It’s not revenge it’s love swasan season 3 (color of love and revenge) chapter 1

Chapter 1 ” some Stranger and some memories ”



Mr Dixit assistant manager and Man of age 28years old .he is most trusted employees of SR INDUSTRY and loyal of Sammie MAM.

” Mr Dixit I have ordered you to fix the meeting with Mr kapoor What happened about it ” came a  voice which is filled with Anger and Arrogance of his Boss. Who is standing infront of her glass cabin looking around. With sipping her strong black coffee.

Mr Dixit gulped down his fear and said – MAM Mr kapoor and his company board member are present with our legal team in conference hall ”

His Boss placed her coffee cup on glass desk and turned and said “IN FIVE MINUTES I WANT EVERYTHING READY ”

Mr Dixit didn’t wait for sec and move out to inform them about their boss coming.

As soon as CEO of SR industry one of The topmost industry of Europe ” Sammie M. ” entered the meeting room everyone got up to greet her  and as usual she ignoring it all sat in her chair and the meeting started. This too was a takeover of a company and they were here to finalize the deal and then there will be a press conference to declare the takeover as there were many speculations about it. After the presentation given by Mr Dixit and every detail of the deal was thoroughly discussed the deal was signed and The Kapoor & Jindal chain of hotels were now included in SR group of industries. 

The meeting was soon concluded and it was decided that Mr Dixit will evaluate all the employee and then it will be decided who will stay and whom they will let go. The CEO of the Kapoor & Jindal group Mr. Jindal walked to Mr Dixit and said-  Mr. Dixit we would be obliged if you and Sammie can join us for dinner tonight.

Mr Dixit smiled at him politely and said let me check with Sammie and walked toward Sammie who was talking to some associate and turned when she felt a tap on her shoulder and looked at Mr Dixit with a raised eyebrow. Mr Dixit looked at her and said Mam Mr. Jindal had invited us for dinner tonight and waited for her answer. Sammie smirked at Mr Dixit and said- confirm it and walked away. 

Mr Dixit looked at his boss and knew something was cooking in her mind and whenever she was so cool it rang a warning bell in his head but he will just sit back and see it unfold as SAMMIE had her way to deal with things and he knows that whenever Sammie has something in her mind she will surely do it.

Sammie walked away from the meeting room and Mr Dixit too followed her. The moment they were in the elevator Mr Dixit said Sammie you want to go to dinner with Mr. Jindal are you sure. Sammie looked at him and said I like to make people who think they are smart than me and can fool me with their sweet talk then they need to be shown that who is the boss and with that she got busy in her  phone. 

After some time in her cabin

Mr Dixit walked in after she said come in. Mr Dixit walked in to the room and said Sammie the work you have told me is done. 

Sammie looked at him and said fine and then talked about other work and Mr Dixit looked his boss and said are you sure we are gone join Mr Jindal for dinner. Sammie just looked at him that shut him up and he left after saying that he will come back after sometime and they can leave for the dinner with Mr. Jindal and left the room.

Sammie looked at Mr Dixit retreating back and smirked she thinking what she will do today will make him shock but she never cared about what other thought about her and the people who try to mess with her have to know what she does with her enemies. She has all the information she needs some of them were highly confidential even Mr Dixit had no idea about it. She never likes to tell everything that’s going on her mind. Something are better hidden till the right time comes. 

She again got engrossed in her work and when Mr Dixit walked back in her cabin did she realized they had to leave for dinner and she got up and said Mr Dixit to wait for her she will join him in few minutes and exactly after 45 minutes she was back and dressed in her articulate bussissnes outfit and was looking deadly s*xy. Mr Dixit looked at his boos who was ready to leave and even if they were an hour late and shehad got call from Mr. Jindal a few times he knew that it won’t matter to his boss so he kept quiet. (having a private chamber in her cabin)

But instead of leaving his boss walked toward the bar and made herself a drink and sipped it taking her own time and Mr Dixit looked at his boss waiting for her order about when can they leave and after 15 minutes when she had completed her drink she looked at Mr Dixit and said lets go. So now they were in the elevator that was moving down and after getting out of it Sammie walked toward the restaurant in which Mr.Jindal was waiting for them. Mr Dixit was following his boss when he saw Mr. Jindal sitting on the table that was reserved for them and with him was a young Man in his early twenties.

