It’s not revenge it’s love swasan season 3 ( color of change love and revenge ) chapter 30

Chapter 29 Here

Sanskar said silently- if you wanted to tell me about Aadarsh bhai planting bomb then you can have call not to indirectly sending burning news through media.

Swara surprise as he got to know like always.

Sanskar – Try something normal sometimes .

Swara replied back coldly – I’ll try when i got my dead maa back .

and she walkout while he stood their stiffened hard .

He stood at the door of her bedroom gazing the beautiful scene .
“Hottie …..she is teasing me !!!”crying small boy hugged his mother while the small girl making face on him .
“Stop it Pari and come here now.”Swara order making Pari sit quietly on bed while Sameer cuddle more into SWARA arm .and winking Pari who got scolded.

pari – Haww Hotie look he is !!teasing me !!

Swara saw Sameer making oh so innocent face and smile .

Swara – ok you two now enough .time for homework .See Sanju is good boy have already done his homework and playing with Suraj and Ria outside .I think you both too wanted it.

Sameer and Pari shouted – YESSS!!!!

Swara pointed towards notebooks and say -SO do it .

and then they both were in their  work.Swara signed and look outside its morning and in few hours rituals for SARA ,MIRA AND MR DP MAHESHWARI would be start with Maa death anniversary .

Swara felt someone outside as she turned there was none .

“But i thought ?”Her mind tells but she ignore and then again involved another fight of PARI AND SAMEER.

Laksh stood hidden beside the door and then walk away as he finally saw his sister somewhat relax with the kids .

his mobile ringed making him smile slightly .

on phone …

Laksh – She is alright but I want her back .

Caller – don’t worry dude I have met her few times and know how much she is damage soon she will be again by all herself .

Laksh – I am trusting you CHRISTIAN with my life ,my sister don’t ever break my trust if you wanted …

Christian cut off him as he said – No Lucky I know my limits and very much knew how it felt when your life started falling apart ,Our deal is on and you do your work and I will make sure YOUR SISTER again started coping up from those pain.

Laksh – I know but never she would find truth about this deal.

Christian – don’t worry i know how to hide things and..Lucky thanks for everything and now what are you going to do is beyond anything sacrificing your ..

Laksh imeddiately – You would take care of everything Christian and that’s why i am agreed for all this.HAVE A GOOD joirney to NYC.

he cutted the call and gaze at the open sky of as he fallen on his knees and rapped his arms around his body ,his tears slipped  ,he hiccup as he whisper brokenly – I am sorry maa i have never taken care of any responsibility of mine but this time i will make sure your daughter get back her happiness .i don’t deserve called her brother and i have accepted it .but maa your laksh is still alive and if he have to destroyed his happiness for SWARA ,he would do it .Whatever happened years before all because of our possession and over love towards SWARA but now this is the last thing i am going to do with this possession and love for her .I know after today i can never be there to see her happiness but i will knowing that she is alright .

He cried hard as his whole body shaken terribly.

after like eternity he took his mobile and call .
Laksh – Aman all the things are ready.
Aman hesistately – Lucky sir are you sure ?…you should for once ..
Laksh said angrily -AMAN i know what i am doing and don’t you dare to tell me anything  !
CUTTING the call LAKSH SINGH RAIZADA wiped his tears and smile painfully as he voice out -” If being in your love i have to destroyed myself then i am more then ready my sister.”

As rituals end all family  walk upto the dining table ,after food served there was no one whose apetite have to one say anything .

Swara breathe little deep and exhaled feeling suffocate and then said no one particular – its time that i go airport .
She glance at everyone because there was no word’s from anyone, strange but she don’t bother. Looking towards her kids she continued- you all will be fine and if you five wanted to meet me then give message okay?
Her kids just nodded as she had already made them understand that whatever happened she is always with them.
Lastly looking at HIM she said -take care of them.
Then she turned to go without waiting for any replied because she don’t need it.

“Your maa was lovely women and more then that she give me her part ,her princess and ” Swara stopped hearding her father omkar malik vulnerable but proud voice .
Swara turned just staring her father not noticing that her both brothers were having same look like her.

Omkar malik continued “and …that princess was more lovely and alive with unamed spell of attraction. You were born with a spell which no one can get away princess. Your maa knew about it all,she knew each and everything about you .And she wanted to give this thing .this piece of paper ,i don’t know how she got to known that she wouldn’t be able to give this ” he get hold of small paper and moved towards Swara who face was blank as he thrust the paper in her palm and said ” Sujata always said that my children would be symbol of happiness not sorrow if your mother have given up and shut all happiness from her life like you three then story would be else but your mother chosen another way ,she fought and became strong women with time and always was alive .You three became strong like your maa but not learn her most important thing her smile and somewhere Sujata soul would be hurting as much it can seeing you three like this .”

Arnav eyes were too cold and distant that he didn’t notice Swara eyes surprise look and laksh was plainly became ignored.feeling too much emotional three of them walk out in different direction while other just wiped their tears .

Folding her last dress inside the bag she zipped it .hearding knock she opened the door to see Adarsh standing with strange look.
Swara coldly said – WHAT ?
Aadarsh – I just came here to say goodbye ex fiancé.
Swara – i have listen now get out.
Aadrash took step forward making Swara clench her fist in disgust.
Aadarsh smile evilly- before that you should tell me what are doing with that man in cafe house and now suddenly NYC.
Swara stiffened and said in burning rage – ITS NOT YOUR BUSINESS AADARSH MAHESHWARI .GET OUT.
Aadarsh laugh evilly getting more close to Swara making her eyes blazing fire and anger another point – oh i see you are bored with my brother in bed that’s why new man ,isnt Swara ? Oh Akira Right .i don’t mind to take offer now ,once you gave me about f**king you and getting you in my bed .

Swara step back hearding his word’s its like years someone talked with her in this way. Her palm are already sweating but her face is becoming more cold and pale.
Swara said in business tone – What the hell are you trying to do Aadarsh ! If you think your this way can provoked me then you are thinking nonsense and I know what you are capable of.and i don’t mind to take offer Aadarsh .
This made Aadarsh eyes turned moist slightly as he took step back and said sternly – You are not anywhere leaving me again ,understand it !
Swara smirking – ohh i would like to see how will you stopped me . ” Let’s game begin ,but this time with more fun and more thrills “challenging tone of her made Aadarsh smirk as he said -” why not lets say its not revenge its love !”

And he left while she breathe hard.

I am sorry for the unappropriated comments which were send to some writers of Swaragini TU ,I really not anyone to judge someone works and mostly whatever happened i know its hard to get forgiveness because i have saw what have written from my account to them ,because of my careless behavior they were hurted by few friends silly prank .I am again asking forgiveness and i would really ask each writer forgiveness whom got hurted because of me.

As the reason was simple my one of friend got hold of my password accidentally and sent those disturbing comments those writers whom i don’t know and write very much stupid words .as she changed my password that’s why i can’t able to open my account after i open today with too much beating her ,i saw what they did and please i am really sorry. If those writers wanted then they can give all type of scolding to me because this all happened just the reason me .and i am not socialing type person that’s why it went all wrong i only like to write story and get to know i can make them some people entertain with that. And any complaints or any thing against me then please guys just tell me i will really ask apology to each and every person.

At last again I am really sorry for those disgusting comments .I really don’t proud of my ff because i know i am still learner and i respect other works ,and i just say to everyone whatever happened i will try to remend it by any way ,those writers whom i hurt can tell me what to do .i am sorry – Aryna

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