It’s not revenge it’s love swasan season 3 (color of love and revenge) Chapter 7


Chapter 7 ” UFF YE EMOTIONS ”

It was hardly three in morning when Sanskar heard a knock as he rubbed his eyes which turned red due to fight and he only slept half an hour before walk towards door open it.
Swara is standing wearing full sleeves night suit ( a black full sleeves top and yellow leggings ) look at him then walk inside without saying anything like always and Sanskar lash the door. Comes to her.
Sanskar know her condition as he hold her hand in his and make her turn he look into her eyes with a hope if he can see any emotions of anger, pain, love, disgust or anything but like always nothing was there.
He made her sit on bed and sat beside her holding her hand and whisper “you still fear with touch? ”
Swara hands started sweating little and Sanskar don’t have courage to again push her .as he was about to kiss her she stop him by holding his hand more tightly and Sanskar look stunned, in all these years she never stopped him and somewhere his heart got a hope… Of sunshine..
He look at her with questions gaze.
Swara finally spoke quitely looking straight in his eyes – She is like me.
Sanskar understand it totally look at her with shocked in years she spoke to him about something other than divorce or some major decesion.
Sanskar replied her back – I know..
Swara said this time whisper – Why I am here in this place where..
She stopped.. Not wanting to say something else.
Sanskar make her lie down on bed and slipped beside her caressing her hair he spoke politely – You are not anymore Swara Malik that girl which you used to be years back now you are Sammie much more than anything in your life. Your work is important your company is important, and you are now Maheshwari. Mrs SANSKAR MAHESHWARI.. You don’t need anyone you have power and money which can made anything possible.
Swara started feeling normal from the overlehmed feeling and the lust and power was again come back to her – I need you now.
Sanskar come close to her caressing her bottom lip with his rough thumb he said – I know .and bent down to take her lips hungrily kiss……
Mornings hours…
Khushi get up early it’s her favorite thing to do in morning but today she is totally disturbed by not finding Roshani Di and in distress state Khushi kumari Gupta knew only one thing the most sweetest sweet “JALEBI ” and now she is in kitchen which is totally stocked because of richest people were living so in her tension she is making from one hand jalebi and another hand munching it. But oblivious with one pair of Chocolaty brown eyes gazing her heatedly with amused expression.

None other than ASR as today he got to know about his sister being alive so first thing he wanted to know what happened that she turned into cold animal more than him as he can easily sense that from her aroma ruthlessness and heartless behavior is spreading and ASR would be damm to leave that which changes his sweet sister this much and for that he is here in morning waiting past ten minutes to get to meet with his sister then he heard humming sound and sweet smell as he walk towards kitchen he look totally taken aback by this crazy girl new drama here she is making dozen of jalebi!!!! And then he heard her blabbering which nervous but when he look at her his eyes started melting down her eyes are twinkling, her hair strands are disturbing her making his hand hitch ,her cute little nose.. Her apple like cheeks and then her most beautiful lips which waking his devil to woke up and taste the hell out of it. When his get down he saw her wearing cute white sleeveless Kurti and jeans on her perfect petite figure but then his eyes again fall on her sleeves “Why the blo*dy hell she didn’t wear some sleeve cloth!!! How dare she to display it to gaze other man on her!!! ”
Khushi who was totally busy were suddenly grabbed by rough hand and pinned on wall as she look to crash with those deep brown eyes gazing her intencely making her go weak on her knees.
ASR smirk at his effect on her and said – Miss like what you see?
Khushi comes back to sense and try to push him but he step back himself making her confuse because she thought he will tighten his hold like first in his office.
ASR crossed his arms on his chest and said huskily – Khushi go and change your Kurti and wear something decent.
Khushi look at him stunned – What but why?? And.. I like this dress.
This time he know he have to handle her in his style – If you don’t want I will marry at this second go back to room and change your clothes (he comes closure to her and whisper)  wear this when you are alone with me.
Khushi whole body shiver heavily at his close proximity but she didn’t know why she like his possessiveness on her first time and he didn’t hurt her but yesterday.. Like he readed her mind.
ASR – Yesterday I don’t mean to hurt you nor few days back in office. And yes now you don’t have to be fear in getting marriage with me because I am not going to force. You have time think about my proposal and if you don’t then you can find someone else but until you have to be decent enough about your surroundings. Understand?
Khushi nodded not able to believe what he said thinking “How could someone changes in few hours? “and then she walk towards her room smiling like fool.
Arjun who saw all this shook his head as he saw ASR smirk widely and he know one thing definitely Khushi is only going to be future Mrs ASR but with little twist.