Sammie walked toward them and without a word to the seat that was empty and gestured Mr Dixit who was standing to sit. Mr Dixit was sitting next to the young Man while Sammie was sitting next to Mr.Jindal. Before Jindal could say anything Sammie said Mr Dixit order and Mr Dixit as usual ordered for his boss. Mr. Jindal who looked at the woman who was showing him so much attitude just because she had the major shareholder of his company, but he knew it was not the time to burst in anger but to use it for his benefit. Mr. Jindal looked at Sammie and said it’s a pleasure to meet you and this turning to the young Man is my son.  

Sammie looked at him and not even bothered to look at the young Man he introduced and without a word gestured Mr Dixit who got what his boss wants and Mr Dixit said Mr. Jindal will you elaborate why you invited us for dinner. Jindal looked at Mr Dixit and then at Sammie and said I know you have over taken my company as all the shares of Kapoor’s are under your control but still I have my shares and I would like to remain the CEO of the company it will benefit us both as I have run the company for a long and know everything about it.

Mr Dixit looked at Sammie but there was no reaction and before he could say anything waiter came with their food and without saying a word Sammie started her dinner. But her blood was boiling and her grip on the cutlery that she was holding in her hand was too tight and Mr Dixit who had known her for long had seen the sign of her being infuriated and soon she will burst. 

Sammie looked at the young Man sitting opposite to her giving her seductive look and what angered her more was he was roaming his hand on her leg and creasing her thighs and trying to move it up and down and giving her that clear view of his behavior . Before the young man could reach higher Sammie stopped eating and to the fork she was holding and within a blink of an eye she had poked it into the Man hand and that had made him shriek and pull his hand away to check if he was hurt luckily it was just a scratch and he was not hurt badly and there was no blood.

Sammie looked at the Man and said if you think that this cheap tricks will help your boss that he has no idea with this what had he called upon himself and turned to Jindal and said with her deadly eyes and said you think that I don’t know about the fraud you did in the company and money you took from company account to spend it. Or you thought your blo*dy Son can seduce me and you can bargain with me than wrong move. 

She looked at Mr Dixit and said release all the details we have about Jindal to the press after tomorrows press conference and any ways Kapoor’s are with us and looked at Jindal and said about the 30 % shares you have it will be enough to clear all the amount you had embezzled from the company account and the rest I will make sure that when your wife knows about your so called mistress who you kept for years. she lefts nothing for you and leaned toward Jindal and said you made the wrong move and I don’t leave those who touch me without my permission. She turned toward Mr Dixit and said deal with it. Mr Dixit nodded and saw Sammie walking away. Soon Jindal and his son was handed over to the police and said it to keep it in rap it tomorrow and after everything was settled Mr Dixit too had walked towards his car and drove off.

Everyone tend to deal with life in a different way or the way they had seen. She never learn from her pain and sufferings which  didn’t turn her humble and sensitive towards any others and never keep in mind how it feel to be in pain and like other she never try not to inflict the same pain in others. Because for her she taken her life in different ways for her one pain is the force that drives her and she want to inflict the same pain and suffering to go through on others. She want everyone to burn in the same way and suffer in pain as she did. It’s as if abused has become the abuser. Pain can heal over the period of time if she let it but it never goes away it is still in a corner waiting for her to be weak so it can make her miserable again. But  she never learn to let go and move on for a better future as the see the silver lining, that something good will come and over shadow the pain and make her smile again. Because she never move on nor cry. And that is she did!  She never let her pain to heal or she don’t want it to heal her constantly live in it so that she will never forget and let any one every make you feel that way again.
That’s what her character is!!

SWARA MALIK  who is known as SAmmie M. was the being who had never let anything go and maybe she will never let it go. She was as cruel as a human can be if others can call her human. She was what her past had led her to be but she never regretted the way she had turned out, as she was full of pride and ego for herself. She was heartless and cruel but this word still did no justice to her deed as she can be a Lioness to the people who defy her.  She was not that naïve to believe everything said to her as people tend to say thing and do oppositely different than what they see.
Scene shift of ND international News building.

Miss Marry one of The most s*xist and hot woman of ND channel is so much prepared to take interview of one of Rockstar of today’s youths.

After some time in studio.

Marry smile well totally drool over the Handsome hunk and hottest guy who is sitting infront of her with Chocolaty smile.


Miss Marry look at camera and begin – Welcome guys to one of the most famous show of ND news of Marry today we are excited and thrilled well also drolling over this Man (turning) Rockstar SANKY OR SANSKAR MAHESHWARI who have steal heart of his million of his fans and he is here with so much request on our fans to get to know him and his upcoming albums after giving us back to back 30 hits songs!! So Sanky how you are feeling?

