It’s not revenge it’s love swasan (a way love to revenge) “you don’t trust your love ” Episode 10

Scene of Mumbai Malik’s industrial
Swara -Mr Dixit today all the is almost done so I am leaving and yaa don’t forget to mail me all the deals paper.. I have to study them..
Mr Dixit -mam…… Mr gadodia have given this envolope to give you…….
Swara -okay keep it on table and you leave..
Mr Dixit nodes and leave from there……
Swara take that envelope… And open it…
.it was letter and some photos of sanskar and private number… (which he generally don’t give to anyone only Lucky have this number) ..
Swara start reading that letter….

Well hello beautiful Swara…. I know you forgiven me but not considered me as a friend…. So who cares now I don’t want to be your friend now I wanted to be something alse yes you say be majnu or one side love or whatever but I don’t know I feel something special for you… Which I never have but now you will say it’s just affection….nothing as but if it is not a affection than what so why we both have trial….. We can with friendship and then…. But after you and me don’t feel for each other we should go with separate ways so what you think…. As because you are here for months so we can have a start and after a month…. We should have our decision…….. Well if you are agree so come to Mumbai beach at 9pm and if not so tear the letter and think it is dream…. Bye sanskar…..

Swara -he is crazy but I am not interested…….. Then she tears the letter and back to her work……
Scene shift to Paris….. Where arjun and aarohi are sitting near the pool side…
arjun who looking towards the water suddenly moves his head and started glazing aarohi… With full affection and love… But aarohi was not looking him she was on her own thoughts… But then suddenly she feels a touch on her waist then she looked at arjun…. And arjun it and moves his hand because he don’t want to that she again misunderstood him…..but aarohi hold his hand and keep on her shoulder and move her head on arjun chest…. Arjun was fully shocked because he has not expecting this reaction from her….
Arjun – aarohi you want to know the truth…

Aarohi -yeah arjun…
Arjun – but if you don’t trust then how you believe which I would say…..
Aarohi – arjun that time I behave as childish….. But when I listen the conversation of Ragini and adrash I couldn’t believe my self…. Now I don’t know what should I or but I want to listen… Tears rolling from her eyes…. Arjun wipes her tears…..
Flash back of arjun and aarohi….2 year before….. Dubai…
A girl is sitting on luggage…. -Ragini how much time you would called him.. … We are getting late….
Ragini -oh just keep quiet aarohi ….well we don’t know the address of hotel and where is the show would be held I also don’t know… So let me call him….
Aarohi – you are so much phatoo well I have call Adarsh bhai and he have told me to call on this number….. I think it’s of his any friend number……

Ragini – are you mad or what I was standing here from last 10 minutes in this sunshine…. But you….
Aarohi – well I thought to have some fun….
Ragini – Now please mahan aarohi call his friend..
Aarohi – why not… Well he have messaged me his name and number…. Vicky…. The business man… And his number….
Ragini -are you waiting for invitation just calllll himm
Aarohi – calmed down I am calling him…
Aarohi call the Vicky….
Aarohi -hello Vicky!!
One lady (secretary of Vicky) -hello mam may I help..

Aarohi -actually I want talk to Mr Vicky…
Secretary -mam may I ask who’s speaking…
Aarohi – oh am sorry well I forgot to tell I am aarohi Mr Vicky ‘s friend Mr Adarsh gadodia sister…
Secretary -mam hold on I would ask sir….
Aarohi -okay…
In cabin of Vicky… Two man is sitting…having drinks one man who was serving drinks he was Vicky….
Vicky – well only for court case you meet other wise you even don’t show your face your friend Arjun….
Arjun with smile – you know I only go there where I have money…. With his devil smile…

Phone rang…

Vicky – yes…
Secretary -sir your friend Mr gadodia sister is on call….
Vicky -oh I just forgot… Forward her call…
Secretary – okay sir…

Secretary -hello ma’am I am connecting your call to sir..
Aarohi – that is cool…

Vicky – hello aarohi..
Aarohi – hello Vicky..
Vicky – yaa I am sorry I just forgot it… To send my driver
Aarohi – it’s okay…
Vicky – where are you I am sending my car
Aarohi -we are just near the airport in front of it coffee ready meal restaurant is there we are there…
Vicky – okay wait there…

