It’s not revenge it’s love swasan (a way love to revenge) “Flash back friends ” Episode 17


Okay guys I want to again introduced the characters roll so that you all don’t be confused
Arjun -is RK of madhubala
Aarohi -is madhu of madhubala
Roshni -was in iss pyar ko kya naam doon as sister of arnav and there was her name Anjali
Adarsh -is ranveer “Rv “of meri aashique tum se hi
Rest are the characters of swaragini
Guys thanks for your comments and you know I getting encouraged by your comments so that I write continue for whom who wants my ff…… So a big thank you to them and yes guys now onwards if you have any doubts about character or drama just comment me I will clear your all doubt…. So let’s begin our Flash back in Spain where Adarsh and Roshni have arrived and waiting for adarsh sisters…..
Roshni -I must say adarsh your sisters are so punctual even then from my as they usually late one hour but your sister are three hours late and we both have ordered ten cubs of coffee in this….. With a irritating smile
Adarsh -I know but they always do this so I am habitual
Roshni -okay then now what….
Adarsh -I think we should leave….
Roshni -well finally you think….
Adarsh -please don’t taunt me yaar it’s not my fault
Roshni -u r actually right….
Just then three sports car arrive making horns…. Just to signal someone..
Roshni -what this irritating sound….. Oh god please stop this
Adarsh -my sisters have come….
Roshni -what…
Adarsh -let’s go you will meet them then u realize
Roshni -Now I am getting that your sisters are too just like my brothers..
Adarsh -well we will discuss it but now we have to leave other wise soon every body ear get blast……
They go out of the restaurant and seeing the three cars where Roshni was amazed to see them but Adarsh was angry and looking at them….
Adarsh -come out you three now…
From one car Swara came out after that Ragini just then aarohi… Making their puppy faces.. ….but Adarsh started scolding them….
Adarsh -when you three will behave as literate person look at your self…. You all are behaving like junglee means seriously you three are mad or what we are waiting for you from last three hours and you three not even apologizing to us…
Swara-I am sorry bhai and stop one second who is she no no I am telling she is your darling I mean girl friend not bad at all bhai making fun of him…

Ragini -oh god she is so pretty good choice bhai
Aarohi -well what’s your name bhai’s girl friend
Roshni was looking at Adarsh with anger….
Adarsh -she is not my girl friend…
Swara, Ragini and Aarohi get sad but just then one idea strikes in Swara mind (it will be displayed after some time )
Roshni -yes I am not her girlfriend…
Swara -well again sorry for misunderstanding you both by the way myself Swara Malik…. But all my friends and families called me Sammie…
Roshni -nice meeting you Sammie my self Roshni gadodia
Aarohi -but you are looking the same age of Adarsh bhai…
Roshni -yeah I know I elder from you three… But we can be friends..
Ragini – then we have to give you respect… So we called you “Roshni Di ”
Swara and aarohi say yes it’s sounds good but bhai don’t mind she would not be your sister so don’t take tension…..
Adarsh – you swara….. I have to pull your ears…
Roshni -having eyes full of tears….
Aarohi -what happens Di you don’t like that we are calling you di
Roshni -no it’s not like that I love it but I just recall my brothers…
Ragini – then we Have to house so shall we
Roshni -but I have to go in my flat so guys bye
Swara -wait Di you are saying that you will stay alone in Spain inspite of having family
Roshni -but Sammie my brothers don’t like if I stay anywhere alse..
Adarsh -come on Roshni nothing will happen even that you will be safe..
Roshni -but my brothers
Swara -okay dial on your brother mobile I will talk to him…
Roshni -Sammie don’t take trouble because of me..
Ragini -that’s it first we will going to house then decide to where to stay…
All agree with Ragini… They all went from the airport and goes to house I mean bungalow
In a bungalow
Roshni -you all are insisted me that much so I am ready to stay but I have to talk to my family…
She excuses goes to the balcony to call sanskar as he only think first from mind then from heart…..
Roshni :hey sanky how are u…
Sanskar :I am fine and you I mean you reach there safely
Roshni -yes sanky… Sanky I have to talk to you something…
Sanskar -yes Di tell me
Roshni tells him everything……..
Roshni -what I do samky
Sanskar -you want stay with them..
Roshni -yes

