It’s not revenge it’s love swasan season 4 (luck and fate will be you) “His Aphrodite” Part 1


Swara – May be the mistakes what we did became our fate.

Sanskar – When it comes to luck we made our own .
Old man was kneeling down in mercy ,afraid being at gun point ,he raised his head and finally spoke seeing the money bag beside him,he stammering started speaking…

“Mahendra Singh Raizada ,he was the man who believe in luck and fate both.His life was plated in silver and gold .His father Arvind Singh Raizada was ruler and commanding Man,who have start from scratch and today made Raizada Fabric Industry which was worth of crore, Arvind Singh Raizada died giving everything to his only son.Mahendra never knew what poverty or dirt is,He is self absorbed man.Arrogant and Casnova.His Mother Devyani Singh Raizada have been fed off with his lifestyle that she finally made her son forcefully marry with Daughter of her childhood friend Anuradha Malik.Sujata Malik , elder daughter of Chandra Sekhar and Anuradha Malik.Beingh Married to Mahendra Singh Raizada,Sujata have been felt blessed for her ,her whole world is in her husband and she treated him like God .Mahendra Singh Raizada have been angry with his mother for making his life tied with Sujata,it was not that Sujata is not beautiful but being not able to use another woman was making his life hell.And Having enough Mahendra taken every property from his mother Devyani Singh Raizada and throw her in old-age home.He was in seconds about to throw Sujata,his own five months pregnant wife too.if not the young daughter of Chandra Sekhar Malik and Anuradha Malik came back from her studies after years to meet her sister.Raina Malik.a beautiful and goodness .

Mahendra Singh Raizada have fallen for the killing beauty .He wanted her anyhow,each and every moment of his life becomes hell for him.And that’s when he plotted to kill his own nine months pregnant wife Sujata.People houmour that Sujata Singh Raizada have runaway with her childhood friend Omkar Rajput leaving devastated Mahendra Singh Raizada.That was the time Mahendra Singh Raizada throw his last card by trapping Raina Malik ,he have made everything possible to get Raina Malik in his bed.And He succeeded ,Malik family agreed to give thier Raina .And the day of Marriage ceremony ,when Mahendra Singh Raizada was sat beside Raina Malik and was about to make her his second wife.Sujata Singh Raizada with her one years of son was standing on their doorway.Nobody have imagined it would happen.Mahendra Singh Raizada shouted at her ,and said her to get out , calling her name’s.But Sujata Singh Raizada begged and justified herself that she is innocent.No one have heard ,not even her own parents but that’s when Devyani Singh Raizada have stood with her daughter in law and announced that she will and only would be her daughter in law.Raina Malik was devastated with everything and fainted in her own wedding alter.

Everything finished on that unfaithful day, doctors was called and everyone get to know Raina Malik was three months pregnant.Chandra Shekhar Malik have gone shattered when he heard his daughters being called mistress and whores.Chandra Malik did ,what no one have thought he shot Mahendra Singh Raizada in confines wall of SheeshMahal then shoot himself.leaving four women shattered.Devyani Raizada and Anuradha Malik have taken care of media , announcing the fake accident.Both old woman have not said a word to each other.Raina Malik and Sujata Singh Raizada whole world crashed into pieces with betrayal and accusion.the two sisters who were best friends of each other was looking at each other with only HATE , REVENGE.because they thought thier love was snatched from each other because of each other.after six months ,media and society have stopped talking about the deaths.Raina Malik given birth to little angel .Sujata Singh Raizada hated the girl more then anything knowing her husband part in that girl.Raina Malik hated the boy who always comes around the girl whom she given birth.

Devyani Singh Raizada and Anuradha Malik have saw their hatred for each other and disgust for small Anuradha Malik have finally taken Raina Malik with her forcedly with her granddaughter .While Devyani Singh Raizada have taken Sujata Singh Raizada with her grandson.

