It’s not revenge it’s love swasan season 4 ( luck and fate will be you )”Her decision” PART 3

Part 2 Here

Arrival of Rivals and cupid
(Note Arnav is elder to Swara by five years)

ARNAV SINGH RAIZADA ,is a 25 year hot man of few words with uncontrollable temper and shrewd bussiness tycoon.Money is not his passion but profession.He look Greek god and his chocolaty brown eyes are Enough to melt you deep down.He is damm millionaire man ,His hatred is middle class woman or any seduced type women.For him woman is only price tag.

KHUSHI KUMARI GUPTA , beautiful,chirpy ,bubbly ,crazy with lots of braveness spirit of 20 year old.She is naive and innocent in her own way,totally crazy with clumsiness.Her best friend is her goddess Devi Mayyiya {DM}.live with her aunt in Mumbai,was adopted by Gupta four years before.For her love and values means alot more than any diamond in world.Her heart is of gold.

ARJUN SINGH OBEROI,29 year old devil of hell and in our corporation world , famous Awarded Criminal lawyer of India .He is trust worthy friend who is their for SWARA MALIK anytime.Married with Arohi ,his love of life.

AROHI SINGH OBEROI,26 year old beautiful wife of Arjun and chef ,She is head chef in AXE chains of Hotel in India , mainly in time to time in other branches too.A lovely sister in law of Samrat and like a sister to Sanskar.

LAKSH MAHESHWARI,26 year old hottest and handsome guy ,He have done MBA from London and currently came back to India for handling his father bussiness of Maheshwari Financial industry.He is younger brother of Sanskar and Adarsh.And flirty.

RAGINI RAJPUT,18 year old beautiful girl ,in first year of London University for bussiness.Love her brother and mom ,dad too much.She is too talkative and very sweet girl.Step sister of SWARA.

RANVEER {RV},30 year old commando officer of Army .He is security chief of ASR ,and RAJPUT.He is married to ISHAANI .

SAMRAT SINGH OBEROI,28 year old Handsome man with big pervert mind and goodness.He is best friend of Sanskar and MD of  AXE chains of Hotel and resorts.He is brother of Lawyer Arjun Singh Oberoi.

ANJALI GOENKA,32 year old .She is doctor , Gynacalogist one of famous Doctor in India.She is eldest cousin of SWARA.Help her Daddy in his hospital in India,mainly in Kolkata.The famous”Goenka Hospital” very prestigious.She is fiance of her childhood sweetheart Aadarsh Maheshwari past one years.

ADARSH MAHESHWARI,32 year old,famously known as ACP Maheshwari of Kolkata and undercover Agent in RAW.He is elder brother of SANSKAR.He is engaged with his childhood sweetheart Dr Anjali and soon going to marry her.He is son of Durga Prasad Maheshwari .

Meet the ishq saade

SANSKAR MAHESHWARI is a 28 years old handsome as devil and chocolaty bussiness tycoon with all Ruthless ,cold bastard style and Arrogant stubborn he is .He is brutally honest man and he hated lies ,he can forgive for millions of dollars money but liars and betrayers were never forgiven ,and the punishment is worst then imagine in his dictionary.

{male hero}

SWARA MALIK is beauty with brilliant brain 18 year lady , bussiness tycoon masked with cover of SAMMIE for outside world who nothing but a inhuman ,cruel and feisty , She is insensitive in nature whom doesn’t know to think of any emotions. ,SAMMIE is complicated personality with murderous rage.She is stubborn and great liar with tricky ways but she hated judgemental peoples .And Swara is hidden behind Sammie whom nobody know.

{Female lead }


Their views are different towards life but thier stubbornness is same.

He hate liars.
She is liars.

He is judgemental.
She hate judgemental.

He is Ruthless and takeover bussiness tycoon king.
She is Heartless and Coldness bussiness tycoon lioness.

He never smile heartdly after his family and society betrayal.

She never cried heartdly after her own life giver snatch her happiness Heartlessly.

He have moistness in his eyes and bruised heart .

She have smile on her lips and lively spirit in her soul.

He will get what he want right or wrong,he don’t care because he is stubborn to hell.

She didn’t given up until she get what she want ,she don’t care it is wrong or right because she is stubborn to hell.

She don’t believe in luck.because she write her own fate.

He don’t believe in fate because he have all luck of world in him.

They both are destined to hate each other but their heart beat to love each other with thier everything.

It’s not revenge it’s love swasan…

My luck will be you ~ Sanskar

My fate will be you ~ Swara

Malik – Rajput – Raizada families


DEVYANI SINGH RAIZADA- 70s,warm and kind women with strong head and sharp her grandson .and miss her second grandchild.

SUJATA SINGH RAJPUT-58 year old wife of Omkar Rajput and bussinesspartner of.Hate her sister Raina’ girl her son too much .She is ex wife of Mahendra Singh Raizada and mother of her obedient son Arnav ,but her possession is in her lovely daughter Ragini .

OMKAR RAJPUT -60 year old bussiness Man of Rajput International ltd,the one of topper recruitment industry.He is CEO of his company and loving father of Ragini and caring husband of Sujata.He love both women to core.He is also know as Manipulative and brain washer .He was once best friend of Mahendra Singh Raizada.

