It’s not revenge it’s love swasan (a way love to revenge) “just shut up Roshani gadodia” Episode 23

Scene shift of Mumbai gadodia mansion
At party…
Swara call Mr Dixit to bring that property papers and that man in some minutes (giving bossy attitude)
Ragini – swara are you OK..
Swara – I am okay and you just sit here my sister and aarohi you also sit…
Aarohi -but lips bleeding is coming and your palm is cut with glass and you are saying us to sit even you get most hurted..

Sanskar – just stop your nonsense Swara Malik and get lost from my mansion
Swara -(in calm way) I am going Mr Sanskar gadodia just few minutes you get yours new property papers and why I am that you don’t want that…
Shekhar – Swara Malik because of your family I am controlling so it’s better to get lost or other wise I forgot everything..
Swara – just have some patience uncle..
Sumi – don’t dare to call us auntie and uncle is that clear clear you murderer
Ragini get in anger -Sumi mam with out knowing any truth how can you say murderer to my Swara….
Laksh – Miss Ragini maheshwari for your kind information a kill any innocent it is known to be murderer (by smirks to Swara)
Aarohi was going to say something but just then Swara signs Ragini and aarohi not to say anything to them…
Arjun – Mom look this is known as a perfect crime parterners in any situation they listen there boss or I say killer
Swara – well thank you arjun for this appreciation but this called sister bonding…
Sanskar – yaa blo*dy sister bonding…

Aarohi -just shut up sanskar don’t utter a word other wise…
Sanskar – you kill me like your sister who used to kill any innocent…
Swara -finally Mr Dixit you come..
Mr Dixit hand overs some files to Swara and her security guards were holding one man with them everybody in party was looking everything in shocked
Swara – here is your party return gift… Mr gadodia
Sanskar holds the files and he was stuck to read that files what was written in them was really impossible for him…
Sanskar -what the f**k!!!!!!it is impossible
Swara – why what happened Mr Sanskar gadodia you are not happy with your gift (calm voice)
Arjun take the files from and started he was too shocked by reading that files…..
Shekhar – what happened arjun and sanskar just tell me???
Sanskar – dad in this file is written our whole property and bungalow our everything belongs to Swara Malik even the we are wearing belonged to Swara Malik… But how it can be possible…
Swara – and now the time for another gift Mr Dixit just play the video

Mr Dixit Play the video on the projector screen in which the whole matter of that night was shown where Raj was dragging Roshani then swara slap him how Ragini and aarohi begging for Roshni and where Swara have to put that gun because of Raj As he put the gun on Adarsh head just then how Swara couldn’t shot Roshni and how Roshni jump from cliff (but the part where swara shoot Raj was removed as per said by Swara) just then police encounter the guards………..and everything

Sanskar, arjun and Laksh was shattered and shocked that what was happened that day and because of Roshni Di Swara didn’t want to rescue his own brother…..
In that party all went to guilt….

Swara – wait Mr Sanskar gadodia third gift that Man who gives you this video
Man kneel down and said – yes sir I was the Man who have taken this video and I want to take revenge from Ragini maheshwari as she insults me one press conference so I removed that remaining part and send this video to you by getting your number with my source and send this video police officer too but he didn’t take and you also were didn’t do anything so I went black mail Swara Malik but I caught and now I am in front of you…
Swara -Mr Dixit leave him and give the job in my company for shooting
Mr Dixit -but mam..
Swara -discussion is over Mr Dixit Now you can leave and him to hospital
Man -am sorry mam (bent down in his knees in front of Swara)
Ragini – I am sorry Mr.. Because of me you did this..
Man – I am sorry mam not you

Aarohi – okay now you go
They left the place reporters too apologize to Swara Ragini and aarohi then all bussiness associates after that all persons were gone…
Swara looked at sanskar who seeing down in full guilt
Swara -Mr gadodia don’t worried I am not going to take your property it just trailor I think you have understands …..just then she tears the paper of property which was held on then she takes the property papers which sanskar was holding.. And said I think now I should tears this papers too as I am full bussiness minded so I don’t do anything in which I don’t get property …..
Ragini – Swara we should leave
Aarohi -yaa we are getting late…

