It’s not revenge it’s love swasan season 3 (color of love and revenge) Chapter 6


If Arjun was trying to get sleep it would be worst sleep ever and he know the cause of his sleepless night because in all theses years he got sleep of two or three hours but today he didn’t even blink and he have to talk to her he can’t take it any more. So here he is standing infront of SWARA MALIK room totally shaken to knock or barge in like years before but then his lawyer mind reminds him to knock. And he did only to get cold voice response “COME IN “it sounds like someone else he never know.

As he moved inside he look at HER carefully who is sitting on recliner typing something in Laptop furiously and sipping coffee okay if he said he knows her years back it would be totally shocked him because this girl -cut the woman he don’t even know!!! He is his lioness!!

Arjun clear his throat and said – I wanted to talk to you liones- I mean Swara.

Swara look up at without any emotions and just curtly nodded and again resume in her work .

It was totally taken aback situation for Arjun for the first time in his life .

Arjun sigh and said – What happened years before and How you happen to declare death and were still alive! I don’t want to know but tell me one thing in all theses in all your mishap Omkar MALIK and his daughter Sara Malik is involved.

Arjun was fully confident to get any type of glimpse of her emotions but totally shocked by her expressionless face which shows nothing.

Arjun again try – I know you now hate me for not being with you or that but it was truth that I don’t even knew what is going on with because in my own life everything was slipping like sand when I tried to reach you many times at one time I even loss my life but –

Swara look up now give cold glare eyes and straight bussissnes tone – Done! Now excuse me Mr Gadodia.

Arjun rooted at the spot she knew how much he despise himself addressing “GADODIA ” then why!!!

Arjun took a moment – Good night Swara I think we should talk tomorrow. Saying this he look up at her last for anything but again nothing he got.

As he left Swara stood up and lash the door again resume in her work without any fuss or like nothing ever happened.

Arjun walk out of room only to bump into Ragini who is clutching her dupptta and pacing the corridor all shocked and nervous.

Arjun said sternly – Watch it Miss Gadodia!
Ragini who heard immediate ask – Swara said something or show any anger on you .I tried to talk to her sometimes before but she just simply said OUT  .
Arjun took a minute than suggest – Don’t go to her now and give her sometime and try not to be more civil act infront of me.
Ragini – Can you elaborate What punishment can cause me your forgiveness!!!!
Arjun – nothing.
Saying this he left her with tears.

But Arjun didn’t know he is going to get another surprise well not shock!!

ASR and Laksh were standing with luggage as ASR was busy in checking his mail and Laksh was looking for the room.

Arjun – you both here??

ASR and Laksh both are surprised but then one look at Ragini everything vanished.

ASR said in his usual arrogant tone –  Last time I checked this place belongs to Shashi Gupta after Sharmistha kaki (this made everyone silence for a moment)  and I have rented here room .so I don’t need to explain anything to anyone.

Arjun ignore him completely and said point to Laksh – upper corridor two rooms are left and downstairs four rooms.

Laksh – What but last I checked with Mr Shashi Gupta that whole GOMTI SADAN is vacant and then there seven rooms vacant right!!??

Ragini finally said in painful voice – I am leaving for room. And she left the place.

It make both ASR and Laksh to be amused by her behavior she is looking totally riled out of emotions.

ASR didn’t bother too much and again engrossed in mobile .but Laksh look at her with little bit concerned.

ASR – I am going upstairs. And was about to move but when he look up at stairs only to be froze at the spot swear “What the f**k!!! “for confirming he blink thrice!!! WELL THE SAME WITH Laksh!!!!


Flashback ………

Arnav get the result of his tenth board exam only to be dissapointed for not secure “above 90%!!!just left with 5%!!!” as he sat silently at terrace area with results in his hand his eyes turn moist in dissapointment…whispered “I should have tried hard “regretting hell out of it!!! And Angry on himself!!

“Nav Bhai you are here I was looking around for you all over the palace!!! Why are you here I thought I am going to get treat after all my bro have secured top position in state!!! “said chirpy Swara sat beside Arnav

Arnav snapped – Get out Swara I am not in mood to talk and you know I will say something which I will regret later!!!

But after sometime Swara was still beside him playing with air….doing some random things with her hand and smiling stupidly.

Arnav angrily shouted – What the hell SWARA just get lose don’t you understand!!!!

Swara just shrugged off and said sweetly – Nav Bhai why I leave you alone as like you ever left me alone for a second when I am upset!!

Arnav look away angry!!

