It’s not revenge it’s love swasan (a way love to revenge) “you kill her ” Episode 15

Scene of Mumbai gadodia mansion…
After they three of coming by dropping the in hospital…. And get them treated by doctor…. But three of them are there in thought….
Laksh was standing near the window and looking at moon…. To himself – why I am so much worried when I see her in that condition… I hate her from whole corner of my heart but when I started treating her I felt very strange I can’t be that much strong to treat her so….. I just go from there and send my friend to treat her then my friend goes and after
He came and was saying that she is fine now I get relaxed… And started smiling… But how it can be possible….??

Arjun who was half laying at his bed…. Start thinking what happened to me when I listen doctor if she doesn’t get awake in one hour then we lose her and….. Just then…. I scolded doctor… But why I don’t love her she’s responsible my Roshni’s di death and I am worried for her crying for her and then she get conscious I just went to her and hug her…. Tightly…..

Sanskar -swara what you are doing to me….. I just was helpless when I saw you in that condition your whole body was bleeding…. I was like that I am dead if you don’t open your eyes…… What happened in that operation theatre it was impossible….. I just holding your hand…… All the doctor, nurse just only saying me to go out but me I shouted on them but then they managed to stay me out….. And every second I was looking at ICU….and when doctor came and said that she will be alright in few hours I was just like I feeling heaven……

Just then arjun phone rings and they all get back to reality…..
Arjun – hello..
Maya – sir I was saying that when you come back….. Your meeting is there in Istanbul…
Arjun -Maya for two months cancelled my all meeting and yaa I am on holiday so now you also don’t disturb me….
Maya -but sir…..
Just then he cuts call

Laksh – Sanskar what happened in bike race….
Arjun – yaa she get fell…. Or you Miss it…
Sanskar -you two just can’t believe that what happens there and he narrates every thing…
Arjun – wait wait!!! You are telling me that Swara fell in her best move…. It’s just impossible…
Laksh -but how she does not trapped in that wire….
Sanskar -I don’t no….. And Laksh what about Ragini….
Laksh also tells them….. Then he says how she get kidnapped by real goons on that day only when my goons were going to kidnap her….
Arjun also tells them everything…..
Sanskar -what are you saying aarohi and accident can’t be happened she is very much protective regarding driving…..
Sanskar -something is fishy which we three are not seeing…
Laksh and arjun obey with sanskar….

Scene shift of Mumbai maheshwari mansion…
They three come with bandage, medicine….
Ap – what happened you three…???
Dp in shocked -how it happens???
Swara… Ragini… And aarohi are looking to each other… As they don’t think about this… Condition….
Swara -maasi we have accident…. But we three get safe….
Aarohi – yaa she’s saying… Right
Ragini -maa it’s only small accident…
Dp ,Ap and adrash stares them with anger
…..and Ap say who was driving….
Swara -it’s me….. I am sorry maasi..
Aarohi say no it’s not Sammie fault as she was driving carefully I started disturbing her…
Ragini -no I started fighting with them both…
Ap Dp and adrash started laughing
.Ap -you three are seriously mad about each other I just can’t say that you all are cousin sister….. Now come and sit here I have to call our family doctor here…
Dp called servant and say to healthy food for them…
Adarsh make them sit….. And whisper in Swara ear :I know you are telling lies …..
Swara looked at him with shock and said no bhaiya….
Adarsh smile…say nothing… As he knows when time comes they told him…..
After some time they three went to Ragini room….
Swara – guys now the three brothers have started doubting on us….. Well I think so…
Ragini -but how Sammie it was perfect plan and it’s your plan which leads to limit of love….
Aarohi – yaa and if you know that then why you made this plan???

Swara -because I want that they show their real faces not fake after all it’s there revenge and our love..
Ragini -wait a second any one says our love….
Aarohi say yaa I also heard that our love
Swara say yes I love him not from today when I saw his picture and started chatting with him make fall me for him….
Aarohi and Ragini shocked by her answer…
Ragini say me when it happens means when you meet sanskar ???
Aarohi say yes I agree with Ragini …..I and arjun meet two years before…. Ragini and Laksh meet six months before….. And u and sanskar has meet just one day before then how you can chat with sanskar…..
Swara -well you all know n last five years before I love with someone deeply only we have talking on phone….. His name was sanky… Actually the real name was Sanskar gadodia….
Aarohi and Ragini hung theirs mouth…. And together say “what ”