Swara – wait first I congratulate uncle for his company thirty years completions…. Uncle congratulations and sorry for spoiling your party but from next time you didn’t see this murderer face in front of you….
Shekhar in guilt hold his hand -beta I am sorry please forgive us please beta please
Swara -in one condition
Sumi come near to Shekhar and said -“what condition ”
Swara (with a smile )-I want to eat dinner and it will be made by you auntie because Ragini and aarohi have told me about your master chef cooking….
Sumi (with extreme happiness) -yaa surely beta come and you two why are standing like statue Ragini and aarohi come inside and Shekhar you have to help me today in kitchen
Shekhar -of course darling!!!
Sumi and Shekhar goes inside the kitchen

Ragini – Swara what are you??
Aarohi – I mean what is it??
Swara – firstly call me Sammie and secondly I have not come to upset uncle and auntie so now forget everything and please guys behave normal
Ragini – you are too good my sister
Aarohi -I love you my sister!!
Swara – then thanks me because of you two are getting food otherwise we will get the food that kaka who used to decrease spice as per instructions of bua!!
Ragini -well yes mom is so strict but Sumi mam Not….
Aarohi -well I too agree
They three of them became Normal and then Sumi comes with first aid kit and called Laksh
Sumi (in anger) -go and do your job
Laksh “he can’t say anything because he fully in guilt so he just nodded his and move towards girls with first aid ”

Swara see him and call him -“hey Doc please come fast as it is painful “(friendly way)
Laksh comes near her and sits then started bandaging his wounds then he gives some medicine to Swara then he goes to aarohi but she was irritated by him but for Swara she was not saying anything allowed him to treatment …..then at last Ragini was left but she goes to Sumi room to change as dressed was torn so she have to change but she forgot to lock door but then Laksh come there he stopped seeing her changing and goes outside by shutting the door she felt that it was only Laksh but she didn’t say anything to him….
In the hall
Sanskar was sitting in chair that what he have done and arjun was also in same layer of guilt just then Laksh also joined them….
Laksh decided to break the silence..
Laksh – we have to apologize…
Arjun -yes apologize
Sanskar -but how??
Laksh -wow sanky when it was time of revenge you were making plans like terrorists now time comes for apology you expecting us to make plans….
Sanskar -lucky so what I never planned for apologizing
Arjun -but I know how to make apologies with Sammie
Laksh (with smile) -Hey boys we are taking nicknames of each other..
Arjun -only you two have nicknames don’t involve me
Sanskar -we can talk about this but what we have done it was terrible….
Laksh -she will never accept my apology

Just then girls come there
Swara – actually I have come here to say that I don’t want any more drama so I have forgiven you three and please kept this matter over hear
Laksh -thank you and I am very for my word
Swara -please Laksh we are strangers for each other so let’s keep it simple….
Arjun -sorry Swara I know this word is small but I am really sorry
Swara – listen arjun I said I am accepting your appology and now I don’t think we are not friends and not even enemy so forget everything
Arjun -yeah sure!
Sanskar who was standing there comes near…
Sanskar -I am sorry Swara what I had done that mistake it’s not like to take apologies but please forgive me….

Swara -Mr Sanskar gadodia I never felt bad for your scolding me and we don’t know each other much so why will I angry on you and you have done in sisterly love so please I have already forgiven you….. Okay people I have some work so I am going and said bye to uncle and auntie…..
Ragini – then I am also coming!!
Swara -no noo I mean you stopped here and yaa I am not going to maheshwari mansion so you and aarohi go with each other okay bye….
Aarohi -but..
Swara -bye bye
They all were confused on Swara behavior….
Sanskar was feeling bad because Swara have said that he is nothing for her….
Arjun -I am sorry aarohi (by holding hand)
Aarohi – OK I will forgive you and but it will be good if behave as strangers
Arjun -yaa surely (in sad tone)
Arjun -I am sorry Ragini
Ragini -its ok arjun I am also forgiven you three…
Sanskar -I am sorry aarohi well we can not be that best friend like before but..
Aarohi – no Sanskar we can’t be friends also so please
Laksh -aarohi I sorry please forgive me….
Ragini -so we should leave…
Laksh -but atleast have some dinner….
Sumi called everyone for dinner but she find swara missing there and asked -‘”where is Swara “‘?
Ragini -actually she have some important work so she left!!
Sumi -but….

