It’s not revenge it’s love swasan season 3 (color of love and revenge) chapter 2


“Mirror are another face of reality ”

As he walkout with so many bodyguards and media. He look at very much Arrogance and powerful Man. And like that everyone wanted to know what cause “ASR to come back to India after two months “but he didn’t give damm as he come near his car he spoke “Drive to Raizada fashion house “and nobody ask why. No body have guts to defy him. He Greek god and eligible bachelor of India. But Darker who can consume any sunshine.Once Was A Happy Go Guy Cheerful Sweet Caring And Loving Person But That Day Changed Him Alot… And Arnav Died Giving Birth To A.S.R Arnav Singh Raizada…
A.S. R, Who Turned 28 Is A Tall Dark Handsome, Ruthless, Arrogant, Merciless, Heart-less, Cold-Hearted, Pitiless, Manipulator, Unsympathetic, Fierce, Tempered And Inhuman… Have All Synonyms Of Ruthless… Womanizer And Casonava Person… Girls Die For His One Look… And Surrender Their Body To Him And He Took Advantage Used Them Mercilessly To Reduce His Stress And Take Anger Over Them… Lonely Person Who Doesn’t Shared Neither Opened Up To His mother Even… Being So Much Cruel Yet He Is Sweet And Caring Which Is Reserved For His Family Only And Is Secretive… his thoughts pulled back the his manager who tell him they reached.

Arnav moved out of the car composing himself he moved inside the head branch of RFH. He know somewhere deep inside him he didn’t want to come india .he always did this he only comes for one month and flew away from here leaving everything behind again.when he entered inside the building his staff looked like fear infants and greeted him with Written their he don’t give damm to them as he directly walk towards his cabin.
“Sir there is call from Psychotherapist “came a shievering and distant voice of Aman Mathur his manager.
ASR stiffened hard closing the memories which are coming like light flashes he nodded.

Aman gulped knowing this topic is very much sensitive for his boss.
Aman – again nothing happened. And… The doctors are giving up!

ASR turned with red eyes and jaw clenched face and said harshly – I don’t give their advice dammit!! Fired those Doctors and fix best new doctors!!!

Aman nodded hurriedly and walk out of Den trap!

ASR think about HER promise and then in no way he is good now. He have to do complete his promise now because he know SHE is more stubborn than him.
As his mind again come back he look at file of Kapoor &Jindal hotels resorts. This company takeover by SR industry. Which should have his deal to takeover but he missed because of HER health. And he didn’t regret. But his bussissnes mind is gazing with hawk eye on SR industry.

But now he have to do something which can made his mind at some piece. With intercom he call Aman Mathur but no body came .His anger is taking best. As he slipped out from his mind that this is lunch time.
ASR – Where is Aman.
Peon gulp down his fear and hesistatly said -Sir He In Laksh sir cabin .
ASR stiffened and giving abruptly look he move towards his brother SCRATCH his head designer cabin.

But he halted at the door when he heard melodious laugh something he never wanted stopped a magical sound trapping him. He totally taken aback his whole existence froze at sound. He is ASR he never felt something like this and only thing came in his mind is DISTRACTION, he don’t want to know that distraction he turned his heel and left the place if Aman Mathur have not stopped him making ASR whole life at that point shaken up side down.
ASR turned only blink twice when he saw beautiful doll standing infront of him with some fear and some hidden desire. Yes the desire he can very well see in the fear full face.
Aman -ASR.
ASR come back to his senses not at all happy to be out of senses and he did what he always did – What the f**k Aman Mathur I don’t pay you to not answer my call!!! Don’t make me to fire you dammit. Shouted angrily.
Making that Angel jerk off while Aman taken aback by his outburst but LAKSH Singh RAIZADA nither flinch nor reacted as he was shocked with the look of ASR where an unknown emotions going through. Something too much wrong.but he never show his shock.

Aman – Sir actually I came here to discuss about latest Bridal launch designs with Laksh sir.

ASR hearding Aman said – Who is she?

