It’s not revenge it’s love swasan season 4 ( luck and fate will be you )”Her crush” Part 2

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SANSKAR MAHESHWARI is a 28 years old handsome as devil and chocolaty, he is bussiness tycoon with all Ruthless ,cold bastard style and Arrogant stubborn he is .He is brutally honest man and he hated lies ,he can forgive for millions of dollars money but liars and betrayers were never forgiven ,and the punishment is worst then imagine in his dictionary.Sanskar have saw enough betrayals to not trust any one again. Trust come with him too difficulty.

{male hero}

SWARA MALIK is beauty with brilliant brain18 year lady and more then normal human IQ level, bussiness tycoon masked with cover of SAMMIE for outside world who nothing but a inhuman ,cruel and feisty , She is insensitive in nature whom doesn’t know to think of any emotions. ,SAMMIE is complicated personality with murderous rage.She is stubborn and great liar with tricky ways but she hated judgemental peoples .And Swara is hidden behind Sammie whom nobody know.

{Female lead }


Their views are different towards life but thier stubbornness is same.

He hate liars.
She is liar.

He is judgemental.
She hate judgemental.

He is Ruthless and takeover bussiness tycoon king.
She is Heartless and Coldness bussiness tycoon lioness.

He never smile heartdly after his family and society betrayal.

She never cried heartdly after her own life giver snatch her happiness Heartlessly.

He have moistness in his eyes and bruised heart .

She have smile on her lips and lively spirit in her soul.

He will get what he want right or wrong,he don’t care because he is stubborn to hell.

She didn’t given up until she get what she want ,she don’t care it is wrong or right because she is stubborn to hell.

She don’t believe in luck.because she write her own fate.

He don’t believe in fate because he have all luck of world in him.

They both are destined to hate each other but their heart beat to love each other with thier everything.

It’s not revenge it’s love swasan…

My luck will be you ~ Sanskar

My fate will be you ~ Swara

Part 2″ Her CRUSH”
【Its? me diary, sorry for late talk after one week. If you will know what have been happened you would be shocked, OK I am not going to be dramatic here?, landing in India was too much adventurous with all shit already going on in my life I crashed into my crush? Sanskar Maheswari, gosh he is so hot and s*xy in real life it took my breathe away but then what gone next make me hate my own crush.He is here for SheeshMahal ,the same palace where I have gotten my worst moments.and over of all he is going to buy the palace. I really felt like smacking his head but then I controlled my cute urge.he ask me for owner name and like anything he again made me hate him more.its hurt really,I did tell him just because he have pointed gun on Gadodia family ,you know right how much Shekhar uncle have save me from HER. I let him know inspite of Shekhar uncle begging look,i thought he will go then and I was so much wrong he ask me to talk alone and offered me to be his no strings attached girlfriend and when I told him my condition of contract ,he agreed but he said me “mistress “and just like that he lost all his respect from me .He didn’t respect girl then how can he be good man.I refused him point blank even shouted on him to kill Shekhar uncle and his wife ,I felt horrible.And then he forcedly took me with him.I am now in hotel suite one of his hotel in Kolkata surrounded by so many guards .I am not worried about me but for Shekhar uncle family until I get the confirmation of their safety I can’t get out from here which is for me five minutes of work after all I am Sammie Dammit???.bye diary and lots love of Swara .?】
Swara close her tab with slight smile , making sure her tab is locked she keep it inside her bag and check her mobile for any updates about Shekhar Gadodia family safety,not receiving any she frown,hearding door opening of room she turned to see house keeping putting her dinner on table and left.She didn’t give one look on food and walk outside stand near balcony getting breathtaking view of Kolkata.
“Look like you don’t have any respect for food.”Swara heard sarcastic remark of him which is filled with anger.She didn’t turn too seething in rage of her .
Sanskar clench his fist seeing her ignoring him.he march to her and grabbed her hand swiftly too harshly making her hissed in pain ,he barked “How dare you ignore me ,you are nothing but chit of girl don’t forget your ignorance will cost your parents life.”
“You are hurting me.”She spoke with blazing anger .
He didn’t budge ,”It’s good then ,if you ever tried to ignore Sanskar Maheshwari you will remember this hurt.Now be a good girl and eat .”he said with anger and pushed her away.
She touch her wrist which turned red mark.She give him glance and then silently sat on chair still not eating ,her eyes fell on file kept beside food.she ask “what’s the file about Mr Maheshwari?”
Sanskar Maheshwari raised his eyebrow in amusement few seconds before they have heated encounter and in seconds she is back to bussiness not have any anger towards him in her eyes or body language he can feel it,still she didn’t have food .He can make it she is stubborn somewhere like him from the moment he met.He didn’t show her any emotions and came to bussiness sitting across her ,he spoke in formal and straightforward way”the file is contract which you ask from me back in lucknow.Which contains your parents life against my desire.Contract will state you are my property until I have fulfill of you and I can give your parents money and life which they never thought,I know Shekhar Gadodia is suffering from blood cancer and the treatment will cost your family fortune.i will take care of all financial support.Now decision is yours ,I am giving two hours .Read all condition and make sure you will not miss anything.”he stopped and observe her ,she is lost in her own thoughts he can make it.he stood up and spoke this time with arrogantly”thier is another envelope contain Lucknow’s flight ticket of tonight and five lakh cheque for the information of SHEESHMAHAL owner name.You have choice to leave from here and I will never contact or have anything with you ever in life.and eat something you didn’t take even water from morning.” he clench his fist not to lose control saying his last words which for unknown reason pricking his bruised heart.he saw her shocked eyes which turn confused .She don’t know but her eyes express everything about her which he again unknown reason read it so easily .He walk out of room before he lose his control and take her right on arm chair .
Swara Malik couldn’t understand Sanskar Maheshwari,he is mysterious man and somewhere her instinct told her she would getting more surprises if she stay .but did she wish to be here?