ARNAV SINGH RAIZADA-30 year old ,son of Sujata Singh Raizada &Mahendra Singh Raizada and step brother of someone whom he hate because his mother told him to his Mom and Granny.but somewhere have disgust for his own father which he never said.He still use his biological father surname for his own selfish reason.somewhere reminder of not becoming like his father.

RAGINI RAJPUT – 18 year old , daughter of Sujata Singh Raizada/Malik and Omkar Rajput.She is illegimate but her brother and Mumma love her to core.She is thier princess and heart of family.Doing her first year of college in London University.She knew about their family history and very much curious about her step sister whom no one talk about.

ANURADHA MALIK-70s ,very practical and lively women with stubborn spirit.a broken mother whose both daughters are nothing but Rivals.She love her granddaughter Swara too much.

RAINA MALIK-44 year old , singer and NGO worker. She love her mother who supported her so much and have soft corner for her daughter but she is too blinded in anger to acknowledge it.

SWARA MALIK -22 year old daughter of Raina Malik.and someone’s step sister whom she hate .just hate.Her mother and her relationship was never count on happiness which she doesn’t care.She love her Nans {her grandmother.}, Somewhere she have disgust for the man whom her mother still love.

KALAVATI RAJPUT – Selfish ,sadist and nasty women with cruelty in world .founder of Sita Public School ,Jaipur , of the most richest and popular school located in desert of Jaipur.Only Royal family prince and princess are allowed.very private school.very richest and have all control of her only son Omkar Rajput.
Read first part “His APHRODITE “for the Malik -Raizada -Rajput family equation and more clearly.


Her decision – Part 3

Swara Malik read last line of contract and find how confidential contract paper is for Sanskar Maheshwari.Contract every terms and conditions make sure each of them get their side of bargain.She kept the contract aside and think she knew she can easily escape from here but he did give her choice.
Somewhere word choice made Swara Malik touched raw pain in her soul.She never got choice ,each and every time her life decide by fate or people.
She came into world ,it was not her mother choice but fate.
She got every taunt and brutal words from her mother and Society,it was fate.
She was send to School of decipline of royalty , bussiness from age of ten ,it was not her fate.
She make her own bussiness from scratch into millionaire ,it was fate decesion and her mother decesion not her.
Her life saved by Shekhar uncle ,she didn’t call him but he came by fate and save her ,took her in his shelter.
She is unwanted and burden for many people, because of her existence her mother can’t stood with high head ,she is being chase by sadistic women and their guards , Shekhar uncle is being played as pawn in name of her royal family,now his life is in danger.
Shekhar uncle will never took her money nor help ,he made her promise.Swara couldn’t break one promise from someone whom she respect so much.And she needed a place to  hide for a time being now.
She have taken her decesion,she knew she is going to kill her one part abruptly ,but it is her decesion,her choice she will never regret.
But Did he engaged or in relationship with someone,she can’t be homewrecker ,she had to talk to him regarding this.
Swara sat on chaise with contract paper in her hand ,her thoughts again went to Sanskar’s concern for her food and , letting her go without his will,now it is solely her decesion to be here with him.she thought about contract few terms where She would be his mistress as long he desire,She will never mention their contract with anyone,she can never contact her family .She will be get payed and their is no happily ever after nonsense from all she make from contract,and she don’t believe in those nonsense that much her life taught her .
She look at her mobile where their is no message from her mother ,her nans (grandmother) is too weak and in her bedrest not having any idea where her Swara is.
She heard door again open and Sanskar Maheswari came inside ,his face blank and his eyes devoid of any emotions.
“You are still here ,I can make it you are agree for my prepositions.”Sanskar said sitting across her again.his victory is all over him.
“Yes,I agree.”She stop look down straight in his eyes with determination she continued”But I have to get few things clear “she said.
“Speak”he said , giving her gesture to continue.
“You misunderstood me.. I am not Mr Shekhar Gadodia daughter.. I am his neice..Swara Malik.”Swara said ,saw he was not at all affected by her truth she continued “But I am like their daughter ,I want Shekhar uncle will never come to know about source of money he got,he will come to know about my involvement if he get money from you..Can you make sure you provide him money in any other way ?”
“Money is not problem,it would be given as you say by other way.anything else Miss MALIK?”He spoke stressing”MALIK” which make her shiever .
“You have given me Non disclosure contract that meant you would not let world know about The preposition right ?”Swara ask quietly.
He shook his head then spoke in dead serious voice “Listen to me carefully. Everything you want will be fulfilled. This money, a job, a house everything. You have to keep up your side of bargain. I am not a person who believes in promises and words. So we’ll sign a non-disclosure contract stating both of our desired outcomes of this proposition. And no one is to know about this… I mean no one, not even your family. I get to decide when to terminate this contract, decision will be entirely mine” he then took pen and give her and said “Miss Malik you can be sure because I am having some issues regarding my s*xlife ,that’s why I am going through the contract with you.Now are we clear ?”
She shook her head “no” which made him amused he ask “What Miss Malik?”
“I don’t want a job “She told him.
“Offcourse why would she want job,when he already told her money is not problem as he have accepted,well he don’t care about it “he thought.
“Fine with me .”he spoke
“As you say I should sign the contract I will my bargain clearly,You will do what you stated about Shekhar uncle and his family.And I don’t want my identity disclose in any way ,I don’t want my Surname disclose here in India,”she spoke ,then paused thinking all the brutal memories related with her surname,she continued checking her emotions”I want to persue my degree in Masters ,I want to go college the only reason I don’t want any job and also I don’t want my Surname disclose in college .These three things are only desire I want from this preposition.”
He didn’t say anything, because he was too astonished hearding her desire he don’t believe she wants to go college.She is surprising him every single time.And he is sure life would not be boring around her.”he thought and hoped not ,then he ask “College??”
She look at him , agreeing”Yes”
He thought again something and he told her “I would be only one in your life no one else during contract and let me make it very clear before you decide. I want you to be my MISTRESS. Don’t dream for anything more.”
Swara didn’t show pain which she felt inside hearding his raw hurtful words but she still don’t regret.she nodded her head then they both signed papers.
She given her dignity to him..
She given her body to him..
She signed herself to him….
Sanskar look at her for sometime and then he can’t control anymore and he don’t see the need to resist when he own her now.He suddenly pulled her towards him by her wrist. He saw that she was shocked and he smirked at her. Without any delay, he placed his mouth on her. He thought of a gentle kiss but as soon as he felt her soft petal like lips against his, his control snapped. He took her lower lip in between his lips and nibbled and licked it gently with his tongue.He registered that she was not responding and pulled back in frustration. He saw that her eyes are closed tightly. He caressed her cheek with his knuckles and she opened her eyes at his touch.
“Kiss me …Swara”he whispered huskily making her weak on her knees,she felt something happening inside her hearding him calling her name,he again took her lips in his and bit her lower her ,she gasp he enter his tongue inside her mouth tasting every corner of her sweet nector ,she still not responding him he noticed and groan in frustration,he grabbed her waist and squeezed it gently touching her through her sheer clothes ,he felt her palm fisting his hair and she started kissing him ,which break every string of control in him .He kiss her senselessly , roughly touching her br*ast palming her soft moulds,and her response is driving him crazy .
He broke the kiss , grasping air and his eyes look at her throughly kissed face ,her swelled lips , heavily breathing,pink rose blush on her cheeks,eyes look dark with desire and lust.He could not stop placed a gentle kiss on her luspicious.
He whisper huskily”How was your first kiss Swara ?”
Swara eyes snapped in surprised ,he understood it’s her first kiss ,she nodded her head too flushed to say anything.
He smirked ,kiss her again which she responded equally then he said “My property..”

