It’s not revenge it’s love swasan season 3 (color of love and revenge) chapter 3


Chapter 2

Important note -:
Guys first I will clear the confusion of you all about age can you all please neglect the ages of all characters because you all will be confused by this. So ignore age and by story move forward you will get it by now you all know that Arnav, Laksh and Swara are triplets of Sujata and Omkar MALIK. And there is Sara MALIK illegiminate daughter of Omkar MALIK and Raina his mistress…. It is from past.

Chapter 3. ” Tum theek ho? “(you OK?)

Mumbai, M &R MANSION

ARJUN GADODIA never in his life wanted to stand at this place but today everything changed just because of one death and he is back to see those faces.

Arnav Singh Raizada was standing and sipping strong coffee still his eyes were on Arjun. He couldn’t understand what to do? He didn’t ever thought to came infront of this Man again but this blo*dy fate!!!

Arjun walk inside and stand infront of Arnav. Arnav settled at one couch while Arjun another.

Arjun took out fax paper and kept it on front of table bruthly. Then said sternly – quite strange that it was if the health of oMALIK family women is in last straw then why this being “CONTRACT MEMBERS “fax send up to me inspite of her grandchildrens?

ASR didn’t have any thing to say it was truth ! Dadi have made of 180crore SHESHMAHAL will and whoever is getting fax they have to come otherwise legal case.

ASR finally spoke – Whatever it is, I don’t care.

Arjun snapped – it’s Sheeshmalhal will participate and most important if not go there then legal procedures. It would be better if your family to stop doing this charity now.

Well this made both of them silent and memories of past.

Laksh came back to living area after seeing HER from the door and left.

Laksh know what they both are upto .and then they heard anklets sound and there stood Ragini gadodia in glory white Saree.

Ragini come inside slowly she still don’t have power to look up and see anyone coming near the table she said aloud – this.. Fax.. I think it’s been mistaken.

Laksh look at her astonished after 11years “she is grown beautiful ” but then the events turned up on him and his own anger and hatred comes on himself.

Arjun said sternly – it’s not mistaken Miss GADODIA, it’s a charities of MALIK but unfortunately I don’t need it but I am sure you should carry on.

Well these words just made Ragini to wipe her tears while Arnav and Laksh look totally shocked by the unfolding scene but they stood mum.
Laksh finally spoke – this legal procedures can make any one to trap in court bussissnes for next month then whoever go against it have to go Luckhnow each month.

Only this not needed going somewhere once can be tolerated as it is your worst nightmare but hundred times would be like getting nightmares. Decesion was made.

Ragini turned and started going when she collided with chair only to be fear out for fall but it never came when she opened her eyes it clash with Laksh eyes who made her stand.

Laksh look at her disgusting – Always Clumsy to get attention!

Ragini Gadodia gone ages to get the anger which she forgot years before but today she was compressing it. She look at him straight and said with anger – then Don’t save me Mr MALIK!

And she left slowly but didn’t spare glance at three shocking faces.

Arjun didn’t wait for sec and moves out of the mansion.
Laksh clench fist tightly but the next second flower vase was shattered into the floor.
Arnav didn’t flinch as expected to see this condition of Laksh but then he spoke in ASR tone – jet would be ready in one hour. And left inside.

Laksh finally look at the caller ID “SANSKAR MAHESHWARI ” .it’s like past is coming back in one day.

On phone
Laksh – Yes…
Sanskar – What is happening their in India! Your grandmother is making a trap ask her to stop this otherwise her breathing would be stopped! And the call was cut.

Laksh was totally taken aback by the threat it’s been years he have heard his voice and here he warned to kill Dadi? But why?



Samrat – Sammie these are TGE files of LUCKNOW. Strange is that some kind of Surya party etc is making difficulty for the workers for construction.

Swara who was hearding everything and going through laptop give sharp look – SURYA PARTY.

Samrat nodded and said -they are making unrealistic drama about TGE project and some Delhi ministry also make case against it.

Swara angrily barked – YOU ARE TELLING ME NOW !
Samrat taken aback but said – I am sorry. It was I myself was going to India for that condition as SR industry is not have too much influence in south India and it would be second project that’s why. But now Indian civil demand to stop this project and the loss would be around 90crore I know for every penny is important if the project is 900crore or 90 crore.
Swara replied back sternly – Yes for me every penny of money is important Mr Dixit and it would be last time you have done this. And now book your tickets for India you are going to India and only be back with completion of project.

Samrat know this is least punished he is getting.
Swara – you can go!
Samrat left the cabin. While Swara stopped her work on laptop.
Swara look at the file of TGE. Then intercom ring.
Swara said – What Rosy?
Rosy (receptionist) feeling fear she said – Sammie there is call from some Indian client.
Swara froze but immediately composed herself – forward the call.

After one minute. Call connected

” How are you my princess SWARA? ” a female trembling voice with lots of emotions came from other side.
Swara clutch her mouth tightly not to make voice getting grip she replied – Anything you want Mrs Malik?
Anuradha MALIK stamble but said – I need you here.
Swara Voice out – WHY?

that one WHY -why after so many years? Why when you have to again come back to me? Why you never wanted me only needed me? Why Dadi why Dadi? But that never voice out.

