it’s not revenge it’s love swasan (a way love to revenge) ‘”dead ‘” Episode 47

Scene shift of sanskar farmhouse….
It was long night for all of them a restless night a emotional night with lots of pain but only one relief that now no bomb blasting will going to happen….
Swara who was standing at terroce feeling cold breeze and seeing beauty of moon was all lost in this heavenly nature…
‘” looking like someone is lost in nature ‘”a voice came from behind of Swara… Which makes her a little smile…
Swara without turning said – so you are jealous that I shouldn’t feel your presence as always Mr Sanskar …
Sanskar slowly comes and beside her keeping his on her and looking at her with his intense eyes which making her eyes to feel every pain everything that makes them to be separated but now nothing is their to make them separate inspite of their egos…
Swara – Sanskar I am sorry for everything which makes your life hell I know my method of doing anything was hurting you but I don’t have any choice and now I know you were having a lots of questions that why I killed Ap bua and Dp uncle.. Is that I have promised myself that I will take revenge from that murderer and if I waited for their actions then it will be late so I forgot every damm relationship and do what I think right…
Sanskar place his finger on her lips and said huskily – ssshhh…. Looking like Swara Malik forgot herself… When you started giving reasons….
Swara softly move his finger and said – because I don’t want that think anything wrong about me I can’t bear it because I love you sanskar madly you are everything to me in this whole world and Now I can’t afford to lose you anymore…
Sanskar – Who said you will lose me you know Swara I don’t love you I love myself…
Swara with smile – but I want you love me not yourself… I know reason but still I want to listen…
Sanskar – I love you Swara…. And now I wanted that we forget our bitter past and Start New life with each other… I want my Swara with me each and every second and… I am sorry…
Swara eyes widened listening sorry.. – for what??!!
Sanskar – for slapping you.. But Swara I can’t control my anger anymore if it comes to you… You don’t know Swara I was feeling like that anyone is stabbing me each second a pain was in my heart… He was about to say something but Swara STOP him by placing her lips on his he was shocked by sudden kiss but then he started responding it was passionate kiss where Swara hands unknowing reach to his hair pulling more and sanskar one hand pulling her waist and another on her cheek…sanskar bit her lips which makes her lips parted to give his tongue way in her mouth to explore tasting her tongue and …..after some time they parted their lips relaxing their foreheads on each other breathing heavily and looking each other with passion, desire and love… Which now they can’t hold their breathe making havoc in them… Suddenly Sanskar lifted Swara in arms without disturbing their eyelock… And they don’t know when they reached Sanskar’s room and sanskar made Swara laid on bed….. Swara was looking at him with her open arms…. Sanskar laid on her top and started kissing her lips again and his started unzipped her kurti which she was wearing and Swara was no less to showing her emotions suddenly she him to turn and come on his top and break the kiss moves her hand on his T-shirt and started unbutton them after some time their clothes were lying on floor and they were under duvet which was covering their naked body and whole room was filled with their moans… Suddenly sanskar phone started ringing made them to realize what they have done… Sanskar got up from bed wearing his boxers and take call and goes towards balcony… Where Swara was looking to herself.. She doesn’t know that this relationship take this turned they intimate but she don’t know that it make their relationship strong or weak…. Just then she thought that all this enough she knows that they love each other and now they have to with each other and don’t regret for this she wrapped duvet around and goes to take shower which she badly needed it was 4am..and now after all this she doesn’t have any idea about their future she stands under hot shower and thinking about their love making each and every moment which makes her smile heatedly…
Sanskar who came back after taking call of his Mom and tell her that they are safe after all she is mother… Just then his eyes doesn’t find his Swara where is she… Is she feeling regret about all this happened but they were not drunk they were in their sense then what makes her to leave all these thoughts was haunting Sanskar’s heart but his non stop thought stop by listening shower sounds from his bathroom and then he immediately got it she gonna to make her relax it was her habit whenever she got confused she immediately goes under the shower to take her ever ready hot shower…….
After taking long shower she started to wipe her body by towel but then she realized she have not brought her clothes inside but then her eyes fall on Sanskar’s white t- shirt …
Sanskar who was sitting silently on couch and smiling meschivously thinking that Swara have not taken her dress with her and now only his gutter mind was working….. And his thoughts broke by click sound of washroom door but when his eyes look at angelic figure his heart stopped beating for a second but then he composed himself and then look her from head to toe where her milky legs which was open inviting him to kiss then her upper body which looking naked in his white T-shirt which showing her every curves and then her face which was giving same feeling of desire and love ……they were sailing on same boat of emotions…..just then sanskar come closer to Swara give a gentle kiss on her lips and make her stand infront of mirror and he was standing at back holding her waist tightly… And resting his head on her shoulder….
Sanskar whisper in her ears – you are beautiful Swara your presence is getting more desires in me I don’t want to control myself…
Swara in husky voice – who says to control my love…
That’s it… It was enough for sanskar to get her permission he started kissing her neck and Swara have closed her eyes in lovely pleasure which she was getting from his sanskar just then sanskar hand started unbutton his T-shirt which was on her body and said -‘” I think you look more beautiful without anything ‘”…Swara open her eyes shot by his unexpected comments where he was moving his hand on her whole body making her moan his name listening her he can’t control himself and then he again lift her on bed and then we know rest…..
In Laksh room…
Laksh was moving here and there without non stop blabbering….
Arjun who was sitting on couch and looking him like that what’s wrong from past twenty minutes he was doing same and disturb Arjun ‘s sleep by bringing him here…
Arjun – what happened Laksh…. Stop moving here and there dammit will you open your mouth… Or…
Laksh stop at his place and said in one breath – I love Ragini deeply and now I can’t imagine my life with you her and I want to spend my whole life with her… Please help bhai Arjun…
Arjun jerk out of sleepy mood with sudden confession of his doctor brother… And said – you are asking me to help you.. Here it myself needed help to save my love life…
Laksh – what happened to your life… I mean Aarohi..
Arjun – first you tell me what made you realize that you love Ragini..
Laksh – because when she was missing I thought someone has given poison whole and in a few minutes I will dead if I have not seen her safe and fine… And I know this is love.. But what about you…
Arjun – I want to marry Aarohi after all this I can’t lose her again and don’t want to regret.. Hey we can ask for help with our lovely brother Sanskar gadodia said with smirk..
Laksh – great idea because he is also closed with both Aarohi and Ragini.. OK then we will talk him later…
Arjun – what ‘”later ” nowadays you are becoming dump we should talk him in this moment only let’s go. .
Laksh – but why??!!
Arjun – because if we are restless then how can he get sleepy..
Laksh – it’s a good point lawyer.
But they both don’t know that his lovely Sanskar is busy in romanse… With his beloved..

……………Ragini and Aarohi was not in mood to sleep they both were tossing on their beds in their separate rooms.. But then Ragini sitted and started thinking about her life and turns…

A big so r r r r r r you guys for late updates because of my cousin marriage and now please enjoy and comments

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