Aarohi -well thanks…
Call ended…
Vicky call his driver but he is not picking up the phone..
Vicky – what the hell…
Arjun – what happened your girlfriend aarohi have come..
Vicky – no not at all she is my friend sister…. And came here for hotel deal and her another sister came for modaling assignment….
Arjun -sounds interesting…
Vicky -don’t think of it they are junglee… Girls… His brother has told me they both are single but totally wild and modal is some how have patience but this business woman is totally mad no one in dare to flirt with them…
Arjun – I like wild animal especially wild cat..
Vicky -well I think you are dreaming… Man
Arjun – hey don’t challenge my ego….
Vicky -okay then you have to made that bussiness woman to fall for you…. As I know you can’t….
Arjun -challenge accepted my boy…. Tell me how many days they are here…..
Vicky- for 10days….and I know this time Mr arjun is going to lose the challenge….
Arjun -we will see… After 10days….at 12o’clock on tenth day she is going to say me I love you…..
Vicky -you are so much confident…
Arjun -well I am….

Vicky -we will meet tomorrow….
Arjun -no I think we should meet them now your driver is not picking up phone so why should not we go meet them and also dropped to their hotel..
Vicky -idea is good so let’s go
They went…. And….
Aarohi -Ragini his driver is coming
Ragini -well finally some good things I had listened from morning…
Aarohi -stop it you drama queen already you look at your last 40times Now again… It is the fact that you are modal
Ragini -baby when I am modal then you are bussiness woman that’s why last 100times you go through your files….
Aarohi eye her angrily…. Then they both started their cute sister fight… All around them started watching and laughing on both… Suddenly they both realise that they are not in their room…. And both embarrass…
Vicky and arjun come… Vicky call aarohi… And said we are out side near black BMW…. Aarohi Watch him and wave her and Ragini too see them both….
Vicky -dude aarohi is too s*xy..
Arjun -thank god she’s s*xy other wise I should have felt bored here…
Vicky but her is too hot like volcano….

Arjun -I am only interested in my wild cat aarohi….
Vicky then turn and see both of them then tell me who’s your wild cat… Actually arjun was standing in front of Vicky and his back can be seen by Ragini and aarohi….
Arjun turns and he sees aarohi… Who is wearing a black shorts and v neck Top of color white and on top of that wearing jacket of black color and also high heels ? boots as accessory she has wear expensive watch…. Arjun got mesmerized by her he is totally lost… It was first time arjun have seeing any girl for so long….
Vicky- arjun bhai come back to the world…..
Aarohi Hai it’s you Vicky…. She is my sister Ragini and me aarohi…
Vicky -welcome to Dubai aarohi and Ragini… And yaa he is my friend arjun….
Aarohi see him she also get trapped by his charm and handsome look but control over her feelings and not shown it….

Ragini -let’s we go… Wait I brought my luggage inside coffee shop… But my hand are paining….
Aarohi -miss drama queen you sit in the car I get it…. Aarohi goes inside…. Ragini and Vicky settle down in the car… Arjun was standing outside waiting for aarohi.. Suddenly Vicky and Ragini gets the call at the same… Vicky -arjun I have to rush man… That my have come earlier….. Ragini -even I also Have to go fast fashion show series has started from today…
.arjun -you both go Vicky u drop Ragini and then go meet the I will drop aarohi to the hotel…. They both rush….. Aarohi come out and see only arjun was there Vicky and Ragini was not there…
Aarohi -Hey where are they gone…
Arjun say everything….
Aarohi -Now how we go even my phone and purse is with Ragini…
Arjun – I will manage….
Aarohi -but how you also don’t have car…..

Arjun -firstly I think you need a water…. They both go to the coffee shop…. Sits there for some time…
Aarohi -arjun what you do??
Arjun -well I am lawyer..
Aarohi – oh well I am bussiness woman and gymtrainer…. And you know I came here to sign up with contract with karma builders of London….
Arjun -oh good!!
Aarohi -so where you stay…. Oh I am sorry I shouldn’t ask this thing.. I mean we met first and I asking you like I came here for dating…..with a lovely smile…
Arjun to himself her smile is making me crazy she is so innocent I mean she is sitting with stranger but don’t worried about anything she is smiling….
Aarohi to her self -oh god what just happened to me I don’t talk this to anyone even my family but why the hell I am talking with stranger so much and with my silly question.. But who cares I just love the he is looking at me… I feeling so much happier but why??
Arjun -I think we should leave as you are also looking fresh so we should!!!
Aarohi -yaa sure but by how we going ???

