It’s not revenge it’s love swasan (a way love to revenge) “””””What “‘”” Episode 25

Scene shift of Mumbai park
Arjun – Sammie I have to ask you something!!
Swara – hey devil when you started taking permission with me!!!!
Arjun – Sammie you love sanskar!!!
Swara – No!! I don’t love him…
Arjun – Then why you felt secure in his arms….
Swara -what are you talking??? Rubbish!!!
Arjun – hey I have seen your photos of that bike racing between you and sanskar… And when he lifted you too in his arms after your accident then there was no pain in your eyes it was a kind of happiness!!!
Swara – yes I feel comfortable when he lifted me in his arms and he is too handsome and hot with brain so why I can’t have any attractive corner for him!!! That’s it…
Arjun – well Sammie I am also hot and handsome with devil brain so don’t you have any soft corner for me (in flirting toned)
Swara (too flirty) – why you want soft corner this full heart is your my arohi’s handsome!!!
Start laughing while looking at his expression which is very funny …..oh god…
Arjun – hey don’t tease me otherwise..
Swara – otherwise.. (Run towards swing)
Arjun – just wait I teach you. .

They both were running behind one another as they are like that they are just same but Swara is too dangerous from Arjun and Arjun know this!!!!
Arjun -hey shall we go!!
Swara – yaa why not!!
Arjun -so come we will going to my house….
Swara – what but you you know what happened today then I don’t think so your family is going to welcome me!!!!!
Arjun – you don’t worry just come with me!!
Swara – okay then let’s go!
Arjun – I thought you will do some melo drama but wow you have guts!!
Swara -if your compliments are done then we leave!!
They both leave to go gadodia mansion…
Scene shift to gadodia mansion
Sanskar room
Laksh who was standing and listen the whole thing what sanskar was saying to himself about Swara and then start laughing but in slow voice…
Sanskar -oh god where is Arjun when he will be back.. Suddenly he listens a voice “‘oh god someone preparing to propose one girl!! Oh god not girl lioness “” sanskar turned towards his door and it was one and only Laksh
Sanskar -what lucky??
Laksh -so you love Sammie I was right…!!!!!
Sanskar – yes I love Swara!!
Laksh -but sanky she even didn’t reply you and how will make her to feel for your love!!!????
Sanskar – that’s why I am waiting for Arjun his best friend!!
Laksh – if arjun also love Swara then what!!!!

Sanskar – so first we ask him that he loves Swara if he also love then. …….
Laksh – then if he also loves Swara so you back off for him!! Wow now I will see some sacrifices in my home it will be fun when you call Swara as Bhabhi! =!=! What a twist!!!
Sanskar – hold on Baba lucky!! Who said you that I will do that crab sacrifices and that for Arjun!!! Noway even if he have tough competition with me and ya never said that Swara will be my bha….. I even I don’t want to take that word!!!
Laksh – but sanky what about Roshani Di that now she is scared of Swara!!
Just then Roshani come and said -“‘ hello Baba lucky who said that I am afraid of my Sammie “‘
Sanskar – finally Di you come otherwise he is in the mood of destroying my love life with out bulid it….
Roshni – what you meant???
Laksh – it means small girl “‘he loves your sammie but if arjun also love Sammie then we will be enjoyed to the fight between two devils”‘
Roshni – I have undertood the things one thing Sammie is going to have more fun “‘
Sanskar – what Roshani Di without helping me you all are just teasing me!! Let leave this topic now tell me Di what you are thinking about that property of Australia!!
Roshni -which property??
Sanskar -Di you know after Dad only you see the business offers but because of your absence dad see the total thing and I only assist him!!
Roshni -but Sanskar I am not interested in this business and office and I am going to say dad that he give this responsibility to you!!

Sanskar – Wow Di you are thinking that after coming back you back off with office!!! Noway Roshani gadodia!!
Laksh -yes Di you don’t have to leave office is that clear and after marriage you will see both office work of gadodia and maheshwari..
Roshni – but guys please!!
Laksh – No only for your insistent we give you one year for your hobby fashion designing but now you have to come back to your place IN office…
Roshni -okay doctor Lucky!
Laksh – well that’s better…
Sanskar (stammered tone) -yaa..
Then they enjoy one another company they have some goodtime after that they come downstairs…… At the same time arjun and Swara also came their…. Every one was shocked to see Swara their as well happy…
Arjun – woh mom last time didn’t eat your food so I bring her here to eat after all the food is made by my mom…
Swara – Hey Arjun don’t say that you bring me actually auntie I insisted him to come here….
Sumi – Swara I know beta you are telling truth but this naughty Arjun… And takes arjun ear
Arjun – mommmm….. Its paining please leave… Sammie bachaoo..
Swara – noway my devil

