It’s not revenge it’s love swasan season 3 (color of love and revenge) Chapter 5


Chapter 5 ” A house can only be call when there were people to make it otherwise it’s just hollow mansion ”

“Colors… Yes was something came in front of him when he saw her! Laughing, running, chasing, applying the deep color of festival of “Holi ” he had leave his sixteen years of life in orphanage but never saw anyone this much innocent and mischief. Her smile was most beautiful thing He noticed as he tried to move to her only to be stopped by guard.

Guard -Where Do you are going little boy !! That’s rich people Holi party, servant like us are not allowed.

His face fallen down instantly as he was new servant of this palace, he turned to go but stopped by hearding sweet voice.. Of HER

“guard uncle why are you saying like this!! So you don’t think me as your daughter! “said in chirpy childish voice..

Guard immediately hold his ear bending to her level of height -“sorry Shona bitiya but.. ”

“no but and ifs we are all going to play with the colors and you!! Stop please!! ” said in pleading chirpy voice

He stopped because it was first time anyone pleaded like this he was eight years old boy but he have saw how rich people come to orphan and only throw money no one ever said “please ” to him…

She smiled and come stand infront of him applying the color of pink she turned to Guard and said -“Now what uncle he and me are same, now tell me who is servant or who is master!!

Arjun was a bowled at her words she was like a real sweet princess shown in story book. He stood still.

As she look at him with annoy said in complaining tone -” hfff Now please will you not apply me this color in return dost!!

Arjun repeated her words in shock -“dost “(friend)
She smiled and clapped in bliss – yes Dost!!  Why I am that bad you don’t wanted to be my friend but you know Nav Bhai and lucky say me that I am most sweetest girl and everyone wanted to be friends with me!!  And I have lots of friends in school!!! Yeah Sara my sister and Ragini is another case but Aadii said I am totally crazy but kind!! And yes that Dracula is also another case he annoys hell out of me but he is also my friend then why don’t you want to be my friend!! Why!! I know I am not sweetest girl but –

“ARJUN.. My name is! And you talk too much lioness!! Said Arjun chuckling at her ‘o” shape mouth and wide eyes well he never smile but because of her he smiled heartily

Annoyed she said – Why you calling me animal I mean lioness!!! I am human OK!! My name is Swara and if.. If you call me this another time I will call… Hmm Yaa DEVIL!!!

Arjun laugh and said – with pleasure lioness!!
Swara stomped her foot and said again- Devil!! But still you know.. You are my friend I wanted to share some secret… Err I lied to you.. Other than Nav Bhai, lucky, Dracula, Aadii.. No one is my friend not even Sara and Ragini.
Arjun shook his head at her innocence and confess – you are too my friend and other than you I don’t have any friends.
Swara smile widely – OK come we getting late for Holi party!!
Arjun – no lioness you go and enjoy I can’t come!
Swara pouted – please Dost.. Pretty please..
Arjun finally gave up and Swara dragged him towards party and there was first thing ARJUN know that no matter what he can never leave this hand ”

Flashback end..

Arjun still at the moment when he saw her again was about to say, scream ,shout even shook her for leaving him past ten years!!!
Never be to judgmental about others or any thing in life as things can change within a blink of eye. Every story has many sides from the people who are involved in it. So when ARJUN hear something or see something never jump to conclusion as it can be that HE have missed to see the real thing in HIS own foolishness and the truth is entirely different. ARJUN IS THAT ONE TYPE OF LAWYER who always try to analyze thing before he take any step. But it’s not necessary that HIS every step will make everyone around HIM happy. Sometime for HIS and others good HE need to make few harsh decision in life even if it makes every feel like HIS IS a monster but it’s what will keep them safe from any harm so HE IS ready to pay the price.

That is What ARJUN GADODIA concluded in five minutes After still in totally shocked seeing SWARA MALIK alive and also infront of him.

But Ragini was always judgemental and jumbs to conclusions but her mouth was shut with shock of Her life.

Swara didn’t even bother much on those shock faces and call “Samrat ” as the network problem arise she walk passed out from their sight.

Ragini hold ARJUN hand tightly still shivering -A. L. I. V. E

Arjun trying hard to compose himself but failed miserably it’s after years he is failing to get control on him.

Ragini clutch her head and walk outside and stand behind Swara.

As Swara turn and gaze at her – What! 
Ragini trembling and crying heart out – you… You.. Are.. Alive.. Alive.. Swara..Swara …
Unable to get Ragini was about to hug but pushed back abruptly and fall down on floor. 
Swara glare at her and snapped -STAY AWAY! 
That made RAGINI froze and shiver to death. She didn’t believe it was Swara who pushed her hardly ,it was impossible.. 
Ragini who don’t getting anything said – Swara you are forgetting its me Ragini.. Your Ladoo.. I just can’t believe you are alive infront of me. Past ten years I was guilty and broken thinking because of me.. And my one damm mistake I lost you.. I am sorry Shona.. Please forgive me.. Please.. If you want you can slapped me or punish me but please once.. Just once forgive me Shona.. Please..

Ragini who was crying and begging miserably look at Swara but taken aback by nothing just coldness.. There was nothing on her face or eyes which can tell Ragini about Swara soul. Which Ragini whose eyes one look on her Shona face made her know what she thinking is totally taken aback by this.

Swara said sternly – GOMTI SADAN is rented by me for next one month any more enquiry talk to your manager of this place and it’s Sammie.. My name Miss Gadodia.try to learn this fact in your pea sized brain. And she walk away leaving totally rooted Ragini on her spot.