While Raizada’s decided to go and settle in London while Malik’s settled in Venice.”
Hearding the whole history of two Families by this old gardner Ramu ,He shook his head in disbelief .He put on his aviatiors and gazed at the large Magnificent SHEESHMAHAL​ , palace of gold .He ask carelessly”Did those families ever came back ?”

Ramu ,the old gardner of the SheeshMahal had been shocked hearding this young Man questions because he had never told this real truth of SheeshMahal to anyone but this young Man have threaten him with his own life and he blurted out everything and he can’t believe after knowing the horrified history this young Man is still interested in the palace.

“Speak out old man before I will make sure you will regret making Sanskar Maheswari wait twice ,my time is very much important to me.”the ruthless and harsh voice of SANSKAR MAHESHWARI was enough to shivered down this old gardener.

“No..sahab…they never came..but..thier is name Shekhar Gadodia ,he take care of the palace all cleaning and maintenance.”Ramu spoke shivering and stammered.

“Where that Goddamm man live ?”angry low voice was now enough for Ramu to not take all this lightly.

“Sahab .. Shekhar ji…lived in Gomti Nagar in city area.”Ramu told ,he felt he was sweating from head to toe.

SANSKAR signaled his right man to take care of this gardner while,he walk up to his Mercedes Benz in long stride last what he heard was loud scream .He smirk because now that gardner will never able to speak least telling the information for money to anyone else.he sat on backseat of his car and order “drive to city market ,Gomti Nagar fast.”


Gomti Nagar ,Lackhnow’s city heart .the place is the Normal colony but filled with very colourful people.all relegious people live here with love and affection.Today thier has fair,lots of rides , entertainment and many more.

Ten black Mercedes strode in the colony baffling and afraiding crowd.And all of it stopped in the biggest house of Gomti Nagar.Bunch of bodyguard came out surrounding SANSKAR MAHESHWARI as he came out striding his steps inside the house.
“Call Shekhar Gadodia here ?”Sanskar loud voice boomed in the small house.

Old man in his 50s step forward keeping the daily newspaper,startled by Men commanding aura.but being silent and kind men he is didn’t afraid with this young Man.he said “Is it me Shekhar,do you need something son ?”

Sanskar narrowed his gaze smirk saying”It’s Sir for you Mr Gadodia and Sanskar Maheshwari never need anything,knew it!”

Shekhar Gadodia was now angry by this arrogant man ,and he finally said ” then why you are here SIR ?”

“I want information about SheeshMahal owners ,The Raizadas.You are the manager and have been in their contact Now spit it out.”Sanskar Maheswari never beat around bush as he spoke only bussiness language.totally harsh.

Shekhar Gadodia was shocked to the core ,no one in past twenty five years came here to ask about The Raizadas .

Shekhar Gadodia stepped forward , folding his hand he said “You can go back from where you can ,I can’t be unfaithful towards the Raizadas who given me shelter and food when I have nothing.”

Sanskar smirk “interesting,well old guy how much you want for opening your damm mouth ? Because I want SHEESHMAHAL ,And What I want I will get it anyhow.if you can’t be sold then their would be any of your weakness right.”

Shekhar trembled at the determined look of Sanskar Maheshwari.He was about to say when his wife came out babbling.

“Listen , Shekhar ji we are now getting late and you don’t even getting off with your obsession for newspapers,Our daughter have been practicing for month because of today’s event,haww my sweet shona will look like pari in the green lagenga I have given her.lets go otherwise we would be late for her performance in Fair.”Gayatri Gadodia came out babbling ,while not looking at anyone stood near the stairs where a long mirror making her look at her perfect appearance for today’s special day.

“Hmm Daughter …Shona more then interesting Mr Gadodia !”Sanskar Maheshwari evil tone made Shekhar terrified while Gayatri noticed her surrounding and stumbled back seeing Men with guns.

Shekhar kneel down begging “please not my daughter…she don’t know anything..please…”

Sanskar smirk holding gun he put on the old man spoke “then tell me who is the owner of SHEESHMAHAL.”

