three tickets for India I am not coming with you all
Ragini – are you gonna mad or what
Swara – I am going back to Venice
Aarohi -but…
Swara – I don’t want any discussion so please call bhai
Ragini – okay!!
Aarohi – I am calling bhai,,
On phone
Adarsh -aarohi I don’t want to talk right now
Aarohi -bhai wait just listen to us please
Ragini take the phone from aarohi
Ragini -bhai listen there is big problem…
Adarsh – just said it clearly
Ragini tell everything Adarsh was shocked
Adarsh -what are you saying
Ragini -we have to leave right now please come back
Adarsh – Ragini you three go I will come tomorrow
Ragini -bhai please don’t do this please come with us
Adarsh – Ragini I said don’t worry I will come tomorrow only right now you all leave
Call cuts by Adarsh.

Ragini – bhai will come tomorrow so we have to go
Aarohi – OK then Ragini we have to leave now our jet is ready and Sammie you
Swara – I also told my manager to ready the private jet so you two leave I will go by self…
Ragini and aarohi get there luggage by servants and hug swara and left the place
Swara was standing there all alone she was totally silent that now in her life the two important person have leave her first Roshani Di and now sanky will also hate her then she goes towards Roshani room and take her belongings and started hugging her things she was broken down she can’t believe now Roshani is no more….. Then she just seen her laptop in that wallpaper of her family was there she takes that laptop and started seeing her family member but just then her eyes stopped by seeing the photo of sanskar she don’t that he was his sanky but her feelings told her that he is her love of life she kissed his photo then leave from there and walked towards her car which was ready for for going to airport as to leave from this place…..
Where as Ragini and aarohi was full of tears they both were remembering their moments with Roshani they even don’t take sleep as they were in that shock that what happens at cliff……

Scene shift to Mumbai gadodia mansion
Sanskar get the call of police officer from Spain he can’t believe that her sister is no more he started shouting on police officer.. .with loud voice every body cones to sanskar room….Sanskar phone falls from his hand he Sat on his bed with shattered expression….
Arjun -what happened Sanskar who was on phone

Laksh – why are you crying Sanskar just say something what happens sanskar
Sumi -beta please tell us please say something please beta
Shekhar take the phone from the floor and redial the number and he turned to sanskar and started shouting he was like-” what it can’t be happened how I have talked to her on morning she was fine and I know she is playing prank with us Sanskar why you are taking it seriously….
Sumi, Laksh and arjun didn’t understand anything that what Shekhar and sanskar is saying they all are worried just then Laksh take the phone a voice was coming in his “Mr gadodia I am sorry but your daughter Roshani gadodia is no more she have accident and please come Spain so that we can proceed with some formality

Laksh – what the f**k you are talking bastard you know what are you talking she is my sister Roshani gadodia and she is alive nothing is happened to her…
Sumi and arjun was shocked what Laksh had said that “Roshani alive and …….”
Sumi get unconscious arjun hold her “Mom Mom please “Sanskar, Laksh and Shekhar was in shocked arjun was also don’t know how to react he can’t believe this that her sister is no more than he lifts Sumi on bed and immediately called someone to ready the jet for Spain now…

..then they all in six hours journey reached to Spain there was a silence they all can’t utter a word after flight lands they all immediate reached to police station and get to know that Roshni have major accident as her car break get failed and she falls from cliff they all come to flat started crying hardly they are not even talk to each other just crying tears are non stop falling from there eyes Sumi and Shekhar holding each other and crying bitterly sanskar goes to balcony and seeing Roshani photo on his phone and crying he just forgeted about Sammie he was only in big trauma but just then he sees one mms which has come yesterday but he was busy so he don’t mind to see that video he opened that he was shattered shocked that her sister her Roshani Di was not get any accidents but she was killed by that three girls he just then runs towards gate to go police station arjun and Laksh see him and both of them also runs towards him they three of them reached to police station first sanskar then arjun and Laksh come behind him…..
Sanskar hold the collor of police officer and dragged him started punching him just then Laksh and arjun comes and hold sanskar…

Laksh -what are you doing sanskar
Sanskar- just leave me Laksh I will this blo*dy officer
Arjun -but why what he have done
Sanskar – he lies to us Roshani Di has not met with any accidents she was killed and he is defending that killers
Laksh and arjun get another shocked they both look at officer with full of anger that can’t be tell then Laksh hold his collar “just tell us truth officer or otherwise we will kill you and make another case of accident ”
Officer -please leave I am sorry (but officer didn’t tell the truth what happens that day because he if he speaks he will get suspended from his job)
Sanskar give him video and said him who are these three girls and why don’t get them behind bars just tell me….. Laksh and arjun also see that video…..
Officer – they are from reputed family and…

But just then Sanskar cuts him by holding his collar
Sanskar – Now tell me who are they I want every detail of them
Officer gives him details and files in which all the details of Swara, Ragini and aarohi was written but he didn’t give the details of Adarsh as he knew that in this video adarsh was not shown
Sanskar – Now don’t remember anything about this and yaa just shut this case with your blo*dy accident (he says with full anger)
Laksh and arjun don’t understand that why Sanskar didn’t files case against them….
Outside the police station

Arjun -Sanskar how can leave the killers of our Roshni Di!!!
Laksh – yes Sanskar why you don’t file any case against them
Sanskar – I know this and I am not leaving them actually I get the point of officer if files against them any case then they easily get bailed and also if they get behind the bars then they have jail mostly for two or three months but I want to torcher them I want to get them same pain which our sister get and for that I play a big game which crossed the limits of hatred you get that limit of hatred and I will……

Laksh and arjun understand and they agree with sanskar for his plan because they also wanted to make them that much of pain which theirget ……….

Flash back ends with hatred and revenge of the three brothers for that sisters which was taken birth

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