It’s not revenge it’s love swasan season 3 (color of love and revenge) “intro “


“It’s not revenge it’s love swasan season 3( colours of changed love to revenge) ”

( you all don’t be confused so here I give you first character sketches not lengthy!!  It would be short)

SWARA MALIK ( 24 years old) – know as “SAMMIE .M” in business field and daughter of Omkar MALIK and Raina MALIK. And married .much more than what we can ever saw a total complex personalty. And dangerous too.

Omkar MALIK (50 years old) – Home minister of UP and leader of Surya party. Father of two daughters SWARA and SARA .

Raina MALIK (45 years old) – education Minister of UP and members of Surya party. Very cunning and sadictic woman towards power and money.

SARA MALIK – A dark secret of MALIK family.


SANSKAR MAHESHWARI (27 years old)  One of the Rockstar of today’s youths. Most popular and famous for his voice and hot billionaire look. Having billions of fan following mostly women! God gifted voice.and billionaire too. Married.

Durga Prasad Maheshwari (53 years old) – father of Sanskar and Aadarsh. Very kind and hearted Man.

Annapurna Maheshwari -DEAD

Aadarsh Maheshwari (30 years old) (role play by Shakti Arora)  – recent Minister of Surya party but very soon going to become CM of Delhi.


..Arnav Singh Raizada’-  28 years old, known as ASR in business world, one of the most successful business tycoons in the world. He has everything anyone can’t even dream of. He is mean, rude, obnoxious, heartless, brusque, impertinent, ignorant to everyone but himself and always angry. SOLE   OWNER OF RAIZADA INDUSTRY.

LAKSH SINGH RAIZADA -27 years old, famous fashion designer and successful in his career and head of designer department in RAIZADA  fashion house only on his hard work and talent.

Sujata Singh Raizada (48 years old) – divorced woman .mother of Arnav and Laksh. Always stay depressed and lost. But now somewhere opening up. Singh RAIZADA is her father surname.

ARJUN GADODIA – 28 years old ,He was famous as”The DEVIL” in media. he was one of the most cunning and ruthless Corporate Lawyer of Mumbai city. 
Loaded with corporate secrets ranging from dangerous to heinous he had connections seeping deep into political lobbies. He was very young for the kind of success he had garnered in the field of law, but he deserved every bit of it as he had worked his butt off for it as a fresher, working for as long as 19 hours a day, following cases at the expense of his health and safety along with impressing right kind of people and skillfully winning his initial small cases in the court.he was now a partner in highly prestigious MALIK and Raizada Associates, .but he is now active partner.
RAGINI GADODIA – 26 year old was a beautiful girl with extraordinary charms that only good breeding and values could inculcate. And talking of beauty, she was a classic-era goddess with lush long hair reaching her waist, a glittering nose pin on her delicate nose and love for glass bangles still intact in her heart. WORK AS Personal Assistant of ARJUN GADODIA.

Shekhar GADODIA – father of ARJUN and RAGINI. DEAD.

Sharmistha Gadodia – mother of Arjun and Ragini. DEAD.

Khushi Kumari Gupta  -21 year old sweet little girl, life for her was the silly dreams she dreamt of and wished it to come true. She was too nave and innocent for her own good, a kind hearted soul, ready to help anyone in need, never had done something for her own selfish reason always thoughtful about others. She is a jovial person and friendly one to. WORK AS SECRETARY OF LAKSH PAST ONE MONTH.

ROSHANI GUPTA -30 YEARS old doctor, and well famous Psychiatrists .Elder sister of  AAROHI and KHUSHI. Live in Mumbai. They three are orphan but live life happily stay in flat of bandra.

AAROHI GUPTA – 25 years old, junior criminal lawyer but minded woman works R&M associate and having crush on Arjun her boss.
It is the story of crazy and silly love which changes into sadistic and wicked Revenge.

They were born with silver spoon but fate change them to eat leftovers of dirt.

Thier friendship begins with unknown fights and change into trusted bond. But destiny made them today enemies who don’t wanted each other blood but wants sadistic pleasure… Each other pain.

They were known as Wild Tigers who can make any thing possible in small age but now they are separated and can do anything to grave pain each other.

Many relationships destroy mostly siblings and new fonts friends between them and only left REVENGE.

Let’s see How the colors changes of love into Revenge. But we know that Colors always changes!! So we will also see how in their life again one storm changes Revenge into love.
Any confusion tell me and I will soon post my other ff and I want your comments to know how it is!! -ARYNA.. 😊😊


  1. Deeksha


    |Registered Member

    Wow dear… Didn’t expect that u will start the season 3…..waiting for it…. Pls update soon…… Lots of love…. And thanks for starting the season 3!!!!!

  2. anu

    awesome.. season3.. looking forward to it.. continue update soon and please be regular update daaily… is swasan married each other or swasan dont know each other? about swasan i am confusing clear me yaar? bcz u gave in there intros they married .. tel me.. and update soon

  3. Kakali

    Wooooowwww!!! this is called BACK WITH THE BANG….

    season 1 “”Hit” ()i didn’t comment but read all d chappies))

    season 2 Super Hit(( didn’t comment, as I was a silent reader))

    Season 3 —–…..—– ((hope u get it))

    huffffffffffff let me take a breath,,let me prepare…, coz after onwards m going to witnesses a damn world where my BREATH can stop in anywhere….

  4. Ruhi

    Welcome back 👍
    And thanks for writing season 3 🙏
    U r a mind blowing writer 👌
    And again a awsome start 😊👍

  5. lucky sravzzz

    Wow!!!!! I read your ff……both the seasons…n trust me I fell in love with the characters u have given…the way they love n their revenge amazing……..i am so happy that u started new season n I m waiting forward for it.. All the best…

  6. Madhu

    Omg omg……dr happy to see u again with season 3…….welcome back dr…….just wow…..difference from the other seasons…..but interesting…….
    Wish u fr rock again like old times…..
    Waiting fr ur this and the other ff…..😉😉😉😉

  7. Abdul hafiz (Uma)

    Yapiee, season 3👏👏👏👏.BACK WITH A BANG….. Huuu.Continue soon dear….. Waiting for it.BTW,post your last chappy of season 2.
    Take care
    Keep smiling😊

  8. Hadi


    |Registered Member

    Oho a happy news I didn’t know that a happy news is waiting for me ahan season 3 already excited n character sketch is just a example of ur writing thank God u back Eid season 3 it will be one of the best writings of urs n am waiting eagerly

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