Swara hold his hand and said politely – Nav Bhai I know you are best and I also know that you didn’t left any chance for this exam you have done hard work and not getting the same result made us dissapointed.
Arnav jerk off his hand saying harshly – What would you understand Swara when your own result is 50%!!! Of tenth board!! And I know how much I have work hard OK you don’t need to tell me!!!
Swara smile at his anger – OK OK fine Nav Bhai!! I don’t understand happy!! But still I wanted to say something to you just like that I know you don’t take anyone advice but still…
Arnav gesture her to say..

Swara said genuinely – Bhai I know more than results you are disappointed because you got second place after Devil.. I know this that how much you and devil compete in all the things to win somewhere I am also the reason because you both love me too much and you both can’t stand each other without jealousy and ego but Nav Bhai this is all part of our small life we have to live long life and I think next year Nav Bhai going to beat first rank!!!
Arnav look Aww at her sister who sometimes become mature like his mother they both are same age but when it comes to anger she act like his guide while he act like two years kid!!
Arnav said quietly – I am sorry Shona but I am not sorry about your result!! You are my sister and you got only 50%.

Before Swara could say Laksh come there with big bowl of kheer!!!
Swara said – lucky you know Nav Bhai can’t take this!!!
Laksh and Arnav shook their heads.. At her over concerned which they adore so much!!
Laksh – Oye Shona Devi this is sugar free and Nav Bhai please stop this scowl face you looking like our history teacher!!! And about Shona result we should be thankful to this madam for passing tenth!! Look how much favor she did on us.

Laksh and Arnav both hifi while Swara look at them with open mouth!!
Swara – haww  lucky you always tease me but you both know this time I truly did hard work. And now I needed a treat saying she took a bowl and gulp it directly not bothering to use spoon.
Arnav and Laksh share amusing smile.
Laksh snatch bowl and gulp down while Arnav look at them admiring
Arnav – Why you both always eat this sugar free things only because I have diabetes it doesn’t mean you both also gotten!!
Laksh – I don’t want to increase my weight other wise my hot shot image in DHS would be down.
Swara – oh yeah I know!! Like this oh lucky you look so ugly ,oh lucky please I can’t hug you!! You are looking Kung Fu Panda!!!

Laksh look at her jaw dropped while Arnav amd Swara burst into laughter.
Laksh – Shona ki bachhi!!!
Swara stood up and run making Laksh chase her while Arnav laugh hard at their antics.
Laksh – Shona stop once I will tell you what it meant to make of your brother!!
Swara shouted – Nav Bhai stop him otherwise his DHS bimbos will get widows by getting news that “LAKSH MALIK is going to get hang till death for killing his so innocent and sweet sister Swara!!! ”
Laksh breathing heavily – innocent and sweet my foot!!!!
Arnav catch Swara hold and then both brothers are ready to make Swara laugh uncontrollably by twinkling her stomach…. Their sweet punishment…
Laksh eyes were moist with tears while Arnav still believing his shona is in front of him. Back alive and save…
Swara came down with bottle  walk towards kitchen still not looking at two more shocked faces.

Laksh comes to her  whisper – SHONA

Swara stopped at the track hearding the voice but then it took a moment to again carry on and she walk towards kitchen.

Laksh look at Swara thinking she didn’t heard while Arjun try to say something but Laksh grabbed Swara wrist started saying pouring his heart out – Where you gonna Shona leaving your brothers ,you know how much I died all theses years not getting a glimpse of your. I shattered knowing the news of your death and now after ten years you are here!!! Still not even hugging your lucky!!! What you thought your brothers will be angry with you whatever happens!!! Shona where were all these years leaving your brothers was so simple for you!!!! Answer me dammit!!!
As Laksh shouted in frustation of years, In happiness of years, in pain of years ,in yearning of years!!! And was about to hugged Swara but next moment shouted in pain clutching his wrist..which cutted abruptly and blood is oozing uncontrollably.
Laksh scream -aaahh!!!
All look at Swara in disbelief.
Swara who was clutching the broken glass piece in her hand causing her hand to be wounded and blood dropping off.

Swara said without any emotions or pain simply stated – NO ONE TOUCH ME WITHOUT MY PERMISSION!!

