It’s not revenge it’s love swasan (a way love to revenge) Episode 1


A girl is standing at the stage the surrounding was full of glamour and fashion. She was looking stunning and everyone eyes are on her as she was wearing pink Net Saree then a voice came “she is none other than Ragini maheshwari our show stopper “suddenly one man announced and start moving with her on the ramp. Every one praised her after the show ended their was a party starts where all the fashion celebraties were there of page 3 but was only talking about Ragini and her beauty and just waiting for her.

Just then Ragini came with a lady who was fully dressed in business suit.
Ragini -Mom listen
Ap(her mom) -yaa Ragini
Ragini -first they all were seeing me but now their eyes are on you it’s not fair. You know today I want to be the center of attention but now you become.
So-called relax Ragini beta. You know now
You are acting childish as I said earlier that I had only came because ofsome client and also the organisorof the fashion show had speacially invite us so what I do.
Ragini -it’s okay mom. I was just kidding haa haa and I already know you will come as Sumi mam have told me.
Ap- Ragini I just don’t know why you work for the event company when you are such a success full model.

Ragini -mom I know it but I just love that place and be with Sumi mam is like you are with me and I love that job too and I am successful in it also.
Ap- I think it’s come soon that you will call Sumi mam as mom.
Ragini -someone is getting jealous. Haa haa
Ap-okay okay! I can’t win with you so let’s go every one is waiting for us
Advertising company and reporters started asking questions from Ragini about her next plan so that they should give their offer and represnt her.
Scene shift
A man is sitting in the car and waiting for someone last half hour
Man -OH god! Finally you came Laksh
Laksh -sorry dad I just don’t want to trouble but my driver had taken my to get the equipment for my hospital and I got emergency operation too that’s why I I came late.
Shekhar -OK just sit we have to reach their your mom is calling in every minute. As it my mistake only I told you guys that I am also coming in that party for meeting some clients.
Laksh -dad for helping your son is not crime and I know you just love Mr sanskar gadodia as he does work with you and I with mom.
Dad-is not that so. So don’t spoil my I am already in afraid because of your mom what she do with if I don’t came with on time.
They start going……………
Suddenly a man came in front of their car and Shekhar applied the break………..

Shekhar -what the hell you don’t know how to ask for a lift (by shouting )
Man -sorry but my car tyre is puncture and I don’t have another and my driver had gone to find mechanic so just give me the lift Dad!
Shekhar :sanskar why you all these type of dangerous activity Just gone scared because of you.
Laksh :yes dad sanskar gadodia is just a idiot don’t what will he do with himself one day.
Sanskar -stop it! You too and for your kind information Dad and lucky we are getting late and your wife and our clients are going too kill us so let’s we go.
Shekhar :yaa I just forgot its.
Laksh :because of him wear late.
Sanskar :not becuse of your emergency operation okay!
Shekhar -just let it be! And sanskar come sit inside we have to rush…………..

Precap -what happened why are you crying is everything okay Ragini!!!!!

Credit to: Aryna

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