It’s not revenge it’s love swasan season 3 ( color of change love and revenge ) chapter 33

Chapter 32


Anuradha Malik welcome all VIP guest and media ,she had made sure her all armed guards were behind each family member, and most importantly everything is under her control, today is the day she will destroyed OMKAR respect and pride .and then he will kill himself in his self loathing.

The palace was oozing all arrogance and richness of MALIK’S FAMILY which everyone saw .

Sanskar felt disgust seeing all that marriage mandap .He is not going to marry he knew offcource if in time his plan worked. As he saw Arjun coming beside him with the same worry look.

Arjun – Swara is still not here ,what do you think ? She have gotten to know everything but what if that Christian guy got hold of her .

Sanskar – I am more worried for pari and Arav ,something tell me to punch the hell out on laksh after hearding his stupidity .

Arjun was stunned what he heard then he said nothing for some time.

Sanskar saw Khushi coming down in bridal dress beside Misha and two women in veil standing with her.

Sanskar yelled at Arjun in slow voice- Khushi is here now what Arjun ? We have to do something fast !I don’t know why i trust that Laksh and Samrat in this matter after knowing how stupid they both can!

Arjun finally chuckle making Sanskar surprise by this unexpected gesture !

Sanskar – Are you out of your mind or what !! I don’t do joke arjun !!!

Arjun smile – you know you have good coping strategy !

Sanskar – What??

Arjun explained – it mean that you are this much worried for  her from inside that you don’t even wanted to think about her and diverting your mind from here to there yelling or smiling anything which make you forget worrying about her !

Sanskar replied angrily – I  am not worried for Miss Malik !

Arjun smirk – I don’t even took Swara name Sanskar this time .

Sanskar ignored him and try to walk away but stopped by Arjun next word.
“Sanskar Swara will be alright trust her !” Arjun said with confident.

Sanskar dryly said -I stopped trusting her long back .

And walk towards Khushi leaving Arjun shocked at this new revelation.then Arjun caught eye of Laksh across the hall with smile.
” Well for now i can think about all this later.”Arjun thought.

As soon media surrounded in front of Anuradha Malik ,she walk to mike and said -“Welcome to this unexpected Surprise party of Malik’s family everyone and i am very happy and thankful you came to join in such a beautiful occasions.”

Omkar Malik knew if he got a chance he throttle this women he saw Raina face totally lost her color ,what’s wrong his had turned to other side to find his study room window open and his SON ARNAV is lied on table and been.cuffed !!!NO MY SON ,he was about to shout but what he saw next made his all thought throw out from window.

Again betrayal.

“I am going to announced biggest news Of this year that our family friend Son SANSKAR MAHESHWARI is going to tie knot with….- Before she could finshed a loud voice bloom out of Hall making everyone to turn towards entrance.

“KHUSHI GUPTA ” completed the announcement SWARA MALIK making Shocked to every familiar faces.

Not only Anuradha Malik or Misha but Sanskar ,Arjun,Laksh ,Samrat ,Aarohi,Aadarsh and Khushi was totally blowned out of Shocked with 3S and Ria.

“What’s now she thinking” said Raina Malik outloud while Omkar don’t know what to made of it.

Media take no minutes to surround question were thrown on her one by one.

“How come world’s third richest women SAMMIE M in india too here of all the places?”

“Are you related to MALIK’S OR MAHESHWARI ?”

“How you know this unexpected marriage announcement Miss Sammie ?”

Swara stopped by her palm making them stopped abruptly as she gaze at Anuradha Malik she said with Smirk -Well no i am no related to anyone here ,I am friend of DEAD SWARA MALIK .and this is my friend family whom I am meeting after ten years after her tragedy death .

If before everyone just shocked with Swara announced Khushi as Sanskar bride then it was now breath got hitch with confusion and unexpection.

Media 1 ask – Swara Malik that beautiful princess who got missing and then announced dead years before…

Swara coldly – Well the princess Swara Malik died but it was  mysterious death isn’t Mrs Anuradha Malik!

Anuradha Malik was not at all understand what’s going on.her voice was not at all giving her support to speak anything in shocked of Swara behavior.

Anuradha Malik shouted – What the hell !;Swara is not dead because Swara Malik is you Sammie M.

Omkar Malik is too confused at his daughter word’s that he walk towards her and said -What are doing Swara ?

“I too wanted to know what are you trying to do SWARA MALIK!” A voice boomed across hall while all the face turned cold with understament of shocks as there stand a women in red pearls Saree with hair open and very much richness and arrogance was oozing from her ,whose death day was done only today was now standing infront of them ,SUJATA MALIK.

Laksh breathe hitched ,he can’t believe his mother is alive ,after his sister ,his maa is too alive as he voice out loudly in disbelief-Maa!!

Sujata Malik smirk mockingly-YES Maa ,Laksh why are you all not happy that SUJATA MALIK ,this palace daughter in law and queen is still alive.

Omkar Malik -No Sujata we are happy after all this year if i get my Daugherty and my wife back is miracle, you don’t know in your absence all the things were shattered completely.