Laksh ,Shekhar, and Roshani also come there but Sanskar go back to his room..
Roshni – Mom please leave my brother please…
Laksh – what Di let’s have some fun.
Shekhar – yes lucky is right Roshani let’s have some fun…
Arjun -Dad what you are always you have when mom beat me..
Swara – so what but auntie I am having fun…
Sumi – okay now everybody let’s come and have lunch..
All gathered on dining table… But Sanskar was not there…
Roshni -Sammie now only you are angry with me!!
Swara -actually I don’t want to talk about this and please give me some time to forgive you..
Roshni – I will wait!…
Laksh -Dad now from today Roshni Di is going to join office back…
Arjun – yes Dad I am also wanted to say same Roshni Di you have to join the office back…
Shekhar -well this will be great news my daughter again going to join the office back….
Roshni -but Dad..
Sumi – no but you have to join the its that clear…
Roshni – okay Mom. …
Swara – auntie where is washroom..
Sumi – ram singh come…. Swara beta go with ram singh he will tell you the way…
Swara -OK..
Swara goes with servant and again everyone at dining table started taking. Laughing and having thier family time…

Swara to servant -you go now I will by my own….
Servant goes from there but Swara not going to washroom started going upstairs then reached to a room the door was open… And she moved inside and locked the door!!
Swara – so now what we will do sanskar!!!
Sanskar turned and said – we have to kill that Roshni!!!!
Swara – you are saying this I can’t believe this but we have another plan!!!
Sanskar – what plan Swara!! You and me what not have done to get the whole empire of maheshwaris and gadodia but this Adarsh, Roshni, Arjun and aarohi always come in our way because of them I always used to be as assistent of Roshni gadodia… I hate her… She is not my sister.. She is evil of my life….
Swara – sanskar listen I have started plan to trapped Arjun and then aarohi we will also get trapped so please now control your self…. Just then they listen knock on door…. It was Laksh..
Laksh – so romantic you two are talking… In locked room…
Swara – just shut up Laksh you know what we are talking…. But now you are happy to send your Roshni Di to office…
Laksh – hey Swara just don’t blame me you are saying that if I don’t insist than she don’t go to office back…. Dad, arjun and mom should insist her!!!

Sanskar -hey guys we can’t talk this things here so just met were we always meet and now let’s go other wise they should be doubt on us ……..
The three of them went to downstairs and join all for lunch….
After some time arjun take swara to corner…
Arjun -Sammie don’t worry only one month every thing will be fine..
Swara -yes arjun only one month !!
Arjun – what you say….
Swara – I mean after that we both go back to Venice….
Arjun – yeah sure….
Swara – okay I should leave bye!!
Arjun – yeah bye (to himself -Sammie was sounding weird I have to find out)
IN sanskar room
Laksh – sanskar what we do now!!
Sanskar -I also don’t know but now we can next plan after meeting Swara and her….
Laksh – yaa I will meet you there only….. And now I am going bye
Sanskar – yeah bye….
Sanskar (in mind) -why you come back Roshni gadodia but this you will never coming back and if want your life then you have to give me the property….

Scene shift of Mumbai
@the club
Sanskar was standing near bar…. Laksh was sitting with the glass of wine….. Swara was talking at phone….. Just then one music started at back ground…..
One lady is standing with some back dancers and they are dancing..
Give me give me give me love
And give me more
Lady turns she was Ragini who was minishorts of black colour with devil smile
Thoda sa mujhse love le bhi aao
My lover gave you down n I feeling low
Again and again and again
Laksh started coming close to her and hold her waist with his devil smile
What’s danger, what danger, what danger
Take me down, down, down..(2x)

Take me down, down, down..(2x)
And she started dancing with him closely with some s*xy moves

Aaj dikha de mujhe love karke
O baby bahon mein bharke
O jo bhi socha sapno mein
Woh aaj dikhade mujhe sab karke..(2x)

Tu isaq mera, tu isaq mera
Tu hi meri raaton ka nasha
Tu isaq mera, tu isaq mera
Soya hua jism jaga

Tu isaq mera, tu isaq mera
Tu hi meri raaton ka nasha
Tu isaq mera, tu isaq mera
Soya hua jism jaga

Sanskar and also joined them and started dancing with Ragini… With his dashing charm
That reason that I cannot love no other
(tera pyaar)
This life I’m gonna live it longer
(tera pyaar)
I made a spell girl, I’m down under
(tera pyaar)
I keep coming back for more n more n more..(2x)

Just then Swara came to dance floor and started her hot and sizzling moves just then Laksh come to her and dance with …..

Kaali raaton mein
Crazy aankhon ne chuaa
Kuch mujhko kuch meri saanson ko huaa

Kaali raaton mein
Crazy aankhon ne chuaa
Kuch tez adar lazy saanson ko huaa

Tu ishq mera, tu ishq mera
Tu hi meri raaton ka nasha
Tu isaq mera, tu isaq mera
Soya hua jisam jaga..(2x)

Sanskar goes to Swara Swara holding her waist and wetting her with wine…..

Sardi mein garmi hai
Puri besharmi hai
Jaanam jayaaz jo
Humne woh
Galti ki hai..(2x)

Please dikhade tu gazab karke
Labon ke paas lab karke
Socha hai jo bhi sapno mein
Woh aaj dikhade mujhe sab karke

They dance with full affection and s*xy moves with one another with devil smile yes they are devil’s

Tu ishq mera, tu ishq mera
Tuhi meri iraadon ka nasha
Tu isaq mera, tu issaq mera
Soya hua jism jaga..(2x)

Tu hai meri raaton ka nasha
Soya hua jism jaga…..

