it’s not revenge it’s love swasan (a way love to revenge) Episode 44


Scene shift to Pakistan Lahore…
Terrorist branch..
‘”gentle man well you all know that Saba (sudha) is dead and next week is her first death anniversary but she have done sacrifices for us for our mission and our planned will be remain same which she had already told and from last one year we are trained so now time had been come next week you have to plant bombs so be ready to sacrifice your life for our mission ‘”head of terrorist ‘”Ali
‘”Ali janab but who will help us to execute our plan in Mumbai in planting bomb because we all only knows the roof according to maps but it will be difficult to recognize actual places.. And our earlier leader is dead and we don’t about other leader ‘”one terrorist asked
Ali – ‘”don’t worry our another leader is there in Mumbai who is the main planner of all this that person also help Saba (Sudha Malik) for planting bomb in Gujarat but failed but this time we are not getting failure at any cost ‘”(after pause) ‘”Now you all go and prepare for Mumbai after all this time we are going to gift surprises to that government of India ‘”
Second terrorist – so man’s it’s time to start our mission swasan bomb blasts…

All the terrorists together – inkalam zindabad…. Swasan mission…

Scene shift to Mumbai..
Malik mansion study room..
Swara – Arjun we have search maximum group who are involved but all are saying that they have got money from unknown person…
Arjun – yeah there is some one who is not coming in front of us who was involved in your Omkar uncles death and helped Sudha auntie for all this but who!!
Roshani – what!! But Swara only Sudha Malik was leader of all this and after that only one person is left that name is ‘”Ali ‘” but he is now in Pakistan Lahore….
Arjun – Ali who is this??!!
Roshani – Ali was also terrorist and connected with Sudha Malik…
Swara – but there is someone who is commanding plan from Mumbai and giving instructions from last one year I am finding that person but no use that person is very important for us…… But who is that!!!!
Arjun – that video also not use I had tried but in that video only that person back is shown!!
Roshani – which video??
Swara – my father’s murderer who helped Mom in all these we have CCTV footage but useless!! That person had not left any clue!!

Arjun – we have one week and that terrorist have already planned how to enter this city….
Swara – I have informed my goons and police officers to take care of every route but I know that person have planned to enter them!!
Roshani – guys these are the list of events which will be held in next week but we are not confirmed which date!!
Arjun – next week is festive season I mean first it mahashivratri then many fashion show and Bollywood award functions….
Swara – wait a second how could I forgot that!!!!
Arjun – what???
Swara – next week there is biggest bike racing on the same day of mahashivratri…. Di you have information of that event…
Roshani – let me see…. Ya here it is… In this written that along with bike racing there will be concert and name is ‘”Swasan'” weird…
Arjun – what is this meaning ‘”Swasan ‘”!!
Swara – I am also not getting first time I have listened concert name as ‘”Swasan ‘”and weird thing is that bike racing with concert….
Arjun – and now we can say that this is the event in this only bomb blasts will be done…..di who have organised this event….

Roshani – Farak company they are sponsoring the whole event….
Swara – which company is this well I think I heard this company it is the company of Iraq but what it is doing here in they have more profit in Iraq rather than in India…..
Roshani – listen Swara I am going to get another information about this company….
Arjun – but di how you alone… No di I will go and get information about this company…!!
Roshani – no Arjun you have to handle further plans with Swara and don’t worry about me I will be alright I have security…. Okay now I am going bye!!!
Swara – hey Devil don’t worry after all she is your sister….
Arjun – well you are right…. Swara I wanted ask you that on the same day of mahashivratri will be funeral of uncle and auntie….
Swara – I know Arjun that why these terrorists have chosen this date not only because of these events but also because they think that there leader my mom Saba Malik have done sacrifice……but they don’t know that my dad Omkar Malik have also sacrifice his life and I have both blood of Saba Malik and Omkar Malik so I don’t know meaning of losing and I will show these terrorists and that murderer who is Swara Malik….
Arjun – and I know you will do it!!
Swara – let me do one thing….. On phone Swara -Mr Dixit come in my mansion immediately!! Call ended
Arjun – what happened I think you are not going to involve your company staff then….
Swara – you know Arjun on the murder of mom and dad…… Mr Dixit was last caller in Saba (Sudha) Malik Mobile caller list….

