It’s not revenge it’s love swasan (a way love to revenge)” he only hates us!!”” Episode 12

Scene of Mumbai… Maheshwari mansion..
At midnight…
Ragini – Sammie…. You like Sanskar just tell me n (in excited way)
Sammie -well my Ragini doll I have only met him twice not more than so don’t you dare think me like you….
Ragini – Hey it is not my mistake I fall for him….
Sammie – well I can’t believe that you and aarohi for them who only wanted to destroy us…!!!!
Ragini – you know Swara this is called love…
Sammie – okay just think if we never caught the proof than what!!
Ragini – then…. Me and aarohi lose our love….. You lose your friendship and aarohi lose his best friend…
Swara -well yeah… But Ragini what if never about their plans generally when I thought it I little bit scared…
Ragini – if Roshni Di has not us their family members photo then I used to thoughts that lucky is seriously love but he don’t,,, he only hates me…. Swara (a tear comes on her cheek)
Swara – Ragini be strong!!! Well you know this all when lucky have not even met…. You… That he hates us….. The three of the brothers hated us…..
Ragini -yes Swara but I don’t understand why you say me to pretend Laksh that I want his company…
Flash back shown…. Six months before…
Ragini was sitting in the farm house of gadodia….. Laksh is sitting beside her…
Ragini – okay my sweet friend please me one cup coffee…
Laksh – you are so lazy Ragini…. I am not going to make coffee for you….
Ragini – please lucky….. With innocent face….
Laksh – I am coming…..
Laksh goes to the kitchen…. Ragini take call of Swara… On phone
Ragini -hey Sammie why don’t you call me this time…. I am with Laksh gadodia….
Swara – well that’s good now listen to me I have one plan but this time don’t ask me anything just do what I say okay….
Ragini – what plan??
Swara -listen when Laksh will be behind you act that you are talking with lawyer and you have to pretend that you want his company Sanlak!! And that sake you have joined his company….
Ragini -but it is not true…. What for this he already hate me alot…
Swara -please Ragini do this I will explain your all questions…..
Ragini -okay….
Then go towards park… Where Laksh see her goes towards her to give the coffee… But she was not with someone so he stops and tried to listen….
Ragini – hello lawyer uncle!!! Yes don’t worry I have joined Sanlak company in few months I will came to who have the power of attorney of that company so by betraying I will get the signs of him or her but for that I have to do the acting…. Okay I will call you later I am with Laksh gadodia………
Laksh who was listening all back forward and goes again to the kitchen and with coffee and didn’t pretend any things and they both enjoy the coffee….
Flash back…. Again to Ragini room… Maheshwari mansion midnight
Swara – actually Ragini on that time I wanted confirm that Laksh is with their brothers or not but when you told me that he didn’t react then I became sure…. About this…. He is also with them and from last 6months he wanted to make you fall for him but he gets failed… When he comes to your on that day and you started to mummers so that he can listen and feel failed that he didn’t make fall for him to you…… But actually he also don’t know that how much you love him….
Ragini – well yes Sammie I love my lucky….
And phone rings… It’s aarohi… They make video conference so that they can talk better…
Aarohi -Hey Sammie and rags… Guys I am so happy to see you both after long time….
Swara – well aarohi first you tell me about your dangerous date with my best friend lawyer…..
Aarohi started blushing….
Ragini -someone is blushing like newly married Bride…
Aarohi -no he did not crossed his limits…
Swara -Hey I want to know each and every thing…
Ragini and Swara gets excited than aarohi tells them everything….. About date, kiss and song…..
Aarohi -guys…. I wish it should be real but all was his fake love but I am also happy with his fake actually when his fake love is like then how should be his real love…..
Aarohi, Ragini and Swara….. Started thinking after a while they three gone to their dream sequence ..where sanskar, Laksh and arjun are standing near the cliff….. Arjun was black suite… And Laksh was jeans and jacket of black color…. And sanskar was wearing black non collar t shirt over it he wears black coat… They all are so much handsome…..
And aarohi, Ragini and Swara was wearing red Saree with different designs blouse……
Sanskar start singing…. To take Swara IN his arms
Janib (Duet) Lyrics
Lailwo Mein Jind Vechhke
Je Meraa, Sajan Mill Jaaye

Aaye Jaaye Dil Teri Janib
Aana Jaana Lagta Hai Waajib
Ishq Mein Tere Dil Hai Musafir
Bhula Dhadkane Teri Khaatir
Hai Yeh Waaste Tere Haazir
Ishq Mein Tere, Dil Hai Musafir

Then Laksh take Ragini in lake they were playing water then come closer to each other… Laksh started singing….
Neendein Bhi Le Gaye Mujhe
Yun De Gaye..

Laksh, arjun and sanskar sings….
By looking in to thier love ones…

Aaye Jaaye Dil Teri Janib
Aana Jaana Lagta Hai Waajib
Dil Musafir Hai Tere Ishq Mein (twice)

Arjun and aarohi was on bench with full of ? roses… Petals and his head was on lap of aarohi…. And he started singing…

Din Dhadakne Lage Hai Tujhme
Saans Lene Lagi Hai Raatein
Kal Talak Lafz Bhi Nahin The
Aaj Hone Lagi Hai Baatein

Swara who was hugging Sanskar… Started singing…. With her aarohi also the same line by kissing the face of arjun….