Aarohi -don’t worried auntie she is like that only….
Then they all go for dinner and aarohi and Ragini went to their mansion…

IN Ragini room
Ragini -aarohi what you think!!
Aarohi burst out of laugh and said -“finally we are out of that rubbish matter ”
Ragini -but I am not going to marry with lucky!!
Aarohi -well he don’t love you so what matters to marry him!!
Ragini -yes I also thinking to talk to Dad and tommorow I am not going to resign from his company now I will only concentrate on my modaling career!!
Aarohi -and now what arjun have done I am not going accept him as friends also so now I am also going to involve in my company…

Ragini -well yes but wait where’s Sammie
Aarohi -yaa she runs from their she is okay or not….
Ragini -but we should not because she is the lioness Sammie
Aarohi -yeah

Scene shift to Malik’s mansion
Swara in her living room
Mr Dixit arrived there and said -mam Mr Adarsh gadodia goes London for meeting one patient in city hospital and patience names is Miss Roshni gadodia
Swara was shattered that she can’t believe that Roshni Di is alive whether she was very happy to know this and take the files from Mr Dixit where all the details was written she came to know that Roshni Di was in coma from last five years and now she get conscious and she is coming back to India….
Swara – Mr Dixit Now you leave
Mr Dixit goes from their and Swara was full of happiness but she knows Adarsh bhai is going to surprise us so she is not going to spoil surprise of Adarsh…

Scene shift of Mumbai gadodia mansion
Sumi runs to hall to call his sons..
Sumi screaming -sanskar Laksh arjun!!!
Sanskar come listen to voice -what happened Mom!!???
Sumi in worried tone-“‘your dad Shekhar woh “‘
Laksh and arjun also comes there
Laksh -what happened to dad mom???
Arjun -let’s go to his room!!

They all rushed to Shekhar…. Shekhar was unconscious laksh come near him he checks and then take his equipment to check him….. And give him one injection…
Sumi -Laksh what happens to Shekhar??
Laksh -Mom don’t worried actually dad was in stress because of today incident so that’s why his bp GEt low and he get unconsious but I have given injection so he will be fine tomorrow..
Sanskar -lucky today you stay with dad..
Arjun – yaa if want anything so you stay here only!!
Sanskar and arjun come out of room and Sumi also come there
Sanskar -Mom we really done this much wrong wrong to them that Dad also angry with us..
Sumi -no beta actually he was missing Roshani and because of Swara today after so much he get out his pain…..
Arjun – and now I lose my best friend the precious bestie …..Mom really this is good punishment god have given me to be as strangers with my best friend and aarohi!!
Sumi -don’t worried one she will trust you again now you both don’t hurt anyone you get it….

Next morning
Mumbai airport
Roshni -finally adarsh I am back to my city my family….
Adarsh – here is our car so let’s go to your house..
Roshni -yes I am very excited…!!!
They both went to gadodia mansion…

At gadodia mansion..
Roshni and adarsh reached they both were entering the mansion but no one was in living area as everyone was in Shekhar room
Roshni see one servant and call him just then Adarsh went inside to call everyone…
Servant -yes ma’am
Roshni -where is everybody??
Servant -what I tell you mam every one is in Shekhar sir ‘s room as he get low bp and yesterday what happens just because of that madam!!
Roshni -what!! Because of whom… Just tell me clearly….
Servant told Roshni that part when Swara was taking property of Shekhar and all his things and even insult him !!
Roshni – tell me who was that (in high anger)
Servant -her name was Swara Malik
Roshni – what Swara!!

Servant -she is living with Ragini mam in maheshwari mansion..
Roshni goes from their in rage and rush her car….
Where Adarsh and everyone comes down stairs to look for Roshni but she was not just then Sanskar asked his servant where is Roshni who just few minutes before!!
Servant told them everything!!
Laksh -you fool what you have you are fired!!
Arjun -we have to stop Roshni Di she is in anger!!!
They all rushed to maheshwari mansion…

Scene shift to maheshwari mansion..
Swara was just entered in house by doing her jogging she was fully sweating where Ragini and aarohi are having breakfast with Ap and Dp …
Dp -Sammie come join us!!
Swara -coming bade papa..
“stop there you Swara Malik “a voice came from behind her she know it was her Roshani Di…. Where Ragini and aarohi stand in shocked and happiness
Ragini -Roshni Di u r alive wow!!
Roshni -Ragini I will talk to you later but first I have to talk with Swara Malik
Swara turned she looks at her she’s anger but why she didn’t understand!!
Aarohi -what happened Di??
Roshni -I said aarohi I will talk to you all later!!
Roshni come towards Swara make a tight slap on her face every one was shocked Adarsh ,sanskar, arjun, Laksh, Sumi and Shekhar just arrived their and look on..
Dp -how dare you to slap my daughter !!he was going to scold her but Swara signs him no so he keep quiet..
Roshni -how dare you Swara Malik to insult my father my family as and snatch their property what do you think of yourself ha!!
Swara -Roshni Di u r misunderstanding me!!!!
Roshni -I have misunderstood because of you my father got low bp because my family suffered and you are I am misunderstood
Swara -Roshni Di listen me once
Roshni -stop your nonsense you know what how you know the love of father and daughter because you Miss Swara Malik you always used to run from your father but now I am glad that that your Dad Omkar Malik is now free from you other wise when he see you yesterday then he will again die in felt of guilt…… You..