It came as blow for three of them who were not at all in position to even utter a word as Arjun saw Laksh wrist he got the first aid box while Arnav just gazing at Swara in totally shocked.
Arnav -SHONA!!!
Swara replied back without any nonsense tone – it’s Sammie.. Mr MALIK and I don’t want to repeat this again. (pointing to Laksh)  and you next time I will not think once before killing you if ever you dare to touch me or pitching your voice high.
Swara didn’t spare one glance at injured Laksh who is looking at her in disbelief , shocked ARJUN and ARNAV.
As she walk inside the kitchen wash her total blood cover hand under the water sink and wipe it taking water bottle she walk directly move upstairs.

Arjun finished off the bandaging Laksh for humanity sake.
Arnav sat on couch not at all covered with shock. Same was with Arjun and Laksh.

Arjun break the silence – I think we need to give her sometime.
Laksh whisper painfully – She is not a glimpse of my Shona.
Arnav – need to get some sleep. Saying this he was about to go but Laksh hand stopped him.
ASR – What?
Laksh – don’t go to Her now we would talk to her tommorow.
ASR nodded and took the key of his car and turn to go but what he just saw made him to stop but not that much shock like before but stunned.
ASR angrily – What the f**k you are doing here!!!!?

Samrat look at the Man well known bussissnes tycoon “ASR ” who is giving deadly glare at Sanskar who is looking also not much calm but Angry well he never saw this much anger face of Sanskar at stranger!!

Sanskar took a minute to analyze the all the situation as thier faces clearly shows that they have saw HER!! and it made more clear looking at injured hand of Laksh.

Sanskar hissed looking at Laksh – Didn’t tell me that you tried to come close HER.

Laksh, ASR, Arjun look stunned while SAMRAT is horrified.
Samrat quickly glance at Sanskar – I have to inform her my whereabouts. Saying this he look at Arjun – Where is SAMMIE room….. Mr.. AG.. Yes AG.
Arjun back retort not so politely – Who the hell are you to go to Swara!!!

Sanskar said deadly serious – Samrat move upstairs last second room.

Samrat didn’t waited for second and walk out while Four were not at all in any condition to become civil.

ASR step forward barked – You blo*dy knew about Swara that she is alive!!!!! And hide her from past ten years!!! How dare you!!!

Sanskar (who still looking at Laksh) – Did you touch HER!!!!

Laksh finally shouted angrily – Yes blo*dy bastard she is my sister and I have right to hug my sister that because of you I lost ten years in mourning on her death leaving a worst life!!!!

And then Sanskar punched hard on LAKSH stomach making him to punch to Sanskar.

ASR and Arjun instantly made both of them out of their reach.
Arjun – would You both stop it!!!!!

Sanskar was still looking at Laksh deadly eyes like he will skin him alive!!!!

Arjun – I don’t think I could tolerate all this at any point now!!!  And now just get the hell to your place!!!

Sanskar jerk off Arjun hand and settled on couch taking ointment from first aid kit. While Laksh move towards washroom to clean his face.

ASR didn’t even know wanted anymore shock. But then..

“Anyone is here??? ” came a voice which made Arjun too much familiar as said loudly – Aarohi!??

Aarohi and Khushi come inside and seeing ASR and AG they both are confused and stunned.

ASR spoke rudely as he saw afraid Khushi cluchting her top tightly – What the hell you both are doing here!!!

Aarohi and Khushi taken aback while Arjun who also not wanting any further people to know about their life’s silently agreed at Arnav.

Khushi said meekly – Mr Raizada.. actually we don’t know you all are here.. I mean..

Sanskar turn to give a look at the both girls not interested he too turn back. While Laksh come out of the room saw Khushi totally surprised.

Laksh – Khushi what you are doing here? I thought you have taken leave to meet your sisters!
Khushi seem sigh in relief seeing LAKSH sir while both ASR and ARJUN notice it with Sanskar!.

Khushi explain – Laksh Sir actually I have came to Luckhnow for meeting my sister Roshani Di. She is here for some case. And this is my another sister Aarohi Di.

Laksh nodded – then why you both are here?  At this hour?

Well this two head jerk up at the girls direction worriedly while Sanskar also noticed all the things quietly.

Aarohi came forward and said – We are here to live actually Roshani Di is living in hospital quarter and family are not allowed and also this place is under name of our parents Shashi Gupta and Garima Gupta but they both are now in Delhi.

Arjun said suspectly – you said you are orphans!
Aarohi was totally anoid at the indifference tone of AG and the looks of three men’s leaving Laksh sir said – they are our foster parents but we three sisters dont wanted to be dependent on them.

Laksh – OK.. But if you want I can arrange you both any other place for leaving. Now you both can be here for tonight. As this place is rented by all of us for the work of upcoming bridal launch.