Arjun on phone …..send my car in 10minutes…I messaging you the address…
Aarohi -you can do this earlier..
Arjun -then how we spend some time with each other…

Aarohi -what!!
Arjun -nothing I was just kidding…
Aarohi -hey can I ask u something..
Arjun -yaa sure
Aarohi -would you like to my friend…
Arjun -I thought we are friends.. They both started laughing…
Aarohi come back to hotel…

Ragini also came….. She was so tired by changing her dress then she sleep…but can’t sleep she was just in thought of arjun which makes her restless…. Then she decided to call him but stop by thinking that what he should consider me as cheap girl !!!!no way I can’t do this type of jerk things…… Suddenly her phone rings it was arjun… Her face become so bright and big smile make her fall in heaven but she control herself…. Pick up the phone…. -hello…..
Arjun -Hey aarohi sorry to disturb you but I was just restless!!,,, oops sorry I mean l wanted to talk to you but if you are disturbed… So that’s okay…
Aarohi -Hey wait I am also feeling restless oh shit what I was saying “you are gone mad “…..
Arjun -I think we both gone mad…

Aarohi -so what are you doing…
Arjun – just wanted to sleep but someone thought don’t make me sleep with a naughty tone…
Aarohi -oh god arjun you are mad… They both talk with each other for 2or3 hours but they doesn’t realise that… Aarohi get asleep… Arjun also… Get.. Asleep
In morning their phone was on and call was not end it’s 10am…aarohi.. Wake up the watch and started shouting… Because of her sound arjun… Also wake up but she see her phone… Arjun on phone oh god whole night I was talking with her…. But wait she’s shouting… Hello.. Hello aarohi.. Aarohi watch her phone and realise that arjun is on phone… She takes the call… -am sorry arjun I don’t see you are on phone.. Arjun -first you tell me why are you shouting.. ..aarohi
Aarohi -my meeting arjun it was on 9am and now it’s 10am.
The client should have left… Now what would I say uncle…. Oh god..
Arjun -just calms down and be ready I am coming to pick up you and don’t dare to ask me the question.. Just do what I had said..

Aarohi don’t ask him any questions and go to get ready… After some time arjun come… And aarohi to come down.. Then she sits and arjun start the car and stop at one restaurant.. They go inside.. Aarohi was shocked because there were her clients was sitting.. She sees to arjun…. Arjun winks his eyes to her then she walks near to them and apologize for her unprofessional behavior then walk out of restaurants…. Her meeting was over after two hours at last her one client said -aarohi you are lucky to have arjun as we thought you are not interested in deal so we goes to airport but Mr arjun have call us and tell us that your both engagement party was yesterday so that’s why you were late….. But it’s okay and congrats then all of them congrats… Aarohi who was standing in shocked but then realized that he has done this only to have my contract.. With them so I am not going to be angry with him but she was also happy that they are considering her as arjun’s fiance… Wow it’s feeling like anybody have made me the princess of world but I came back to reality and walked out of restaurants and saw arjun who was standing with support of his car I was staring at him with full affection and attraction because I don’t know this is love or not so I moved towards arjun.. And said -arjun thank you so much..
Arjun -I thought you are going to kill me for what I had said to them..
Aarohi -I know you have not said this intentionally…

Arjun -so now..
Aarohi -Now I think we should eat something… I am very hungary..
Arjun -me too…
Aarohi -so go to your favourite restaurant….
Arjun -but it is not here…. It is in New York…
Aarohi -I thought you stayed here…
Arjun -no I had come here for one case..
Aarohi -so now where we go..

Arjun -come sit let’s find one of any foody place…
Aarohi and arjun have got one restaurant then they spend their whole day with their company… And started meeting with each other with making any fake reasons …but they both know they want to be with each other…. Days were passing Ragini was fully focus her fashion show and arjun and aarohi with each other… They become so close friends that they didn’t recognize that it was more than friendship …….7th day in Dubai today arjun have his work so he don’t came to meet aarohi.. And aarohi know this and understand that work is important but today she is with Ragini… As Ragini fashion show were over so they decided to shopping and moving with each other…. But Ragini find out that aarohi is not happy….
Ragini -what happened aarohi you are not looking happy…

Aarohi -nothing just feeling sleepy as from morning we are out so feeling very inactive now…
Ragini -just don’t lie with me…
Aarohi -oh you got it..
Ragini -yes I got it…. Now tell me the truth…
Aarohi -well I am missing arjun..
Ragini -wait you aren missing someone oh god it’s miracle……means the bussiness woman aarohi is missing someone the who don’t miss even her mother she is missing arjun oh god this Arjun have changed you so much that you don’t realize…
You are in Love with him…

Aarohi -just shut up Ragini how can you say that I love him
..Ragini -in your case if you are missing someone then you love him because you’re not normal who used love as normal girl do… So just trust me baby you are in Love…. With arjun.. But for confirmation you close your eyes think about that person who are so close to your heart…..
Aarohi closes her and started finding the guy now she’s moving forward near and tap his dream boy shoulder and the face was revealed it was Arjun face… She suddenly open her eyes with tears and look at Ragini and hug’s her… -yes you are write I love arjun….
Ragini -so why you are waiting… Just tell him…..
Aarohi move towards a cab and goes to arjun apartment….

