It’s not revenge it’s love swasan (a way love to revenge) “don’t kill him I begging you ” Episode 18

Well guys Swara Malik is cousin sister of Ragini and aarohi… As Annapurna is Swara ‘s bua not maasi whereas aarohi is also cousin sister of Ragini as Dp is mama of aarohi but she considers him as “uncle “…..and guys I don’t how to give links for previous post so sorry for that but I will try and thank you for unconditional loving my story….. Your friend Aryna
Here we begin the Flash back or I say dangerous night has come when that insident take place that change their lives or I say them completely……
Flash back at Spain
@the party
Adarsh to Swara “yaar my sister help me “Swara say “what happened bhai?? “Adarsh say “Sammie you know “Swara (in teasing tone) “oho I get it so my brother don’t getting idea how to propose Roshani Di “Adarsh (pleading tone) “please my sister help me “Swara say “bhai you know n I don’t know about anything about this love shove so please ask only one person “(pointing towards Ragini) adarsh say “I think you are right only Ragini can help me ”

Adarsh signs Ragini to come here even then aarohi also came their….
Adarsh say “rags my sis please help ur brother in his love life “Ragini and aarohi understoods then Ragini say “bhai don’t worry you just go look in to her eyes with full of love and affection then hold her hand and say it what felt by your heart “Adarsh say “but Ragini if she rejected then what “Aarohi say (angry tone) “bhai u also don’t know her feelings wow great “Swara say “bhai u r seriously stupid I thought u had confirmed her feelings then that’s why you are going to propose her “adarsh say “actually when I saw her in someone arms I thought I will lose her if I this time I don’t propose her “Ragini say “its not big deal bhai u want to know her feelings about you its easy I mean its simple first if she restless when you avoid her second she feels jealous when you complement any other girl third she feels bad if use to harm you and many more things are the symptoms that she loves you now tell me she do this thing “Adarsh say “yes she did I see her when I was talking with other girls she feels restless and jealous that’s why she goes with Raj for dance yes she loves thank you guys I will meet you soon ”

Adarsh goes from there aarohi and Ragini were again go back to their friends but Swara she was shocked by Ragini words about love…..
Swara to herself “I love sanky but how I mean I just talk with him on phone I never meet him how it can be possible but I was jealous when he was talking about his friend what was her oh I don’t remember but who cares and then I was restless when he doesn’t pick up my calls and when he told me about his condition that he have to work hard why I felt bad that he will be tired and he should do rest !!!!why Sammie???? It’s means you love him yes actually you love him!!!! Dammit you love sanky!! Wow I just feeling on cloudnine!!!but wait if he doesn’t love me then what and if he stop talking with me!!! Okay just take long breath Swara Malik and think yes I get the idea now what I will do that Ragini has said to bhai!!! ”
On phone Swara calls sanskar but she didn’t talk to him she wants to make Sanskar jealous so she holds phone by calling sanskar
Sanskar looks his to himself “oh god Sammie I have said her that I am working today so I am not able to call but after that she’s calling OK cool I just pick up her call….
Sanskar pick up the call on call
Sanskar -hello Sammie…
But he didn’t listen any voice then he listens two voices one voice was familiar to him it was of Swara but another voice of one man then he thinks that Sammie has call him wrongly he just was going to be end the call but he listens the conversation of them
Swara taking her phone near the face…

Swara say to man “you are so handsome varun “varun say”oh god Sammie you are also looking s*xy “Swara say “so tell me about your life I mean you have any girl friend “varun say”I just broke up with her one hour before “Swara say “oh so sad varun don’t worry you will get your soulmate soon “varun say “thanks Sammie “Swara say “okay I am coming in two minutes ”
Sanskar have listened their conversation and he was damm jealous I mean at the peak of jealousy and restless he just cuts the phone
Sanskar to himself “how Sammie was consoling that idiot I mean yes he was her friend but that idiot varun he was just pretending like that now just he would be died if Sammie didn’t console him wow great but if that idiot propose Sammie then noways now I have to tell her my feelings I know I love her from that only when I listen her first time on phone and it was also truth that I never seen her but I love Sammie and I can’t lose her I have to talk to her right now….

