it’s not revenge it’s love swasan (a way love to revenge) ‘”dead ‘” Episode 46


Scene shift Mumbai streets..
A lone tears come in eyes of Aarohi she was totally broken she can’t believe that from last twenty years she is living fake life… After knowing truth she doesn’t know what to do so she confronted Dp and Ap but then she listens everything about bombs blasting then ab her she can’t believe that they are planning to kill her they only take care of me only to take use of her in their plan… Suddenly she someone hand behind her stopping her by holding her wrist… But she knows touch which was familiar to her… She said in broken voice ‘”R.. Ra….Rag.. Ragini why me????????? She screamed at top of voice and fall on her knees… Ragini who can’t tolerate her sister pain but her pain was not less than her sh know everything about her so called because in study room other than Swara Ragini is another person who came to know everything about their plan then she saw Swara coming out from study room in frustration and anger and lots pain in her eyes but she herself don’t know what she do now after hearing from her father’s mouth that Ragini is for her protection from cops she disgusted of herself then when she thought to go out From that place she saw Aarohi stanfi at lawn holding one file when she goes their to ask her but simply Aarohi give her file and after reading and knowing about Aarohi she gets that her parents are not human being so she takes Aarohi out they both were walking on streets lost in their thoughts and now Aarohi was totally broken

Ragini in pain -‘”Aarohi please let it out everything today… Cry out…
Aarohi – why Ragini!!!!!??? Why they play with our feelings our life… She shouted tears were continuously coming in both eyes…
They both were not in state to console each other it was mid night…. They don’t where to go and they throw their mobile at maheshwaris mansion they had decided to left that mansion their so called family….

On other side Swara was not in less pain today her eyes has witteness worst fact of humanity That how can humans break trust for it was not new but this time she was totally broken she had already come from many pains and now this time that broken her trust which was after his father her bade papa Durga Prasad maheshwari she never make difference between them well she knows Annapurna maheshwari because she was very jealous with her father and many times she tried to harm him when they live together and this thing Anuradha Malik has been told her but she thought that now Ap is changed…… And she doesn’t know what she send her car with her purse and mobile to Malik mansion now she only wa to get out of all she run from here she wanted to runaway from this life…. After some time she reached one of durgha she was at entrance when her past infront of her it was time when her mom used to take her mamy durgha and now because of her mother doing she is in this state standing in front of her lord….

Scene shift of Mumbai highway s…..
Aadarsh, roshani, Sanskar, Laksh and Arjun are very stressed and panicking because Swara, Ragini and Aarohi three of them were missing their mobiles are switched off nobody where they are… Now they don’t have choices other than to tell Sanskar truth… Roshani told him everything about bombs blasting and how today they had think that Ragini is real culprit… And now they don’t think to discuss because the three most precious are missing… So they decided to find them particularly so Aadarsh and roshani are in one car where as Laksh ,Sanskar and Arjun are seperately finding them…
Aadarsh ‘s car..

Roshani shout -‘”stop the car ”
Aadarsh stop the car and angrily -what!!!
Roshani point to wards Ragini and Aarohi who were entering towards Dargha…
Aadarsh immediately come out of cars and runs to wards his sisters now he only wants his sisters to hug them tightly but then he didn’t find they already entered in Dargha…. On the other side roshani call her brothers to tell.. But they all were not relief because Swara is still missing…
Before some time.. On the street road..
Ragini calmed herself and said – let’s move Aarohi Now only one person is there for us…
Aarohi know whom Ragini is talking….yes it is their sister Swara and their everything
Ragini take Aarohi hand and started going but suddenly she stopped and by that Aarohi also stopped and looked front and ‘”Swara ‘” her voice shows happiness, pain and betrayal and distrust everything and all this feeling was same in Ragini… Just then Ragini come back to sense and shout ‘”Swara Swara ‘”but they both don’t know that Swara was in her own world of pain they started running towards but she already entered in Dargha so they both started finding her….
Sanskar ‘s

