It’s not revenge it’s love swasan (a way love to revenge) “dil musafir hai tere ishq mein!! ” Episode 14


Scene of Mumbai
Bike racing stadium…..
Swara walk towards them…. Then she sees Laksh sweating face and understand Ragini have started plan…
Swara -what happened Doc!!! Why you are looking sufferings type….
Sanskar – his fiance get kidnapped…
Swara -what!!! (with fake shockingly expression)
Laksh -I have to go!!!
Sanskar drags him side and said -what happened to you now… Why are you overreacting….
Laksh -sanskar she really got kidnapped…!!!
Sanskar -I don’t understand!!
Laksh – first Dp and adrash have called to tell me that she got kidnapped and they are wanting 5crore ….but it was not my plan part… Then I call my hired goons they tell me that Ragini is not kidnapped by them….

Sanskar -it’s mean she really got kidnapped now what we have to find her….
Laksh -yes nobody can hurt her only I have right on hurting her…. But you stay here otherwise our plan will not complete..
Sanskar -but lucky how can I leave you alone…
Laksh -don’t worried I will find her…
Sanskar -okay but after finding her you directly come here..
they went…. Laksh goes from there… Sanskar come near Swara..
Swara -is he okay!!
Sanskar – yaa he will find her…
Swara – he really loves her I have seen this in his eyes but forgot it we should complete this race….
Sanskar -well yes…
Swara -to her self -Now I think aarohi have begin her plan…

Scene shift to arjun in car…..
Arjun – what the f**k aarohi why you are not picking up the phone….
On phone finally connected
Arjun -hello aarohi where are you???

One person – excuse sir you know the lady…
Arjun – who are you?? And where is the owner of phone???
Person – actually the lady who’s phone is this is met with the accident but no one is taking her hospital as it is case of road accident!!
Arjun – what??? Where just tell me… I am coming…
Person -near the andheri bridge….
Arjun -okay I am coming…
Called ends
Arjun to himself -no nothing can happen to you you can’t leave me I know I hate you alot but for hurting you it’s only my right….. He drives… Fast even he don’t care about speed breakers….

Scene shift to Laksh car..
Laksh -where are you Ragini….. Yes how I am so stupid… If Her phone is on then I easily track her….
On phone

Laksh -commissionar sir you Have trapped Ragini phone..
Commissioner -yes and we have sent police…
Laksh -just tell me
Commissionar-but it will be dangerous
Laksh – just give me the address or you want your suspension letter
Laksh take the address and turns his car moved towards it….

Scene shift to Mumbai stadium …..

The bike race was going to be start. …swara and sanskar was staring each other but the no of people who come to see them were eyes on only both…… They both were only waiting for the signal of….. Just then man falls the clothes to the ground which means start…. They both breaks too see in their and started their with full speed…… Their speed was that much high they both like tearing the air…….. Swara was at first position just then Sanskar…… Their Alternate position…… Then Sanskar realized that lake is coming reminds the word of lucky….. Then increases his speed of bike and he sees the so slightly at the corner he moves but after some distance he stops to see Swara………

Now Swara came but she was not in mood of racing at land….. So slide up her bikes front Tyre and then make moves to jump so that her bike came along with her….. And now she was out of danger sanskar looks on but quickly realized it and increase his speed so much but Swara is Sammie so how can she lose in bike race…… She slightly turn her bike at right make her best move….. Of bike……. And started beating the sanskar behind…… And finished the race……. But just then slightly move her bike more closer to ground that she disbalance her bike and she have big crash….. Sanskar looks on …….towards Swara and rans to pick up her…… He just shocked what was happened….. Her whole body is bleeding…… And immediately take her in his arms… And running……

Scene shift to Mumbai andheri bridge….
Arjun went out from his car and look at crowd which is surrounded anybody….. He runs in the crowd pushed every one and his eyes was only finding aarohi…. His eyes stopped when he comes in middle of the crowd….. He sees aarohi lie down on road and from her head…. Bleeding…. But every body was looking at her…. Not even try to call ambulance then arjun goes near her his eyes are full of tears… But he takes her in arms moved towards his car…..

Scene shift to Mumbai
One godown…..where goons were surrounded Ragini…
Police was also came their and Laksh too they succeeded in free the Ragini but then one goon takes Ragini and keep knife on her neck…… Laksh was standing with scary feeling that losing of Ragini…. But just then he moves from the back side goon and take the chair and hit on his head but he sees Ragini falling but he holds her and saw that her hand nerves was cutted by knife and it was almost bleeding so much and felt half unconscious on him….. Just then he takes out his scarf from his neck and tied on her hand…. And takes her in his moves out…..

Scene…. Of ……three of them in shared screen
The three of them looking at their love who was losing their breath……. They ran to their respective car…. And without wasting…. Time they rushed for hospital…..

But the three of boys don’t know that the girls are only half unconscious…. So they can see them……

One song back ground started playing….. Janib (female version)
Screen shift to sanskar car….. Swara was… Seeing him….
Just then song started …and Swara was started glazing him with full affection…….

Paani chhan vicho kaa pita
Ve tere vicho Rab disda
Tenu sajda ee taa kita

Aaye jaaye dil teri janib
Aana jaana lagta hai wajib
Ishq mein tere dil hai musafir
Bhoola dhadkane teri khatir
Hai ye waaste tere haazir
Ishq mein tere dil hai musafir

Neendein bhi le gaye
Mujhe yun de gaye
Bechainiyan.. bechainiyan..

Aaye jaaye dil teri janib
Aana jaana lagta hai wajib
Dil musafir hai tere ishq mein (twice)

Then at Laksh car he was holding Ragini hand… So tightly that he don’t want to leave it…… Ragini seems him……..

Din dhadakne lage hain tujh mein
Saans lene lagi hain raatein
Kal talak lafz bhi nahi thhe
Aaj hone lagi hain baatein (twice)

Teri main ho gayi
Tabhi toh kho gayi
Tanhaiyaan.. tanhaiyaan..

Aaye jaaye dil teri janib
Aana jaana lagta hai wajib
Dil musafir hai tere ishq mein (twice)

Scene of arjun car he with one hand holding aarohi head…. But aarohi was only feel his touch… And started seeing him…..

Bin tere ye jahaan ab nahin
Tu hai jahaan Rab hai wahin
Tu hai toh hai maayne mere
Warna koi mera matlab nahi (twice)

Yaadon mein hai tu hi
Khwabon mein hai teri
Parchaiyaan… parchaiyaan..

Aaye jaaye dil teri janib
Aana jaana lagta hai wajib
Dil musafir hai tere ishq mein (twice)

Scene of splash on the three of girls who was enjoying the condition….. Not even thinking about their accident….
Swara IN her mind says….. “”One of the most amazing things about love is that even if you hate it so much, you can’t easily get rid of it.””
Ragini think -Looking back, it’s easy to see that you’re an idiot when you were in love. You wonder why at that time, you felt everything you did was rational. Love turns irrationality to rationality for a brief period of time.

Aarohi thought -Lying or deceit may be a closer ally of love than Truth

Precap -what was in the chip??? Ragini shouts -swaaaraaa…..

Credit to: Aryna

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