it’s not revenge it’s love swasan (a way love to revenge) Episode 49


Scene shift of maheshwaris mansion..
Swara goes inside and saw her dadii lying on bed lifeless where Laksh was doing her checkup and Roshani, Aadarsh and RAGINI was panicking…
Swara – Laksh everything is okay…?? Worried tone..
Laksh -actually No Swara dadii is fainted because of her depression and if she get any stress again then she can go in coma…!!
Swara – what!!!!! Are you out of your mind she is My dadii nothing can happen to her get it!!! Holding his collar
Laksh – calm down Swara just try to understand she is suffering from her daughter death and we all know how she was attached with her…
Ragini -Swara come with me!!
Ragini takes swara to her room..
Swara was panicking she can’t take it anymore..
Ragini – Swara don’t worry Laksh is taking care of Nani..
Swara – but Ragini if anything happens to her then I will die (sobbing continously)
Ragini – listen to me she is Anuradha Malik and very strong woman and we all know that but now she has been broken completely because of my so called mom and this time you have to be strong for her understand it Swara Malik!!!!! I am going to Nani and you only come there if you be strong Swara Malik not any crying and broken Swara!!!
Ragini left from there where Swara get the Ragini words but her tears were not stopping..
Sanskar and Arjun had come to mansion after finishing that bomb blasts chapter but they get another news of dadii health ……and they both know this time Swara needs them..
Arjun – Sanskar you go to Swara she needs you..
Sanskar nodded silently and moved towards RAGINI room..
But here when Arjun comes to Aadarsh room he gets another shock which was really not going to be good…!!!
Laksh helping dadii to sit where Aadarsh, Aarohi and Ragini were laughing and Laksh was saying -‘”dadii show some mercy to Swara she was really crying because of your health and here you were laughing on Swara… ‘”
Anuradha Malik – what Laksh!! You all know if I have not done this drama then how could I am going to make her emotional blackmail for marriage because Swara and sanskar both are not going to be married…

Ragini – but Nani if Swara came to know then !!
Anuradha Malik – oh don’t be negative!! Be positive I know my plans will work after all I am her dadii…
Aadarsh – but Nani why this drama she was really panicked and crying…. And scared too!!
Dadii – you are saying like this that you don’t know Swara Malik her plans were always do some emotional seen and very much hurting but it is payback time and I want you all just help me to get them married!!
Aarohi -but Nani why so sudden!!
Dadii – because in some days she is going to back Venice after that we can’t do anything!!
Laksh – okay then mission is on ‘”Swasan marriage ‘”
Ragini – Nani how you came to know about Swara and Sanskar??
Dadii – but credits of this mission goes to Aadarsh beta because he had told me everything about that farmerhouse incident…
Aarohi, Laksh and Ragini was giggling because they know if sanskar and Swara came to know then only Aadarsh is gone!!!
Arjun who was witnessing the seen like audience silently moved from there and goes towards Ragini room ……to look for Swara..
Ragini room ‘”
Swara was feeling better after Sanskar’s consoling and they were hugging when Arjun knock the door…
Swara – hey Arjun how is dadii Now!!
Arjun – alright!!
Sanskar – let’s go to her!!!
Arjun – guys can we talk..
Swara – what happened Arjun!!??
Arjun – I want to marry Aarohi… Next week what you think.
Swasan- what!!!!

Arjun – yaa I mean me and Aarohi will settle our life and then kids.. Our life will be complete!!
Sanskar – listen if you want my opinion about marriage than it is big No no no !!!! But it’s your life…
Swara – I agree with sanskar!!
Arjun – hey but why you two are against of marriage!!
Swara – because of my mom and dad married life!!
Sanskar – because of my mom and dad adjustment and compromise..
Arjun – listen Sanskar our mom and dad are happy and in every relationship there we have to adjust and compromise for each other happiness and love… And Swara uncle and auntie marriage was not a marriage it was planning nothing else …
Sanskar – Arjun that’s OK you want to marry just do it but don’t ask our opinion it will not change…
Swara – and we both are happy with out any marriage.. So please..
Swara and sanskar goes from there…
Arjun to himself – I think dadii is right and now I am also with her you both have to value our culture and marriage and next week it’s you two marriage is going to be held…
Aadarsh room..
Swara was sitting beside dadii holding her hand where sanskar was standing beside swara….
Dadii – Swara beta can you do one think for My happiness..
Swara – what dadii just ordered..
Dadii – I want to see your marriage..
Swara – what!! No dadii you know I can’t..
Dadii – please beta I am begging you please..
Swara and sanskar look at each other while others were giggling and silently appreciating dadii acting…
Sanskar nodded Swara to say yes and squeezing her to leave everything on him where in all these drama shekhar and Sumi also join but Arjun was the only one who they also don’t know that he have joined their team to make them marry..
Swara – OK dadii I am ready but my marriage will be with sanskar..
Dadii- I don’t have any problem beta..
Sanskar – I am also ready but I want court marriage with swara…
All agree but Arjun was feeling fishy..
Sanskar take Swara with her out side of mansion..
Swara – so what are you thinking!!
Sanskar – listen that court marriage will be fake I will arrange all documents and when dadii health will be good we said her truth that we both are not married it was fake..
Swara – great plan !!!
Sanskar – I know but don’t involve anyone..
Swara – OK..

Arjun who heard everything ….Now he gets another plans to take over Sanskar’s plan..
After five days… In court room all were standing swara and sanskar were smiling because of their plan..
Arjun – guys here your marriage register.. Do the sign..
Sanskar – but Arjun I have already informed my lawyer to prepare marriage document and he will be comming…
Aadarsh – but what is problem in this documents just sign it…
Swara and Sanskar was now hell worried but just then media also arrived…
Swara – who called the media..
Aadarsh- I have called them..
Swasan – what!!!
Aadarsh- after all it’s Sanskar gadodia And Swara Malik marriage..!!
Swara and sanskar were giving horrible expression to Aadarsh..
Arjun – sign it Guys..
Dadii – Swara sign..
Swara and Sanskar unwillingly signed on their marriage document and exchange their garlands …
Flashback ends…

Present reception..
Swasan was cursing Arjun and Aadarsh for all this drama…
Laksh – really man now they both are married..
Aarohi – yes… Always be happy guys..
Ragini – trust each other in every situation of life..
Roshani – become strength of each other..
Aadarsh – always be each others in sadness and happiness..
Arjun – and love each other always…
Swara and sanskar nodded their head..
Swara looking at sanskar – I always be with you..
Sanskar – I make every moment of our life mermerizing…
Swasan – I love you…
All were happy for them after so many pains they got their happiness…
Swara whisper sanskar – don’t do anything to them I am happy for us..
Sanskar whisper to Swara – I was also thinking same because of all of them we were with each other I got you completely you are mine… And I love you..
Swara – I love you too Sanskar!!

They both were together and happy ……thanks guys for all of your love and now this revenge and love story ends… But I will be back with another ff or you say another season because in our life we can’t be happy forever you know what I mean!!!! Bye.. But please tell me you want second season or another ff… Your friend Aryna.. And I am sorry if I dissapointed you in ending… But you all know that in every story their is no ending..

Credit to: Aryna

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