Laksh was the one who said politely – She is my new secretary and best in her work.
This is what ASR always wanted to know about an employee. But ASR is standing to get to know more because he made decesion.
ASR pointed towards Girl – Come to my cabin.
Well this made trio shock but finally followed him to the cabin.
Inside cabin
Three of them settled down infront of ASR. He don’t waste any time.
ASR – What’s your Name. ?
Girl said in her fearful meek voice “KHUSHI.. Khushi kumari Gupta ”
ASR come stand infront of her crossing his hand on his chest -Who are there in your family?
This time Khushi straight her face and replied – I have two sisters, Roshini Gupta she is Doctor and Aarohi Gupta practicing her law and order. And my parents are dead
If ASR was impressed by her honesty he don’t even show.
ASR – Khushi we are gone get married in month! He don’t even ask he just said it making three them shocked!
Khushi and Aman look at him horrified expression while Laksh flinch and he know finally he is fulfilling his promise but at the cost of one innocent soul.
She stamble back but thought to runaway but held by strong hand making her pulled harshly.
ASR – I don’t even said you stood up right and dare you to runaway from me I will make everything possible to get you back and what you thought wearing these distarous clothes and try to appear not pretty wearing glasses and being nerd you can’t hide from ASR. And just go home and get ready for marriage I will come to talk to your sisters.

But Khushi didn’t left this opportunity and runaway like never before making ASR slightly amused but then he composed himself and look at two men’s who are totally shocked.
ASR – Aman get me the every details of “GUPTA FAMILY “Now!!!
Aman just nodded and walk not wanting to be prey of ASR.
And now only Laksh and ASR left inside the cabin.
Laksh – She is innocent girl don’t drag her in this darkness.
It was first Laksh said something as his younger brother other then his designer.
ASR – you like Khushi? He don’t know why but he didn’t want to Laksh interested in Khushi.
Laksh – No.. But she is naive and she can’t able to handle life which you will present her.
ASR – I know one thing she will get worst if she betrayed me or lie to me and now she is going to marry me.
Laksh turn to left but stopped and ask – why you trick ND channel to ask those questions in interview for HIM.?
ASR didn’t say nor reacted just spoke -LEAVE!
And Laksh left without looking back. This what they are from years and their relationship.

ASR was about to go outside when one fax came out and what he read he regretted why he stopped to read it.

And Laksh who was gone to his cabin also have same fax in his hand. Making him shockingly look.
Scene shift of R & M associate office building.

As he entered his office floor, everyone stood up to greet him. While nodding he made his way into his cabin stopping only for a second at his door, to tilt his head towards the work station on his right and bark ‘Miss GADODIA. Dictation. In my office now’. And he disappeared the next second leaving a visibly resigned to her fate Miss GADODIA full name Miss Ragini Gadodia his secretary of six months , collecting a notepad and a pen and making her way into the office all the while trying to ignore the sympathetic looks of rest of the office that were directed towards her.

‘May I come in sir’ she sought permission from the door creaked open.

‘Hmmm’ he grunted.

She entered and stood behind the chairs, with notepad and pen in position to start taking dictation though her boss was busy on his laptop. She did not want to give him any reason to start spitting his venomous fire again. If she would idly stand there waiting for him to finish then he would yell, if she would remind him to start the dictation then also he would insult her in some way for opening her mouth. She had learnt this the hard way, so nowadays she is used to of staying prepared for what she had been called in to do with all senses on high alert.

After painfully suffocating 5 minutes he looked up from his laptop screen, irritated at not getting a reason from her to start his tirade, and started dictating. Well, the whole day still lays ahead and there will be plenty of times to let this girl know, yet again, what he thinks of her.

Ji Bh-..I ‘ Ragini had said on something.

‘SIR. It’s Sir for you and don’t you blo*dy forget that’ he bit out not caring for the office party that was going on and the audience they had, making her eyes tear up.

While whole office called him by his popular name AG ,making them his co-workers, RAGINI was singled out to be his assistant, his help, his minion.

‘Sir hum jaayen?’ she asked after a grueling meeting where she was taking minutes.

‘Hum?’ he mocked and leaned as if to hoping to see someone standing behind her. ‘ Who else is there Miss. Gadodia ?’ he asked.

‘Sir, I mean me’ she felt so stupid in front of clients and paralegals who were watching the verbal exchange with amusement.

‘Better. Stop talking as if you are some kind of royalty. Now leave’ he had jibed unnecessarily.

Hurt Ragini always tried to talk in English with him after that for Lucknowi style of ‘hum’ was ingrained in her as a way to address herself.

The whole office was gaping at AG office where the sounds were coming from. Poor Miss Gadodia was being yelled at, again.

‘Did word ‘urgent’ not ring any bell in your pea-sized brain? Mr. Daskumar is an important client and you did not connect his call through. You… incompetent … useless girl’ he shouted on the top his lungs.

‘Sir, but you only said no calls’ Ragini tried to present her point, albeit squeakily.

