It’s not revenge it’s love swasan season 3 (color of love and revenge) chapter 3

Khushi who was still daze in yesterday event and whatever ASR said. She feared if he really come then. She was so lost that she not saw Aarohi on sofa and sat on her.

Aarohi scream – AAAHHHHH!!!

Khushi jump out of Aarohi lap.

Khushi look guilty – sorry Di!

Aarohi shook her head rubbing her lap – you know what you are crazy Khush!!! A real sanki!! Where is your mind Khush?

Khushi divert topic – nothing Di just… Just missing Roshani Di.

Aarohi – hey Khush don’t worry she is in Luckhnow you know n she will be here in few months so don’t worry.

Khushi become sad and sat beside her – but Di it’s been four months Roshani Di gone for her case and we even don’t know her case details. Just she contact us in once week. Why don’t we go to Luckhnow to meet her?

Aarohi think about it and said – you know what Khush!!  You are genius let’s go and surprise her but for that I have to take leave from AG (she said last thing with  blush)

Khushi smile meschivous say in teasing tone – Ohoo AG  hmm someone is going red!!!

Aarohi smile in daze but when Khushi word hit her she look at her open mouth – Khush ki bachi I will not leave!!!!!

Khushi runs inside while Aarohi chase her. Ending up both laughing not knowing the what are waiting for them in future which can snatch their smile.

He look at her pale face which is now unconscious. He stood there near her bed blinking twice not even trying to move his eyes anywhere as he approached her sleeping form due to high dose of madecine and injections .His eyes turn moist slightly again he was going to loss her… His wife. He heard footsteps and wipe his tears hurriedly.

SAMRAT said sternly – you should go to your studio. Maids are here to take care of her.

Sanskar didn’t bother to say anything.

SAMRAT look at Swara who have gone through nervousbreakdown .she would have died!

SAMRAT lashed – Why the bl**dy hell you are here Sanskar!!!!

Sanskar said calmly – I just.. I don’t know. I should go. Saying this he walked out from her room her side of mansion and dumbfounded SAMRAT.

After like hours Swara open her eyes. SAMRAT look at her ask – do you need anything?
Swara said no and got up from bed. SAMRAT know that she would never like to get sympathy or pity. So he stay at his way.
Swara said – Get me cup of strong coffee and made my private jet ready for India. And left the place leaving Samrat speechless.

On the other side of mansion
Sanskar room.

Sanskar look totally calm down guy and started work upon his new music album. When he heard knock he look up to find Her standing at his door still looking weak which she care less .
He left his work and stay at his place.
Swara enter inside his bedroom and sit on recliner opposite of him  .

Swara said expressionless face – it was call from India .

Sanskar whom concentrations is now on her said quietly – It doesn’t matter to tell me. Your going india is your own decisions.

Swara said finally – come soon.

And walk out of room.

Swara know her life was never totally controlled by her and honestly she never thought about breakdown and only Calling to Him. She  regret. So she look at her watch and finally made her way towards car.

Taking out her mobile she call..

Swara – Make sure MALIK family represents in THAT  Party.
call ended
Three days before… Somewhere in Luckhnow..

Sheeshmalhal after all is one of most famous but royal palace. As the generation forward Sheeshmalhal become quite Modern palace. And it was designed by Christ James!  The famous interior designer of 2000s .if investment in Sheeshmalhal to moderate it into the “RESORT ” may lead to 1000of crore or more than.

Finishing the profit SARA MALIK, daughter of Omkar MALIK and Raina MALIK give a cruel smile to her Dad and political leader Omkar MALIK.

Omkar look quite pleased by his daughter planned and said – for all this we need palace in our hands and if you are not forgetting TGE project is also stopped by us if we do this with our Royal family palace then our party elections can be in danger.

SARA sipped her votka – my dear Daddy just trust your daughter skills like you have done before ten years. This time too it would be our win!  You have to do simple things as we both know my sweet grandma is hospitalized and no other son of your is going to know about it. You can easily prepared a fake documents on Sheeshmalhal and then..