Shekhar Gadodia look down ashamed but he raise his head and said stunning everyone”Do what you can You beast but I will not be unfaithful!!”

Sanskar signed as said in deadly whisper “No worry Mr Gadodia,My and your day is still not end .Beside I am looking forward to meet your daughter who is supposed to be beautiful let’s see she can be one night stand for Sanskar Maheshwari or not!”

Both Gadodias look pale like ghost while Bodyguards throw them inside the car on the other side Sanskar Maheshwari with his few mens walk to fair.they heard announcement in loud “Now here comes beauty of goodness and talented dancer ,who is going to perform for us first time SWARA !!”

Sanskar heard song started playing and lights being off ,while whole world surrounded by darkness and only lightning spot was there .

nabhatoon aali apsara
ashi sundara
saaz sazpuna
aali aali aali aali aali..
kesa maathi maalala gajra
lokanchya najara 
theel tichyauvar
aali aali..

{The fairy that has come from the clouds,
such beauty,
with all the ornaments,
she’s come, she’s come.
with a festoon in her hair,
with the eyes of the world
on her,
she’s come..}

Loud anklets sounds came with Music ,She surrounded by only light and clapping ,cheers ,.She felt herself being numb as she stood with her back , breathing heavily.She clench her fist knowing she have to do this for leasing her guilt.She knew she still have some time to runaway from all this but she will not.

duniya chi pyaari tu
aaga naari harnigey
aaga raani sundaraa ha ha..
aali ho aali

you’re beloved to the world,
o deer-like woman,
o beautiful woman..
you have come..

He stood still,not actually knowing he is breathing or not.he didn’t saw her dancing still ,nor her face only her milky back was facing him ,her blouse have small string making him oogled his lusty eyes on her expanded gorgeous back,her skirt known as lagenga of green color she have weared dangerously low not too much but for him it is low.her chunri which is totally netted not helping him much ,her bare arms adorned with so much bangles looking so much beautiful.He is hard just by her glimpse and now he is desperate for her one look.and his wish fulfill when goodness herself turn around and he stepped back shocked , speechless and numb.He don’t have any words to praise this girl…. Aphrodite …yes Aphrodite so much beautifully adorned standing ,he didn’t look at her goodness figure this time but her eyes.those green hazel eyes so captivating,her eyes spitting fire ,his eyes travelled to her cute nose ,then her rosy lips..her hair made in bun ,he can bet of all his money ,she have long waist length hair till her hips.her long neck naked his hands itched to touch her,her br*ast covered in that blouse ,her long waist how he wanted squeezed them ,but then his eyes travelled on her belly button,he is knockout .he don’t have words to say anymore.his breathing swallowed so was his aroused body just by her mere presence.

“God ,what a beauty if I was not married then I would have ask Shekhar Gadodia to make her mine ,friend !what a daughter he have and I never noticed.”common man spoke from the crowd aloud.

Sanskar Maheshwari shot deadly glare to that man , clenching his fist he was seeing red.He order his assistant”Stop this goddamm dance any how ,She will not dance ,go and throw how much money these bastards needed but make sure she is not standing on that place .And let her know I want to meet her if she wanted her father life be safe.”
Giving one look at HIS APHRODITE ,Sanskar Maheshwari turned and left .

Swara was about to move when music went off making her confuse,she saw show manager running to her and spoking through mike “Sorry ladies and gentlemen but performance can’t be happen now ,their is problem .am sorry ”

Many shouts came but manager didn’t give ,he turned to the lady in question.for whom all crowds are being animal.

“Swara ji I am sorry but you can’t performed.You have to go back to your home Shekhar ji is not well.”Manager said in one breathe.

Swara shook her head ,she was well glad not to dance in these low class cloths that in front of these good for nothing peoples.She turned around and left to back stage.She saw the girl sobbing and signing in relief she walk up to her said “look their is some problem ,they are allowing any performances.”