‘COMMON SENSE. Use it sometimes. You have been blo*dy hell working here LONG enough to know how important his account is to the firm’ he bellowed.

Ragini gulped. She had done what she was told, if only this man would appreciate that instead of cutting her into shards.

‘NOW GET OUT’ he spat, and all but burned her down with fury emitting from his eyes.

‘Sorry Sir. Won’t happen again’ she swallowed her self-respect.

She had then dragged her feet to her desk amid pitiful glances, and had frequented ladies room that day to sob her heart out. She knew that it wasn’t that big a mistake and had someone else been in her place, they would have been let go without even as much as a warning as it was HIS orders to not transfer any calls.

Aarohi Gupta is one of talent and genius lawyer and is directly practicing under AG but never understand the equation between AG and Ragini well being friendly girl Ragini is also her good friend and she also known that AG is not that much short tempered! Then what’s wrong in between both.

Aarohi is sitting opposite of AG who is busying in files while she drooling over him. When they both were disturbed by knock.

Arjun look up to find Aman Mathur, he really don’t like this Man face because of his Bosses.

Arjun – Aarohi give us minute.
Aarohi smile and left the cabin making Arjun slightly smile and it again vanish.

Aman – AG… ASR wanted to get the information about one girl “Khushi Gupta ”

Arjun frame hardened but still look straight – any thing you know more?

Aman nodded – she is secretary of LAKSH Sir and here is her resume but ASR wanted every details.

Arjun take the resume – you can leave.

Aman who just silently walk out stopped seeing RAGINI taking coffee and thougt to talk to her as he know her from past four months and also known about the equation between AG and Ragini. Too much strange.

“Hi” said Aman standing infront of her smile.
Ragini smile back – Aman you here?
Aman – just some work and now this your lunch time can I ask the lady for coffee?
Ragini laugh and said – but Mr Mathur you should know this lady only drink black coffee which will make your smiling face into disaster!
Aman shook his head – Whatever.. I can’t believe that you, ASR, Laksh Sir even AG all drink this bitter black coffee without sugar.

This statement not only made Ragini totally taken aback but also Arjun who was standing at one side going to get file from Aarohi. But stopped seeing them.

Ragini clutch her duppta and give fake smile – Aman tell me about Khushi and her work?

This made Aman gulp down fear – nothing she is like always crazy. You take care I must go.

And Aman left but didn’t saw that tears in RAGINI eyes but Arjun saw everything clenching his fist tightly controlled himself walk away.

When Arjun walk inside the cabin he saw fax and when read it he close his eyes in pain and saw Ragini direction who also look pale and having the sane fax in her hand.


Aadarsh Maheshwari woke up with heavy drink and clutch his head, it became his habit but when he heard his father voice he look up.

Dp give him lemon juice from maid and send her out.
Dp – how are you feeling now? Said with concerns
Aadarsh calmly – fine Dad .I should get ready in few hours election campaign meeting is there.
Dp hesitate but said – it’s Cancelled.
Aadarsh stood up with jerk -WHAT!!
Dp finally told – Anuradhaji got heart attack last night and shifted to hospital you were not there so you don’t but this time Omkar and Raina bhabhi are in hospital waiting for you.
Aadarsh nodded look totally shocked but then said – Dad how you are this calm?
Do – because from past ten years I am just getting bad news saying this he left Aadarsh who is looking depressed.
Aadarsh thought ” Dad you are calm because you know time had come to face to face ”


Omkar MALIK stand infront of ICU having tears and sweat and Raina MALIK sobbing hard.

Partypeople and minister are consoling them, no body no what going to happen.

Aadarsh come there running breathing hard – bade Papa Dadi? Ask directed towards Omkar who look broken.
In no second Aadarsh hugged him tightly trying himself not to be broken down .

Minister – Omkar Bhai downstairs Media are waiting for you to know about Anuradha Ji health! And all the people.

Raina comes to him and said – We have to make everything better. We can’t lose hope nothing going to happen to Maa .(trying to stop sobbing)

Omkar – Aadarsh you be here we will see what we can do!

And Omkar and Raina MALIK left outside leaving very much broken Aadarsh looking his Dadi. But he never wicked smile on Omkar and Raina MALIK when they turned.
Scene shift of Venice
Mansion.. Usual day for both Swara and Sanskar because it was Sunday and they both were doing their work.
But SAMRAT has its own plan .