She doesn’t Bell ring with out caring….. Arjun who was getting ready for his clients party ….making his hair in front of mirror get shocked to see the image of aarohi in that first he thought it was his illusions as always he have because he also deeply love with so he doesn’t react and aarohi who was really standing there thought why he is not saying anything… So she went close but after that arjun didn’t react and turn around said to her that you are just my illusion baby as always but now I am not in the mood of romancing with you… So today is your leave…..aarohi who was listening him started laughing uncontrollably and arjun get realized that she is not his illusion..and thought what he have said to her now she’s thinking wrong about me but aarohi was busy in her laughing….. Then stop by looking arjun serious face…. Aarohi -what Happened…
Arjun -am sorry aarohi I was just joking I don’t mean that….
Aarohi -it’s okay arjun…. And yaa you are going somewhere… As because somebody is looking damm hot and handsome….
Arjun who was shocked by her compliments because in all these she don’t use words for him… -aarohi I was going to my client marriage anniversary…
Aarohi -oh I thought you will be free but it’s okay I meet you tomorrow…
Arjun -sorry aarohi but I am going tomorrow….
Aarohi -but when, why don’t you tell me as I am your friend and you are telling me now (with teary eyes but don’t fall as she knows if she got week then arjun thought her as emotional blackmailor )but it’s okay….

Arjun -aarohi believe me I don’t that I should Have that meeting tomorrow it was just after a week… But..
Aarohi -it’s okay arjun I am your just friend so don’t need to give me explanations and yaa good
Arjun who thought that she would say about her feelings to him but she don’t so now he realized that it is one loved so don’t say anything… And just say goodbye Aarohi….
Aarohi goes from there…….Arjun also get teary eyes that she don’t feel for him but he became strong and move towards party….
Aarohi come back to hotel and tells every thing to Ragini….
Ragini -you have done right if he also feel for then he should not going like that…. Okay just come on we are going to our fashion organizer party…
Leave Aarohi -I have not mood so you go I will stay here….. But Ragini is forced her so much so she get ready… But this time Ragini have made her ready… She was damm hot…. And Ragini also get ready… And they both…. Leave.. (well they were not knowing the fashion organizer of aarohi is client of arjun)
@the party
Arjun came everyone was look at and every girls are trying to get him but he was not interested in them so he simply goes to the bar and sit there but he was in mood of drinking so for fake he has just take the glass… But then one started flirting with him… But he was not giving her response….. Suddenly one man said Woh who are they just look man they are too hot…. Arjun turns to see them he was totally mesmerized by seeing his aarohi…. And go close to her… But stop by thinking that she don’t love her.. Aarohi and Ragini… Enter the party well Ragini was knowing every one so she get busy in talking with them but aarohi goes to bar counter and order a red wine.. Then she listens familiar voice and turns to see and arjun was standing there who was also started flirting with that girl….. Aarohi gets so much jealous and insecure feeling so she get close to them…

Aarohi -Hai arjun…
Arjun -Hey aarohi what a surprise you also come in this party…
Aarohi -ysa it’s Ragini fashion organizer party…. And yaa who is this girl..!!! (by looking at him and hoping answers of she is just a friend)
Arjun -for night we are dating each other…
Girl -yaa today he is my boyfriend… So my hot boyfriend will you dance with me….
Arjun -well sure girlfriend..excuse me aarohi I will meet after some time…. And they goes.. And started….dancing but arjun was only looking at aarohi…. And aarohi who was fumes with anger goes near bar and order vatka… But she only take it one as she have to be in her sanses… Then she thinks in her mind -Mr arjun I love you and I don’t care that you love me or not but today I am going to confess it in my way so ready to bear it……their dance was over the girls walk away to take her drink and arjun eyes were continuously looking for aarohi but he finds her and thought she left the party but suddenly a voice came from dance floor… Aarohi who was half drunk have the Myke start saying -ladies and gentlemen.. I am sorry to disturb you but I in this special evening of two couples I want to make it more special…. So may I…. All said yes…. Ragini claps for her to cheer up and arjun was what she going to….. But then he started moving suddenly he stops as she started singing very bad and everybody was laughing on her… Arjun also get anger that why she is making fun of her so decided to go from there as he can’t bear..
It….. But aarohi realise it came in mood to sing seriously….