Arjun – what the f**k!!!! That blo*dy also involved in this ….why you have not done anything yet…..
Swara – have patience Devil …..because from this blo*dy Dixit only I came to know about about Mom plans and the destiny where they are going to plant bombs ‘”Mumbai ‘” and now I think you should show some your capability….
Arjun – understand lioness!! Don’t worry today I will take care of our so called loyal employee….
Swara – then I am going upstairs see you later.. …

Scene shift of Mumbai airport….
‘”Laksh why the hell we are standing here from past two hours…. I have lots of work and because of you I am wasting my time out side of airport ‘”…..
Laksh – Aadarsh and Sanskar for you both would be wife…
Aadarsh and Sanskar -what!!!
Laksh – don’t be so excited to see them…
Aadarsh – shut up Laksh seriously I have important work so I am leaving…
Laksh hold the hand of Aadarsh and said – no way you are not going anywhere and sanskar please don’t…. Only sometimes my friend flight had board…. They will be here in any moment….
Sanskar – so why you called us if you want you can take extra cars but why we??!!!
Aadarsh – I agree with you Sanskar if you want I will left my car but let me go….
Laksh – actually there is problem don’t know why police officer and cops are checking each and every person without any reason I have asked commissioner but that old man is not answering my any questions… And I don’t want that police interrogate my friends like any criminals…. After all they have come for wedding for My and Ragini wedding….

Aadarsh is shocked where as Sanskar is giving expression like ‘”seriously'”
Laksh – don’t stare me like this…. Please help me Aadarsh it’s your Ragini wedding…
Aadarsh – what the hell Laksh are you out of your mind when Ragini agreed for this wedding…
Sanskar – it’s true Aadarsh actually Ragini agree for this wedding you were out of town so you don’t know anything and this Laksh directly take you here not giving chance you to go mansion …
Laksh – truly sorry Aadarsh please don’t be angry…
Aadarsh – Laksh I will talk to you later…..
Aadarsh left from there with anger face….
Sanskar -Now what happy… Laksh why are you doing all this…
Laksh – what!!
Sanskar – this Wedding … don’t love Ragini then why??!!
Laksh – Sanskar trust me for once I will doing all this only for me and Ragini….
Sanskar – and what is all this your friends can manage….

Laksh – no Sanskar I don’t want that officers interrogate my friends…. And you are gangster so please….. Do something…
Sanskar – offo Laksh you are so irritating but no one can do anything to save me from you okay then let’s go to protect your terrorists friends!!!
Laksh – Sanskar!! It’s not funny….
Sanskar – hey I am kidding ###okay I am sorry let’s go to bring your angel friends….
Laksh and sanskar goes towards the police check line….
Laksh – here they are…. (pointing to some boys)
Sanskar – OK you be here I am coming with them….. And don’t worry…
Sanskar goes to police officer just then one police constable was about to open one bag but stopped by sanskar…. Sanskar rush to officeer and convince him by his gangster attitude… And bring them near the car where Laksh was standing…

Scene shift of maheshwaris mansion…
Ragini – Aadarsh bhai I am sorry please don’t be angry that Laksh is so idiot….
Aadarsh – stop it Ragini how could you…. I am your brother and you didn’t care to tell me about your decision about your marriage…..
Ap – Aadarsh beta don’t be angry because along with Ragini your marriage also done… I have talked to Shekhar bhai saab and he is ready….
Aadarsh – What!!!
Ragini (giggling) – what happened bhai you are not happy… Mom say no to shekhar uncle…
Aadarsh – no mom…. I am ready!!
All started laughing on Aadarsh antic…
Ap – so you two get in evening you have engagement….

Scene shift gagdodia’s mansion…
Roshani – but mom you should atleast ask me….
Sumi – but what is problem roshani you and Aadarsh are together so we two families agreed for you both marriage along with Ragini and Laksh marriage… I don’t want any arguments….

Guys please comment because of your minimum comments I think I should complete my ff in this two episodes… It’s a request…

Credit to: Aryna

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  33. Hi im silent reader of ur ff its really awesome bt make swasan solve d prblm 2gdr n plz dnt make laksh a terrorist plz… And plz update regulary

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