Swara to herself “wow that’s great but now I have to for his call I think he will cut the call after listening no response but he just listen all the conversation then it means sanky also love me ”
Swara phone rings It was sanky
Swara -hello
Sanskar -hai Sammie
Swara -sanky I am sorry I just look my phone I have call you mistakenly sorry for disturbing you
Sanskar-sammie when you started apologing me I think that idiot varun is taughting you
Swara with surprise -what you say “idiot varun ”
Sanskar – no nothing
Swara – okay tell me anything special
Sanskar -yes you Sammie
Swara -what
Sanskar -yes Sammie I love you
Swara with teary eyed -sankyyy
Sanskar -yes Sammie I love you when I first time I listen your voice I just fall for you and when you care for me I feel special my day was incomplete if you do not say good morning to me and my night was restless if you didn’t say goodnight I know I am talking filmy but it is true when you scold me for not having medicine when you listen my heart with out uttering me a word and when you complain about everything I love to listen that I can talk to you my whole day and I love that so I just wanna say Sammie “I love you ”
Swara was full of tears -I love you too madly my sanky
Sanskar listen her just feel like heaven and he can’t say anything he just want to see her and hugs her….
Sanskar -Sammie I love you I love you very much
Swara -I love you too pagal
Then they started to talk about their feelings…..

Adarsh was at terrace he was waiting for Roshni as he have messaged her to come on terrace…… Roshni come there she was surprised because terrace was fully decorated and there was two chairs with table was kept with candles it was looking amazing…. Roshni walk towards Adarsh who was standing near the table
Roshni -Adarsh it is looking amazing
Adarsh -you liked it
Roshni -I loved it
Adarsh -please give me pleasure to have dinner with you he makes her sit and sits opposite to her
Roshni -we should call Sammie Ragini and aarohi also
Adarsh -no nooo I mean I have to say something
Roshni -yes
Adarsh take a long breath and sat in his knee take Roshani hands and say” I know you are thinking what this stupid is doing now but Miss Roshni I fall for you I fall for your nature for your caring my sisters for your innocence for your cute smile for your s*xy look for your helping nature for your funny doing for everything and I don’t want to lose you I want to fight with you and want to apologize to you and I want to see your face when I open my eyes so now my knee are paining that’s why I can’t drag it so long “I love you Roshni and will you marry me ”
Roshni was amazed what he have said and full of happiness that she can’t utter a word she just her nodes her head in yes…. Adarsh was so happy that he hugs her tightly and kiss on her cheek they have their dinner and share some romantic talk with each other…

But destiny have written something different for them which changes thier lives “Roshni and Adarsh confess their love “and sanskar and Swara also confess each other without seeing each other ”