Anuradha MALIK replied strongly – You have given your words few years before that you will do anything to payback my money and time which spend on your upbringing. This is the time I needed you in Luckhnow. And I think you never broke the promises.

But her grandma never know that she bruised already bruised heart some more but it never reacts now.

Swara replied in bussissnes tone – I never breaks promised Mrs Malik .

Swara cut the call but her breathing heavily and sweats formed she clutch her dress then look at her mobile she didn’t know when but she call.

Recording Studio :

Sanskar was totally immersed in reminding the script. When his mobile vibrate as he saw unknown number. He took the call.

On phone…

Sanskar – Hel-..(he stopped at dead track hearding the breath of HER. A small tune rang in his head .)

Nahi jeena tere baaju
Nahi jeena, nahi jeena
(I don’t have to live without you,
don’t have to live, don’t have to live..)

Swara breathe hard hearding his stopped voice she try to say but words were not coming .her hand were trembling.

Main tenu samjhawan ki
Na tere bina lagda jee
Tu kee jaane pyaar mera
Main karaan intezar tera
Tu dil tuyyon jaan meri

(What do I explain to you,
without you my heart is nowhere,
[as in, my heart/mind isn’t into anything, I am unable to concentrate on anything] what do you know about my love,
I wait for you..
You’re my heart, and you’re my life too..)

Sanskar shook his head and clutch his mobile hard he know she is not in herself. She trying to breathe as he grabbed his car keys he run out of studio making everyone shocked at his unreasonable behavior which he never showed.

Mere dil ne chun laiya ne
Tere dil diyaan raahaan
Tu jo mere naal tu rehta
Turpai meriyaan saaha
Jeena mera.. hun hai tera,
kee main karaan
Tu kar aitbaar mera

(My heart has chosen
the path of your heart..
Had you been with me,
my life would have been easier..
My life.. is now yours.
what do I do..
You’ve got to believe me..)

Swara heard his fast breathing and people shouting she try to clutch the table her legs were giving up. Her eyes were shutting slowly.

Main karoon intezar tera
Tu dil tuiyyon jaan meri
Main tenu samjhaawaan kee
Na tere bina lagda jee

Sanskar settled in his car fastly start the car still clutching the mobile he spoke – DON’T!
His eyes become moist his heart beating fast he can’t be late. He zoomed his car in high speed.

Ve changa nayion keeta beeba
Dil mera tod ke
Ve bada pachhtaiyaan ankkhaan
Naal tere jod ke

O girl, you didn’t do good,
by breaking my heart..
My eyes repent a lot,
having fallen in love with your eyes..

Swara heard his “DON’T “which made her to open her eyes .Her head was aching terrible her whole existence was shaking can’t able to control anything she whispered -“please ”

Tenu chhadd ke kitthe jawan
Tu mera parchhaavaan
Tere mukhde vich hi main taan
Rab nu apne paawaan
Meri duaa.. haaye,
Sajda tera kardi sadaa
Tu sun ikraar mera

Where can I go leaving you,
You’re my shadow..
In your face only
I see my God..
My wish, Oh,
is that I bow to you always,
You listen to my approval..

Sanskar finally screeched his car outside of SR INDUSTRY. he never stepped inside this building when he ran inside guard tried to stop him but his voice was shaking with worry and terror – get the hell out my way dammit!!!!

SAMRAT who came there totally shocked by Sanskar face and anger he signed guards to back step.
Sanskar run inside his eyes fall on SAMRAT he breath hard said – Her cabin??? Dammit you blo*dy scoundrel where is her cabin!!!!
He clutch SAMRAT collar shaking badly.

SAMRAT pointed in fear and shocked – there on left side.
Sanskar pushed him hard and run towards the cabin. Preying nothing happened to Her. Thought “please god please ”

Swara heard his yelling shouting but her eyes was bluring trying hard to move towards couch. Her breathe hitch. Her head throbbing terrible and only HIS face is flashing in front of her eyes and hearding his breath making her to breath.

Sanskar bang the door of her cabin only to be scared of death seeing HER clutching her head and mobile. Was about to fall down. When he run as fast as possible to clutch HER tightly.

Main karoon intezar tera
Tu dil tuiyon jaan meri
Main tainu samjhawan ki
Na tere bina lagda jee

Swara felt HIS hold on her waist and his lips on her forhead when she try to see him she heard his voice “Tum theek ho? ”
Until Swara fainted making him to pick her up in his arms and made his way outside building while SAMRAT was already in the driving seat with worried face. .


Ragini was about to stop the auto when she heard her brother voice.

Arjun – Why you came back Ragini?
Ragini look here and there and said – I don’t know Sir it was your office and I needed a job so I..
Arjun finally spoke sternly – You are coming with me to Luckhnow! And walk out.
Ragini at his retreating figure and took the mobile and made call ” they are coming ”

To be continued……

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