After some time…
Sanskar sat on other side of dining table eating toast and juice while Samrat is sulking eating all these being in India he wanted to eat something different!!
ASR was simply eating toast but waiting for Swara to come same was with Arjun, Laksh, Ragini.

While Swara came down wearing bussissnes outfit looking totally different. Sat on other empty side chair look at the breakfast then at the sulking face of Samrat and others curious gaze on her. Not even caring once at anyone she took one apple and bite while Aarohi and Khushi also come out to join them Aarohi know that everyone is billionaire so it would be good if she silently ate the breakfast move out with Khush for finding Roshani Di. But Khushi who just sat look down and said aloud – this is it just toast and juice!!! Haawww!!! I thought rich people eat every type of breakfast .
This made Laksh, Ragini, Sanskar and Samrat chuckled.while ASR shook his head at her antics and Arjun try to get any reaction from Swara which is none. While Aarohi just pretending to be calm not to eat Khushi as breakfast!!!
Khushi ask to Swara – you always eat all this breakfast?
Swara stopped at the track and gaze at her and gaze at her coldly meanwhile Samrat came to her rescue.
Samrat – Khushi ji you know anything which we can eat?
Swara rolled her eyes at the Samrat mishap and continue her breakfast while it was not unnoticed by everyone that Samrat literally saved from Swara.
Khushi smile sheepishly – you?
Samrat wink and said- Samrat! Samrat Dixit!
Khushi smile – Samrat Ji Now I think we should be friends after all you are going to taste Khush world best jalebi!!!!
Samrat smile while everyone else is trying not to give her a piece of mind especially ASR.
Khushi who sat beside Swara ran towards the kitchen while she was about to fall but balance herself but Arnav was litteraly half stand at the seat.
Khushi comes to them – Here is jealeby!!!! Everyone attacked!!
Well in everyone only Samrat was the one who tasted jalebi while Aarohi try harder to not shout at Khushi antics.
Swara – Miss Khushi if you don’t mind can you listen something.
Khushi who was excited suddenly sat beside Swara in curiosity nodded her head while others were trying to think what is going happen!
Swara drink juice and finish her breakfast said – IN your Indian culture if anyone of your relatives dead then you ate this disgusting sweet.
A silence spread all over the table while Aarohi who don’t even understand and get angry at this comment said angry – What did you mean!  Look if my sister disturbing you then I am sorry but don’t use this type of phrase.

Swara stood up and said expressionless face and cold voice – Dr Roshani Gupta has been dead four days before and her dead body is already buried .political parties involved in this thing and if you two stop your family drama then go and find out your victim. blo*dy sweets. And Mr Dixit I want you in five minutes in the in the car. Saying this Swara left the place leaving totally devastated Aarohi and Khushi while totally shocked ASR, Laksh, Arjun and Ragini. But Samrat knew her ways and Sanskar understand her too much.
Samrat patted Khushi head as friendly gesture and left the place hurriedly while Sanskar gaze at Khushi. And now he know why SHE said that thing in mid night.

Laksh come to KHUSHI shaking her – Khushi Khush!! Khushi listen.. Khushi..
While Aarohi was totally shaken to the core as she try to stand her knees failed and she collapsed in familiar arms. Arjun look at Aarohi face and make her lay on sofa while Khushi was still in daze.
ASR come to Khushi and touch her shoulder but taken aback by shocked when Khushi throw herself in his arms crying bitterly mumbling ” please Arnav Ji make everything alright.. I want my Roshani Di ARNAV Ji please say to that lady that she misunderstand. Nothing is happened to Roshani Di.
SARA MALIK look at chess with wicked smile while placing her step she saw her component her would be Husband Aadarsh Maheshwari.

They are sitting in lawn of Sheeshmalhal and Sara came at morning hours.