Aarohi get it straight that they all are totally annoyed by her and her sister present with some reason.!!

Khushi who totally oblivious of anything said innocently – but Laksh sir why in bridal launch you need AG.. Sir he is lawyer right?

It made four men to look at her amused while Aarohi slapped her palm on her head.

Aarohi – Khush please stop it!
Khushi – but Aarohi Di still and why we can’t leave here this is our father house!!!!

Aarohi – Khush one word and you are not getting anything to eat!!

Khushi being KHUSHI screamed held out of it.

Khushi – AAROHI di you can’t do this to me you know my small stomach is my first love you can’t betrayed it by not giving food !!!

Well Khushi kumari Gupta totally forgotten about stunned auditience while Aarohi literally wanted to shake Khush!!!

Swara who came down with Samrat hearding screaming sounds while Ragini too come down and was shocked to see Sanskar while other men with Swara and then her friends Khushi and Aarohi.

ASR finally barked – Khushi KUMARI GUPTA one word and you will never going to able to eat one moral!!!

And this made Khushi to shut up quickly, while Aarohi is amused by her crazy sister obeying anyone just like that.

Ragini came forward – Khushi Aarohi what are you both are doing here?

Well now Khushi and Aarohi look at seven people in which they only knew four of then while three are unknown. This made both Aarohi and Khushi understand that they are seriously at the wrong place.

Aarohi – I apologize behalf my sister and I think we should leave.

Ragini said worriedly – But where at this hour!! And why are you are here… Wait a second you both are here to met Roshani Di?

Aarohi nodded and said – I will tell you later Ragini and don’t worry we will leave to our buajji house.
Khushi was about to open her mouth stop by Aarohi squeeze her hand signaling her to shut up the hell.

Laksh – OK I will drop you both come!

Khushi – no Sir you look injure you should rest and RAGINI please made soup for Laksh sir and don’t add mushrooms he have infection .

Ragini nodded knowing Khushi is pure soul while ASR was burning in jealousy!!!

Laksh – thanks Khushi Now come with I can drive and it’s nothing serious.

ASR finally spoke sternly – What the hell is happening you Khushi kumari Gupta stop your blo*dy drama and moved inside with you and your sister I don’t have all day to entertain your this good for nothing friendly gesture towards your boss not knowing the true limits!!

Samrat gasped at the way ASR insult her character. While others were known his anger too well.

Khushi eyes turn teary while Aarohi look at him with red face of anger.

Arjun finally step in – we should call night and Aarohi go with Miss gadodia she will give you room for staying.

Ragini nodded not wanting anymore drama she took hold of Khushi hand and Aarohi hand and moved inside Aarohi didn’t protest seeing Arjun gesture to stop.

Samrat who is beside Swara said slowly – you want anything?

Swara said quietly – fix the meeting tomorrow with the workers of TGE project.

SAMRAT nodded while Swara made her way towards the room but stopped SAMRAT hand as she turn look at him silently.

SAMRAT kiss her forhead – you OK?
Swara nodded without any reaction – I am sleepy.
Samrat – first come I bandage your wound.
Swara niether say anything nor protest as Samrat take her inside the room made her sit and taking first aid kit starred bandaging her wounds. While doing that..

Samrat – you know all of them?
Swara quitely spoke – the woman who gave me birth is also the mother of Mr Arnav Malik and Mr Laksh Malik.
Samrat nodded simply well he is shocked that two men are Swara brothers but then her tone show one thing simply they meant nothing to her and he is habitual of her harsh, heartless tone and gesture.
Samrat – you don’t even ask what I am doing here? And what is HE doing here?
Swara – Who is managing the office?
Samrat smile at her diverting topic which means she didn’t even care to know.
Samrat – Mark.. I told him to look after it but major deals would be responded to your mails…
Swara nodded.
Samrat sign in relief – finally done! It should have hurting you!!
Swara said abruptly – Hurt.. I don’t even know what this feeling is!
Samrat close his eyes not wanting to shout or say anything she is saying same what he heard before eight years.
Samrat – Good night and I will fix the meeting asap and when this trip is going to over?
Swara – in one month!

Samrat move out of the room and close it he turned and said – SHE is fine Sanskar.
Sanskar didn’t say anything and walk towards opposite room.
Samrat think painly -“it should be you Sanskar at my place!! With her talking like this!! Which you never did in these eight years! “shooking his head in dissapointed he walk downstairs.

PRECAP – morning sunshine!

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