Girl sobbing said ashamed started babbling”everything happens because of me ,if I didn’t have brought you here then you wouldn’t have been in this problem I am sorry.they forced you in all leg sprain was not good otherwise I wouldn’t have made these show sponcers to treat you like slave!!!”

“Stop it Khushi Gadodia !Now listen Can you walk to your house ,your father Shekhar Gadodia is not well and they are asking for you.”Swara yelled while she walk behind change door and immediately came out of this f**king dress.and dress in jeans and white kurti.making herself good like normal girl,she wash her face taking all that make up ,then open her lengthy hair which reach to her hips.braiding it losely ,she wear her aviators and stepped out .

Khushi Gadodia was sitting keeping her finger on her lips making Swara rolled her eyes in frustration.

Swara said in formal tone- Get back to your when you able to walk ,I will inform your parents.

Khushi eyes wide exclaimed-your can’t leave me here Swaraji !!!

“I can Miss Gadodia”and then she left leaving Khushi Gadodia sitting with broken legs ,all because of her clumsiness.


Reaching the footsteps of Gadodia house ,She stopped taking the scene with confused,.Mens seems guards surrounding the whole House,Both Gadodias kneeling down ,sobbing ,pleading mercy of the Man who was staring straight in her eyes.Man standing with his head high in pride,body language screams arrogance and face which is nothing but handsome and weakening the knees of her while his black eyes sharp with deep emotions covered up.

“Welcome home Miss Gadodia ,I would like to introduce myself Sanskar Maheshwari.”

She masked her confusion and shocked that why he is calling her Gadodia.

“Swara name Mr Maheshwari.”Her sharp and rude tone was enough to everyone keep silent.her cold damour was totally unexpected for anyone here especially Sanskar who have thought that this girl would be pleading for mercy.

“Nice name…But I too would like to be called as Sanskar.”Sanskar was back in action as he stepped forward in front of Swara who was not bit intermediate by him.

“That should leave for future,beside What do you want ?”Swara ask coldly.not giving what started working in her mind.

Sanskar Maheswari was impressed,this tiny creature well beautiful creature ,is highly brave and straight forward and he seems liking her spunky attitude.but the place and situation was not justify now.

“I want to know the Raizadas ,the real name of owner of SheeshMahal.”Sanskar Maheswari said in bussiness tone not noticing how Shekhar Gadodia who saw Swara is became life less nor ,the flash of hatred in those brown perising eyes which now turned cold and her whole body stiffened.
“If you want your parents to be alive Miss Gadodia.”

Swara look at those two human being who are vulnerable and cage in all this.The Gadodias have thier own life and She can’t snatch it .She gaze at the Man who is all here to know about the Raizadas.

“SR, Sujata Singh Raizada anything else.”Swara voice was turned emotionless and cold , she stood arms crossed staring at Sanskar Maheshwari shocked eyes.

Sanskar Maheswari never was the one to be shocked but now he was,not because his Aphrodite has told him name who is world’s second millionaire woman and toppest of fashion world ,or the Sujata Singh Raizada as SR whose private life is as mysterious it can.

He is shocked by the whole transformation of Swara ,who was until now calm and composed was now having red blood shot eyes ,her knuckles turned white with the pressure she is literally forcing,her whole body stiffened damn much and her looks too deadly.She look ruthless women he never met.just by the name of Sujata Singh Raizada ,she is too mad.

Sanskar immediately composed himself and signed his men’s to leave the couple while his eyes were not leaving the girl who is still shaking in mad rage he can’t understand.

Swara took a deep breath and walk passed Sanskar ,took water glass and give it to the old couple .they thanked her but She was in daze ,that too strong to let her come back to sense,her mobile shrill ringed make her come back to sense and when she saw the caller she was totally calm and blank to even said she was having murderous rage.cutting the call abruptly She look at Mr Gadodia was about to say something when she signed not.

“You can leave now.”her tone came as whip ,for Sanskar who taken aback by her change attitude in seconds.

