It’s not revenge it’s love swasan (a way love to revenge) “you are drama queen” Episode 17


Scene of five years before they all means Ragini, swara, aarohi, adarsh, arjun, Laksh and sanskar went to the past from where this revenge- hatred -love -pain have given birth
Flash back which changes thier lives completely..
The mansion is shown in their a beautiful, innocent and bubbly girl is standing in front of temple and doing aarti….. All her family members gathered in front of temple to joined her in aarti….. One boys -hey sanky why your eyes are full of tears???
Sanskar -no lucky actually it is all Because of that smoke which is coming from aarti!!
Another boy -don’t worry u only have to bear this only for today sanky!!
Laksh – I think arjun sanky is not crying because of Roshni Di is going abroad….
Sanky -it’s not like that……
Shekhar -I think you all are here having tears in their eyes and pain in voice… Not only sanky….
Arjun and Laksh stare at each others and then said Dad please don’t let her go…..

& they get sad….
Sumi -Now all boys please stop your emotions other wise she changed her decision….
Laksh -yeah mom you are right
Shekhar goes towards her and say my queen is going to face the world…
Roshni -you all are being emotional than how I go….. My brothers your di will come in just one year so don’t be upset……
Arjun – I know Di but they all started emotional drama not me….
Roshni -arju don’t say it okay…..
Laksh – yaa Di he is lieing yesterday at he have tears in his eyes…..
Sanskar -yes Di I also saw that…

Arjun -Heyy lucky and sanky don’t lie Ok…..
Roshni – I mean you are lieing…. That is why your pillow was wet right…..
Arjun – no nooooo water fall on my when I was drinking……
Sanskar and Laksh started laughing……. Roshni, Sumi, Shekhar also joined them……
Arjun – you sanky and lucky stops there I am coming to tell you who was crying…..
Laksh and sanskar start running….. And arjun was running behind to grab them….. But at last they go behind Roshni…….
Laksh -didu please save us from this lawyer…..
Sanskar -yes Di other wise he will do case against us….. Right Mr arjun the lawyer ……and they both funny faces to irritate arjun…..
Arjun – you both can’t spare from me you doctor and bussiness man…. Just come out from behind out my Di….

Roshni with laugh -stop it you three I don’t know what will happen after me…..
Laksh, arjun, and sanskar hold her mouth and then leave it…..
Laksh -don’t say this next time…
Sanskar -yaa Di other wise I will not talk to you….
Arjun – nothing will happen because you always will be here….
Roshni -look mom and dad they three of them first time agrees with each other only for me…..
Sumi – bcoz they loves you my princess……
Shekhar – well they even love you more than us…..
The three of boys says nooooo it’s not like that “Dad ”
Roshni -well I am going only for one so you three have to take care of yourself and mom, Dad…. It is my order…..
Laksh -yes ma’am….

They all laughed on Laksh childish behavior….
Arjun -you also take care of your self….
Sanskar – I have made all arrangements for your arrival….
Laksh -and yaa you will in my flat not in any Payingguest type…
Roshni -okay I will…..
Shekhar -here is your flight ticket for Spain….
Sumi -and we all are going to drop you so don’t you dare to stop us…
Roshni -but Mom I will with myself why you all are getting trouble for me
They all say stop it Roshni madam….

Scene of airport….
Roshni goes inside airport and sitting and waiting for announcement for her flight….
Roshni to herself oh god my sweet family they love me so much but I know they understand me that my dream are meant for me as I have to be fashion designer and for that only I have sighed that contract……
Suddenly one voice interrupt her from her thoughts…..
Roshni -yes you want something…
Man – yes may I sit here…
Roshni -why are you asking me it’s free country you can sit anywhere
Man -but I can’t sit on your stuff
Roshni see her purse which is covering one seat….
Roshni -I am sorry…actually I have not seen that……. Then she removed her purse…
Man -no problem…. He sits silently
Roshni -so you also going to Spain…
Man -yes I mean every one is going to Spain only as only last flight is took for Spain…
Roshni star murmer with anger -how he can talk with girl like this manner he don’t have any sense…

Man look at him -Hey lady I am sorry if I hurt you but you also think that I am stranger and you also stranger for me so how you can talk with me friendly….
Roshni -there is no body stranger every one is meet to write the new story…..
Man -you are really a good writer… Laughing at her
Roshni -you again hurt me….
Man -Ok I am sorry again….
Roshni -apology accepted
Man -you are unbelievable… By the way myself “Adarsh “and you
Roshni -anyone was saying that strangers don’t talk…
Adarsh -funny!!
Roshni -okay now I am sorry…. Myself Roshni…
Adarsh – so you are going for fashion designing…
Roshni -how you know!!
Adarsh -it’s written on your paper which you are handling…
Roshni -adarsh its bad manners to peep in any other papers with out permmision!!
Adarsh -again sorry
Roshni -well again accepted….
Adarsh -I think I should say a big sorry to you so that in whole trip I don’t have to apologize and you don’t have to accept
Roshni -it is better idea…. Now tell me why are you going to Spain
Adarsh -actually I am going for business meeting…..
Roshni -OMG a bussiness man not bad…
Adarsh -not like that and another reason is going to meet my sisters they have gone there for some work too

Roshni -so you have siblings to not at all bad…
Adarsh – you are saying like that you don’t have any sister….
Roshni -no I don’t have any sister but I have three younger brother which love me so much so I don’t regret god that he don’t give me any sister
Adarsh -quiet impressed…. But you know Roshni I also don’t have any brothers but my three sisters are like my brothers….they are very much important for me…
Roshni -I think we have talked very much about our siblings…
Adarsh -actually yes…. Which company you are going to design..
Roshni -its arzee company
Adarsh -what a coincidence my sister Ragini too join this company as a modal…
Roshni -then it will be fun…. And where are you going to stay…
Adarsh -what!!
Roshni -we should be in touch right… You know what I mean
Adarsh -well I am staying with my sisters in the bungalow of Swara
Roshni -oh that’s cool
Adarsh -and you??
Roshni -I am staying in flat of my brother lucky I mean Laksh
Adarsh -but you will be alone…
Roshni -so what I have stayed many times….
Adarsh -then that fine

Just then announcment held….
Roshni -oh god we have talked so much that when two hours gone I don’t realize…
Adarsh -me too I never talked with any girl so much so let’s be friends
Roshni -wait I am thinking…. Okay
Adarsh -you are drama queen
Roshni -well I am!!
They go to take flight then after six hours journey they reached to their destination Spain….

Precap -meeting of Swara, Ragini and aarohi with Roshni and they as she is Adarsh’s girlfriend

Credit to: Aryna

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