Arjun just stood there with numb expression but he didn’t go to Ragini or have talk to Swara. 

Ragini finally stood up and look at him with guilt and shock face but Arjun just silently come to her made her walk inside particular room and said before leaving -” Try to sleep. ”

Ragini slumped on floor clutching her mouth not screaming her heart out!!

Samrat look around and gulp down fear – you are horrible man!!  I mean I never saw you going behind Swara past eight years of any bussissnes trip then why now!!!

Sanskar smirk – so?  I have invited by Cultural event fest which is going to be in Luckhnow  .

Samrat – blah blah I know which event made you to stalk your own wife.
At this Sanskar walk outside the Airport.

Samrat – where are you going?  We don’t even which hotel she had booked!

Sanskar smile sadly – I know where she have book.

As they settled down in taxi ..

Samrat ask thoughtfully – if you know her this much deeply then why you need me to even know whereabouts each other? 

Sanskar didn’t reply for a moment suddenly harden his muscle.

Samrat still speaking in daze – you don’t even have to listen her only by her breathe you know she is not well and here you are going to her still nagging me with you!! 

Sanskar finally said calmly controlled his rage – Why you got bored with me??

At SAMRAT jump out and hugged him – no way you both are everything to me and simple family but still there very much things which I wish I can correct firstly your both relationships.

Sanskar just nodded and look outside of dark midnight think ” it’s hurts too damm much when SHE talks with you more than me Samrat ”

Taxi driver – Sir we reach GOMTI SADAN..


ASR and Laksh settled infront of Omkar MALIK and Durga Prasad Maheshwari while Aadarsh also come their with confused face.

(guys be clear Omkar MALIK and Aadarsh still don’t know that ASR and Laksh are actually Arnav Malik and Laksh Malik)

Omkar MALIK – please to meet you ASR  and Mr Raizada (LAKSH) .(pointing towards Aadarsh) he is like my son but actually going to be my son in law Aadarsh Maheshwari.

Laksh said with fake smile – Yaa we know Mr MALIK! 
ASR – I would like to come to the conclusion, for my upcoming bridal launch I want this place and for that I would pay as much as you want.

Omkar, Dp and Aadarsh look shock .

Omkar – What are you saying!! How could you think that I will sell you my palace !!!

Laksh smile devilishly – We know Mr MALIK you are under loan of Mr MAHESHWARI and you have shortages of funds for coming election. Easy way we are giving you. Or later ( it’s going to be our only -said in his mind)

Omkar and Dp look at then astosnshed by this information while Aadarsh step in to take the matter.

Aadarsh – listen we all respect you for this offer but we don’t need it and besides Bade Papa is not carrying any lone it’s family matters and you both are not family!

Arnav clench his fist but then cooled down and said – you have one month for thinking we are here but after that there will be noway.

And then there would be no stopping way as ASR made his way outside but Laksh stopped and ask with composing tone – Your daughter?

Omkar look pale but Aadarsh said – My fiance Sara. She is not here but coming soon.

Laksh – OH!

And Laksh walk out with anger and frustration but when he came out he saw ASR is leaning on car looking straight in his eyes.

ASR – Why you stopped? 
Laksh said greething teeth – SARA MALIK is not here but coming soon. 
This ASR to turn stiffen and said – Let’s move. 
Laksh ask – Where? I thought we are going back to Mumbai. 
ASR smirk – No, we are here for month in which I will make sure Omkar MALIK have a good journey towards elections. 
Laksh – I will talk to Aman about booking rooms in hotel. 
ASR – we are not moving to Hotel as we have place here. 
Laksh take a moment then whisper -“GOMTI SADAN ”
ASR just walk inside the car but Laksh look at his “BROTHER “unblinkingly !!!after like years he acknowledged him like “BROTHER ”
ASR- come get in dammit!!

And there both Laksh and Arnav know this is the very first time to mend their relationship which taken by Arnav.

“Thank you bhaiyya Ji!!! “said Aarohi smile while Khushi snoring in her sleep they reached to ” Shaantivan ” their father’s sister house who is only elder to them. 
As Khushi too woke up she look happy finally!!

Khushi yawn – Aarohi Di it would be so much fun after all Buaji is going jump out of excitement!!!

Aarohi smile and nodded – let’s go inside.

Door bell ringed and door open MADHU BUAji look at both the shocked.

Khushi totally jump on her taking her in arms – buaaaaji I missed you!!!!

But next second Khushi was pushed on Aarohi both look confused.

Madhu Buaji – Who are you both?? Whom Buaji??!!! I don’t know your any Buaji!! Get out from my house!!

Aarohi and Khushi totally taken aback.

Aarohi – Buaji.. Me Aarohi and this Khushi!! What happened to you and where is Roshani Di??

Madhu tremble but said – Who Roshani I don’t know any just get out before I throw you two out!!

Khushi have enough she said – I know something is wrong wait where is Roshani Di!! I have to go inside saying this she was about to go but MADHU Buaji held her hand and raise her own hand to slapped but stopped by Aarohi. 
Aarohi angrily – Dare you to touch my sister and then you will repent your whole life and now I know something is wrong tommorow be prepared for police!!! Mrs Madhu Singh!! 
Khushi and Aarohi have tears in their and walk out leaving MADHUbuaji sign in relief but then she take call -” hello Sahab Ji  that Roshani Gupta both sisters Aarohi and Khushi are here and tommorow they are going to bring police on this place!!

PRECAP – they met…….

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