Sanskar was giving shouting at his man’s to give him positive answer that they had find out his Swara his best friend Aarohi and his friend Ragini he was not closer to Ragini but still he they were friends because of last few years and now when he came to know that Ragini is involved in bomb blasting and helping terrorists he don’t know why he was not believing because he knows Swara and her trust towards Ragini and sanskar himself Swara more than him so he can’t doubt Ragini but now his Swara is missing he and Swara are not togther but now he knows that blo*dy reason so he don’t care about his life but he had decided that he wanted Swara in his life and now he just wanted to see her… Just then he gets called of roshani he gets relief after knowing Ragini and Aarohi are in Dargha but then immediately said Roshani not to say anything to Ragini before we find Swara then he ended the call but still his swara was missing and started driving fast..

Arjun was now relief after knowing that Ragini and Aarohi are in Dargha after telling truth to everyone about Aarohi parents to everyone he had came on one conclusion that somewhere Durga Prasad maheshwari is involved in this bomb blasting and he already tell his doubts to everyone because of Swara and Aarohi talked and now he is giving instructions his man’s to find out where is Swara…. He knows very that if Dp involved in this then Swara needs every one because Swara see Omkar uncle in Dp she called him bade papa and Ap she is somewhat get replaced the Sudha auntie in Swara’s heart but now if they are involved then she again lost her parents and now she can’t take this… Then moved to everywhere that she can found but this time Swara was broken completely ……
In Laksh car…

Laksh have gone to everyone where Ragini can found but all was useless she was nowhere he was panicking about Ragini Now after knowing the doubt of Arjun he somewhere wants that his comes true because he can’t lose Ragini from the time when he came to know that she’s missing he can’t breathe properly now he came to know that how much he loves Ragini more than that and he also thought if she was culprits he don’t care he will definitely escape with her from this place makes her understand but now he wanted to see her…. He also cursing himself for showing anger on Swara he really does childishness he was himself very much worried for Swara because she have special space in his life when she was Misha he loves her now when she came to his life at the names of Swara he gets his friend he don’t want to lose then his thoughts shifted to Aarohi he was not that much closer to her but she was his partner in every mishevious activities against Ragini he wanted to only see them then he gets called of Roshani then he immediately turn his car rushed to wards durgha and make calls to his man’s to find Swara immediately…

Swara don’t know where to go but only knows she wanted to cry out just then she decided to enter in Durgha her eyes were moist (she was wearing designer Kurtis with jeans) so she buys one duppta and give her earrings to shopkeeper in place of money even shopkeeper himself don’t know that he got diamond earrings which is around forty lakh in place of two thousand duppta.. Then she moved forward covering her head with duppata having tears she was blank…. Only tears coming from eyes… Back ground song.. Mann kunto Maula… Of movie GUnday..

(Shadab Faridi Begins)
Swara look at god and sit infront of and bent her head

Maula… Ali, Ali Maula…
Gunaah mere bade hai,
Hai tera dil bhi badha

(Altamash Faridi Begins)

Gunaah mere bade hai,
Hai tera dil bhi bada
Yakeen hai maaf karega,
Tabhi hoon dar pe khada

(Instrumental Break)

Mann Kunto Maula, Maula Ali Ali
(Mann Kunto Maula)
Maula Ali Ali, Maula Ali Ali
(Mann Kunto Maula)
Ali.. Maula..

Ragini and Aarohi saw Swara doing prayer they silently sat beside covering their heads and do the same Swara does and closes their eyes… But tears were continuously coming
Tera dar hai, mera sar hai
Tera dar hai, mera sar hai
Tu mera mushkil khusha,
Tu mera Ali Wali
Tu mera mushkil khusha,
Tu mera Ali Wali…

(Mann Kunto Maula, Khwaja Ali-Un Maula
Mann Kunto Maula, Khwaja Ali-Un Maula)

(Instrumental Break)

Roshani and Aadarsh looking everywhere in Dargha then Aadarsh turn and saw his three doing worship he was relief by looking them sit at the same place where he was standing and only looking at them accepting that he found them where Roshani felt very happy that Swara, Ragini and Aarohi are safe their was tears in her but of happiness then she messaged his all three brothers to come at Dargha..