After some time Roshni goes down stairs to share this good news with Ragini, aarohi and Swara and Adarsh was busy in his phone call so he was just at terrace
Roshni sees Ragini but Ragini was going out so she also follow her to stop her Ragini comes near her car she was drunk and one man far away doing recording of Ragini as she was modal Roshani hold her hand as now she knows that she is drunk
Roshni -Ragini come inside you are drunk
Ragini -di I am okay I was just come here to take fresh air
Roshni -but it is not safe to stay here
Just then Swara and aarohi come outside
Swara -oh god she again drunk not bad
Aarohi -she knows that she can’t handle but she
Roshni -you two stop scolding her and help me to take her inside
Swara and aarohi help Roshni to take ragini inside and made her sit inside
Raj who was was fumes with anger looking at Roshni spite her drink and sign waiter to give her the drink
Roshni was looking for drink just then she takes drink from waitor after having drinks she started feeling restless that she can’t bear it…. Adarsh have come he didn’t notice Roshni he was fully concerned for Ragini and Swara, aarohi was also not looking at her…. Just then Roshni was started taking aback and started moving towards entrance then Raj also follow her outside the party she can’t handle that drink she moving here and there…. She was about to fall but then Raj holds her tightly and started looking at her with lust whereas inside party swara sees that Roshni was not there she looks every where but she was not there then she goes out to for finding her she looks that Raj was taking Roshni in his car somewhere she runs towards them but mis it then she runs towards her car and started fastly to catch them…… After sontime adarsh calls Swara
Adarsh -hey where are you and Roshni
Swara -Bhai bhai woh she tell him everything and tell him the way where she was behind the car of Raj
Adarsh immediately take aarohi and Ragini with him and fastly goes where swara tell him
Raj stops his car near the cliff where his farm house there and started pulling Roshni towards the farm house but Roshni was half consisous so she started hitting Raj but she failed to free from him as she don’t have enough power to free from him…. Swara comes there and run towards them hold the hand of Roshni and slaps Raj and started taking Roshni with her but Raj stops them and hits Swara on her head and say “how dare you to slap me now I am not going to rape this Roshni Now I kill her and then you too ”
Swara -no please no don’t hurt Roshni Di please don’t do anything you want you kill me but don’t her
Raj -oh god this much love but now you will see what I will do
He calls his guards but that moment Adarsh, Ragini and aarohi come there see the whole seen Ragini calls police immediately whereas adarsh and aarohi goes towards them Adarsh hold Raj and started beating him but his guards came there one guard hits on adarsh head with his gun Adarsh felt unconscious and other guards hold Swara, aarohi, Ragini and Roshni….. Now Roshni was having some conscious she started screaming -don’t do anything to them please stop this please Raj you want you kill me but please don’t anything to adarsh please I am begging you
Raj – baby now you are late
Swara -please don’t
Aarohi -what you want you take please dont do anything with bhai
Actually Raj was holding gun targeting adarsh
Ragini -please I am begging you to don’t kill bhai please
Raj-oh god what love okay then I don’t do anything to him but now Swara you have to kill Roshni
Swara -what are you saying
Raj- you have slapped me n now pay for it just hold the gun and target her
Otherwise you will lose your bhai
Roshni -do swara what he is saying please
Ragini and aarohi was full of tears they don’t know what to say and Swara was broken because she loves Roshni and adrash equally and don’t want to lose anyone
Raj-oh swara you are taking time I think you don’t want your bhai
Swara – no noo please don’t do anything to him
Roshni – Swara just shoot me please for sake of Adarsh please
Swara – Roshni Di I can’t I love you di I can’t kill you
Roshni -you Have to swara for adarsh other wise I will jump from this cliff
Raj – no you have to die by swara hand only guards hold her
Raj’s was going to hold Roshani but she jumped from cliff
Swara, Ragini and aarohi shouted “Roshani diiiiiii ”
Raj- so sad but don’t worry Swara you and your sisters will also meet very soon he points gun towards
Ragini and aarohi close their eyes just then they listen the voice of gun shot they open their eyes and sees Raj was lieing and Swara broken on her knees with gun just then minutes police arrived their arrested Raj’guards and check Raj body but he was dead they saw Swara with gun but they investigate that it was self defense Adarsh sent to hospital but Ragini, aarohi and Swara was there only
Ragini -aarohi you go to hospital me and Swara go with police for finding Roshani di
Aarohi -but…
Swara -aarohi go

Aarohi goes from there but one person who have recorded every thing in his camera was standing there behind tree he was that same man who was taking Ragini recording outside the party actually he was rival of Ragini because she has inserted him on one reporter meeting so he goes from there but he have made one video with mute voice where Swara holding gun against Roshni and Ragini, aarohi was standing there but he cuts the remaining man in his video and make the CD and watching for someone who take revenge for the death of Roshni….
Where Swara and Ragini with the help of police watching for Roshni Di but they didn’t find her and police considered her as dead
At hospital Adarsh gain his conscious and find aarohi beside her he stood up by realizing what happens there at cliff before he get hitted
He asked aarohi where is Roshni but aarohi was looking down she don’t know how to tell him but Adarsh hold her and shake her and asked again where is Roshani

Aarohi told him everything…….

To be continued……

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