..aarohi start singing with full passion
Kabhi Jo Baadal Barse (Female)

Pehle kabhi, na tune mujhe gham diya
Phir mujhe, kyun tanha kar diya
Guzaare thhe jo lamhe pyaar ke
Hamesha tujhe apna maan ke
To phir tune badli kyun adaa
Yeh kyun kiya?

Kabhi jo baadal barse
Main dekhoon tujhe aankhein bharke
Tu lage mujhe pehli baarish ki duaa
And aarohi start coming close to arjun….. Arjun who was full shock.. Didn’t say… Again aarohi start….

Tere pahloo mein reh loon
Main khudko paagal keh loon
Tu gham de ya khushiyaan
Seh loon sathiyaa..

aa.. sathiyaa.. sathiyaa..
hmm Koi nahi.. tere siva mera yahaan
Manzilein, hain meri to sab yahaan
Mita de sabhi aaja faasle
Main chahun mujhe mujhse baant le
Zara sa mujhme tu jhaank le
Main hoon kya?

Arjun Now get to know her feelings so he also starts smiling.
Aarohi is continuously singing
Kabhi jo baadal barse
Main dekhoon tujhe aankhein bharke
Tu lage mujhe pehli baarish ki duaa
Tere pahloo mein reh loon
Main khudko paagal keh loon
Tu gham de ya khushiyaan
Seh loon sathiyaa..

Song was over every body praises aarohi for her voice but aarohi go out side sit near the pool by dipping her legs in it…. Arjun also came and say-what are you doing it is so cold and you are dipping your legs in it….
Aarohi -sees arjun and hold his hand made him sit beside her….with out uttering a word…. ..
Arjun also don’t oppose and sit beside her and he dipped his legs in water…. And said -it is cold man….
Aarohi -just wait for some time you should not feel cold we tried to give some time to any one
Arjun who understands her words and said – I am sorry aarohi… I should not behave with you like this in the party… That girl she was not my date we were just doing time pass….
Aarohi -I know arjun …..and I am not asking you for that…. It’s your life you don’t need to give any explanation to me….
Arjun who get hurt again and stand and start going but stop by aarohi hand…. Well I think I again hurt you…. Arjun

Arjun -not at all aarohi you are saying right u r just a friend of mine nothing else…. (with full of pain and anger tone) well you are not my love who used insecure and jealous but you are just a friend of mine nothing else so why you matter my… Explanation….
Arjun who was scolding aarohi…. And aarohi get realized (that he also loves her in mind she was so happy but she wants to say him but he was totally busy in scolding her… Not for a second closing his…. )….
Arjun who was continuing scolding to aarohi then aarohi stops by keeping her hand on his mouth… And come more closer to him… And said -you speak too much but I think I should give you reply for scolding me this time it will be different arjun who couldn’t understand her intention move her hand said -so just tell me!!! …
Aarohi come more closer to him keep her lips ? on him and started sucking it and rubbing his hair with her hand…. Arjun who was first shock then he Also go with the flow he tightens up his grip on her waist and made their kiss more harder… And harder… It was arjun first touch on aarohi they even don’t want to be separate aarohi lips are soft on arjun lips… After some time they released each other of their kiss… And looking intensely in their eyes..
Arjun -it was your answer well I want one more answer…
Aarohi -started blushing… And.. Said… Now should say something… Well wait.. I would say this…. I love you arjun… Till my LAst…breathe
Then arjun was about to say something just Vicky, Ragini and adrash came their…..
Adarsh -how dare u Mr arjun to make bet on my sister….
Arjun -no I don’t the bet was over…
Ragini -I know everything you just trapped my sister…. How dare you..
Vicky -guys listen it was not like that….. We have finished that bet last 5days before….
Arjun -Vicky is saying right…

Aarohi who shocked and broken knees down the floor… And started crying hardly…. Arjun went to her to explain everything but Adarsh push him and said don’t dare to come my sister…
Ragini -let’s go go bhai….
Aarohi -and go close to arjun take his collar and scolded him and said so you won the bet Mr arjun… Be Happy always..
And she goes from there… Ragini and adrash looking at each others with smile and arjun was broken but determined that it was planning of Adarsh and Ragini.. But he could not believe that her love doesn’t trust him so don’t say anything and goes from there!!!
Flash back ends….

Sorry guys in this episode I don’t made the seen of raglak dhammaka and swasan but in next you get …..

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