Sanskar – just stay but first I have to talk to that girl what’s her name…
Sanskar -yaa di Sammie but in alone so you give her mobile then go from there
Roshni -but what will you talk
Sanskar -nothing just only about your food and medicine
Roshni -okay wait I am giving her phone
After some time Roshni give Swara phone and tell her that every thing then she goes from there…
Swara :hello
Sanskar -hello
They just listen there hearts are beating increasingly first they feel that but think that it’s illusion but they don’t know it’s not illusions it’s destiny who made them only for each other they are their soulmate…

Swara came back to senses -hello it’s sanky
Sanskar -yes and you Sammie
Swara- yaa right
Sanskar -thanks Sammie
Swara -why are you thanking me
Sanskar – u know I thought that after going to Spain Di used to be cry for missing us but now you all are with her thank you so much
Swara -hey sanky she is also our Roshni Di we can this much for her
Sanskar -Sammie you are such a great girl I should meet you once
Swara -I am also glad to meeting you sanky you are so sweet
Sanskar -well thanks
Swara -shall be friends
Sanskar -but never seen me and asking for friendship
Swara -friendship is made by heart not by face
Sanskar -okay then just be friends
Then they both started chitchatting with each other even they are talking for one hour and they didn’t realize just then some body taped swara shoulder it’s Ragini
Ragini -Sammie come yar from last one hour you are chatting in mobile now how long
Swara -I coming in five minutes..
Ragini goes from there and Swara again started talking with Sanskar
Swara -OK sanky bye I have to go all are calling me
Sanskar -wait please send your number or otherwise how we will talk
Swara -okay I am sending
Sanskar -bye Sammie
Swara -bye sanky
They end the call…..
Swara walking towards dining table and thinking why I am feeling so good after talking with him oh god what is happening to me then she walks towards dining table sit beside Roshni and return her phone..
Ragini -Roshni Di you are going to design the dresses for me it’s so cool
Roshni -okay now you all tell me what are
Doing in your lives
Ragini -well Di I am modal its my first modaling assignment and I am doing coarse of interior designer
Roshni -Hey even my brother lucky is also doing interior designing coarse and rather than that he is doing medical
Ragini -wow its sound good
Aarohi -Di I am doing business studies… And its my last year after that I will join uncle company as intern
Roshni -wow you know aarohi my brother arjuu just completed his llb and now he is seeing some company to join as intern
Adarsh -it’s so coincident Roshni that your brother and my sisters are doing something thing same…
Roshni -yaa Adarsh it’s strange n
Swara -nothing strange in this world Di all is planned by god
Roshni- Sammie you didn’t tell me what you are doing
Swara -di I am also doing business studies
Roshni -wow well sanky has joined this year our company

Then they all have thier dinner went thier room to sleep
In Spain at night Swara phone is ringing
Swara -hello who is calling me at night
Sanskar -sorry Sammie I didn’t realize that there is night..
Suddenly Swara sit on her bad
Swara -no sanky no problem I thought company call
Sanskar – how is Roshni Di
Swara -she is fine and sleeping in her room
Sanskar -well it’s good
Swara -you didn’t tell me that you are new joiner at your office
Sanskar – oh Roshni Di told you yes Sammie I love that place my cabin the files all the things I love them
Swara -wow…
Sanskar -Now you tell me something
They both started talking after 2or3 hrs swara went to sleep but Sanskar was still awake
Sanskar -hey Sammie you are on phone I think she’s slept so good night Sammie and have nice dreams
Call ended