Swara (shouted) -just shut up don’t dare to utter a word
Roshni -what you think that…
Swara (loses her temper and now in full of anger) -I said shut up Roshani gadodia otherwise you’ll regret that why you get conscious back from five years and how dare you to take name of Mr Omkar Malik from your blo*dy tongue you know my dad then how dare you to comment on my and his relationship firstly I have not taken your father property otherwise this time family would be on road and next time if in your dreams you tried to say against my relationship with my father then I make sure that you will again go back to coma but this time no doctor of London or any country used to treat you and believe me I will make sure Roshani gadodia!! I will make sure and she turned to upstairs just then she stopped and turned back to her with full red eyes and anger and said “this I didn’t reply your slap but next time eyes are shown me then you don’t need to explain what should I do with you!!!!
She go upstairs in her room…

Every one was shocked by this shade ofSwara which has nobody have seen for some minutes no body say anything Roshani totally get scared and knees down and shivering just then Adarsh and his family holds her and make her sit on sofa and then Ragini give a glass of water to her just then Shekhar break the silence and told Roshani everything she listens everything but she is in scared and shivering…. She said Adarsh this girl was not our Swara who is she if me and Swara have missuderstanding than she always used to solve with calm but this girl was it… She is only looking like swara only but I have to apologize her….
Just then Swara come down stairs every one was staring at her but she ignores as and directly goes to Dp….
Swara -bade papa I am going to Malik’s mansion so that no one disturb here!!shall I go….
Dp – Swara I have to talk to you please come with me….
Swara – bade papa I know what you want to talk with me about scolding Roshni gadodia but bade I am not sorry!!
Roshni stand and goes near Swara -“Swara I am sorry I am really sorry because of me don’t leave your house “‘

Swara (with arrogance) – excuse me Miss Roshni gadodia who are you that because of you I leave my house so don’t interfere in between me and bade papa and yaa about your sorry I have accepted it now don’t you dare to come closer to me you get it and she turned to bade papa and said “this bade Papa many people are there so I will meet you at office”
And she goes from there by rushing her in anger and comes to the park where she have there guitar with her and she started singing and playing guitar her eyes are wet full of tears and anger…..

O.. Yahin doobe din mere
Yahin hote hain savere
Yahin marna aur jeena
Yahin Mandir aur Madeena… x2
Teri galiyan… galliyan teri, galliyan..
Mujhko bhaavein galiyan, teri galliyan
Teri galiyan…galiyaan teri, galliyan..
Yuhin tadpavein, galliyan teri, Galliyan…
Tu meri neendo me sota hai
Tu mere ashqo mein rota hai
Sargoshi si hai khayalon mein
Tu na ho, phir bhi tu hota hai
Hai sila.. tu mere dard ka
Mere dil ki duaayein hain..
Teri galiyan… galliyan teri, galliyan..
Mujhko bhaavein galiyan, teri galiyan
Teri galiyan…galiyaan teri, galliyan..
Yuhin tadpaavein, galliyan teri, galliyan..
Kaisa hai rishta tera-mera
Be-chehra phir bhi kitna gehra
Ye lamhe, lamhe ye resham se
Kho jaayein.. kho na jaayein humse
Kaafila.. waqt ka.. rok le..
Abr se juda na ho
Teri galliyan… galliyan teri galliyan..
Mujhko bhaave galiyan teri galiyan
Teri galiyan…galiyaan teri galliyan..
Yuhin tadpaave galliyan teri galliyan..
Teri galliyan..

After song Swara closed her eyes and a voice come “‘what you get from this music this guitar and that your unusual bike what will you get”‘she opens eyes fully tears and said “yes Dad you are right this music is nothing but please dad forgive me……..

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