Sujata Malik with cruel smirk said -Don’t worry now i am back Omkar i will make each and everything alright.

Sanskar who was still in shocked said – What do you mean Sujata auntie?

Sujata Malik who finally walk and stand beside SWARA Malik laugh saying -That we should start Marriage isn’t my sweet daughter Swara ?

Swara face was totally devoid of any emotions as she silently turned to face SUJATA MALIK she said in ruthless voice which made everyone taken aback -BUT THE REAL GUEST ARE STILL NOT HERE  MRS MALIK !LETS JUST DROP THE DRAMA AND COME TO BUSINESS SO CALLED MAA.

Arjun saw something which he never thought to ever see on face of Swara ,a immense hatred and disgust for the women infront of her .her maa but why ??..

Sujata just smirk -Oh Baby sweet innocent Shona is big girl now ,i am impressed !

Anuradha Malik laugh and said – Its all upto time Sujata ,that now this ant like Swara have got wings .

Swara step forward and coldly threaten -You see you both are Malik women but not by blood but me I AM BORN BLOOD MALIK .so i know too well how to get wings and sharp teeth to torn everything.

“Even your players are now under us Swara Malik !”, said with challenging tone RAINA MALIK holding totally beaten and wounded SARA MALIK.

” Or your every player is not so well to play anything SWARA MALIK”shouted MISHA RAICHAND from upstairs grasping hair of Meera Kapoor and hurted RAGINI GADODIA

” Or Your game is now totally over Swara Malik “came a voice from another side of hall of AADARSH MAHESHWARI with guards who were holding ARNAV SINGH RAIZADA and ROSHANI GUPTA.

” OR your is game is over before it started Swara Malik ” came voice from behind Swara of Christian who was holding PARI AND ARAV with guards.

As in seconds more guards surrounded and guest and media people were locked in another area of palace with tight security.

Sanskar face lost the color seeing all the faces ,he thouth were now dead ,as he whisper -What the f**k is going on?

Samrat who was beside him said -I too in lost word’s !

Khushi whose eyes not leaving Arnav eyes as he hissed in pain making her jump .

Aarohi -Calm down Khushi ! Everything is going to alright

And then Aarohi got look ARE YOU f**kING blo*dy JOKING from Khushi,Arjun,Sanskar,Samrat, and Laksh.Even ASR ,Ragini ,Meera and Sara cant help but give disbelief glare towards Aarohi.

While Roshani Gupta said – its her habit whenever she got depressed or afraid.

Swara who heard them just said – Aarohi drink water and breath hard your panic state will be calm down.

And it was time for each person to see Swara Malik in this death level helping someone after years ,WOAH!! This thought across every mind .

As they were now seated in living area infront of the greath Malik Womens, while Children’s were locked in one room.

Sujata Malik who seated across the Swara said – So how was the surprise Swara my sweet daughter after all because of you i am back to this same place.

Swara lean back on her sofa and cross leg as she said calmly – I MADE YOU OR FORCED YOU TO COME BACK ,SUJATA MALIK,OR SUJATA VEER RAICHAND OR,,,MARY !”

All gasped hearing it ,MARRY was the same women who made girls to forced in s*x rackets and very much wanted in all over the world !;!!!

Sujata -So you knew ,not bad Swara but what profit you got after all now you are going to die with your friends and siblings !!

Swara smirking – We will see ! But before don’t you want that pen drive SUJATA RAICHAND OR WHATEVER!

Sujata Malik clench her fist while all looking at Swara in confusion.

Swara – you know your each and every crime of eight is in my hand which will make behind the bars with your these partners and your every peny of money will be under government !!tsk tsk so bad isn’t !!because of that pen drive you didn’t killed Roshani Gupta right Adarsh !

Aadarsh groan in anger -Shut up you Swara Malik and give that pen drive to us if you still want your kids and these Swara fan club remains alive !

Sanskar barked -DON’T YOU DARE!!

Misha laugh -See lover boy is getting angry Swara just for you !

Swara ignored it and said  – I don’t care killed them or do anything because i care more to take my REVENGE and most importantly you can never killed anyone because each and everyone from kids to Dad have copy of that pen drive.

Sujata Malik – What are you Swara ,If someone else would be in your have now been mad after brothel house torchers of two years and here see you are still sane but became strong and very big heart that you save Sara,Meera from Sanskar and even not killed your this mother who destroyed to hell ,interesting!

Swara was quiet as,she finally said – Your time is up .

No body know when all the window broke down and hundred of cops  surrounded them with bullet proof guns and pointing towards them.

Sujata ,Anuradha ,Raina,Misha,Christian and Adarsh finally arrested by cops were now faced by Swara .

Swara said to Sujata Malik – I really felt nothing after making you arrested .and you know why i still left you alive because you have my maa which once was my everything even i know i can’t kill you because my maa is dead ten years before with that innocent Shona.

And they all were taken away .

Officer -Miss Malik we need you to come with us for some signature.

Swara nodded and was about to go when she heard Arnav.

Arnav said with shattered word’s- Why She did this with us we were her own parts then why?

Swara left with blank face,.


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