Aadarsh look disturbs due to Roshani Gupta… And her things was also not there….. His trance broken by SARA.
SARA tease seducely – you are failing handsome!
Aadarsh smile – not yet!
SARA look at his queen and then it was finished by her one step.
SARA – Now what your queen is gone!
As Aadarsh trapped her king with his pawn and game finished
Aadarsh smirk – check mate Sara.
SARA look shockingly – you sacrifice your queen for wining the game!
Aadarsh lean back on his chair smirking – it doesn’t matter who is sacrificed queen or pawn. We just need to win the game.
SARA laugh – you become totally politician like Dad sounds good my s*xy fiance !
Aadarsh smile – and I more than happy finally you are back to me and totally perfect alright.
SARA – so any plans for tonight?
Aadarsh thought about Roshani and said – yeah some meeting why you have something to plan ?
SARA – yeah today is a bussissnes annual day and you are going to become CM it would be good for your reputation.
Aadarsh – nice idea Sara. But..
SARA – no buts and ifs Aadarsh we are going that’s final!
Aadarsh – as you say princess.
Just then his mobile ring..
Aadarsh – I need to take this saying this he took his mobile and move out.
SARA MALIK look at his retreating figure with devil smirk – very soon Mr Aadarsh.. Maheshwari… Soon..
TGE project site…
Swara look at the employees and workers who are totally afraid because of the political parties threatening she had to make everything alright.
Samrat come step forward – She is the manager of TGE project and whatever problem you are going through she will explain once she done then you all can put your queries.
Swara made her appearance look straight in their eyes spoke determined and bussissnes tone – TGE project.. Do you all know what this project means? right I will tell you all this TGE project is to put up TO make a Ten storage building and with a very much proclaimed space this is what you all know but the real reason is this building is going to become Culture and traditional of LUCKNOW where a small little girl can know the deep intensity of her culture and  know what traditions are say. TRADITIONAL GIRL EVENT’S  .it would be a big education system, hospital, and Hostel. Which would make a girl to develop into a sincere woman and can get the lead of life. Where a girl can fight with everything and possibly not become some doormat of anyone of your house. And if I talk about profit if this project completed then each worker can get 50,000 from government as a praise for doing something for Indian Girl. And still if anyone wanted to leave door is at left side. While who are involved they can start the work from this instance because this building should be done in one and half months.
As she spoke end every face show agreement.
Samrat comes forward – Now you all can put up your queries!
When nobody say anything.
Samrat – I think we should start the work then.
And then all workers women and men went towards the site and started off the work with engeeners and other assistance.
Samrat look at Swara calm face – It work but I didn’t understand one thing if you have directly say towards money and profit then it would be easier.
Swara smirk – this is India Mr Dixit and many know why more than scientists some unfaithful baba types fraud are famous. These people first have to know that they doing something good and after then knowing the amount is the only left to make them work.
Samrat nodded totally shocked at her ideology as he said – your office is first cubicle.
Swara moved towards that and sat looking straight for email when Samrat said – You shouldn’t have said like that if you know Indians!
Swara stopped working – You are questioning me and my way?
Samrat nodded without beating around the bush – I never came between your ways but that girl Khushi and her sister never have receive this new from you Sammie or should have order I would have done better then you did a worst one!
Swara shook her head and said – Go back to work Mr Dixit.
Samrat knew that’s it end of discussion he moved out sadly while Swara look at the retreating figure. As he gone.
Swara took her mobile and make a call.
On phone..
Swara said cold voice – I need to meet you now!
Caller – Why What’s wrong?
Swara said in sternly voice – Where are you now?
Caller – fine, come near the outskirts of city.
Call ended..

Plazo bike stopped near the SUV car as the biker hoped out of bike. And come near the sitting figure on car front side.
Swara look at the biker and said in sternly voice – Where is the body of Roshani Gupta?
Biker revealed his face from the helmet spoke – it is in Mumbai city for the forensic test and all the reports. What happened yesterday only we both decided to not meet then why this sudden?
Swara look at the Biker – You don’t have to tell me when we have to meet alright. And last what have you eaten that it is all over your mouth. Said in anger tone.
Biker smile devilishly – OH you should guess Liones it’s called chicken burger!! Said ARJUN GADODIA
Swara shook her head and hissed – Why were you there last night IN my room? If I have not saw your so called sister Ragini then everything would have finished !!
Arjun look at her for second and said – Are you now OK!
Swara nodded and sat back silently.
Arjun – you got into fights with Sanskar or samrat?
Swara said quietly – Samrat and how you know?
Arjun replied cheekily – Lioness however changes came into you I would always there to see what is going on into your mind. And last thing I am very much shocked to see you last night I thought you were coming week after.
Swara – no.. I changed my plan.
Arjun – hmm… And now would you tell me what happened before ten years or still I am out of it!
Swara give him sharp look – I have already told you ARJUN I am not here for my past events I need to finish this project.
Arjun held her hand – you are heartless business woman and ruthless in terms of plans .this is what makes me feel disgusted of myself. If..
Swara cutted him between – I can never be healed ARJUN but I need to prevent any one from this wound.
Arjun nodded – Night bussissnes party is held and all are coming even MALIK which we wanted.
Swara – I should leave.
Arjun finally spoke – Aarohi is fainted and Khushi is still in daze.
Swara – so what ?saying this she got in car and zoom off.
Arjun look at the retreating car think -” so much change but what happened Lioness that your color of love change in to revenge I will find it soon. ”


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