“I want something else too ,I want you to talk to you alone .”Sanskar Maheswari spoke now having to return back from those cutting emotions.

Swara didn’t shayed away ,as she walk inside the first room while behind her Sanskar Maheshwari following.As he lock the room he turned swiftly hearding her irritated voice.

“What Now ?”

“YOU !”Sanskar Maheswari said totally ready to heard her screaming or shouting because he know she was expecting it ,her eyes give away the stunned emotions.

“Why A Man like you having all richness of world want me a simple girl ?”Swara spoke as calm as she can be.

Sanskar Maheswari was now having too many surprises given by his Aphrodite.

“I can be more clear come with me ,and you can get same richness of world ”

“What would if I say no .”Swara spoke now lightly whisper.

“You will not dare because your No will only lead to these both old man and woman to death .”Sanskar threaten easily.

Swara was not expecting it,nor when she have many things to do.but she can’t let him kill those Gadodias.She need to do something fast beside being helpless will not work with her.She know if she wants she can make him pay in most cruel way but she didn’t want.She is feeling attraction for this bussiness tycoon Sanskar Maheshwari,she have been attracted to him past seven years and now being stood with your attraction is something beyond the spell.

“And what will be I am for you Mr Maheshwari ?’

Sanskar was again speechless he didn’t expected her to easily agreed but now she is asking What is she would be for him!!

“A girlfriend with no strings and emotions attached Miss Gadodia .”Sanskar spoke harshly ,as he didn’t give much to women’s ,just they are his one night stand but She is different,he can’t let himself treat her like garbage never.he continued”I can be clear to you Miss Gadodia ,I am attracted to you and I want you .I assure you thier would be no emotions or any commitment ,never.You would be given everything you ask for .money , luxury , everything in world for giving me what I want .”

Their was momentary silence.

“I want assurance not words Mr Maheshwari,where basically you have win win situation,I don’t trust you.You have proven enough by making me blackmail again staking gun point on them.”Swara told boldly not at all afraid of it.

He is not happy because hearding from her where She don’t trust him its pricking his damn heart which he don’t understand.He is becoming more mad by her words.How dare she !!

“You will get the contract Miss Gadodia and you should know you are not in condition of negotiate.And now I am reducing one condition you are not my girlfriend but mistress until I get enough of you.”

Sanskar Maheswari have been too boiling in his anger that he didn’t saw he make a mistake which have ripped apart Swara soul and heart in seconds .

A Mistake which will never would have any forgiveness.

“Kill them Mr Maheshwari.”SWARA MALIK finally spoke in dead tone , enough of the nonsense now.

Sanskar Maheswari look at her shocked ,he ask “they are your parents Miss Gadodia ! You are taking my threats lightly.”

“No I am not Mr Maheshwari they both rather be dead if they can’t protect their own daughter. I will not have any problem because being MISTRESS of you will only make me disgust myself and You should know Mr Maheshwari I love my life more than anything and anyone.Now the balls in your court Mr Maheshwari.”she told him calmly but thier was hint of arrogance and sadness which Sanskar Maheswari didn’t understand.

Sanskar stood still because he was feeling like giving up ,he can’t have her and the feeling is not good.Not at all.He wanted her and having her he will go to any extent.

“Then it would be more better for me Miss Gadodia by killing those Mr and Mrs Gadodia,I can easily whisk you away from here .”

And then what happened was nothing but most dreaded events of evening in Gomti Nagar,Mr Shekhar Gadodia and Mrs Gayatri Gadodia were thrown and lock in the own house while Sanskar Maheswari take Gadodia princess which he thought of her with him, kidnapping making her yell at him ,shout at him but he was beyond from listening.And Last what colony people saw 18 year old young girl abruptly taken away by 22 year old young Man.


Next update would be given tomorrow guys,and please leave the comments and my silent readers it hurts when people just it off not appreacting writer hard work.-Aryna

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