Din Dhadakne Lage Hai Tujhme
Saans Lene Lagi Hai Raatein
Kal Talak Lafz Bhi Nahin The
Aaj Hone Lagi Hai Baatein

Laksh sings by lieing on the top Ragini…..
Meri Tu Hogayi, Tabhi Toh Kho Gayi

Ragini started singing….
Aaye Jaaye Dil Teri Janib
Aana Jaana Lagta Hai Waajib
Dil Musafir Hai Tere Ishq Mein..Hooo

Sanskar is holding swara by pinning her with the support of and kissing her on forehead ……

Aaye Jaaye Dil Teri Janib
Aana Jaana Lagta Hai Waajib
Dil Musafir Hai Tere Ishq Mein

Then all couples besides each other and holding each other….. And boys started singing by benting down the knees in front of theirs love and take their hands and started singing……

Binn Tere Ye Jahan Ab Nahin
Tu Hai Jahan Rabb Hai Wahin
Tu Hai To Hai Mayene Mere
Warna Koi Mera Matlab Nahin (Twice)

Yaadon Mein Hai Tu Hi
Khwabon Mein Hai Tu Hi

Aaye Jaaye Dil Teri Jaanib
Aana Jaana Lagta Hai Waajib
Dil Musafir Hai Tere Ishq Mein..Hoo
Aaye Jaaye Dil Teri Jaanib
Aana Jaana Lagta Hai Waajib
Dil Musafir Hai Tere Ishq Mein (Twice)
Then they make love by holding each other……… ******//////**/******

Just then some body is knocking Ragini room ‘s door…. And they all came back to their senses but smiling and there faces are bright… Again they listen knock….
Their smile is vanish….
Ragini -oh god now this who have came….
Swara -Hey just don’t worry I will go to your washroom and you go and… Open the door…
Aarohi – I am also going offline…
Ragini go to open…. The… Door… And she said -mom what happened you want something….
Ap with anger face – go and call her from washroom and come down…..
Ragini looks at shocked but then nodes her head and go to bring Swara down stairs….
Swara – what happened who was knocking…
Ragini -just come with me down stairs… With out any questions…
Swara understands and go with…
@the hall…. Dp and Ap was standing with their angry face… And adarsh has gone to Singapore for business meeting..
.Ragini and Swara come but they..both are looking down….
Dp -miss Swara omkar Malik what you are doing in my house….
Swara -sorry Mr maheshwari…
Ap (Now with anger voice) -Now you both stop it and Mr huppy for you just show your anger but always joking….
Ragini, swara and Dp start laughing…..
Swara – sorry maasi (auntie)
Dp – you know n my sweetheart that I can’t be strict with my Sammie…..
Ragini -yes mom you know n dad and my sister Sammie they both can never be serious in front of you……
Ap -Now you three of them made one group not bad….. But swara I am angry with you….. Well you just do not to meet us only you do the video conference….. Last five years I have not seen you…. And after death of bhaisahab and Bhabhi….. I thought you come here for some time but were fighting with your inner pain well I think you do not considered me as your mom…. Right….. With teary eyes sit on the bed…..
Swara come near her and sit down and put her head on Ap lap… And said -maasi I know that time I should come to but I don’t want to become your weakness and I know that time dadii was so much depressed so I just make happy mask on my face so that she could be Happy…… And started holding the command of business….. But you know n all this should not be happen if you and bade papa (Swara consider Dp as bade Papa) were not with me and not supported me……
They both started crying….. The whole seen was so emotional so to change environment…..
Dp -oh god Ragini someone was saying that she don’t like emotional seen (pointing to Ap)
Ragini – yes daddy when I was crying then she didn’t hold me like this (making fake emotion face)
Dp -come my baccha only we both can understand each other….
Swara – maasi you are right they both are fully dramebaaz and now their drama has become so much impressive…. And
Ap and Swara started laughing on their childish behaviour….then also join them…. They spend some family time with each other….
Swara – maasi….
Ap -hmm… Swara
Swara – dadii has said that she wants her daughter with her on the barsi of Mom and Dad….
Ap – but I thought she is angry with me….
Swara – no maasi she just wanted the time… To be strong….. But now she want her daughter and son in LAw with her….
Dp holding the hand of Ap -ofcourse we should come and tell your dadii that I fed up with her daughter…. (in naughty tone)….
Then they all went to sleep…
But Swara and Ragini was still awake and connecting with aarohi… And they tell her everything….. They all started talking about their childhood ..
.many fun things…
Aarohi -Hey Sammie and rags I just forgot to tell you guys the plan of the three of them…..
Sammie -but how you know…
Aarohi -well when arjun…. Was busy in his singing then I put the microphone on his shoulder and when I offline I go to his and started talking about these two years just then slowly I take the microphone and then after some come from there…..
Ragini -nice move gulaabo…..
Aarohi – just don’t call me that only my bestie sanky called this name….. Hey wait Ragini some one is smiling…..
They both look at Swara… And started making fun of her…..
Swara -Now send me the recording… Aarohi
Aarohi send the recording after listening all the plan…. Swara make another plan….. And Ragini and aarohi agree…..

Precap – what was in the chip!!???… What was the plan….???
Ragini shouts -swaaaraaa….

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