Scene shift to Mumbai gadodia mansion sanskar arjun and Laksh was sitting on sofa….
Sanskar -Now what guys we all came to know that they also are playing with us….
Arjun – yaa mean swara knows about me from last five years….
Laksh – it means Ragini was also doing drama that she wants our company so that’s why she is marrying with… Me
Sanskar -aarohi know about me but after that she was doing acting of best friend..
Arjun -so now we all know each other very clearly…
Sanskar -I think it was the only plan of that Swara Malik so that we came to true that the acting time is over….. Not bad Swara Malik…
Arjun – so now what is the next plan…
Laksh -yaa Sanskar what we do Now??
Sanskar – just called them for meeting….
Arjun – what now???
Sanskar – yes arjun…. Now we all have to face each other with real faces….
Laksh -okay I am calling Ragini!!
On phone
Laksh – hello Ragini!!
Ragini – yes lucky,,
Laksh – just put the phone on speaker….
On the other side Ragini under stand….
Ragini -I have putted my phone on speaker now you also can do this…
Now both phones are on speaker….
Sanskar -so not bad swara you are intelligent and clever
Aarohi – any doubt you and your lawyer brother have

Arjun -not at aarohi I just get impress by your acting…
Ragini – well you also act very good…
Laksh – thank Ragini we only waiting for your appritiation
0Sanskar – well everyone is speaking but why you are silent Miss mastermind
Swara – in one hour we will meet at Mumbai beach on your favorite place Mr Sanskar gadodia…. Is that okay….
Call ended…

After one our at Mumbai beach..
Two BMW are coming from opposite side and about to crash but stop in some inches
At one car Swara is sitting at driving sit and at another sankar… They all are looking at each other with extreme anger..they all went out from there car and stand opposite to each other…..
Swara – so come we should sit and talk…
Sanskar -well yes I don’t think that this talk will take place for few minutes..
Aarohi -well yes…
Arjun -so let’s go… .
Ragini -okay then…
Laksh – yaa surely….
There was round table six chair was kept their and it was all prepared by swara…
And they all sit looking at each others hatred, arrogant and anger….
Laksh -finally I don’t have to act….
Ragini – but when you are acting I mean at afternoon you are so worried for me…
Arjun – well you are just dreaming nothing as
Aarohi – not at all….
Sanskar – well I think we are not here to talk this rubbish..
Swara – so what you want to know.
Sanskar – why you kill our sister….
Arjun. -yes why you dammit kill her…
Laksh – she was so nice… Then why???
Ragini -we have not kill Roshni Di it was…
But stop by Swara….
Swara – why you all are blaming us…
Aarohi – yes why you????
Sanskar – Hey now in my I only wanted to torcher that how much you all torcher her….
Ragini – but ……
Laksh -just stop your nonsense you three snatch our happiness our sister and we will destroy your happiness……
Swara – okay then we are ready for everything but in one condition that this revenge this hatred this anger will only between us not even our families will involve…..
Arjun -Swara what you are….. I amaze with you really you kill our sister and now acting like Mahan….

Aarohi -well this acting is only get by you guys…..
Ragini -well actually…. And you know what we know that you three didn’t trust us then why we explain anything to you….
Sanskar -seriously you all are such basters that you kill our sister and now giving us a attitude that we trust you all wow not….
Swara – Sanskar I also know how to abuse but only for Roshni Di we are controlling our self…..
Laksh -hey not to dare you to take my sister name….
Ragini -she is also as our sister…. And our would be Bhabhi then how we can kill her haa…..
Aarohi – yes bhaiya loved Roshni Di so much that he can sacrifice his life for her then why we kill her…..
Swara – she just take care of us like our mom friend companion and our soulmate then how you all think that we killed her….
Sanskar – just stop it…… Okay who’s lying will be seen by just half an hour…..
Arjun -as we have proof against you all but we didn’t give that police officer so that we can take revenge from you three….
Laksh – sanskar I am getting the laptop so that now they we can see how there faces will be after seeing that video…….
Swara to herself not now I don’t have that chip so how I proof me and my sisters innocent…..

Precap –

Flash back shown…… Before five years….. Gadodia mansion…
A girl is standing in front of temple and doing aarti….. Laksh, sanskar, arjun, Shekhar and Sumi came from behind…stand by holding hand….
The girl turned….

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