Tere baghair jo guzre, wo zindagi kya hai
Tu agar saath ho mujhko toh phir kami kya hai

(Vocals break)

Tere baghair jo guzre, wo zindagi kya hai
Tu agar saath ho mujhko toh phir kami kya hai
Raah mushkil mein bhi, main hadd se guzar jaaunga
Tu agar saath na ho toh, main kidhar jaaunga

After some time Sanskar, Laksh and Arjun came running and stand in front of lady love their best friend and their life….. They bent at the knees at the same time and having tears in their eyes…
Mann Kunto Maula, Khwaja Ali-Un Maula
Mann Kunto Maula, Khwaja Ali-Un Maula
Mann Kunto Ali Maula,
Mann Kunto Ali Maula,
Mann Kunto Ali Maula, Khwaja Ali-Un Maula Maula
Mann Kunto Ali Maula, Ali Maula Maula, Ali Maula

Mann Kunto Ali Maula,
Mann Kunto Ali Maula,
Mann Kunto Ali Maula,
Mann Kunto Ali Maula,
Mann Kunto Ali Maula,
Swara open her eyes first she looking at her surroundings she was shocked then she said ‘”let’s move everyone immediately ‘”..stand goes out without waiting for anyone…
All came out of Durgha and for some time no one looks at each other but then…
Everyone eyes widened listening a sharp sound of slap… Sanskar slapped Swara and then Sanskar shouted angrily hold Swara’s hand – what the blo*dy hell you think of your self how dare you to leave me…how many times you will give me pain from two months I am only apolozing you and you Swara…

Swara eyes were moist and said – Sanskar I…
But Sanskar cut the words and said – don’t dare to say anything dammit… You said me bastard N then you should know about your bastard that I can go to any extents to get you…..
Swara – I am sorry sanskar I.. She was pleading him continuously….
Sanskar said in strong anger – just get inside the car Swara… Now…..!!!
Swara silently noded and sit inside the car…

Everyone who were witnessing the seen with shockingly and shattered face… Don’t believe what they yes it was unbelievable for every Swara don’t react and Sanskar’s it was really unexpected…
Sanskar turned to everyone maintaining his – follow my car!! It was ordered to everyone and first time in life Arjun and Laksh nodded immediately taking his elder brother order..
Journey was silently gone nobody said anything.. Everyone was in their own thoughts..
After some time all Cars stopped in front of Sanskar (King) farm house [you all remember write ] All men’s greeted Sanskar… They all entered inside it.. And settled at living room..
But silent was maintained… Just then Swara stand and called one man to come to her every one was seeing her act without interruption..

Swara – go bring me black coffee and bring normal coffee to everyone and get it in next ten minutes!!! And yes bring one phone to me…. She ordered in her own style and then again settled down… And first message something then call someone and said ‘”do it in half an hour ‘”and cut the call..

No body knows what she up to but there were no speak something silence was continually after having coffee with looking each other they scanning farm house… After some time phone rings which Swara taken.. On phone Swara ” work done good job ‘” call ended again…
Swara – bade papa and Ap bua is dead some robbery happen and they shooted them at the spot…
All were hell shocked they spot rooted at their place…
Swara – I am sleepy then she goes upstairs bidding good night… In Stern voice..
After Swara left Arjun was the first person comes out of shock and said ‘”what the f**k ”
Sanskar – Dp uncle and Ap auntie is dead…. Is Swara gone mad after slap or…
Ragini – she killed them… Well that’s good they should gone to hell saying this she called one man asked for room leaves from their…
Aarohi- we should go for their funeral tomorrow and now I should sleep… She also leave asking one man to show her room…
Aadarsh – We have to go early morning so we should sleep and he also left…
Gadodias are looking each other with hell shocked after listening their explanation …..
Roshani – what was it…!!!!!

Laksh – I think they gonna Mad…
Arjun – I don’t think they gonna mad because Mad is small things for them…
Sanskar – are they out of their minds…
Roshani -I. should call mom and tell her that we all are out and safe.. ..
Gadodias don’t know what to do so they all immediately rested to wards the rooms…

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Credit to: Aryna

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