” like in any second you will kiss me out of breath Marry.. Hey chill I was joking! Feeling good “came a flirty and commanding voice of Sanskar Maheshwari smirk.

Marry blush little and said – oh ..! I mean Sanky your fans has always wanted to know about you and for that they have send millions of questions but don’t worry I will only ask some! ”
Sanskar said with  smile – I am always ready to please my fans (somewhere indicating Marry)
Marry stammered but then said – We wanna know who is your inspiration?
Sanskar replied immediately – my fans!
Marry – and we have saw how sensitive you are towards charity events of kids!
Sanskar – Yaa I love kids they are known as God gifted!
Marry look at him admire – you Make most of your songs on love. So do you have some one in your life? All fan’s are dieing to know about it!
Sanskar look somewhat disturbed but immediately composed himself and said – still finding!
Marry – What type of dreams girl you want?
Sanskar look little uncomfortable but still getting a grip on himself – not have a specific Choice just she would be my big fan of my songs!

Sanskar signed his manager to stop this interview. And his manager silently talk to director who signals Marry to stop !

Marry nodded little and said – last question we never knew about your family! Who are in your family?

Sanskar was totally off guard just trying to act but THAT FEAR again came over him but he finally said – I don’t need family when I have my fan’s who treat me like family!

That made everyone gasp thinking Rockstar is “Orphan ”

But then interview over with few good byes.
Sanskar give hard look at Manager and was about to go when someone held his hand as he turned to see Marry giving him worst seduced smile.
Sanskar ask sternly -What!
Marry was taken aback but she still said – if you dont mind you can try me as your dream girl!
Sanskar smirk – We will see! Saying this he left the place leaving confuse Marry behind!

Fear is a feeling that he want to be vary off that one emotion and he would like to stay away from it for his own peace of mind. So what he do when his fear is that rule him the most of the time walk with him like a shadow. So even if he try to hide from it how can he leave his shadow that walks with him all the time. Some fear are so engraved into his soul that even if he portray to be strong and unaffected by it and fool others by the mask with which he hide his fear but he know the truth, feel it every moment in every pore of his being. So it’s not what he make other believe but what he believe and how he conquer that feeling that can leave him open and venerable to the world that will not leave a chance to make him weak and hurt over and over again where it hurts the most.

And SANSKAR MAHESHWARI never was the one who can make worlds to see his fear “FAMILY “.so he wear Mask and that’s what his nature is!

Outskirts of Venice
A large and lavish Mansion is there with name of ” S &S” no body comes there. But the Mansion have tight security and large amount of maids and Butler like Royals!

Maids are doing fast to prepare dining table for their Master’s whose Managers have informed them they are coming. In no time dining table is ready with dinner.

As car screech signalling that one Master is arrived. They all line up at one side.

Sanskar Maheshwari walk inside the mansion with death look clenching his fist he throws his jacket on sofa and settled in the large living area hiding his face in palm.

One Maid with courage walk up to him and ask – Sir dinner is ready!
Sanskar shouted at top of his voice – blo*dy hell with your dinner!!
Maid immediately taken aback and walk out.
Sanskar mumermmered – How dare she try to ask me about my family!! About love that b*t*h!! Asking me to slept with her such a who’re!! I need a cold shower.
Wiping his face he walk other side of Mansion to get cold shower.

After two hours Sanskar finally come downstairs being fresh and somewhere cool down. He walk to dining area and then move his eyes finally ask – WHERE IS SAMRAT?

Maid hesistatly – Sir he is resting as he have his dinner few moments before.

Nodding his head Sanskar start his dinner when he heard another person foot step .as he knows he didn’t even care to look up.

Maid – Mam your dinner?
” No “came a hard reply of Sammie who is not at all in her any mood other then anger. As she walk her side of mansion not even giving glimpse to the person who is eating dinner.

As Sanskar have his dinner he call maid.
Sanskar – bring drinks at terrace.
He was about to move but stopped at Maid stammered.
Sanskar snapped – What!
Maid hesistatly – Sir actually.. already occupied …by Mam.
Sanskar – I need my drink in my studio! Saying bruthly he left.