Omkar could sense an evil feelings from his daughter expression – then what?
SARA shrugged off saying – then make sure people think that TGE project can cause life’s and prestige of India because of making NRI company more money in India but if we change Sheeshmalhal into Resort then it would be perfect and damm attractive place which can made Indian tours and travel bussiness more just to see this historical palace.

Omkar MALIK – but what about this TGE project ..-SR industry  this is so much powerful and strongest industry in other country and this is first project their in India! What If that company owner made difficultly for us?
SARA – easy Dad offer them shares in Resort project and convince them your power that if they want their projects to survive then it only go through you !
Omkar – hmm.. I am seeing Aadarsh is being more emotional for Maa! And you are here .when you are coming back to palace?
SARA – very soon Dad.. And Dad I have surprised for you!

Omkar look confused. SARA point him towards right close door as he walk to the door open it. He look horrified and shocked there was a girl in some late 20s lying on floor with blood cover her face having belt marks wearing scrapped Chudidar suit.

Omkar turn to his daughter ask – Who is she?!!!
SARA – relax daddy she is some doctor… Emmm.. Ya I got it.. Dr Roshani Gupta.. Came here to treat me. Is it strange! But I saw she needed some treatment so I gave her. After all it’s Sara magic.. You have to do simple things make her lie down in front of whole city and made a fake news it was by your opposion party.

Omkar look pale – is she dead????
SARA give wicked smile – Yes Dad.. No dad…. I don’t know.. But one thing is sure she can be dead or lifelong mental! You should go Dad it’s time for my favorite movie. “RACE ”
Omkar finally patted his daughter head and call his men’s to do what his daughter said and finally he came out from WARD NO. 25 ,AMAR MENTAL HOSPITAL.

Ragini sat in private jet of Arjun Gadodia relaxing a bit after flight take off when she heard him from behind.
Arjun said sternly – Try not to show your bl**dy standard with me Miss Gadodia.
Ragini nodded still hurted by his harsh retort. But then she ask – Why Anuradha MALIK is involving me and you Sir?

Arjun took sharply which made her shut the hell up.

Ragini finally closed her eyes as flashes of years came to her…

Gadodia family was the most loyal servants of MALIK family from years longer. But Shekhar GADODIA never wanted that life after losing Sujata Raizada to Omkar MALIK he was gone mad for money, power and lust .On the night of Marriage of Sujata – Omkar. Shekhar GADODIA raped girl who was new maid in MALIK palace bruthly and warn the family of Girl’s not to open the mouth as he was the consultant of SURYA party. As he trapped whole MALIK family in his sweet coated trapped in long years he got married with one of bussissnes man of Mumbai daughter Sharmistha. She was a sweet and calm woman so she never opened her mouth infront of MALIK family or her own father about abusing husband and then she gave birth to RAGINI.

After the years by some miracle. Their MALIK heirs has saw the small Angel in their Sharmistha Kaki arms then small Swara was first one who step beside the angel clapping dancing them their was something sparking which made Sharmistha to name her daughter “Ragini “but happiness was never lasted after five years Sharmistha gets to know about her husband illegiminate son because of brutal act that girl whom he raped died after giving the birth to son. Sharmistha finally didnt gather her strength and shot the Shekhar GADODIA one night and shot herself making both children orphan on mercy of MALIK family.

Flashback end..
Tears slipped from Ragini eyes thinking about her mother as Arjun know what she was thinking he finally said first time in calm Voice – Mrs Gadodia was strong woman.
Ragini know that this much is enough from her brother that He don’t even wanted her to cry.

ASR finally landed on the city of LUCKNOW which once took everything. But not this time because he was now ARNAV Singh RAIZADA not any Arnav Malik!!!!

PRECAP – A step forward to the destruction!


  1. Tooba

    Mind blowing Aryana uffff this Swasan ego….. I was already feeling that something wrong have happened with Roshini but I didn’t understand why Arjun hate Ragini?? Waiting for next😘😘😘😘😘

  2. shiksha

    Awesome as always a new twister is awaiting ahead.I also like preethika rao,but here ,is she the character of sara or roshni

  3. Abdul hafiz (Uma)

    Outstanding dear….loved it….
    Awww,sanky was tensed for swara😘😘
    Keep it up dear. Waiting for nxt.
    Take care
    Keep smiling😊

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