It’s not revenge it’s love swasan (a way love to revenge) “I am going to India ” Episode 6


At Venice 5pm Arjun cabin
Swara -arjun all the are in this file and mail me all the important documents… Okay
Arjun -I can’t believe this that you are ready to go India and I know you very well that what dadi had given the reason… Is not made possible that you goto India.
Flash back shown
Malik company at 11am Conference hall
Dadii -Swara you are goingto India for 2months so please make this blast that you always do beta ..
Arjun -dadii I know you are right but we can leave her for another deal
in any other country……
Dadii-no arjun! This only swara will be dealing…. .
Arjun – but you want I will go there in place of her..
Swara -yaa dadii he is right he can go..
Dadii -no means not at all as this project was dream of your dad and for this he had already made so many to give it his best and I want his dream project is only done by her…… Is that…..
Arjun -but why only in India…..and… He juststop by Swara sign…..
Swara – dadii I am going tomorrow only and I will my dad dream reality in which city. He wanted to start the project….
Dadi – Mumbai and arjun give you all the details of this project and Swara your dad last wish was this project !!!
Swara -yes dadii and I would made this project superb by which when dad looks at me from far he feels proud of me…

Flash back ends

.again back to present Arjun plce
Arjun – Sammie just tell me the truth that why are you going to India….??
Swara -really arjun you are doubting at your Sammie… (with dangerous smile) .
Arjun – stop your drama now tell me the truth…..
Swara -Now I get it that you are my real friend and you know me better … Actually dadi was telling a lie about that dream project because I know all the details of dad project and he never told me about this project…. This file was has taken birth by dadi’s hand…..
Arjun – what but how you know that filed was made by dadii….
Swara -(smiling) -because dadii is the only in this world who writes “is” as “ij” okay…
Arjun – sammie you are clever then if were the lawyer then my career was finished….. If you know all this then why you say yes…. To dadii.??
Swara -because when she was busy in emotional blackmailing to me then I was also busy in mobile to find next bike race in which country and I got it!! It was in Mumbai so I thought to act as the flow …..
(by devil’s smile)
Arjun -and I was right that you never do any thing inwhich you couldn’t get the profit… are perfect bussiness woman
Both starts laughing……

Scene shift to Mumbai
Maheshwari house
Adarsh -mom I know something about rags….
Ap -what happened Adarsh! (not giving attention to him as she was seeing the pics of last party…..) oh god they look good with each other…. I wish…..
Adarsh – who Mom and with whom …….
She shows the pics…….. And adrash start laughing………
Ap -what happened to you…. I am showing the pics of raglak and you are laughing…
Adarsh – control his laugh… Mom only this I wanted to talk to you…. And he started telling all the things which happened after they left…….
Ap – what are you serious…. I’m so much Happy for her….
Dp come there as he was listening from far their conversation…..
Dp -actually I am also thinking to talk to shanku…..
Ap – ya but first we have to irritate to rags so that she with her own mouth said that this is true…….
Adarsh – yes mom you are right…..

After some time….
Ragini come down with unknowingly smile (she was wearing black top with short jeans and her hair were tired as she was too hot)
Ap- good morning rags..
Ragini -good morning mom.. Dad and Bhai …..with quite smile and go sit with Dp….
Dp – I want to ask you about your marriage (fake serious tone)
Ragini gets shocked….. To her self
…oh god I have to tell them about lucky and me otherwise… .. .
Ap – yaa we have got some marriage proposal and adrash give her photo
Adarsh – take it sis… And give her photo
Ragini with out looking at photos
Ragini – I can’t marry with anybody else….
Adarsh – but this Man is good and belong to such nice family… And they are our business colleges…

Ap – and why you don’t want to marry…
Ragini – in shouting said…… Because I love lucky and I only marry him…
They all started laughing….. Ragini get confused….
Adarsh – we know Ragini and we are just pranks you….
Ragini – but how you all know lucky have told you…
Adarsh – no ……when your knees were paining I was there….
Ragini – What???

Flash back shown
Yesterday night @the party hall
When Ragini was proposed Laksh… Adarsh was standing there behind the pillor as he has forgotton his mobile but when he takes back from counter he…. Has listened some familiar voice and when he moved towards the was like shocking but he understands the situation and go back from there….
FB ends.
Ragini eyes him fake anger and too started laughing….
Adarsh – you should see the photo atleast…
Ap – just look at of which you are breaking the heart..
Dp – but I am sure if you look at pics you can’t reject it…
Ragini – noways dad I have rejected him and I will not marry him but if all I can see unlucky fellow face….. And she get shocked… It’s lucky photo…
Adarsh – oh god he is your darling lucky oops sorry unlucky fellow…
Dp Ap and adrash started laughing and Ragini too join them……

Scene shift to Mumbai gadodia mansion
Laksh – Sanskar come we have to reach there at evening not tomorrow…. In teasing way..
Lucky, Sumi and Shekhar was sitting in the car but Sanskar have come not coming they for him last 15min
Shekhar -let’s go he came..
Laksh – why are u so much late..
Sanskar – sorry guys but I was finding my phone…
Sumi – okay come sit…

Shekhar – wow dudo is calling me.. Wait guys……….
Shekhar -hello dudo (Dp) what’s up..
Dp – shanku (Shekhar) I want to tell you something and he narrates the whole seen…. So you please come to my house…
Shekhar – yaa man coming.. (in extreme happiness)
Call over
Sumi -what happened where are we going?? Shekhar
Shekhar – because of this Laksh I have to meet with Dp and adrash but by looking down not looking into their…… Just you all and yaa I don’t want any conversation in whole time so please….
They three get worried but don’t talk and Laksh was in so much confusion…………… Sanskar was thinking what Laksh had done…..
Sumi.. Just everything will get fined……. The whole time they all in silence….. Shekhar… Wow I can’t believe my son is going to marry as he shouts they three of them look Shekhar…..
Sumi – who is going to marry?????
Sanskar – what are you saying??
Laksh – dad Ragini have told you….
Sumi – what is going on can any body please tell me !!!!
Sanskar – Laksh what Ragini have told??

Shekhar -I know this will happen that’s I don’t talk to you all….
Sumi – Shekhar stop the car and tell me the whole matter now ……
Sanskar -yaa dad please and you Laksh too….
Shekhar told them everything…. And then lucky also told……
Sanskar and Sumi gets happy…..

Precap – here I am again in India…. ? Sweet Home ✨
“”Sanskar not again. “”

Credit to: Aryna

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