Time was passing like wind they all are happy with each other adarsh and Roshni started feeling for each other even sanskar and Swara also getted close but they not even seen each other and they know that they have started feeling for each other, Ragini and aarohi was busy with their work, Roshni Ragini Swara aarohi share special bonding with each other, Roshni trust adarsh completely but she don’t know the name of feeling that because she trust him so they all are with their strange feeling it’s mean “love “but they all are not understand that after nine months over only ten days are remaining for the ending of contract of Roshni after that she will left home but Adarsh and Roshni both are becoming restless……
In the hall
Ragini -guys we all have a party tonight so get ready
All are feeling relaxed after listening the word party and then started dressing for party after half an hour all gethered but Roshni was not there adarsh was continuously staring at her room suddenly gates open his eyes get stunned after seeing her he was not able to move his eyes but then he came back to reality after listening cough as the three sisters know everything thing about his feelings and it was there plan to make unite today….
Swara -Di you are looking hot
Roshni -Sammie
Ragini -seriously Di this backless mine skirt is looking so much s*xy on you
Aarohi -today all eyes on you at party
Adarsh comes forward -Roshni you are looking nice
At the first adarsh complement Roshni
Roshni -thank you adarsh
Ragini -let’s go
They all reach to party many people were only looking at Roshni in them one of man Mr Raj singh comes towards her and ask Roshni for dance
Raj -hey you hot lady would like to dance with me
Roshni was thinking that Adarsh would ask as always but she sees him talking with another girl and smiling with her and she get jealous
Roshni -yaa sure

They get to the dance floor started dancing very closely but Roshni was totally uncomfortable with him just then Adarsh sees her dancing with Raj closely and he get jealous so much that he can’t control it he was holding glass which breaks into pieces in his hand and he goes towards bar to wash his hands when he comes back back with bandage he just staring at them with anger and jealous
At dance floor Raj suddenly pull Roshni dress rope which was only the thin rope protecting her body not shown to anyone she just then move back and hold her dress from front she don’t what to do and adrash wonders every thing that happened there Roshni was standing like statue but no body don’t see her as there was loud music and drinks no body matter that what is going on…. Raj was taking his feet forward to Roshni but she was in shocked so she don’t see that suddenly lights off
Roshni feels like someone is closed to her she moves forward just to save virginity she was literally crying but not making sounds a voice came in her ear voice -“you trust me “it was adarsh…. Roshni get and said yes I trust u Adarsh just then Adarsh touches her back she was feeling intense than he tied her rope and moves from there and makes all lights on then everyone again was busy in their work …….
Roshni and adrash looking at each other but just then Raj singh comes and hold Roshani arms with tightly Adarsh move towards him to give the punch but he then heard a sound it was” slap”
Roshni give a tight slap on Raj face Adarsh was smiling.. Raj goes from there in anger.
Adarsh -wow yaar
Roshni -u know Adarsh this type of people needed this treatment
Adarsh -but now you don’t spoil your mood
Roshni -well I am not
Adarsh -I have to say you something
Roshni -yaa go ahead
Adarsh – not here today at cliff near our bungalow I am waiting for you at 11pm
Roshni -okay
Then Adarsh leave from there and Roshani know that today is the day when she is going to have her love……
All are busy but Swara was only busy to try the call which was busy for the whole day of sanskar
Ragini -what happens Sammie just come n we have dance
Aarohi -yaa lets go
Swara -u know I don’t like party dance n all so you two go enjoy I am here only
Ragini -OK come aarohi we rock the stage
They both go but swara was only feeling restless because sanky (sanskar) was busy somewhere else……
Finally call connected
Swara -hello(in angry tone)
Sanskar -Hai Sammie (casual tone)
Swara -where were you I was trying your phone last one hour and the whole day your phone was busy and when I messaged you why you don’t reply….
Sanskar feel that she was worried but then he thinks why she was worried -Hey sammie I was busy with Ria she is my friend and employ of the office
Swara -(felt jealous) oh then why are you talking with me you should carry on with your new friend Ria
Just then one man taped swara shoulder…
Swara – yes
Man -you are so beautiful would like to dance with me
Swara -I didn’t like to dance
Man -then we can hang out
Swara -let me think
Man -if you are interested then come near bar
Man goes from there but Sanskar was still on phone
Swara -hey sanky I am sorry I think I have overreacted
Sanskar -Sammie who was the Man
Swara -oh that Man he was just asking me for hangout
Sanskar (in fearing tone) so you are going to him
Swara -what noways
Sanskar (feel peaceful)-okay now tell about your day
Then they started their casual talk

Precap -at the cliff

Credit to: Aryna

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