Hotel Lobby
Sanskar Maheshwari walk ,his lips held secret filling poisonous smoke inside his body ,he let tenth stick fall to the grass and crashed roughly from his shoes,his mobile ringed, accepting the call at once.
“Yes , Sanskar Maheshwari here .”He spoke curtly.
“What made the Sanskar lost so much ,he forgotten to acknowledge caller ID which happen rarely.”manly voice filled with mischievous and friendly made Sanskar shook his head in exhaustion.
“SAMRAT ,I am fine .Tell me How was Malhotra deal ?”Sanskar said in composed yet gentle voice knowing he is talking with his best friend who knew him in and out.
SAMRAT SINGH OBEROI chuckle hearing his friend blatantly avoiding his concern like every time ,he said smiling”You know dude you are really close up advertisement brand , always close up from your friends about your emotions never mind a day will come as I prey when You Maheshwari come to me and open up from close up.”
“SAMRAT tell me about deal.”Sanskar tone change to warning.he didn’t see need to share everything.he is fine with his life where he can be talk with his friends but always have his maintain distant.
“Fine! Sir deal is done and Mr Mehta agreed for solding his property of 60crore.i have mail contract with detail to you.And for extra knowledge Goa is damm s*xy place where I have ample view of hot and gorgeous womens.”Samrat Singh Oberoi spoke grinning ear to ear seeing so much hotness surrounded him middle of goa beach where he is enjoying his mocktail.he knew intriguing Sanskar will only make Sanskar more protective towards his own emotions and distant from his best friend which Samrat don’t want.
Sanskar Maheshwari smile hearing his all flirty friend .He ask “When are you coming back to Kolkata Samrat ?”
Samrat frown ,he spotted one lady giving him bold glance he give her smirk and spoke hurriedly “In two days ,your company MD would be their by all means.and for heaven sake don’t disturb me tonight.bye dude.”
Sanskar Maheshwari hang up the call saw his watch showing their is still twenty minutes left in completion of two hours.He don’t know why but vision in green of particular chit of girl make him hard in desire.He badly needed cold shower.
“Did you find her Mark ?”woman in 50s yelled angrily on her PA.
“No Maam ,but we have suspect Miss Swara have gone to India .”Mark spoke sweating afraid.
“India…hmm interesting so my shona runaway to her birthplace..Trace her in Lucknow Mark !that b*t*h would have gone their.I want her Mark anyhow .You have a month mark ,I will be in India after a month ,If you didn’t find her you will not able to see another light in your life.Its My promise “her voice turned out sadist with madness.she cut the call and throw her mobile .
Mark gulped afraid ,he see hundred of guards standing waiting for his command.he announced “We are going to India ,and all of you split to search Miss Swara Malik ,make sure no will able to doubt their.Swara Malik should be find within a month.We will start with Lucknow.”

What will happen now ?
Is Swara will go away from Sanskar mysterious Maheshwari brutal contract?Or accept it?She don’t have when she is herself enough bank balance and genius brain?And what would happen when Sanskar Maheshwari came to know about Swara Malik reality?He hate liars then what will he do with Swara?
For all of this we need to wait for tomorrow with next update and lots of comment about chappy.

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