After dance they all goes to Terrance sitting with wines looking each other……
Sanskar – you are really s*xy Swara
Swara – well I know sanskar gadodia…
Sanskar – not again we are not in front that dumbs Swara so you can talk with me normally. …
Laksh -but what was that..
Sanskar – what!!
Laksh -in morning in your room you are talking with your self….
Sanskar – well I am not talking with myself actually arjun have kept video recording in my room so that check out that what was I am thinking….
Ragini – what then how you find out…
Swara – it’s simple rags he have that type of which can detect electronic waves of camera and recording…
Sanskar – well you get that that…
Swara – you are telling me that you don’t know me…..
Laksh – but guys our whole plan is spoiled……
Sanskar – yaa I thought that today I make Dad to signature on the property papers of gadodia empire but that Roshni and adrash spoiled every thing….
Ragini – yaa and that aarohi she is what I mean she is day by day is involving in maheshwari office because of Mom and Dad and that my so called brother Adarsh…
Laksh – don’t forget about arjun he is main problem because of him we many times can’t kill that Roshni…

Swara – yaa I remember how we four met in New York that party I was totally frustrated because of Dad and Ragini because of aarohi and you two because of Roshni and arjun…
Ragini – Mom and Dad just forgotten about me that I also have done MBA for taking of business but that time they are only impressed by there loyal son Adarsh what ha they think that I am nothing….. I just wanted to kill that adarsh…
Sanskar – and yaa Roshani how she was totally taking of the bussiness I mean how can Dad trust her so much…
Laksh – yaa that whole world was revolving around Roshni and Arjun… I was just fed off with them…
Swara – and we make plans to kill Roshni, Adarsh, Arjun and Aarohi.. One by one and first target was Roshani….
Sanskar – that’s why I and lucky force her to go Spain so that you both make her accident…
Ragini – yaa but eventually on that day when she was coming Dad told me about adarsh that he was also coming….
Swara – and Adarsh he was shadow of Roshni even for one minute they don’t separate many times we made situation to separate them but destiny was not with us….
Ragini – yaa on the party night I have seen Roshani coming back to me so I also go out that Raj grab her but he was totally useless even Aarohi come behind us and take me inside….
Swara – but I saw Raj spiking drink of Roshni I thought he takes her to Terrance where I will make situation so she falls from there but that blo*dy Raj takes her to the cliff I have to follow them because of you sanskar….
Sanskar – what because of me if her death will be murdered or suicide then the company’s fifty percent share gone to charity…

Swara – so then I go there to rescue her but I thought it is cliff if she falls from there accidently then we can win but that Raj spoiled whole plan he made Roshani to do suicide and then in anger I killed that bastard….
Laksh – but first you should do some patience so that he can kill Adarsh and Aarohi..
Ragini – what he can kill Adarsh and aarohi lucky I think you have not listened Sanskar carefully that and that condition also applied in maheshwari company too…
Sanskar – but Swara you made situation so that police considered it accident….
Swara – after going Adarsh and aarohi.. Me and Ragini bribe that police officer so that in front of aarohi and adrash he says the same thing what I have said…
Ragini -yaa but why you sanskar spoiled every thing…
Sanskar – what me after seeing that video I was blank if dad and arjun come to truth then everything spoiled so that’s why I messaged Laksh to take arjun with him and follow me… And after going police station and taking your details when I come out I know arjun will ask me why I don’t file the case but then I get the idea of revenge and because of that arjun don’t utter a word in front of Dad…
Laksh – yaa but why you send arjun to Swara…

Sanskar – because I want Dad alone so that he breaks down and I take the whole bussiness mine..
Ragini – yaa I also after death of Roshni Adarsh will be broken down but Aarohi take care of him and bussiness… I thought because of aarohi.. Adarsh is standing.. But it was that Roshni who was not at all dead….
Swara – but in all of these arjun made my and Dad relationship in good way so I don’t have problems with him but I will not that person who killed my Dad and Mom…
Sanskar – don’t worry now arjun is with you so you will find out that blo*dy murder…
Laksh – hey first time Sanskar you are praising arjun…
Sanskar – because he is best and you that… But when he left for Venice I thought dad will not going to office but Mom made dad that much strong enough that he didn’t react for his daughter death from last five in every situation he just made call to arjun just like I am nobody for him only I have twenty percent shares of company that arjun have thirty percent of shares and now the Roshani have fifty percent shares…
Ragini – when we have planned to kill Aarohi in Dubai but that arjun came their I thought that if Vicky help me then in car accident aarohi will be dead but that Vicky was great friend of arjun… So I drop that Idea ….but then arjun and aarohi started closing with each other… Which was unbelievable…. So to make them separate we play the game of bet and then Adarsh bhai console her and she again started coming office….
Swara – guys listen to me now we don’t need kill them we have tried our level best but it was there destiny so then okay now we betray them make them that much weak that they can’t stand on their place..

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