Sammie looked at night of lavish terrace with hard eyes not any emotions as she sipped one more drink .as she heard someone standing at far she turned to find Mr SAMRAT Dixit looking at her attentivly .he come to her and stand beside her but she just silently gaze at darkness not bothering to see or even look at him.
SAMRAT said – Today was his interview someone ask him about his inspiration, family, his existence and most importantly having any woman in his life, talking about any girl! He don’t even told me I came to know by News channel.
Swara didn’t say or even give any reaction. But a split of emotions exchanged and then again emotionless.
SAMRAT – Swara you are not looking fine!
Swara quitly said – I am sleepy.
And she left keeping her drink half their only.
SAMRAT wipe his lone tear -being husband and wife they are living like dead person.
Looking at his watch SAMRAT walk other side of Mansion where Sanskar studio is located. As he expected Sanskar was all busy or say fuming over on music ruthenium.
SAMRAT – When your mood is off. You should leave all this for sometime.
Sanskar look up with frown – I thought you were slept!
SAMRAT – without talking with you ! Noway!  Only through out the day I can only talk with you .said depressed and sadly.

Sanskar divert topic – you look really tired!
SAMRAT shook his head negative – nothing just work as you see SHE is human at work! And today one of client Mr Jindal try to make her seduce by his good looking son and now behind the bars.
Sanskar -OH! you should take coffee it would be good.
SAMRAT said seriously – you don’t even look like you not care her at all. She was again haress and not console her you are siting here without any care. I don’t what to say I am living with you two from your marriage and it’s been seven years and I never saw you two even bothering each other!  What is it! I am your friend and her friend too. So I just advise make your relationship work or part away. I am off to bed .saying this he left Sanskar who was sulking at SAMRAT words.
As he moved out of his and walk towards her side of mansion and then reaching her bedroom he saw her siting on recliner doing some work in laptop.

Sanskar knock the door which made Swara to look. By both the look they know what they wanted no words exchanged and without any emotions Swara kept her laptop aside and walk towards him. It is her choice to close the door infront of him or wait to make him come inside. And then she waited at door making Sanskar clear that today they both wanted same. As she lock the door behind her. He turned and walk up to balcony where he get overlooked of his and her mansion large garden. He felt her hard breath behind his back and he knew they don’t have any control now as he turned she slightly tip toed and brush her lips to his and rested because now he can go to extend however he wanted. Her heart surged as she felt his arms draw her in. He kissed her back, tenderly. When she pulled away, she saw in his eyes the man she not even care but only have hunger. He touched her cheek, and tucked a lock of hair behind her ear.and then no one knows when their hungry night started. Room filled with loud moans and groans this is the only time they say name of each other in his and her marriage life of seven years each night it happens when they use each other for s*x not for any emotions. This is what they are!

As the morning dawn arisen Sanskar wore his clothes and was about to walk out of her room when he stopped and turned to her awake naked form just cover with piece of quilts.
As he stare her he just said -” Want divorce? ”
Swara said – No
And the discussion of this too much weird husband and wife relationship is over. Like every year they ask each other only this and another person denied it.

Living area..
SAMRAT comes from gym of outhouse when he saw Sanskar coming from Swara side mansion he closed his eyes in frustration and confused state on their marriage which is just for need! Well this would be wrong because they only go to each other once in month or two weeks and no other flings or any One night stand!  They don’t love each other this is too much clear and they don’t even show any hatred!  They live like STRANGERS  ! But why? No body is happy with all this! After all what’s the matter.

Year 1992..Lucknow

Anuradha MALIK is one of the strong woman of MALIK family who made everything possible after death of her husband Chandra MALIK. And now she made a decision for her son Omkar MALIK who is now going to be member of political parties. She always known that her son would make best politician and always maintain the royalty of MALIK family. After thinking alot she met with her Guruji who will show the future of her son because of her son Omkar carelessness.when Her Guruji ask her to made Marry Omkar within one year to make his future bright she immediately started her hunt for MALIK bride. That’s where she met her friends Devyani Raizada and her husband Rudra Raizada who was owner of Miles factory in Mumbai and have only one daughter Sujata Singh Raizada. Decesion was made.

Omkar MALIK was the inhuman and monster in name of political area even he don’t know the meaning of humanity and when his eyes fall on his mother choice “Sujata ” in one party he agreed. He never get away the feeling lust over on him. And he wanted that woman anyhow.

Shekhar GADODIA was a manager of Omkar MALIK who was just like his boss Hungary for money. And when he got to know about “Sujata “money and status he made all the trap to make her his.

But before all this Omkar MALIK married Sujata Singh Raizada who became Sujata MALIK.getting a glimpse of Shekhar GADODIA plan.

PRECAP -A fax or email that will make SIX person life upside down. HOW???

I will show you all present and the past. Present will be moving on that accord and past will also be there to know what acutally happened. If it is too long text then tell.

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