Doctor Neel Goenka walk outside of room after checking the elder Malik,He saw Miss Malik standing with some of her associates having discussion.He couldn’t help but walk to her with pity .”Excuse me Can I have a minute with Miss Malik ?”
Miss Malik nodded and walk aside with Dr Goenka dismissing her manager and staff.
“Maa is alright ?”Miss Malik ask not beating around the bush.
“Raina you know her condition Mrs Malik is not responding for any treatment like she don’t want to live anymore ?And all she wants is her granddaughter Nothing else.”Dr Neel Goenka said sadly.
Raina Malik stiffened and said sternly”Anything we can do in this Neel ?Which make her stop asking for that girl who don’t have a f**king bit care for her family and out for God knows what doing in world!”
Dr Neel Goenka flinched at her choice of word and retort “Raina she is your own daughter Swara not any other girl and you know she is missing past one week.Cops are trying to find her ,Swara would have been in any problem.Do you for once Stop hating her ?”
“I don’t hate her Neel ,She is my daughter but she is responsible for my destroyed life in society and my father death.And Neel hate is also emotions which I will not like to feel for that girl.She is a part of Mahendra and the only reason I am living with her in one roof.And second thing My mother Anuradha Malik have soft corner for that girl.”Raina said angrily.her face nothing furious rage .
Dr Neel Goenka didn’t say a word anymore about Swara ,then he give advice Raina “Why don’t you and Mrs Malik come to Kolkata for my daughter Anjali marriage ?It would be after five months ?Mrs Malik would get her change and fresh air of India.She would love it.”
Raina Malik thought for some time then nodded “I will talk with Maa.”
Dr Neel Goenka left .
Raina Malik walk inside her mother room who is wide awake staring the album’s of Swara .
“Maa you still don’t taken medicine!”Raina exclaimed angrily and sat beside her on bed.
Anuradha Malik shook her head in sadness and ask “Before tell me did you find our Shona ?”raising her head and staring in her daughter eyes which became cold just as same as Shona.both mother and daughter are carbon copy in anger.
“Maa ,Cops will find her soon .Now took your medicine”Raina said then paused seeing her mother sad face ,she continued “I will make sure YOUR Shona be with you soon and Now we are going to India for Dr Neel Goenka daughter Anjali Goenka marriage after six months.”
This made Anuradha Malik smile widely.
India…after six months.. thought Anuradha Malik.
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