SAMRAT knock on Swara study room.
She was busy in her file.
Swara look at him – you want something?
SAMRAT smile broadly – Good morning you too SWARA!! And now come with me to the garden.
Swara raised her eyebrow not getting meaning. And said – you can go Now.
SAMRAT signed – Listen I have cooked today and I want you to come and join me.
Swara close her file and took hold of her laptop stood up – which portion of garden?
SAMRAT look happily and they both left.

Sanskar who was sitting at pond area of garden with his guitar look at SAMRAT direction where she was also coming. He again resume in his guitar.
SAMRAT – you sit here I will bring the meal. And left
Well they both can understand what SAMRAT wanted.
Swara walk away and sit at one corner with her laptop.
Sanskar was busy in his guitar strings.
After some time SAMRAT cane their with his Indian dish ” Aloo paratha and curd ” his first Indian dish. And thought ” why god you made me pissing in between these both marriage life like their first baby!!!! I am tired NOW!! can’t you do something for me atleast!!! “shaking his head he sat on table beside Sanskar and shouted for Swara who also came.
SAMRAT smiling cheekily – here is chef Samrat first ever Indian dish!!

Swara look at dish then at Samrat there was emotion but she didn’t shown it.

Sanskar trying hard not to be emotional wreck.

And our SAMRAT don’t even know their inner turmoil by his Dish!

SAMRAT – eat guys.

As Sanskar bite first moron he said – it’s tasty!
SAMRAT smile with gratitude then turned to Swara and ask how is it?

Swara muttered – Good.

And they both ate well but when SAMRAT take one morol he choked out that morol hurriedly and drank water like thousands year of thirst!

And then he look at his friends who are eating like its most tasty food at universe. He held both their hands and said – you both are Mad this worst food can’t be digested by animals!!! And you both are eating like nothing happened!!!

Sanskar smile and said – because you made it for me and it’s been years I ate some Indian dish.

SAMRAT still waiting for Swara to say something!!!

Swara look up and said with expression less face – when someone makes something especially for you for the first time, it’s always like a special wish and SAMRAT looked at her retreating back while she left him in shock like always with her words.

As turn to look at Sanskar who was not eating not looking at her direction just gazing at his food.

SAMRAT said thoughtful – I don’t know what she is! I mean I am with you both past seven years and never get it what you both thought ! She is so much indifferent towards many times and now like this She is so much emotional in her voice but face still show nothing.

” Nothing is left with me or……. HER “saying this sanskar left leaving SAMRAT wide open totally taken aback by another shock.

1- Swara never talk about her any emotions!

2- Sanskar never take her name with him – I mean never ask about her!


1995 ..year City hospital..

Anuradha MALIK was sitting on bench praying god to save her daughter in law Sujata MALIK, who is in ICU because she slipped on starred when she is 8months pregnant. Her son Omkar is nowhere to see while she is fearing if anything happens to her daughter in law she can’t ever forgive herself.

After wating like hour doctors came out. And what they told made Anuradha totally taken aback. Her daughter in law slipped into coma and her grandsons is hanging between life and death. And she was asked to get the responsibility of her grandsons .yes her Sujata have given birth non identical twins where one is out of her womb but still having breathing problem and other is still inside her mother.

Anuradha MALIK closing her nodded her head for approval and just walk towards the temple and stand infront of GOD praying and muttering ‘save her please “.

And after operation of six hours good news came to her with bad news. Her daughter in law Sujata MALIK is totally slipped in coma they can’t say when her eyes would be open again and her Sujata have given triplets two boys and one girl. The elder one is kept with oxygen ventilator and baby girl is nurtured baby.
When she saw her elder grandson who wore oxygen mask her heart bled but her eyes showing happiness of getting him save and when she his eyes which were enigma of his grandfather eyes she knows he would be like his grandfather… So she named him “ARNAV “deep like ocean .

She walk up to next room where her second grandson is kept he came out healthy and crying but his face was glowing she remembers Sujata asking to kept her son name “LAKSH “and she named.

But when she walk out to the last corridor room specially made up for her granddaughter but when she saw her not crying or sleeping just smiling and having a strong attraction pull. Anuradha MALIK taken aback because this small baby eyes are slightly blue and this is same eyes of Royal princess SWARA who was the first princess of MALIK royalty. And she knows her name would “SWARA ”

But Anuradha MALIK never know that on the other side of city Omkar MALIK was sitting with his mistress Raina in hospital and smiling at his daughter who he named “SARA “his illegiminate daughter.

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